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Berlinale Enters a New Era Kicking Off the 70th Edition of the Festival

Willkommen in Berlin! The 70th Berlin Film Festival, also known as Berlinale , has kicked off this week in Berlin, Germany in the center of the city at Potsdamer Platz. This year's festival takes place a few weeks later than usual (instead of back-to-back with Sundance), so they can put some distance between the festival and the Academy Awards yet still sneak in before February ends. This is my seventh year in a row covering this festival, and now that I live in Berlin, it's my "hometown" fes...
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90s Style & Vibrant Lettering Works by Ju Schnee

90s Style & Vibrant Lettering Works by Ju Schnee AoiroStudioFeb 13, 2020 We are featuring a 90s style lettering work by Ju Schnee, an illustrator based in Berlin, Germany. Each piece from this series kind of reminds you of the era of 'Fresh Prince of Bel-Air', it's hard to deny anything else. Everything is there, the style, colors, quotes and more. Quite lovely if you ask me. After reading Ju's project blurb, you can't help to share the same views on the dail...
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NICKELS – “Take a Ride” (Music Video)

Germany-based Hip-Hop artist NICKELS grew up with major influence coming from U.S. Hip-Hop culture–studying rappers like DMX, Tupac, Immortal Technique, 50 Cent and Mobb Deep. Having been raised in South Africa for most of his life and later relocating to Berlin, Germany, he’s picked up a ton of versatility that eventually translated into his own music. Rap has given NICKELS, who was aptly named after his skillful ways of ‘chasing the bag’, a sense of identity throughout his life’s trials & trib...
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In His New Book, Daniel Kehlmann Says Hello to a Cruel World

“Tyll,” a best-selling novel in Germany and soon to be a Netflix series, is set in the dark times its author couldn’t get out of his head.
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Berlin Freezes Rents for 5 Years in a Bid to Slow Gentrification

The move, in a capital once known for its artists and its party scene, aims to reverse a trend that is driving out older and lower-income residents.
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Cheap flights for February 2020

It has been a long and brutal winter. Not only was it so cold that iguanas started falling out of trees in Florida, but it was also an icy wasteland for cheap flights. With the holidays in full swing and everybody planning escape-the-cold getaways, we endured a couple of months where, literally, the best deal to be found was four percent off flights to Louisville. But good news! The ground is beginning to thaw — for cheap flights anyway — as our friends and crack cheap-flight experts at Skys...
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Incredible Architectural Shots: Built Environment Photography Award Winners Announced

Each year the Chartered Institute of Building, a global organization representing construction and property professionals, hosts a photography competition called The Art of Building. Photographers from over 100 countries send in their best shots celebrating the built environment. Here are 2019's winners, who've just been announced: Public Choice Award Alexandr Bormotin"The new Moscow metro station is made in a futuristic style." Judge's Award Pedro Luis Ajuriaguerra Saiz"Due to the reflection of...
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How To Spend 72 Hours In Berlin: Quick Guide To Food, Booze, And Art

There’s a lot to do and see in Berlin, Germany but even better more to eat and drink. You can take in Berlin through many senses so here’s how to touch upon each one if you’ve only got a short time in Germany’s capital city. Start Early Checkpoint Charlie Before you immediately click away (I see you Berliner) – a lot of people want to see Checkpoint Charlie. Walking around this area is hard to avoid so it can be done anytime yet if you want to enter the decent museum, arrive before they open. C...
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International Powers Call for Cease-Fire in Libya’s Long Civil War

After a Berlin meeting, Russia, Turkey and other countries pledged to end their interference in the North African nation to make way for peace efforts.
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Germans are slamming Elon Musk's plans to clear 740 acres of forest for a $45.36 million Tesla factory

Tesla is gearing up to clear 740 acres of forest near Berlin, Germany for its fourth Gigafactory. But some Germans, who have seen their native forests threatened by droughts and fires in recent years, don't want the factory in their native land. "I am not against Tesla," one activist told Reuters on Jan. 18 at a protest. "But it's about the site; in a forest area that is a protected wildlife zone. Is this necessary?" Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Tesla announced in Nov. ...
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Germans are slamming Elon Musk's plans to clear 740 acres of forest for a $45.6 million Tesla factory

Tesla is gearing up to clear 740 acres of forest near Berlin, Germany for its fourth Gigafactory. But some Germans, who have seen their native forests threatened by droughts and fires in recent years, don't want the factory in their native land. "I am not against Tesla," one activist told Reuters on Jan. 18 at a protest. "But it's about the site; in a forest area that is a protected wildlife zone. Is this necessary?" Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Tesla announced in Nov. ...
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Genesis GV80: Inspired By South Korean Architectural Philosophy

The three-row Genesis GV80 is the luxury brand’s first SUV.Genesis unveiled the new GV80 recently during an event Seoul. U.S. models receive two turbo engines; South Korea gets a diesel. Genesis didn’t waste a lick of time. Since announcing their intentions to become a separate namesake under Hyundai in 2015, Genesis has established a presence in the United States, Canada, Russia, the Middle East, and Australia. They are now one of the highest-ranked on the market from third-party experts li...
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Best LGBTQ events in Europe in 2020

Europe, famous for its liberal and welcoming attitude towards the LGBTQ community, attracts a vast number of queer travelers from all over the world each year. The continent is one of the safest and most rewarding locations worth traveling to for members of the LGBTQ community, with anti-discrimination laws present in all of the 28 member states. It does not come as a huge surprise then that there are hundreds upon thousands of LGBTQ-centred celebrations and festivals occurring across Europe ...
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Elon Musk says Tesla will export cars from its new China factory and that could help it avoid further trade war pain

Tesla CEO Elon Musk visited the company's new China factory on Tuesday to announce its forthcoming Model Y would be built there.  The company will not just make models for sale in the country there, Musk added, a move it's also been eyeing with a new German plant.  China-built cars could help Tesla avoid tariffs, and likely can be sold with more profit than US-built versions.  Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Tesla will build its Model Y crossover SUV at its newly opened Sh...
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What Now for Europeans Who Love Britain?

An Italian who once lived happily there wonders how Brexit will reshape the feelings of others in the E.U. toward the British.
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Experiments with 'Paper' by atelier MARTINI _

Experiments with 'Paper' by atelier MARTINI _ AoiroStudioJan 03, 2020 As the beginning of the year settling its sails, I think it's important to set off some goals and TRY your hardest to accomplish them. I think it's the hardest part! In my case, I always wanted to do more CGI/3D related works to be specific. I tried many times but it's not a 'demand' per se towards my daily work so it's hard to keep giving it more time. To push that 'inspiration' going to o...
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The Interior & Street Art of Base 23

The Interior & Street Art of Base 23 AoiroStudioJan 02, 2020 Having spent my Christmas Holiday in Germany, I started paying attention to how the cities I visited were paying closer attention to graffiti and street art. It definitely gave an outlook that differentiates from the others. That was cool! Now back from holiday, I decided to feature artists and it wasn't hard before I have found one. Here we are featuring the work from Base 23, an interior and stree...
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Fireworks, Long a German New Year’s Eve Tradition, Are Losing Their Luster

Faced with the concerns about safety, pollution and potential damage to historic buildings, Germany is rethinking private fireworks.
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“They’re abysmal students”: Are cell phones destroying the college classroom? (ars technica)

Enlarge / A student in Berlin, Germany places his smartphone on a shelf on the classroom wall at the beginning of the lesson. (credit: Britta Pedersen/dpa-Zentralbild/ZB/Getty Images) In the early 2000s, when I taught freshman writing at the University of North Carolina, disengaged students couldn't rely on the Internet to distract them—they had to make their own fun. One male student used a light "get to know each other" first-day exercise as a chance to tell the whole class an aggressive sto...
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Ford Expedition: Here’s What’s New For 2020

2020 Ford Expedition Limited is available with the FX4 off-road package. The famous King Ranch trim level returns to the Expedition line for 2020.Max towing capacity comes in just over 9,000 lbs. when properly equipped. The Ford Expedition and the extended-wheelbase Expedition MAX were built with families in mind. The three-row SUV is undergoing a few changes and upgrades for 2020, including the introduction of a new off-road package. Here is a quick look at the 2020 Ford Expedition and what...
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The Best (and Worst) Theater in Europe in 2019

The Times’s three European theater critics pick their favorite productions of the year — plus a turkey apiece for the festive season.
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#TwistedTropes 21. Hadrian's busted wall

Hadrian's back yard. Photo from Wikimedia Commons In his youth, the Roman Emperor Hadrian was a spoilt rich kid. His dad was something big in the city and Hadrian was lucky enough to marry into the royal family. By the time he became emperor of Rome in 117, he was already a playboy and perpetual tourist, spending his time travelling around the empire in his private jet (This simply cannot true - Editor). Hadrian enjoyed playing brutal contact sports, and built up an intimidating physiqu...
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Web Creator Tim Berners-Lee Launches Plan To 'Fix' the Internet

Tim Berners-Lee, the creator of the World Wide Web, is officially launching his plan to "fix" the internet. From a report: The World Wide Web Foundation, a non-profit campaign group set up by Berners-Lee, has secured the backing of tech giants Facebook, Google and Microsoft for the scheme, dubbed the "contract for the web." The British computer scientist first outlined his vision to overhaul organizations' approach to the internet at the Web Summit event last year. At the time, he said the web w...
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Hailey Bieber über Cyber-Mobbing: „Worte haben die Macht, uns für den Rest unseres Lebens zu verfolgen!“

BERLIN, GERMANY – NOVEMBER 20: Hailey Bieber attends the Calvin Klein “A Night of Music, Discovery and Celebration” event on November 20, 2019 in Berlin, Germany. (Photo by Sebastian Reuter/Getty Images for CALVIN KLEIN) Hailey Bieber ist müde, als ich sie am gestrigen Abend zum Interview in der Berliner Musikbrauerei treffe, wo Calvin Klein „a Night Of Music, Discovery and Celebration“ feiert. Ihr Flieger hatte Verspätung, sie kaum geschlafen. Wer ihr zwischen Flughafen und Trailer, in d...
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Tesla’s Winding Road to Berlin

Elon Musk’s announcement of a factory in Germany took the industry by surprise, but the deal had been in the works for months.
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The Berlin Wall of Light

This photo of Berlin, Germany at night was taken in 2012 from the International Space Station. Almost 25 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, you can still see the division from space because of the colors of the different street lights used in the East and West. Daniela Augenstine, of the city’s street furniture department, says: “In the eastern part there are sodium-vapour lamps with a yellower colour. And in the western parts there are fluorescent lamps — mercury arc lamps and gas lamp...
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Best Photo Lab – Which Photo Print Lab Should You Use

The best photo lab is one that you have tested and love the results. But there are a few things you should always look for when choosing the best photo lab for your photography. – Excellent quality of prints and packaging– Fast printing and affordable shipping– Easy ordering process Additionally, you should compare a lot of labs. I have tried countless labs, and unfortunately, some of them just don’t meet my standards. Colors are way off, the craftsmanship is bad and the list can go on. ...
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2020 Hyundai Sonata: All The Details (With Some Liquid Chrome)

The 2020 Sonata is a great value for sedan buyers. Trim levels are well-equipped, even the entry-level SE.Gas mileage increases with a new eight-speed automatic. The 2020 Hyundai Sonata is a viable option for those who need efficient and affordable transportation. While some automakers slice their car lines, Hyundai is joining others in doubling down on sedan production. Recent data shows younger consumers still want sedans, while additional insight from Edmunds reveals how automakers who no...
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The One Club Announces 28 Global Winners For Young Guns 17

The One Club for Creativity , the world's foremost non-profit organization recognizing creative excellence in advertising and design, has announced the 28 winners hailing from 18 countries for the prestigious   Young Guns 17   competition, celebrating creative professionals age 30 or younger. Young Guns is the industry’s only international, cross-disciplinary, portfolio-based awards competition that identifies today’s vanguard of young creatives.  Submissions were re...
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Ford To Add Over-The-Air Updates In 2020: How Will They Work?

Next year, Ford expects to introduce over-the-air updates for new cars.Software updates are designed to run “in the background” and be seamless. Ford says OTA technology will be more convenient in the long run for owners. Starting next year, Ford will equip most of their newly-redesigned vehicles in the United States to receive, handle, and install over-the-air updates. Sometimes called OTA technology, Ford says it will make it easier for customers to receive necessary quality and capab...
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