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Bee-friendly urban wildflower meadows prove a hit with German city dwellers

Countrywide scheme is flourishing after being set up to reverse a 75% decline in insect populationsTo escape the Berlin bustle on a summer afternoon, all that Derek O’Doyle and his dog Frida have to do is lap the noisy building site outside their inner-city apartment, weave their way through the queue in front of the ice-cream van, and squeeze between two gridlocked lorries to cross over Baerwaldstrasse.Bordered by a one-way traffic system lies a bucolic 1,720 sq metre haven as colourful as a Mo...
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Q&A Sessions: Meet Mokgadi Mabela — the DJ, beekeeper and mother delivering sweet, sweet honey from Native Nosi

Mokgadi Mabela is the bee lady whose love for good honey has blossomed into a business. She tells us about her genius dad and her late introduction to bees The post Q&A Sessions: Meet Mokgadi Mabela — the DJ, beekeeper and mother delivering sweet, sweet honey from Native Nosi appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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Scream-Detecting Drones Could Save You

Screaming into the void may be a thing of the past. A team of researchers said this week that they’ve developed a system that would allow rescuers to fly drones over disaster areas and identify the sounds of people trapped who are screaming for help.Read more...
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​Researchers breed a fungus that kills mites to save bees

Honeybee colony collapse is due in part to Varroa mites that weaken honey bee immune systems. Chemicals that were once effective against the mites are no longer working as well.Researchers are stepping in with a newly cultured fungus that goes after the mites without bothering the bees. Honey bees are vitally important to agriculture — by some estimates, they're responsible for pollinating more than 80 crops, adding up to about one third of the crops that we eat. The USDA says they add at least...
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Battling Bees: Thousands Rounded Up In Fair Oaks Neighborhood

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This amazing bee whisperer scoops up bees with bare hands as if they were candy

Erika Thompson not only removes bees from residential sites in Austin (and across Texas) by rescuing rather than exterminating them, but she does so in this video by scooping them up with her bare hands. No beekeeper suit needed here. She also realizes these bees, who are huddling under an umbrella after a storm, need a queen bee and she just happens to have one on her. — Read the rest
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Bees give me a sense of calm: discovering nature in my back garden

Their busy buzzing supplies the soundtrack to our summer – and by spotting them I’ve found a fresh sense of inner peaceLockdown started, or reignited, a love of nature in many people. The RSPB reported a 70% increase in visitors to its website during the first lockdown. This came as no surprise to me; stuck at home, without the usual distraction of social engagement, my interest in nature grew. During the winter, I would look up into leafless trees trying to locate a bird whose loud call I could...
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Watch Angelina Jolie get swarmed by bees

May 20 was World Bee Day. And to celebrate the occasion and raise awareness of the importance of bees, Angelina Jolie did a National Geographic photoshoot with a bunch of bees crawling all over her for 18 minutes. She has also been named the "Godmother of Bees" by UNESO (which is apparently a 5-year term): Jolie was recently named "godmother" for Women for Bees, a five-year program launched by UNESCO, the UN's educational, scientific, and cultural arm, and Guerlain, the French cos...
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We need sustainable space tech. One solution - bees?

The objects humans send to space teach us a lot about the universe, but they are also cluttering it up. While some objects are close enough to be retrieved, others become dangerous, fast-moving bullets that can cause serious damage.In addition to cleaning up what's already there, MIT Assistant Professor Danielle Wood says that we need to think more sustainably about the technology used in future missions. "We have to ask the question, will we respect the rights of people and the environment as w...
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Watch a beekeeper remove a beehive from a toilet

@texasbeeworks Honeypot! #bees #tiktok #foryou #fyp #nature #amazing #animals #texas ♬ original sound – Erika Thompson Evidently this beekeeper gets some interesting calls! I recently made some simple syrup with locally sourced honey and my kitchen was immediately and intensely over run with bees. — Read the rest
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Watch: Beekeeper transfers bee colony from old toilet tank to a new hive

Erika Thompson, the founder of Texas Beeworks, recently came across a colony of bees living a toilet tank. Watch this video to see how she expertly transferred the bees to a wooden hive, and how she found the queen and used her as a lure to encourage the remaining stray bees to walk down a ramp from the toilet tank to the hive. — Read the rest
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EU court upholds ban on insecticides linked to harming bees

European Union’s top court dismisses appeal by Bayer against partial ban on use of substances on certain crops The European Union’s top court has upheld the EU’s partial ban on three insecticides linked to harming bees, preventing their use on certain crops.The European court of justice on Thursday dismissed an appeal by Bayer to overturn a lower EU court’s 2018 decision to uphold the ban. Continue reading...
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Scientists have taught bees to smell the coronavirus. They can identify a case within seconds.

Joe Raedle/Getty Images Dutch scientists have trained bees to smell COVID-19. Every time the bees were exposed to an infected sample, they stuck out their tongues. The animals could be a low-tech solution for identifying COVID-19 cases. See more stories on Insider's business page. Scientists in the Netherlands have trained bees to identify COVID-19 through their sense of smell, according to a press release from Wageningen University.The research was conducted on more than 150 bees in ...
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Scientists have taught bees how to smell when you're infected with the coronavirus

Joe Raedle/Getty Images Scientists in the Netherlands have trained bees to identify COVID-19 through their sense of smell, according to a press release from Wageningen University.The research is being carried out in Wageningen University's bio-veterinary research laboratory.The scientists train the bees by giving them a treat of a sugar water solution every time they were exposed to a scent from a sample infected with COVID-19. The bees wouldn't get a reward after being exposed to ...
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US beekeepers sue over imports of Asian fake honey

Commercial beekeepers in the US say counterfeit honey from Asia is forcing down prices and pushing them to financial collapseImports of cheap, fake honey from Asia are pushing American beekeepers to financial collapse, according to a lawsuit.Thousands of commercial beekeepers in the US have taken legal action against the country’s largest honey importers and packers for allegedly flooding the market with hundreds of thousands of tonnes of counterfeit honey. Continue reading...
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Stinging wasps are precious, not pointless, say scientists

Much-hated insects are voracious predators of pests, produce powerful antibiotics and pollinate plantsFor those who have asked what the point of wasps is, there is now a comprehensive answer. They are voracious predators of pest insects, produce powerful antibiotics in their venom, pollinate plants and even make a nutritious snack.The benefits to humans of the much-hated insects are revealed in the first major scientific review of the ecosystem services they provide. It focused on the 33,000 kno...
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Bee population steady in Dutch cities thanks to pollinator strategy

Scheme involving ‘ bee hotels’ and ‘bee stops’ reaps rewards as census shows no strong decline in urban population Bee hotels, bee stops and a honey highway are some of the components of a national pollinator strategy that the Dutch are crediting with keeping their urban bee population steady in recent years, after a period of worrying decline.Last week, more than 11,000 people from across the Netherlands participated in a bee counting exercise as part of the fourth edition of the national bee c...
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This Artist Uses Drones To Create Gigantic Long-Exposure Light Paintings in the Sky

By now we’ve all “oohed” and “awed” over footage of thousands of glowing drones used to create elaborate animated light shows in the night sky. But artist Frodo Álvarez has come up with a different approach, using just a handful of pre-programmed drones to create towering long-exposure light paintings.Read more...
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Bees bounce back after Australia’s black summer: ‘Any life is good life’

Australia’s bushfires were devastating for bee populations. But steady rain and community efforts are seeing the return of the pollinatorsYou could say that Adrian Iodice is something of a stickybeak neighbour. On Iodice’s once-lush bushland property, nestled within the Bega Valley of New South Wales, there stands a majestic rough-barked apple tree that the beekeeper used to, every now and then, jam his head into.In the hollow of the trunk lived a flourishing wild colony of European honeybees th...
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After grocery shopping, man finds a swarm of bees have taken over his car

This week in Las Cruces, New Mexico, a fellow returned to his car after grocery shopping to find that a swarm of approximately 15,000 bees had taken over his vehicle. He had started to drive off before noticing the buzzing back seat. — Read the rest
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Toxic impact of pesticides on bees has doubled, study shows

Analysis contradicts claims that the environmental impact of pesticides is falling, say scientistsThe toxic impact of pesticides on bees and other pollinators has doubled in a decade, new research shows, despite a fall in the amount of pesticide used.Modern pesticides have much lower toxicity to people, wild mammals and birds and are applied in lower amounts, but they are even more toxic to invertebrates. The study shows the higher toxicity outweighs the lower volumes, leading to a more deadly o...
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US man returns from swift shopping trip to find 15,000 bees in his car

New Mexico man did not initially notice giant swarm, which had got in through an open window while he was inside supermarketA man who went shopping in New Mexico returned to a car filled with 15,000 honey bees who had apparently got in through an open window while he spent 10 minutes buying groceries.Astonishingly, the man – who was not named in the New York Times report detailing his unexpected travel companions – did not notice the sudden presence of a giant swarm of buzzing insects on his veh...
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Liquid gold: beekeepers defying Yemen war to produce the best honey

Despite the dangers, more Yemenis are turning to the sector as an alternative means of incomeAccording to the Qur’an a lone sidr tree, or jujube, marks the highest boundary of heaven. On earth, amid the harshness of the Yemeni desert, the sweetness of sidr honey is a symbol of perseverance.Yemen has long been renowned for producing some of the best honey in the world, often compared to Mānuka honey from New Zealand. Some of the highest quality, and purest, comes from bees fed exclusively on the ...
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Researchers Create Tiny, Cicada-Like Drones to Invade Small Spaces

When we think of drones, we imagine massive, quadrotor machines that buzz around like manic seagulls. But what if your drown was small enough to accidentally swallow?Read more...
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Brexit rules mean 15m baby bees may be seized and burned, says beekeeper

Patrick Murfet says he tried to import bees via Northern Ireland but was told they would be destroyed A beekeeper trying to bring 15 million bees into the UK says he has been told they may be seized and burned because of post-Brexit laws.Patrick Murfet wants to import the baby Italian bees for his Kent business and to help farmers pollinate valuable crops. But new laws that came into effect after the UK left the single market mean bringing bees into the country is banned. Continue reading...
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Beekeeper stung by post-Brexit ban – and threat to burn 15m bees

Patrick Murfet says he tried to import bees via Northern Ireland but was told they would be destroyed A beekeeper trying to bring 15 million bees into the UK says he has been told they may be seized and burned because of post-Brexit laws.Patrick Murfet wants to import the baby Italian bees for his Kent business and to help farmers pollinate valuable crops. But new laws that came into effect after the UK left the single market mean bringing bees into the country is banned. Continue reading...
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Our destiny depends on the survival of insects

Habitat destruction, the use of pesticides and climate change is driving the rapid decline of these tiny creatures The post Our destiny depends on the survival of insects appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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Quarter of known bee species have not been recorded since 1990

Global study finds that species numbers reported in the wild fell sharply between 1990 and 2015The number of wild bee species recorded by an international database of life on Earth has declined by a quarter since 1990, according to a global analysis of bee declines.Researchers analysed bee records from museums, universities and citizen scientists collated by the Global Biodiversity Information Facility, (GBIF) a global, government-funded network providing open-access data on biodiversity. Contin...
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Good news for honey bees from 150-year-old museum specimens

The past several decades have been hard on Apis mellifera, the Western honey bee. Originally native to Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, Western honey bees have spread worldwide thanks to the nutritional and medicinal value of their honey, pollen, beeswax, and other hive products. Even more recently, the rise of the mobile hive and increased demand for pollination services have resulted in an army of bees being unleashed on crops each year, most notably almonds, which require several million ...
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Government breaks promise to maintain ban on bee-harming pesticide

Farmers ‘relieved’ as chemical sanctioned for emergency use, despite EU-wide ban backed by UK A pesticide believed to kill bees has been authorised for use in England despite an EU-wide ban two years ago and an explicit government pledge to keep the restrictions. Following lobbying from the National Farmers’ Union (NFU) and British Sugar, a product containing the neonicotinoid thiamethoxam was sanctioned for emergency use on sugar beet seeds this year because of the threat posed by a virus. Cont...
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