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Her Smell Trailer Features Elisabeth Moss As A Rockstar 

Her Smell trailer features Elisabeth Moss as a rockstar Gunpowder & Sky and Voltage Pictures have released two different trailers for their upcoming drama film titled Her Smell. Starring Golden Globe-winning actress Elisabeth Moss (The Handmaid’s Tale), the film centers around the Moss’ character Becky as she tries to reclaim her fame as rockstar while she deals with her drug addiction. Check out the videos below! RELATED: The Handmaid’s Tale Season 3 Super Bowl Spot Wakes Up America ...
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‘Her Smell’ Trailer: Elisabeth Moss Goes Punk For Alex Ross Perry

Last year we saw A Star is Born and Vox Lux. This year, the musician movie trend continues with Her Smell. Writer/director Alex Ross Perry reunites with actress Elisabeth Moss to tell this tale of a tortured troubadour totally tormented by her troubles. Moss is a former ’90s punk rock star who finds herself at her wits end, and reckoning with her past mistakes. Watch the Her Smell trailer below. Her Smell Trailer Alex Ross Perry and his Queen of Earth star Elisabeth Moss are together ag...
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More Than Meets the Eye – Multiplex 10

Kurt, Franklin, and Becky have technical difficulties before a screening of “Bumblebee.” Thank you to our Kickstarter and Patreon backers for making this series of Multiplex 10: The Web Series episodes possible! If you’d like to help us continue making Multiplex 10 videos, please support our Patreon Follow us on Twitter Like us on Facebook ...and don’t forget to subscribe to us here on YouTu...
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Terrible Valentine’s Day Stories To Make You Feel Better About Your Own

They can’t all be winners Valentine’s Day can be a bit of a slap in the face if you’re not part of a happy coupling, and looking back on it I realized I’ve had some abysmal Valentine’s Days, so in an attempt to make myself feel better I reached out to my twitter followers and my friends to ask for some of their worst V-Day stories. Folks, there were some doozies. I’ll get us started. One year my grandma invited me to dinner with her and my grandpa two weeks before Valentine’s Day beca...
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Visit to Claire Maziarczyk’s Studio

This past Sunday, I had the good fortune of making a return trip to paste paper artisan Claire Maziarczyk‘s studio. My last visit was nearly ten years ago! Claire posted on the Book Arts Listserv that she was downsizing and was looking to sell not only her fabulous paste papers, but also supplies and equipment. I made the journey with a few of my Book Arts Guild of Vermont cohorts so the trip didn’t seem as long as the 3.5+ hours it took for us to get there. Claire fed us lunch, which was awesom...
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Comment on black-bottom cupcakes by Becky

Made these after your Instagram post….they are amazing! I was so excited I dumped all the ingredients in the bowl – dry first, blended and then all the individual wets. I was worried they wouldn’t turn out but they were perfect. Best cupcakes ever! They were great warm but yes even better after being in the fridge over night.
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Parenting Pointers: Thriving as the Dad of a Child with Special Needs

Twenty-year special-needs parenting veteran Jeff Davidson co-founded Rising Above Ministries in 2005 with his wife, Becky, and wrote a field manual to give fathers the skills required for the day-to-day demands of parenting.Brought to you by: Frugal Focus
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Becky ‘Stay Strong’

Look out for chill electro pop artist Becky. She just released the infectious track Stay Strong which quickly garnered 50k Spotify streams. She cites Alessia Cara and Ariana Grande as influences. Becky tells Kings, “Stay Strong is about staying true to who you are in spite of the tough challenges life throws at you. The Bay Area artist says, “The biggest challenge I face is believing in my self and making sure I love what I am creating before seeking the approval of others. I had to realize tha...
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How Amazon's 'Homecoming: S1' Reveals Toxic White Womanhood

None The Amazon series Homecoming: Season 1 has so far received positive reviews that focus on the show's exploration of corporate power and government bureaucracy, a "chilling portrait of corporate American greed" as Matthew Jacobs writes in Huffington Post. However, what's not getting the attention it needs is how the more obvious systems of corrupt corporate, military, and government power are fueled in the show by the less obvious system of white supremacy. While Homecoming is not explicit...
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Turning Your Passion into a Global Brand

wegg® wants to help women everywhere transform their passions into global brands. Making the dreams of women entrepreneurs a reality is wegg®’s purpose. We are here for you.  You might be wondering, “How could anyone change their hobby into an international business?” Well, we recently read about one woman’s success story in this Forbes article. Becky […]
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Multiplex 10 Review Comic: Menashe (2017)

Apparently I had forgotten to upload this review comic, which was requested by our co-executive producer Avrom Honig. Menashe was a lovely character study, and you lament how much even “independent” films have started to shoehorn itself into Hollywood tropes in order to make a profit, you would do well to seek it out. Just so you know, the next Multiplex 10 web series episode is coming… in a few weeks! It is by far the most complex one we’ve done to date, clocking in at over four minutes and fe...
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The 10-Year Challenge Is Total BS — & Here's Why

Throwback Thursday already exists. The compulsion to share photos from our youth – or even just from a vacation you looked hot on two weeks ago — is already a social-media staple. Nostalgia reigns supreme on Instagram, an app that glorifies perfection and filters life to its greatest hits, so it’s not shocking that the #10YearChallenge has taken off.The "challenge" is exactly what it sounds like — people are sharing split-screen photos of themselves, one from 2009 and one from 2019. It’s also t...
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'The Conners' recap: Parents face tough choices, with one that could change the whole show

Spoiler alert: Dan, Darlene and Becky face tough choices in Tuesday's episode of 'The Conners,' with Darlene considering a life-changing offer.            [Author: USA TODAY]
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Comment on roasted eggplant soup by Becky

I put some fresh mint on top of mine with some feta! It was fantastic. I also added some cumin when I was making it, I have never made it before, but it was delicious.
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Body Positivity: 'Ditch the diet and rethink your body'

Becky started up the Anti Diet Riot Club to fight back against society's "diet culture".
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Theme Park Bits: Disney Animatronic Stolen, A Sneak Peek at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, Animal Kingdom’s New Ambassadors, and More

In this edition of Theme Park Bits: Take a look behind the scenes of Universal Orlando’s nighttime spectacular Disney has released a sneak peek at the experience of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge A petition is gaining steam, attempting to relieve Disney of the trademark for “Hakuna matata” Disney World’s Top of the World lounge is being used for paid DVC events moving forward Has one of Epcot’s old Audio-Animatronic figures been stolen? And more! Every theme park worth its salt has to have a ...
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Chambers: Netflix’s YA Horror Drama Sets Teen Cast

BEGIN SLIDESHOW Chambers: Netflix’s YA horror drama sets teen cast Netflix has set the teen cast for its upcoming horror drama Chambers. The newly announced cast will join Oscar nominee Uma Thurman (Pulp Fiction, Imposters) in the series, which will premiere globally in 2019. You can check out the star’s headshots in the gallery below, as well as the new character descriptions! PB = PB || {}; PB.gptStandAlone = PB.gptStandAlone || {}; PB.gptAu...
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Names of the year 2018

It’s my final list of the year*, and possibly my last blog post of 2018, unless something unavoidable crops up. For Names of the Year, I do my best to follow the categories established by the American Name Society – personal, place, trade, artistic and literary, miscellaneous. I also take some guidance from the Baby Name Wizard blog’s name of the year contest, which is not limited to baby names. In categorical order, then: Personal names (“names or nicknames of individual real people,...
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(Not) Learning From My Mistakes

L et’s start with the successes. The Christmas cactus is blooming better than it has in years. I count twelve blooms on it, which is double–maybe triple–what it had last year. I attribute that to following my readers’ advice and summering it outside for the past two years. And I’m pretty sure it’s a bona fide Christmas cactus, because there are no points on its leaves. The poinsettia my friend gave me is thriving. It’s not as easy to keep a poinsettia happy as you might think. They don’t l...
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Contributor Spotlight: Add a Little Cheer to Your Life with Lucretia & Mary

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens might have been a few of Fraulein Maria’s favorite things, and while we agree that bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens are pretty wonderful, here at (in)courage, getting to know the women behind the words still tops our list of favorites! So how about taking a deep breath, setting down your own holiday lists for a bit, and pulling up a chair to get to know two beautiful, funny, inspiring women in this edition of Contributor Spotlight! Meet Lu...
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Our Christmas Favorites (and a Giveaway!)

Deck the halls . . . Jingle bells . . . Oh come, all ye faithful . . . As the stores and our calendars are telling us, Christmas is right around the corner. We know you have a lot yet to do — cookies to bake, cards to write (and mail!), gifts to wrap, carols to sing, friends to see — so it’s a good thing there are still a couple of days to find meaningful and beautiful gifts for the special people in your lives! This is the last weekend to order from with regular shipping and recei...
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On the Front Lines of Homelessness and Mental Health

Officers Armond and Dodson, whose personal histories uniquely qualify them for this outreach effort, have personally gotten 49 people off the streets and into drug and alcohol treatment. As someone with an extensive rap sheet, it was strange for me to be voluntarily climbing in the back seat of a police vehicle with two officers sitting up front. Twenty-five years sober, and I still don’t recognize my own life at times. For example, I work for my son’s non-profit, an organization that gives o...
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Candidate whose missed vote led to tie loses on dice roll

WALNUT RIDGE, Ark. (AP) — A city council candidate in northeastern Arkansas whose runoff election ended in a tie after he didn’t vote has lost his bid for the seat by a roll of the dice. The race for a seat on the Hoxie City Council was determined by Cliff Farmer and incumbent Alderwoman Becky […]
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7 Holiday Kits We'll Be Scooping Up For Everyone On Our List

Ever walk into a store with a specific mission — say, to restock on toilet paper — and leave with a million other goodies? Let's be real, you have, and you've probably told yourself every excuse in the book to justify the dent to your savings account: The sale on those Chelsea boots was just too good to pass up! I totally forgot I really needed [insert thing you don't need]! I just got paid and deserve to treat myself to a new liquid lipstick!The store that takes the cake on said failed #winn...
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Antonio Valencia comes in for hate during Valencia vs Man United

A bad showing Manchester United defender Antonio Valencia has been out of the team for the majority of this season. Manager Jose Mourinho doesn’t seem to be his biggest fan, and injuries have also hampered him. Now, with the performance of Diogo Dalot, fans want to see Valencia dropped for good. Many of them seem to think he’s not good enough for the club at all. A horror tackle on Toni Lato didn’t do much to help his case. Get notified! About the best football betting tips from indust...
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'The Conners' recap: Sometimes, family is no laughing matter

'The Conners' spoiler alert: Sibling animosity between Becky and Darlene rises to the surface in Tuesday's fall finale.            [Author: USA TODAY]
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Becky G’s Salvaje Makeup Collaboration Marks A Big First For ColourPop

As a Latina, I can tell you that it's rare to find products in the beauty aisle that I feel were made just for me, let alone ones that have Spanish-language names emblazoned across the packaging. So when Mexican-American singer Becky G announced that she had a new collaboration coming out with ColourPop titled Salvaje, I — and her 14 million Instagram fans — got excited.This year, diversity has been at the forefront of the beauty conversation, with both influencers and customers holding brands ...
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How Becky's Big Reveal On The Conners Brought Her Closer To Darlene

Becky has been on a roll lately on The Conners with giving her family big news. Now she's made a major reveal that's actually brought her closer to Darlene.
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'The Conners' recap: The two Beckys collide, and pregnancy causes a panic

'The Conners' recap: Becky deals with the sobering realities of becoming a mother on Tuesday's episode of 'The Conners.' Sarah Chalke returns returns.            [Author: USA TODAY]
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Gift Guide: Great Gifts for the Traveler

  LL World Tour is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. For more info see my privacy policy. Gift buying can be fun and stressful all at once. It truly is heartwarming to ‘give’ and show someone you’re thinking about them. But what about great gifts for the traveler in your life (or yourself!)? When looking for gifts for someone going tr...
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