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Berlin Film Review: ‘Flesh Out’

Ignore the awful English-language title: “Flesh Out” is an emotionally rich, sensitively made film about a young woman in Mauritania forced to gain weight in order to conform to traditional concepts of well-rounded beauty before her impending marriage. Strikingly registering the sensations of a protagonist living between the dutiful traditions of her class and the […]
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Berlin Film Review: ‘Marighella’

Does Brazil need a film that openly advocates armed confrontation against its far-right government? That’s the first question that needs to be asked when discussing “Marighella,” actor Wagner Moura’s directorial debut focused on the final year in the life of left-wing insurrectionist Carlos Marighella during Brazil’s ruthless military dictatorship. For whatever one might think of […]
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Berlinale 2019: Nadav Lapid's 'Synonyms' is Biting, Bold Filmmaking

There's something strange in the neighborhood, someone new and just a bit weird. Synonyms is the latest film from Israeli filmmaker Nadav Lapid (Emile's Girlfriend, Policeman, The Kindergarten Teacher), co-produced by German filmmaker Maren Ade, and it premiered in competition at the Berlin Film Festival (where it also won the Golden Bear top prize). I caught this film during the festival and I must say - I have never seen anything like it before, which is always impressive. Synonyms is a ver...
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Berlin Awarded ‘Tess’ Sells to Multiple Territories (EXCLUSIVE)

Berlin-based sales agent Picture Tree Intl. has sold Steven Wouterlood’s coming-of-age film “My Extraordinary Summer with Tess,” which received a Special Mention from the jury of Berlin Film Festival’s Generation KPlus section, to distributors in several territories. Among the buyers are Les Films Du Preau in France, Proview Entertainment in Taiwan, Angel Films in Denmark, […]
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Berlin Film Festival 2019 Award Winners: Complete List (Updating Live)

The 69th Berlin Film Festival kicked off on Saturday, with 16 films vying for the Golden and Silver Bears, among them such critically acclaimed entries as Wang Xiaoshuai’s Chinese drama “So Long, My Son” and “By the Grace of God” by François Ozon. Juliette Binoche served as Jury President, with other members of the jury […]
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Berlin Film Festival 2019: Nadav Lapid’s ‘Synonyms’ Wins Golden Bear

Israeli director Nadav Lapid’s “Synonyms,” about a young Israeli man in Paris who has turned his back on his native country, won the Golden Bear at this year’s Berlinale on Saturday. The Silver Bear Grand Jury Prize went to François Ozon’s French drama “By the Grace of God,” a fact-based account of the Catholic Church […]
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Berlin Film Festival 2019 Award Winners: Complete List

The 69th Berlin Film Festival kicked off on Saturday, with 16 films vying for the Golden and Silver Bears, among them such critically acclaimed entries as Wang Xiaoshuai’s Chinese drama “So Long, My Son” and “By the Grace of God” by François Ozon. Juliette Binoche served as Jury President, with other members of the jury […]
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Makers of Berlin Competition Title ‘Marighella’ Worry About Distribution at Home

Worried that growing political tension in Brazil may hamper the domestic release of “Marighella,” Wagner Moura’s directorial debut about a leftist revolutionary, the movie’s producers may seek to crowd-fund its distribution independently. “We are going to fight for it,” producer Andrea Barata Ribeiro said ahead of the film’s world premiere at the Berlinale on Friday. […]
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International Cinema Group Urges Festivals to Ban Non-Theatrically Released Films From Competition

With the Berlin Film Festival about to wrap and Cannes fast approaching, the International Union of Cinemas (UNIC) is urging programmers at leading festivals to select for competition only films that will receive a full theatrical release. UNIC, which represents exhibitors and cinema associations in 37 countries, mostly in Europe, said in a statement Friday […]
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Berlin Film Festival Review: A Great Filmmaker Says Goodbye, Joyfully, in Varda by Agnès

Varda, 90, was the only woman among all those men—Godard, Truffaut, Rivette and others—to carve out a legacy in the French New Wave
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Berlin Film Review: ‘Tremors’

“Love knows nothing improper,” chides a zealous preacher in “Tremors.” Ostensibly, she says it to an entire rapt church; more pointedly, she’s addressing mild-mannered family man Pablo, as he’s dragged through a terrestrial hell for the cardinal sin of falling in love with another man. What’s the greater impropriety, then: same-sex love or the victimization […]
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Berlin Film Review: ‘The Magic Life of V’

The surprise Oscar nomination of impressionistic “Hale County This Morning, This Evening” suggested a broadening of acceptance towards documentaries well beyond standard “Just the facts, ma’am” territory. Still, juggling style and substance will always be a tricky matter in that form, as evidenced by a film such as “The Magic Life of V.” This latest […]
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Berlin Film Review: ‘Monsters.’

“The trick is to keep breathing,” says Dana (Judith State) as she takes a drag off the first cigarette she’s had in years, grinding it out after a couple of puffs. It feels somewhat inevitable she’d relent and take one, as they’re constantly offered to her by the Bucharest taxi driver (Alexandru Potocean) whom she […]
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Berlin Film Review: ‘Flatland’

A grand, desolate expanse of hessian-rough desert, subject to unforgiving seasonal extremes of heat and ice, and whose scattered residents have mostly learned to live hard and die harder, South Africa’s Great Karoo is a region that really ought to have housed a thousand horse operas by now. It hasn’t, but an ambitious new generation […]
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Teutonic Stars Reach Global Audiences With Bigger Budget Shows

German Films, a body that promotes Teutonic talent and content, staged a panel discussion on “breaking boundaries” during the Berlin Film Festival, as part of the fest’s Drama Series Days section. Taking part were three of the participants of German Films’ 2019 Face to Face program – Fahri Yardim, Luise Heyer, and Maria Dragus. For […]
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Director Damon Gameau Discusses Berlin Film ‘2040’

Bright-eyed Australian director Damon Gameau set out in his previous movie, “That Sugar Film” to challenge everyday thoughtlessness about the dangers of our modern lifestyle — and became profoundly sick while doing so. In his new film “2040,” which plays in Berlin’s Generation Kplus section and which he styles as a “hybrid feature documentary,” Gameau […]
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Berlin: Xinjiang-Set ‘A First Farewell’ Charms Festivals and Buyers

“A First Farewell,” which debuted this week at the Berlin Film Festival, has secured its first sale and looks set to have a promising festival career. The movie is the first in nearly 30 years at the Berlinale to have been shot in Uighur, the language spoken in the vast western Chinese province of Xinjiang. […]
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Berlin: Films Boutique Picks Up Hikari’s Festival Entry ’37 Seconds’ (EXCLUSIVE)

Berlin-based international sales company Films Boutique has picked up the world rights of “37 Seconds,” the debut film by female Japanese filmmaker Hikari following its Berlin Film Festival premiere in the Panorama section. The film centers on a wheelchair-bound 23-year-old woman, Yuma, who works in a manga studio. Yuma starts out on a journey of […]
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Berlin Film Review: ‘Synonyms’

Nadav Lapid’s two previous films have all had elements of autobiography and political critique, but neither framed those traits in a vehicle as deliriously unpredictable and enthrallingly impenetrable as “Synonyms.” Breathtaking in the way it careens from one scene to the next in a whirlwind of personal and political meaning all but impossible to grasp […]
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Berlin: Robert Bosch Foundation Announces Prizes For Arab-German Projects

Lebanese director Lana Daher’s documentary project “Do You Love Me” which will interweave film fragments of the Lebanese civil war and of postwar life with clips of the country’s Bendaly family of pop musicians who were hitmakers during the late 970s and early 1980s, is among winners of the Robert Bosch Foundation’s film prizes for emerging […]
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Berlin Film Review: ‘Varda by Agnès’

Something curious happened to Agnès Varda with her last film, the freewheeling, personality-driven road doc “Faces Places”: at the age of 88, sixty-odd years and twenty-odd films into her career, she suddenly and quite unexpectedly became a meme. A wave of critics that had never previously demonstrated much interest in Varda’s work took to the new […]
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Monos review – Apocalypse Now on shrooms

Chaos intensifies in Alejandro Landes’s deeply mad thriller about a wild cult of teenage bandits who have rituals, guns and a hostage – but no Mr KurtzThis overpoweringly tense and deeply mad thriller from Brazilian film-maker Alejandro Landes is the best thing I have seen at Berlin this year: something between Apocalypse Now, Lord of the Flies and Embrace of the Serpent. It depicts a dysfunctional society and guilt-ridden family in miniature, and demonstrates the shifting power dynamics of a cu...
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Italian Director Gabriele Salvatores Talks Upcoming Road Movie ‘Volare’ (EXCLUSIVE)

Italian director Gabriele Salvatores, who won the foreign-language film Oscar for “Mediterraneo” in 1991 and more recently helmed teen superhero franchise “The Invisible Boy” is in Berlin where sales company RAI Com is showing buyers footage of his upcoming road movie “Volare.” Pic stars Claudio Santamaria and Valeria Golino and is penned by Umberto Contarello (“The […]
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Berlin Doc ‘Merata’ Explores Life of Pioneer Maori Female Filmmaker

The emotionally powerful documentary “Merata: How Mum Decolonized the Screen,” which is screening at Berlinale, tells the intimate story of legendary Maori filmmaker Merata Mita, who helped to kick-start indigenous cinema from that corner of the world. Directed by her son, Hepi Mita, it’s also a personal journey through their family life, as Hepi explores […]
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Berlin Fest’s ‘Anthropocene’ Looks at Human Impact on the Environment

The documentary “Anthropocene: The Human Epoch,” which screens as a Berlinale Special, exists as one part of a multimedia project, conceived by a trio of passionate and dedicated filmmakers: Jennifer Baichwal, Nicholas de Pencier and Edward Burtynsky. The Canadian production enlisted Oscar-winner Alicia Vikander for voice-over duties and serves as one component of a vast […]
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Indian Hip-Hop Gets Big Screen Time in Berlin Festival Pic ‘Gully Boy’

Eminent Indian filmmaker Zoya Akhtar’s new film, “Gully Boy,” had its world premiere at Berlin as part of the Berlinale Special screenings strand. Set in Mumbai’s Dharavi area, one of Asia’s largest slums, the film is loosely based on the lives of street rappers Divine and Naezy, whose music Akhtar first heard in 2014. Akhtar […]
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Berlinale Chief Bids Festival Fond Farewell at Variety Award Event

Receiving Variety‘s Achievement in International Film Award, Berlin Film Festival chief Dieter Kosslick bid a fond farewell to the event Monday as the end credits loom after his good humored and productive 18-year epic reign. Speaking at the prize-giving event Monday at the Audi Berlinale Lounge – which overlooks the entrance to the fest’s main […]
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International Specialty Films Finding Their Way Onto Turkish Screens

The Turkish box office in 2018 continued to be dominated by homegrown titles, largely local comedies, which accounted for a massive 62.9% share of the country’s roughly 70 million admissions. Hollywood, by contrast, was relegated to a mere 27.4% market share. Within the tiny niche left open by this rather rare scenario, international arthouse films […]
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Turkish Directors Find Homes at Berlin, Other Global Film Festivals

Political turbulence is making it tough for filmmakers in Turkey with ambitions to make movies that can travel globally. But despite many impediments, Turkish auteurs are still managing to maintain a significant presence on the festival circuit. The past year has seen auteur Nuri Bilge Ceylan back at Cannes with “The Wild Pear Tree”; newcomer […]
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Germany’s Sola Media Moves Into Animation Production With ‘Dreambuilders’

Stuttgart-based sales company Sola Media is moving into production with a new animated feature as the company seeks to take a more active role in development. The firm has boarded the CGI animated feature “Dreambuilders,” directed by Kim Hagen Jensen and produced by Nynne Selin Eidnes of Copenhagen-based First Lady Film. Sola Media managing director […]
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