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Ryan Holiday — Turning the Tables (#410)

Welcome to The Tim Ferriss Show! It is — usually — my job to sit down with world-class performers of all different types to tease out the habits, routines, favorite books, and so on that you can apply and test in your own life. This time we have a “turning the tables” episode. What does that mean? Well, I will not be the one doing the interviewing. Instead, I will be the one being interviewed by my friend, Ryan Holiday. So who is this Ryan fella? Ryan Holiday (TW/IG: @RyanHoliday) is one of ...
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Despite public pledges, leading scientific journals still allow statistical misconduct and refuse to correct it

A leading form of statistical malpractice in scientific studies is to retroactively comb through the data for "interesting" patterns; while such patterns may provide useful leads for future investigations, simply cherry-picking data that looks significant out of a study that has otherwise failed to prove out the researcher's initial hypothesis can generate false -- but plausible-seeming -- conclusions. To combat this practice, many journals have signed up to the Consolidated Standards of ...
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Many clinical trial status discrepancies identified between and EUCTR

Approximately one-sixth of clinical trials registered on both and the EU Clinical Trials Register (EUCTR) have discrepancies in their completion status, according to a study published March 7, 2018 in the open-access journal PLOS ONE by Jessica Fleminger and Ben Goldacre from the University of Oxford, UK.
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FDAAA Trials Tracker: leaderboard for pharma companies that break FDA clinical trial rules

Ben Goldacre (previously) led a team that created the FDAAA Trials Tracker, "A live informatics tool to monitor compliance with FDA requirements to report clinical trial results." (more…)
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Money story: Return of the frugal jerk

This guest post from the Frugal Jerk is part of the “money stories” feature at Get Rich Slowly. This is a continuation of the story Frugal Jerk started last week. Some stories contain general advice; others are examples of how a GRS reader achieved financial success — or failure. These stories feature folks from all stages of financial maturity. Today, the Frugal Jerk — who has asked to remain anonymous for now — shares the second half of a story about going from internet entrepreneur to busted ...
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People should organise independent tests for medical marijuana, says UK doctor

Ben Goldacre sees no reason why cannabis trials need be conducted only by scientists. He spoke to Andrew Masterson.
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Bad pharma and the canary in the coalmine for problems in modern medicine

Activist doctor Ben Goldacre is determined to reform how clinical trials are conducted and reported. He explained his plan to Andrew Masterson.
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First They Came for the Anti-Vaxxers

By Bretigne Shaffer Earlier this year I spent a few days at the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center with my daughter who was having an EEG done. On our way home, I learned that there had been an outbreak of an antibiotic-resistant bacteria while we were there, that it had infected seven people and killed two of them. My daughter and I were fine – the infection having been limited to people using a particular kind of duodenoscope. When the story hit th...
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The Bulletproof Diet: simplistic, invalid and unscientific

Tech millionaire Dave Asprey claims his high-fat diet will enhance your body and boost your brain [Author: Alex Hannaford] [Link to media]
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Ten years ago, I started this site with three simple rules: no journaling, no tired memes, and be original. 18 months later, I added a little linkblog. In those ten years, I've posted 415 entries, including this one, and over 13,000 links. The decision to start writing here regularly changed my entire life. It's given me exposure, a place to share my projects and crazy experimentation with technology. It's created new opportunities for me, directly or indirectly responsible for every major pr...
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A Perspective on Community

This post is a narrative on thoughts about community in and around the on-line world. It’s not complete, possibly not coherent, and is long. However, it does represents the output of a fascinating and thought provoking roundtable discussion convened by Bernie Mitchell, in the company of Misae Richwoods, Simon Darling, Filip Matous, Julie Hall at the Moo Grill. Use it for reflection and debate. Tear it apart, support it or add to it – that is what it is here for! These reflections are driven fro...
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