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Q&A Sessions: Meet Mokgadi Mabela — the DJ, beekeeper and mother delivering sweet, sweet honey from Native Nosi

Mokgadi Mabela is the bee lady whose love for good honey has blossomed into a business. She tells us about her genius dad and her late introduction to bees The post Q&A Sessions: Meet Mokgadi Mabela — the DJ, beekeeper and mother delivering sweet, sweet honey from Native Nosi appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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Scream-Detecting Drones Could Save You

Screaming into the void may be a thing of the past. A team of researchers said this week that they’ve developed a system that would allow rescuers to fly drones over disaster areas and identify the sounds of people trapped who are screaming for help.Read more...
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Watch Angelina Jolie get swarmed by bees

May 20 was World Bee Day. And to celebrate the occasion and raise awareness of the importance of bees, Angelina Jolie did a National Geographic photoshoot with a bunch of bees crawling all over her for 18 minutes. She has also been named the "Godmother of Bees" by UNESO (which is apparently a 5-year term): Jolie was recently named "godmother" for Women for Bees, a five-year program launched by UNESCO, the UN's educational, scientific, and cultural arm, and Guerlain, the French cos...
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Watch: Beekeeper transfers bee colony from old toilet tank to a new hive

Erika Thompson, the founder of Texas Beeworks, recently came across a colony of bees living a toilet tank. Watch this video to see how she expertly transferred the bees to a wooden hive, and how she found the queen and used her as a lure to encourage the remaining stray bees to walk down a ramp from the toilet tank to the hive. — Read the rest
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This Artist Uses Drones To Create Gigantic Long-Exposure Light Paintings in the Sky

By now we’ve all “oohed” and “awed” over footage of thousands of glowing drones used to create elaborate animated light shows in the night sky. But artist Frodo Álvarez has come up with a different approach, using just a handful of pre-programmed drones to create towering long-exposure light paintings.Read more...
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Winter Meeting Focuses on Native Bees and Fruit

I’m usually excited to see the local garden shows roll into town and thrilled when I can finally rip February’s page off of the calendar, but this year just isn’t the same and I really can’t explain it. Maybe it’s the blanket of snow that feels like it has covered the ground all winter. Or the constant threat of additional snow that the weatherman has left hanging over our heads. And it doesn’t help that our temperatures have stubbornly refused to rise much above f...
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New Mexico Man Starts Driving Home From Albertson's Before Noticing Beees, Thousands of Beees!

Do you hear that? Buzz buzz. Vroom vroom. Buzz, buzz. Vroom vroom. That’s the sound of the car bees.Read more...
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Recent Additions to the Vegetable Garden

One of the great things about the vegetable garden is that no matter how long you’ve been into it there’s always something new and interesting to try out.Whether your interest lies in ornamental plants or edibles, heirlooms or modern varieties, fruits or veggies, you will never run out of new opportunities to test your skills and your creativity.Here are some of the latest additions finding their way into my vegetable garden for the first time this season: ...
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Unprecedented Footage Reveals the Bizarre Inner Workings of a Beehive

Ever wonder what it’s like to be a honey bee? These new video clips, taken from within a beehive, will give you a good sense.Read more...
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This Sensor Lets Beekeepers Catch Bees Before They Do Each Other Dirty

Our friends the bees have certain behaviors that are unhealthy to the hive and scary for passersby. One behavior, swarming, happens when a hive splits naturally with a group of bees following a new queen. This is a delicate time for the hive and could result in starved bees and a dead queen. In other words, it’s bad.Read more...
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Researchers Create Tiny, Cicada-Like Drones to Invade Small Spaces

When we think of drones, we imagine massive, quadrotor machines that buzz around like manic seagulls. But what if your drown was small enough to accidentally swallow?Read more...
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Striking Australian Bee Spotted for First Time in a Century—but It Could Face New Threats

Not since 1923 have scientists gazed upon the Australian cloaked bee. That is, until recently when scientists located a few populations in the wild. But its rediscovery comes as a mixed blessing owing to its potentially threatened status.Read more...
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Buzzing Back: Program Teaches Inmates About Beekeeping, Helps The Environment

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A first of its kind program is helping inmates and local bee populations buzz back. It gives incarcerated women a second chance while helping their community and the environment. Retired sheriff’s deputy Steve Hays launched the Second Chance Beekeeping Program in April, providing participants at the Rio Cosumnes Correctional Center a chance for a sweeter future. “Our bees are facing adversities out there with the Colony Collapse Disorder,” Hays said. “It’s pretty unique, so ...
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Sleep *inside* a beehive: free plans!

According to bigtime beekeeper Leo Sharashkin, a great benefit of using horizontal hives (as opposed to vertically-oriented boxes) is that "you can sleep in them." Sharashkin built his own bee bed and has shared free plans on his site. "I call it Bed-and-Bees or B&B and it is a long horizontal hive where you are separated from the bees by thin planks and can bathe in their warmth and vibration and smells without any danger of being stung," he writes. "It will change your life forever once yo...
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Irish beekeeper's Covid Lego Beehive is fully functional, and houses 30,000 bees

• Ruairi O Leocháin of Athlone Wildlife Apiaries decided to make a lego beehive "just for a bit of craic" A beekeeper in Ireland put their coronavirus quarantine time to good use by crafting an elaborate, fully functioning beehive out of LEGOs. Here's the original story published by Westmeath Independent: A beehive which an Athlone schoolteacher and wildlife activist made out of lego has been creating a real buzz since video footage of it was shared online in recent days. Ruairi O Leocháin o...
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This recycled plastic beehive is designed for happy bees

As backyard beekeeping continues to rise in popularity, there’s no reason the traditional beehive can’t take on a more modern and functional design. With this idea in mind, Duluth-based Jon Otis of Lake Superior Honey Company approached Loll Designs to create an improved version of the beehive. Aptly named the Bee Hive, this apiary combines the functionality of classic human-made hives with a sleek and durable product sourced from post-consumer recycled milk jugs. The partnership between Lake S...
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Studio NAB proposes rebuilding Notre Dame with a greenhouse and apiary

After a devastating blaze consumed the Cathedral of Notre Dame’s wooden roof and iconic central spire, architects around the world have been putting forth their visionary ideas for rebuilding the Parisian landmark. One such architectural firm is Paris-based Studio NAB, which has made headlines with its proposal to modernize the 13th-century cathedral with a massive educational greenhouse and apiary. Dubbed “In Green For All of Us,” the design builds on the French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe...
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Some idiot torched hives with half a million bees in Texas

Over the weekend, someone set fire to two dozen bee colonies in Alvin, Texas belonging to the Brazoria County Beekeepers Association. The perpetrator also dumped some of the bee boxes into a nearby pond. The Beekepers Association and the police are offering rewards for information leading to the conviction of the idiot who did it. From KTRK-TV: "We're looking at 500,000 to 600,000 that have been destroyed out of that environment," said (beekeeping supplier Steve Brackmann)... "It takes a...
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This beekeepers workshop uses sustainable design to minimize its footprint

In a bid to save northern Brazil’s rainforests from deforestation and land exploitation, São Paulo-based architecture firm Estudio Flume has recently completed Casa do Mel, a beekeepers workshop that serves as a self-sustainable business alternative to logging operations. Located in the Canaã dos Carajás in the Pará Estate of Brazil, the workshop serves a co-operative of beekeepers formed by 53 rural producers. To reduce site impact, the building follows passive solar principles and incorporate...
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A 1920s cottage gets a new lease on life as an urban barnyard house

When a family of four outgrew their 1920s cottage in Melbourne and were about to embark on an extensive renovation, they asked Australian design studio Inbetween Architecture for a second opinion on the blueprints. Impressed by the consultation, the clients ended up scrapping their plans and instead put their faith in Inbetween Architecture to lead the redesign, one which would be more sensitive to the family’s lifestyle — and their chickens and honey bees. Affectionately called the “Urban Barn...
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Let’s save the bees with machine learning

Machine learning and all its related forms of “AI” are being used to work on just about every problem under the sun, but even so, stemming the alarming decline of the bee population still seems out of left field. In fact it’s a great application for the technology and may help both bees and beekeepers keep hives healthy. The latest threat to our precious honeybees is the varroa mite, a parasite that infests hives and sucks the blood from both bees and their young. While it rarely kills a bee out...
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Animal of the month: the evolution of the imperfect honeybee

Honey bee colonies have historically been considered as marvels of evolution resulting in perfectly cooperative and harmonious societies, and exemplars of what we humans might achieve. This is an appealing image to many, but it is of course a caricature. Nobody is perfect, not even honey bees. As with any complex social system, honey bee societies are prone to error, robbery and social parasitism. Although there is only a single queen, the honey bee colony is composed of many subfamilies as the ...
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Where to learn new hobbies in the US

Scattered across the United States are a handful of cities dedicated to the pursuit of perfecting the art of various hobbies. From beekeeping to microbrewing, the US is leading the charge by offering both amateur and professional hobbyists opportunities to improve their art, skill, and knowledge of local pastimes. If you’re interested in taking up a new hobby this fall, here’s a selection of places around the US where you can sink your teeth into a new passion. 1. Astronomy — Catron County,...
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Halfway Homesteader. How to Prepare and Enjoy Life

You know that you need to become more self-reliant and prepare for your family’s survival in case disaster strikes, but you simply do not have the time or skills to become a full-time prepper. Perhaps you want to be a full-time prepper to increase the odds of your family’s survival, but do not want preparedness planning to rule your lives. Maybe it is location that is deterring you from becoming a full-time homesteader or prepper. Many folks who live in urban or suburban areas falsely believe th...
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Count your bees with a Raspberry Pi and machine learning

Sure, you worry about your bees, what with colony collapse disorder, but they're hard to count! (more…)
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Bee Corp. Closes on Series A Funding for Hive-Monitoring Software

Bloomington, IN-based agtech startup the Bee Corp. announced this week that it has closed on a Series A investment led by Village Ventures’ Jane Martin. Elevate Ventures, High Alpha’s Scott Dorsey, and angel investors also contributed to the round. Wyatt Wells, co-founder and chief marketing officer of Bee Corp., declined to discuss financial details of the funding round, but a June securities filing indicates the company has at least raised $360,000. Wells describes Martin as an active B...
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The buzzbox beehive monitor is like a Fitbit for honeybees

The BuzzBox monitors beehive activity and sends these metrics to beekeepers via the paired smartphone app. Could this system be used to curtail colony collapse at the local level? The post The buzzbox beehive monitor is like a Fitbit for honeybees appeared first on Digital Trends.
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The Queen’s Gift

What’s the chance an insect will do what we want her to?
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Beekeepers think AI that targets mites can save us from the ‘beepocalypse’

A concerned team of beekeepers from Sweden has proposed a plan to save bees. They want to develop an AI-powered app called BeeScanning, which would analyze images of beehives to spot harmful mites. The post Beekeepers think AI that targets mites can save us from the ‘beepocalypse’ appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Bee Corp. Aims to Help Beekeepers Fight Colony Collapse Disorder

By pollinating the crops that provide us with fruits, nuts, and vegetables, honeybees play a vital role in agricultural production and contribute more than $15 billion annually to the U.S. economy, according to a 2014 White House fact sheet. However, since the onset of colony collapse disorder (CCD) in 2007, the beekeeping industry has suffered a decline. Beekeepers have experienced average annual hive loss rates of 30 percent despite the steady growth in demand, says Wyatt Wells, chief m...
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