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Elon Musk says all children must be aware of these 50 cognitive biases, and to avoid them

Musk shared this view on Twitter, garnering over 64,000 retweets and 315,000 likes.Theo Wargo/Getty Images for TIME Elon Musk listed the 50 cognitive biases he thinks all children should be aware of. The biases are described in an infographic that was first published by TitleMax. The list is designed to help you make better decisions. Cognitive biases are shortcuts your mind uses when you need to make a decision quickly. They can cause you to act against your best interests or the most logica...
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How to get traffic on your blog (in just 2 steps)

Today, I’m going to share two strategies I’ve used to get traffic to my websites from extremely high-traffic blogs like Lifehacker and sites like the Wall Street Journal. These strategies are the same ones I used to 10x my blog traffic in just one year. IWT traffic 2014 vs 2015 This advice for getting more traffic doesn’t just apply to blogging either. You can use it to get more customers or clients , get more followers on social media, or snag your dream freelance job . The best part: Once...
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