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La Rose de Sang – review

Director: Klaudia Lanka Release date: 2014 Contains spoilers Viewed at the 2020 IVFAF, this feature can be summed up in a single word, melodrama. Not that there is anything wrong with melodrama when done right, and this was certainly a good melodrama. A romance, most definitely, with a fairy-tale heritage. It also boasted, as we will see, some wonderful sets, the strangest of idiosyncrasies and a central performance which managed to single-handedly bring Jean Rollins’ work to mind. vict...
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7 of the Best Places to Visit in Africa Beyond Cape Town and The Big Five

Where are the best places to visit in Africa? The Best Places to Visit in Africa Beyond Cape Town and The Big Five When it comes to talking about travel in Africa, many people still think about this:   Possibly this: Or maybe even this: Africa Beyond Safaris And while there’s no doubt that catching the Big Five on safari (in a philosophical way) really is a stand-out, once in a lifetime event, there’s really more, so much more to be said about travel in Africa. For a start, ...
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25 natural wonders to inspire you

OUR PLANET IS NUTS. No matter what crazy sci-fi movie sets or deep-space artist renditions your imagination has been exposed to, there’s more than likely an Earthly equivalent…along with hundreds more ‘other-worldly’ landscape features you’ve never even heard of or imagined. From household names like the Grand Canyon and Great Barrier Reef to other sites that fly a little more under the radar, here are photos of 25 natural wonders that will inspire you to get out the door and explore your world...
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