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Brisket for Beginners

Hugely popular in restaurants, this labor-intensive cut has long intimidated home cooks. But follow these nine steps and you’re on your way to smoky nirvana.
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Teairra Mari Trolls 50 Cent By Sending Him $0.50 of the $30K She Owes Him Via Western Union

It looks like Teairra Mari just put herself on a payment plan to pay 50 Cent the $30K she’s legally obligated to pay him.In an Instagram video she posted on Monday, Teairra walked into a check cashing store to wire Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson some money via Western Union. Emptying out her pockets and purse, Teairra was able to scrape together $0.50!“News Flash. Sh*t You Caught me Red Handed Curt…$29999.50 #Iaintgotit #WesternUnion #checkcashing,” she captioned the video, which ended with a snippet ...
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Why You Should Add Ground Pork to Lean Ground Beef

Besides stubbing my toe, nothing enrages me quite like accidentally buying a low-fat version of a product I love. I still haven’t forgiven myself for the Low-Fat Sour Cream Incident of 2016, and I don’t know that I ever will. A similar rage almost overtook me recently when I grabbed a package of extra lean ground beef…Read more...
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Eat: Honest Recipes, Like This Beef Carpaccio, Will Never Go Out of Style

How does a restaurant get to 30 years? Maybe by cooking true and delicious food.
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WATCH: Cardi B Goes Off on The Shade Room for Only Posting Negative Articles About Her & Offset

Cardi B just went all the off on The Shade Room!In a series of now-deleted Instagram videos and posts, Cardi blasted TSR and its owner, Angie Nwandu, for what she believes is a “hate campaign” against her and people she associates with and/or supports.The “Please Me” rapper went on the epic rant today (Apr. 23) and claims that since TSR agreed to not post about her, the Instagram blog then started going after artists she’s close with, like artists signed to QC (Quality Control Music label), desp...
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Ja Rule Says He’ll NEVER Be Cool With 50 Cent: “He’s a Parasite, a Cancer to the Culture & Our People”

In a climate where black-on-black crime is being scrutinized in light of the death of Nipsey Hussle, there’s renewed energy in the black community on healing and mending conflict between black men.So I guess someone, somewhere brought it up to Ja Rule that he and 50 Cent should try to put their decades-long beef behind them. Especially considering, you know, the fact both men are well into their 40s now and beef between two middle-aged men just doesn’t play out the same as it did when they were ...
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Cafe du Coin

I’m often asked by people coming to Paris what neighborhood they should stay in. The usual “off-the-beaten-path…but not too far from the center” doesn’t help me figure out what fits those seemingly opposing bills. Everything in Paris is pretty close and most places are a 20 minute métro ride away. Like most cities, the good places aren’t clustered in the center of the city. They’re everywhere. People tend to opt for the lovely St. Germain area, or the Marais, which are nice areas and people fee...
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LISTEN: Kodak Black Calls T.I.’s Wife Tiny an “Ugly Bitch” in Diss Track Called “Expeditiously”

Kodak Black is not done with T.I. just yet.After T.I. teased a Kodak Black diss track on Instagram Live, Kodak responded by saying he “should have made one of [his] fa**ot a** little sons write a rap.”He then went in on Tiny, saying: “That bitch ugly as hell. I don’t even want piggy! He talkin’ about ‘Bro would’ve stepped up for me.’ First of all, bitch, don’t nobody want piggy, bitch.”Now Kodak has decided to air his grievances on wax via a new diss track aimed right at T.I. called “Expeditious...
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Kodak Black Responds to T.I. Diss Track: “You Should’ve Made One of Your Fa**ot A** Sons Write a Rap”

Kodak Black has gone way too far with this T.I. beef. Now he’s coming for the rapper’s sons and his wife TinyDuring an Instagram Live Monday (Apr. 15), Kodak reacted to a snippet of a song T.I. previewed over the weekend in which he seemingly addresses his recent back-and-forth with Kodak. In the song, T.I. raps: “I’m conditioned to see the vision, you / I don’t care if you eight or under twenty-two / All that back and forth, what you trying to get into? / I said what I said and I meant it to.”...
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New Music: Kodak Black “Expeditiously”

Kodak Black and T.I. have been going back and forth over social media. Their issues stems from Black’s disrespectful comments about model/actress Lauren London after the death of her boyfriend Nipsey Hussle. After firing shots back and forth on Instagram over the past week, T.I. previewed a snippet of a track with some lyrics directed towards Kodak. The Florida rapper decides to step up to the mic, releasing the song “Expeditiously.” On the record, Kodak takes aim at T.I. and his wife Tiny, ...
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WATCH: Cardi B’s Hilariously Shady Response When Asked If She’d Ever Perform With Nicki Minaj

Don’t hold your breath for an epic Cardi B/Nicki Minaj performance or collab anytime soon. The two rivals will not be kissing and making up in the near future if Cardi B has her way.The “Please Me” emcee was walking the red carpet on Friday (Apr. 12) when Variety’s Marc Malkin unexpectedly brought up Minaj.“Is there ever a chance that you and Nicki would make up and perform together?” he asked.Cadi’s response was a perfect combination of wit and shade.just nod and smile yall
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50 Cent Trolls Wendy Williams Hours After Announcing Her Divorce: “WTF Kinda Crack Make You Look Like This”

While even the harshest Wendy Williams critics have shown the outspoken host some love and support in recent weeks, 50 Cent is not one of them.Just hours after learning the host had filed for divorce from her husband, Fif wasted no time trolling her on social media. He posted an unflattering pic of Williams with her eyes bulging out.“What the f*ck kinda Crack make you look like this,” Fitty wrote, and clear reference to Williams past addiction to cocaine and her recent stent in a sober living ho...
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A Good Appetite: A Sprightly Brisket for Your Passover Table

Braised with tangy citrus and garlic, and topped with a mix of spring lettuces and herbs, this is no stodgy Passover main.
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Jamaican Beef Patties by Bridget

A couple of weeks ago, a friend mentioned Jamaican Beef Patties. (Don’t you love friends who talk food?) I had never heard of them, let alone eaten one, so this led me down the rabbit hole of the internets. Twenty seconds into my search, I was regretting that I had spent these many years without Jamaican Beef Patties in my life. Just from looking at pictures and reading descriptions, I knew they could be nothing short of incredible.     Essentially, they are a pie crust-like pastry shell wra...
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Teairra Mari Trolls 50 Cent With “I Ain’t Got It” Diss Track & Asks Him to Do a Verse So She Can Come Up With the $30K She Owes Him

You’d be forgiven if you said the names Teairra Mari and 50 Cent made you think more of a “Greatest Hits from the 2000s” tour than anything about two relevant public figures in 2019.But Instagram beef is its own currency in celebrity these days, and while Teairra Mari and 50 Cent haven’t seen a Billboard chart in years, their social currency is hotter than ever thanks to their current beef.For those who might be confused as to why Teairra Mari, a one-time Roc-a-fella Records R&B artist, and 50 C...
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Best Taco Casserole Recipe Ever!

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Carne Asada Totchos Recipe

This recipe for carne asada totchos will allow you to really step up your nacho game for parties. In this recipe tater tots are topped with cheese, grilled carne asada steak, chipotle aioli, guacamole, and pico de gallo. The steak is marinated in ingredients such as lime and orange juice and then grilled or cooked on the stove top. What helps to make this loaded totchos recipe special is the chipotle aoli that gets a lot of flavor from chipotle in adobo, cilantro and lime juice. This is a great...
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Franklin Steak: Dry-Aged. Live-Fired. Pure Beef.

Written by James Beard Award-winners, Aaron Franklin and Jordan Mackay, Franklin Steak: Dry-Aged. Live-Fired. Pure Beef. is the ultimate guide to assessing, preparing and cooking steak. Complete with variations for every single cut and plenty of tips on how to build your fire (whether that be on a grill, in a pit, or on the stove), everything is covered. In just over 200 pages, Franklin …
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Cooking from Anthony Bourdain's Les Halles Cookbook: Finding pleasures in Boeuf Bourguignon

All this week, The Takeout’s Kevin Pang will be cooking from Anthony Bourdain’s Les Halles Cookbook and writing about his experience.Read more...
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No One Is Taking Your Hamburgers. But Would It Even Be a Good Idea?

No, the Green New Deal doesn’t ban beef. And while cutting back on burgers can help your own health and the planet’s, getting rid of cows entirely is another question.
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Food fight: doubts grow over post-Brexit standards

Soil Association raises concerns over chlorinated chicken and hormone-fed beefBritain urged to reject ‘backward’ US food safety standardsOpinion: If US insists on chlorinated chicken, it can forget a trade dealChlorinated chicken and hormone-fed beef are already infecting the debate over a post-Brexit trade deal, with one of the US’s most senior diplomats dismissing the European Union’s “museum of agriculture” approach to food safety.The US ambassador, Woody Johnson, claimed fears over US food s...
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Irish Burgers Recipe

This St. Patrick’s day if you are looking for something delicious to prepare give these Irish burgers a try. These burgers are served on English muffins and are topped with cheddar (or Irish cheddar if you can find it), and crispy bacon. The burger patties get a lot of flavor from ingredients such as Guinness Stout, Dijon mustard, and garlic. You can prepare these burgers on a griddle, on the stovetop or you can even grill them. Enjoy. Irish Burgers Yield: 4 Ser...
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Eat: When a Meatloaf Is a Work of Art

Family-style dinner excess, from a Québécois chef in Queens.
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How to make Chinese takeout-style honey garlic crispy beef

Welcome to The Takeout’s Garlic Week, our Valentine to the world’s loveliest stink.Read more...
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Turkey Taco Grinder Recipe

Turkey taco grinders are a unique and delicious way to make a sandwich using taco meat. I know this recipe may sound a little weird with the combination of deli turkey and taco meat but it is delicious. I got this idea from a local pizza place here in Michigan called Toarmina’s. These grinders are loaded with sliced deli turkey, beef taco meat, lettuce, cheddar cheese and a white sauce. The white sauce really helps to make this sandwich special. Enjoy. Turkey Taco Grinder ...
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Welsh sheep farmers fear post-Brexit British branding

Industry chiefs think negative view of UK red meat may disadvantage Welsh producersFarmers and food producers in Wales may suffer after Brexit if their lamb and beef is marketed under the union flag rather than with specific Welsh branding, industry chiefs have said.The body that markets Welsh lamb and beef has expressed concern that in some parts of the world UK red meat is viewed negatively. It is keen to make sure that after Britain leaves the EU there will be a clear way to differentiate bet...
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The road to love is paved with goulash

If you eat meat, you’ll love my Oma’s goulash recipe. A bold claim, I know, but I have evidence to back it up. Not only was this a favorite dish of mine as a kid (whether cooked by my Oma or my mom), but it was even a regular request from my brother, a picky eater who went through single-food phases in which he’d eat…Read more...
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KY eats – Chi Kei Ngao Chap, Macao

Good old fashion beef noodle is one of the must-try dishes in Macao or Hong Kong, and if you’re at Taipa area in Macao (where all the fancy big new casinos are), Chi Kei Ngao Chap is perhaps one of those places to check out. Chi Kei Ngao Chap, Broadway Macao Chi Kei is located at Broadway Food Street, a small street with some 40 different eateries across the road from Galaxy Macao, which itself is a huge establishment with way too many casinos & luxury hotels right next to The Venetian. Do use ...
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Cattle Ranchers Are Trying to Get the Word 'Meat' Taken Off the Labels of Meat Substitutes

The rise of Impossible Foods and its signature Impossible Burger, the plant-based burger brand that is all the rage lately, and their faux-meat ilk has apparently rattled some in the cattle business. The New York Times reported this weekend on a spate of state laws aiming to outlaw the use of the word “meat” on labels …Read more...
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Chris Brown Continues to Roast Offset, Says He’s “His Father” & Promises to Send Cardi B Flowers

Chris Brown isn’t quite done with Offset just yet, and now he’s dragging Cardi B into their beef.Taking to Instagram this morning, the singer continued to roast the Migos rapper in his latest verbal assault, saying that he’s “his father” and promising to send his wife Cardi B flowers “so she know I respect her.”Chris Brown and Offset’s back-and-forth started over a 21 Savage meme. After Offset called Chris Brown “lame” in the comments of the singer’s 21 Savage meme post on Wednesday (Feb. 6), Ch...
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