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Mink Pearls Jovan: An Aphrodite Born of Soapsuds

It was one of the most successful perfume startups in US history: Jovan Inc., a company founded in the late 1960s by Bernard Mitchell and Barry Shipp, began with the perfumed products of Mink Pearls. Mitchell's initial investment in the company amounted to US$100,000, and eleven years later it had turned into an $85 million fortune. By founding a successful perfumery venture in Chicago, he pr... Read full article: Mink Pearls Jovan: An Aphrodite Born of Soapsuds from Fragrantica Perfumes and...
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What Was Sexy? Jovan Musk for Men!

In 1969, American entrepreneur Bernard Mitchell decided to start a new perfume business in Chicago. Not in Paris or Grasse, or even New York. Five years later, the sales of his company Jovan Inc were estimated at $ 30 million. He started with Mink Pearls Jovan bath oil, with floral scented mink oil captured inside golden pearls. Then, building his distribution, the company released each addition... Read full article: What Was Sexy? Jovan Musk for Men! from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Ma...
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Joan Mitchell obituary

My mother, Joan Mitchell, who has died aged 98, worked for many years for the National Census and later in market research. She was born in Kensington, London, to John Hill, a dairyman, and his wife, Dorothy (nee Andrews), a domestic servant. After leaving Spring Grove school in Isleworth, west London, in 1937, Joan met Bernard Mitchell, who worked at the Firestone tyre factory in nearby Brentford, and they married in 1940. Continue reading...
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