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When William Faulkner Set the World Record for Writing the Longest Sentence in Literature: Read the 1,288-Word Sentence from Absalom, Absalom!

Image by Carl Van Vechten, via Wikimedia Commons “How did Faulkner pull it off?” is a question many a fledgling writer has asked themselves while struggling through a period of apprenticeship like that novelist John Barth describes in his 1999 talk "My Faulkner." Barth “reorchestrated” his literary heroes, he says, “in search of my writerly self... downloading my innumerable predecessors as only an insatiable green apprentice can.” Surely a great many writers can relate when Barth says, “it was...
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When William Faulkner Set the World Record for Writing the Longest Sentence in Literature: 1,288 Words from Absalom, Absalom!

Image by Carl Van Vechten, via Wikimedia Commons “How did Faulkner pull it off?” is a question many a fledgling writer has asked themselves while struggling through a period of apprenticeship like that novelist John Barth describes in his 1999 talk "My Faulkner." Barth “reorchestrated” his literary heroes, he says, “in search of my writerly self... downloading my innumerable predecessors as only an insatiable green apprentice can.” Surely a great many writers can relate when Barth says, “it was...
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Meet Dr. Legato, The Bay Area’s Preeminent Sax Player

As one fan puts it, he’s the “ghost of Lester Young.” The irony is that he’s not that well known outside the jazz world. Nevertheless, he has hundreds of fans in social media, particularly on YouTube. He’s the saxman’s saxman, particularly for aficionados of Bebop. Moreover, he’s playing somewhere most nights; at the Seahorse in Sausalito; in the city, at Bird and Beckett in Glen Park, or the Deluxe in the Haight; or the Backroom in Berkeley, or the Sound Room in Oakland. 
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La Tragicommedia è Finita

Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot, a play in which two men sit around and wait for someone who never shows up, has been claimed by just about everyone: Freudians, Christians, existentialists.Who’s right? I haven’t a clue.But I have lived, all of us have lived, through a similar tragicomedy (a word Beckett added to the subtitle for the English version of his play). We’ve been waiting for Mueller. And waiting.For some, the waiting is the hardest part. But by historic standards, Special Counsel Ro...
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Beckett’s ‘Rockaby’ Set by William Osborne

In Rockaby we hear the whispered thoughts of an old woman during the last twenty-five minutes of her life accompanied by the dirge of four distant trombones. “Those arms at last…”Abbie Conant, actress, singer, all four trombones– Jan Herman
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Natalie Maines Husband Seeking $60,000 a Month in Spousal, Child Support

Not going down without a fight. Natalie Maines’ estranged husband, Adrian Pasdar, is asking the Dixie Chicks songstress for more than $60,000 a month in combined spousal and child support. Hollywood’s Ugliest Divorces In court documents obtained by The Blast on Wednesday, January 30, the Heroes alum, 53, is seeking $16,427 in child support for their two sons, Jackson, 17, and Beckett, 14, as well as $44,076 a month in spousal support for a total of $60,503 a month. On top of his requ...
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Art-loving Sister Wendy Beckett really was a one-off masterpiece, says JANE FRYER 

For more than half her long life, Sister Wendy Beckett lived in a small, chilly caravan in a copse in the grounds of Quidenham, an enclosed Carmelite monastery in Norfolk. Her daily routine was one of contemplation, solitude and total silence. She rose at 1am — the optimum time, she insisted, for prayer — worked for a couple of hours, perhaps translating medieval manuscripts, took in Morning Office and Mass, wrote spiritual meditations on contemporary art and prayed for seven hours before turnin...
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Watch a New Virtual Reality Production of Shakespeare’s Hamlet: A Modern Take on a Classic Play

Often compared to The Tempest, Samuel Beckett's Endgame may have as much of Shakespeare’s Hamlet in it, though the author was unwilling to acknowledge the influence to Theodor Adorno. Beckett's central character, the blind, aged Hamm, spends all of his time in a throne haranguing the other three, in a gloomy place, The New York Times’ Brooks Atkinson wrote, “somewhere between life and death.” Hamm might have been the Danish prince grown old and bitter, left with nothing but what Beckett ...
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SoundState Festival – Fraser/Ensemble Modern/Kaziboni - Gedizlioğlu, Abbasi, Grütter, Fure, Žuraj, and Saunders, 19 January 2019

Queen Elizabeth Hall Zeynep Gedizlioğlu: Kesik (2010, UK premiere) Anahita Abbasi: Situation II/Dialoge (2016, UK premiere) Martin Grütter: Die Häutung des Himmels (2016, UK premiere) Ashley Fure: Feed Forward (2016, UK premiere) Vito Žuraj: Runaround (2014, UK premiere) Rebecca Saunders: Fury II (2009, UK premiere) Saunders: a visible trace (2006) Saunders: SKIN (2015-16) Paul Cannon (double bass) Juliet Fra...
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The Books That Samuel Beckett Read and Really Liked (1941-1956)

Samuel Beckett, Pic, 1" by Roger Pic. Via Wikimedia Commons Clad in a black turtleneck and with a shock of white hair, Samuel Beckett was a gaunt, gloomy high priest of modernism. After the 1955 premiere of Samuel Beckett’s play Waiting for Godot (watch him stage a performance here), Kenneth Tynan quipped, ''It has no plot, no climax, no denouement; no beginning, no middle and no end.'' From there, Beckett’s work only got more austere, bleak and despairing. His 1969 play Breath, for instance,...
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Samuel Beckett rejected as unsuitable for the Nobel prize in 1968

Newly released papers show the committee chairman’s doubts in 1968 whether a prize for the Irish author would be in the spirit of the awardSamuel Beckett won the Nobel prize for literature in 1969, but newly released archives reveal that just a year earlier, the secretive committee that selects the winners had raised serious concerns about whether his writing was consistent with the spirit of the award.In the words of Alfred Nobel’s will, the honour goes to an author who has written “the most ou...
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'Rock star — historic Foxrock continues to shine

Foxrock Golf Club If you’re ever asked what Mungo Park, Harry Colt, John O’Leary and the playwright Samuel Beckett had in common, you can confidently point them in the direction of the sylvan beauty that is Foxrock Golf Club in the leafy Dublin suburbs.The club celebrated its 125th anniversary this year — its quasquicentennial  — and what stories the walls of the old clubhouse cou...
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Art historian Sister Wendy Beckett has died. She was 88

LONDON (AP) — Sister Wendy Beckett, an art historian and critic, has died. She was 88. The Carmelite Monastery of Quidenham said Beckett died Wednesday afternoon. She was a sister of the Catholic Church who became prominent in the 1990s presenting BBC shows about art history. Her work included a series of well received documentaries […]
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Redditor spots murderers on NBA trading card

A Redditor recently recognized what appears to be Lyle and Erik Menendez, brothers convicted of murdering their father and stepmother, in the background of an NBA trading card. News spread quickly in the collector’s community prompting a rush on eBay, where the company’s dubious take-down strategy has listers scratching their heads. The card, a 1990-1991 season NBA Hoops Mark Jackson, shows two young men who bear a striking – if not irrefutable – resemblance to the notorious killers. And the tim...
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György Kurtág’s “Samuel Beckett: Fin de partie” at La Scala

[Ed. note: Former S21 contributor, member, and friend David Salvage has in the last couple years pulled up his U.S. tent pegs and landed in Italy. He’s offered up his review of the latest György Kurtág premiere last month at La Scala.] …………………………………………………. After decades of prodding, false starts, intense study, delays, and, finally, seven years of composing, György Kurtág, at age ninety-two, has written his first opera. For its subject matter, he has chosen Samuel Beckett’s Endgame, a play he ...
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UCLA football mailbag: What’s in store for the Bruins after their win over USC?

And then there was one. UCLA’s season comes down to a final game Saturday as the Bruins host Stanford in the season finale. It’s been a rough first year of the Chip Kelly era, but a win against the Cardinal would make for back-to-back victories to end the season and stop a 10-year losing streak in the series. Let’s get to the A’s to your Q’s: DM question: “How will the USC win affect the offseason and recruiting?” Chip Kelly doesn’t believe in momentum from one year carrying over to the next, bu...
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Theater review: The sense of self takes over the stage in the Geffen’s ‘Hughie’ and ‘Krapp’s Last Tape’

Two classic pieces of theatrical literature exploring our sense of self take the stage at Geffen Playhouse through mid-December. Eugene O’Neill’s “Hughie” and Samuel Beckett’s “Krapp’s Last Tape” are well-paired to reflect the human need for communication, as the characters at their center in essence talk to themselves, although another voice appears onstage with them. In the smaller Audrey Skirball Kenis Theater at the Geffen, the audience is as close as can be to the star of both plays, Brian ...
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Horse therapy center damaged by Santa Ana winds

RAMONA, Calif. (KGTV) - Over the past week, two different red flag warnings have plagued San Diego's East County communities. The Cornerstone Therapeutic Riding Center in Ramona was suffered damage from a wind storm Tuesday night. The nonprofit therapy center helps veterans and other patients find healing through riding. Owner Judy Beckett said they did everything they could to prepare for the Santa Ana winds, tying down anything loose and putting fly masks on the horses to protect them. Whe...
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Waiting for Godot - The Messages Still Resonate

Reviewed by Judd Hollander “Extraordinary the tricks that memory plays”, a character exclaims in Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot. One would be hard pressed to find a truer statement. Especially here, as recollections play a central part in this classic tragicomedy. The work being given a very fine revival by Druid Theatre as part of Lincoln Center ’s White Light Festival. As the show begins, Vladimir (Marty Rea) and Estragon (Aaron Monaghan) are standing in a rather e...
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No Waiting to Play This ‘Godot’

The highly physical Irish actor Aaron Monaghan came late to Beckett, and is young to portray Estragon. But the role fits (even if the shoes don’t).
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A 92-Year-Old Composer’s First Opera Is His ‘Endgame’

The career of Gyorgy Kurtag, one of the last living giants of 20th-century music, is culminating in an adaptation of Samuel Beckett’s play.
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Star Wars Bits: Warwick Davis Returns, Resistance Hits Our Screens, and Photos From The Episode IX Set Hit The Web

This time on Star Wars Bits: Warwick Davis shares his Expanded Universe dreams Star Wars Resistance’s Christopher Sean talks representation The first (alleged) photos from the set of Episode IX leak You can take home Luke Skywalker on Crait and much, much more… Star Wars Resistance has hit our screens and it’s an utterly lovely escape. The beautiful and brilliant show premiered on Disney Channel and showcased a diverse cast of characters and a gorgeous ocean planet setting. Star Wars dot com...
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10 Things I Love Sunday

I’ve actually been looking forward to this weekend for months as we are spending it in Asheville, N.C. with my side of the family and it will be the first time we’ve all been together in one spot since we started adding some babies to the family circle. SO EXCITED! I feel like it’s totally that weird time of year when you aren’t sure what to pack because you are hot during the day and cold at night, so I’ll probably be packing waaay too much as usual. … Here’s what else i’m excited about this w...
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Review: Wrestling With a Master in ‘On Beckett’

Bill Irwin blurs the lines between clown and dramatic actor in an insightful anatomy of the works of Samuel Beckett.
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Comment on breakfast burritos by Beckett @ Birchwood Pie

I’ve been eating freezer breakfast burritos for YEARS and would not make it through the morning without them. The key is exactly what you say, make them with the things that you like and find a streamlined way to do it.
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Philosopher of the Month: Arthur Schopenhauer [slideshow]

This September, OUP Philosophy honors Arthur Schopenhauer (1788 – 1860) as the Philosopher of the Month. Schopenhauer was largely ignored by the academic philosophical community during his lifetime, but gained recognition and fame posthumously. He arrived at his philosophical position very early on and his philosophy can be seen as a synthesis of Plato and Kant, whom he greatly admired, along with the Upanishads and Buddhist literatures.Schopenhauer only wrote one seminal work of philosophy, The...
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‘Solo’ Facts Revealed By Co-Writer Jonathan Kasdan, Plus Concept Art Reveals Ewok Cameo and More

Solo: A Star Wars Story is now available on digital, with the Blu-ray following soon. There’s no directors commentary track included with the release, so co-writer Jonathan Kasdan took the time to drop some Solo facts about the making of the film. While a commentary would’ve been great, this is the next best thing. In addition to that, some new Solo concept art reveals the film almost had an Ewok cameo, and more. A good commentary track on a movie can be like a mini-film school. You can lear...
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Watch Two ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ Deleted Scenes, Ray Park Talk More About Maul’s Cameo

Solo: A Star Wars Story arrives on digital home video this week, so some of its bonus features are beginning to make their way online. We have two Solo deleted scenes for you to watch below: one features Han Solo facing the consequences of crashing a TIE Fighter, and the other involves Han and Chewie getting in a snowball fight. Plus, actor Ray Park talks more about his top-secret cameo as Maul. Solo Deleted Scenes ? ? This video shared by Entertainment Weekly shows Alden Ehrenreich‘s...
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Enfys Nest is a ‘Star Wars’ Character With Limitless Potential for Future Stories

(Welcome to A Different Point of View, a column where we explore the supporting characters of the Star Wars universe and discuss why they deserve more time in the spotlight.) I know, I know. My last article was also about a bad-ass woman from Solo: A Star Wars Story, but it’s my column and I’ll do what I want. However, I swear to you the next one will pull from another corner of the Star Wars Galaxy. But I absolutely could not pass up the opportunity to gush about Enfys Nest. A surprise bre...
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Star Wars Bits: Oscar Isaac Talks Episode IX, Ewan McGregor Talks Obi-Wan and Richard E Grant Talks Thrawn

In this edition of Star Wars Bits: Oscar Isaac talks about how much he loves shooting Episode IX We get a lot of new details about Solo: A Star Wars Story Jon Favreau’s Star Wars show starts to take shape Ewan McGregor reveals whether an Obi-Wan film is happening… and much much more Lovely Oscar Isaac has been on the press trip for his newest film, Operation Finale, and during an interview with the LA Times he opened up about about his experience shooting Episode IX. “It’s a job, it’s diff...
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