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The Best High-Shine, Nonsticky Lip Glosses That Have Ever Existed

The best lip glosses still make a statement, even 11 years after rapper Lil Mama declared her love for the beauty product. We've come a long way from the early 2000s lip gloss, as brands have made strides to include more moisturizing and skin-softening ingredients, and to make them feel less and less sticky. Included on this list you'll find glosses with glass-like finishes, high-impact opacity, and with irresistible flavors. You'll even find a set that will remind you and your best friends of y...
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The Shag is the Coolest Haircut Trend of the Year, and It's Way More Wearable Than You Think

Welcome to the rebirth of the shag. It's not enough that nearly every model on the Victoria's Secret roster is sporting the choppy, layered look - now strangers walking down the street are, too. But this is not your mother's haircut. Think of it more as a modern twist on a completely different classic hairstyle. "The hottest haircut trend for the last couple of years has been the lob," said NYC hairstylist Devin Toth. "It's cool. It's geometric. It's fresh, but it can get boring after a while be...
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Best Photos of 2019 by JMG-Galleries Blog Readers

A hoary marmot (Marmota caligata) in wildflowers at Logan Pass, Glacier National Park in Montana. I’m excited to share the results of my 13th annual Best of Photos project.  112 photographers from around the world (amateur and professional alike) have shared their best photos of 2019.  I’m always amazed at the quality of work shared and I hope it’s a source inspiration to you for the coming year. For those who are new to my blog project, photographers taking part span the gamut of photo enthusi...
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The 21 Hottest Lipsticks of 2020 Are So Good, You'll Need to Buy a Bigger Makeup Bag

As the year begins, consider investing in some of the best lipsticks our editors use and love. If you're as obsessed with lipstick as us, your bank account is about to get a little emptier. We curated a list of the most coveted options of 2020. On this list, you'll find matte lipsticks and ones with high-shine finishes. These lipstick shades include a bright poppy red and a moody mauve. We also chose them at a variety of price points so there's something for every budget. Shop through our picks...
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2019 Editor’s Favorites | The Roundup

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Meka’s Favorites [2019 in Review]

A closer look at what Meka bumped in 2019.
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Shake’s Favorites [2019 in Review]

A closer look at what Shake bumped in 2019.
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Wongo’s Favorites [2019 in Review]

A closer look at what Wongo bumped in 2019.
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Best Photos of 2019 by Jim M. Goldstein

Thanks for checking in to see my best photos of 2019. This year for a variety of reasons I didn’t have many opportunities to get out and pursue photography to the degree I’d have preferred. Some of the reasons why were good (new house, settling in, kid activities with both boys being in elementary school for the first time, etc.) and some were downright bummers (passing of my grandfather, getting used to this aging thing, etc.). Through it all though I got the kids out on some bigger trips this ...
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Angie's Best Books of 2019

It is the last day of the year. How are you doing at this point? You good to go on? I'm going to. For a number of important reasons, which are too varied (or possibly too private) to enumerate here. So how about we say we shall go on because: "Gansey. That's all there is." I find that "Because Gansey" is highly motivating when motivation is thin on the ground.Also thin on the ground have been my posts this year. And yet, I'm still not stopping. And I still greatly enjoy arriving at this final po...
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Closing out the twenty-tens: Schell’s picks for 2019

Though our decade technically has another year to go, the marketing appeal of “Hits of the XXs” type formulations tends to overwhelm such semantic niceties. So as we leave the 2010s behind, there’s more than a little Web-based generalization to be found regarding their musical character and trajectory. I’ll try to keep things in perspective as I review some of the highlights of 2019 that embody the breadth and caliber of contemporary Western art music. All of the following selections are availab...
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Best of CH 2019: Instagram

Selections from our most-liked posts on the social media platform Before we get back to our computers to write a story, the COOL HUNTING Instagram offers our editorial team (and a few contributors) an opportunity to share moments of inspiration. Aligned with the site, the word design—and its flexible definition—guides all that we post on social media. Thus, the subject matter of our photos encompasses …
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Liquid Lipsticks Under $15 | 2019 Editor’s Favorites

You know what 2019 was NOT the year of? Liquid lipsticks! The system only counted 88 liquid lipstick reviews (across all price points), which my lips are all-too happy about!  If there’s further reduction in 2020, I’ll like combine my favorites into one post rather than split by price point (particularly since even this year’s roundup is dominated by one brand). If you’re unfamiliar with how I like to do my year-end favorites, here’s the low down: I pull from the products I reviewed in 2019, reg...
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Editor’s Choice: Top 10 Articles Of 2019

MuslimMatters is grateful to Allah for our readers and our writers for collaborating to build the Muslim Internet’s most widely read online magazine. It is an honor to publish every article that goes up on the site. Here are the editor’s choices from the top most read articles of 2019. 10. Reflections on Muslim Approaches to the Abortion Debate: The Problem of Narrow Conceptualization | Sh Salman Younas This comprehensive scholarly essay, published in August, was nuanced and forces the reader ...
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Steam Reveals Top Selling Games of 2019

Steam has revealed the games that have sold the most on their platform in 2019. While these games will give you a good idea of what the best selling PC games were for the year The post Steam Reveals Top Selling Games of 2019 appeared first on
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Best of CH 2019: Editors’ Favorites

From our thousands of stories published this year, meaningful articles selected by our NYC-based staff Browsing the thousands of stories we published on COOL HUNTING this year, in search of personal favorites, would present many problems if the very process of writing didn’t lend itself to favoritism. When asked what we’d recommend reading, we on staff already knew the many answers. That’s because the selections …
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Best of CH 2019: Most Popular Stories

From future-forward innovations to entertainment tinged with nostalgia, our most-viewed articles this year 365 days a year, we publish stories covering a plethora of subject matter. From reportage in faraway destinations, a newly opened art show or restaurant, innovations in tech and design, there’s something on COOL HUNTING for nearly every appetite. As such, perusing our site data to reveal the year’s most-read stories proves …
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The Biggest Beauty Moments of the Last Decade, From Contouring to K-Beauty

While the 2010s had its ups and downs, it was also a time of discovering radical new ways to express our identities, both online and IRL - be it with hair, makeup, or even fashion choices. Each major cultural shift of the past 10 years framed the most iconic, barrier-breaking beauty moments to date. To celebrate the end of the decade, we've highlighted six major moments that defined this era in the beauty industry: influencer culture, diversity and inclusivity, the rise of the reality star, K-be...
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The Best Books of 2019: Non-Fiction

At PopMatters we tend to be drawn toward cultures' tributaries instead of the crowded, rushing mainstreams. It's in these places, where things are rougher, that we find trained historians rubbing shoulders with smart outsiders, where artists dare us to follow them and intellectuals show us where and who we are and from whence we came with discomfiting yet engaging clarity. There is no certainty in these places -- but there are many possibilities. Notably, of our many books listed here, graphic w...
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The Best Books of 2019: Fiction

Engaging with a work of fiction is, at its best, a daring process for both parties. The writer expects the reader's mind to be pried open, be it persuaded by a delightfully ticklish feather or forced by a cold rusty crowbar. No matter. The reader submits. But it better be worth it.We have some lighter works in our favorites of 2019 -- the art of Joni Mitchell, the imagination of Elizabeth Gilbert -- we certainly need such sweetness to give light to these crushing times. But some of the best work...
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The Best Films of the Decade

Ten years ago, Netflix was an innocuous DVD-by-mail company, the Marvel tsunami was just testing the water with “Iron Man” and “Thor,” and the “Star Wars” empire still belonged to George Lucas, not Disney. The only celebrity to become President of the United States was “Bedtime for Bonzo” star Ronald Reagan, Amazon was a place […]
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Best Recordings of 2019

Recording of the Year: Terry Riley, Sun Rings, Kronos Quartet, Volti (Nonesuch)             Terry Riley’s 2002 work Sun Rings simultaneously celebrates the 25th anniversary of the Voyager exploration and soberly reflects on September 11, 2001. Kronos Quartet, longtime collaborators with Riley, the ethereal voices of Volti, and a collection of space sounds are combined to create a fascinating and engaging amalgam. An exhilarating ride through the various styles that Riley has at his dispo...
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Look No Further: These Are the Best Face Washes For Every Skin Type

You know that scene in My Best Friend's Wedding when Julia Roberts's character self-identifies as the Jell-O to Cameron Diaz's crème brulée? It's simple. Comfortable. Maybe that's what Michael wants! Well, face wash is the Jell-O of skin care. Fancy face masks and exfoliators are nice, but to be clear: they could never be Jell-O. You see, face wash is the essential first step in any skincare routine (some dermatologists even say that, if you do anything at all, make it that you take off your m...
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51 Times Celebrities Caught Tattoo Fever in 2019

You've heard it ever since you bought your first J-14 magazine: "Stars - they're just like us!" Here's the thing: they're really not. For example, you spend your Sundays standing in line at Trader Joe's, while they walk red carpets and sign autographs (they still do that, right?). By and large, we don't share a lot in common with celebrities. One of the only exceptions: tattoos. If anyone loves a trendy and delicate tattoo more than regular degular people, it's celebrities. Just look at how many...
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51 of the Best - and Most Memorable - Celebrity Tattoo Moments of 2019

You've heard it ever since you bought your first J-14 magazine: "Stars - they're just like us!" Here's the thing: they're really not. For example, you spend your Sundays standing in line at Trader Joe's, while they walk red carpets and sign autographs (they still do that, right?). By and large, we don't share a lot in common with celebrities. The only exception: tattoos. If anyone loves a trendy and delicate tattoo more than regular degular people, it's celebrities. Just look at how many memorab...
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Blog Project: Your Best Photos From 2019

It is time to kick off the 13th annual best photos of the year blog project! I’m proud to say over the years that hundreds of photographers have taken part (see Best Photos of 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008 and 2007).  It’s great to see the community of photographers that have developed around this blog project. As always I hope the exercise of picking your best photos helps improve your photography (10 Ways to Top Your Best 20xx Photographs). So without any fur...
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Popular With Us 2019: Buzz Bands LA’s Year in Photos

2019 was certainly a year for indelible memories — and here are many of ours, in the way of Popular With Us 2019: Buzz Bands LA’s Year in Photos. Here we salute the assiduous work of the concert photographers who contributed to this website in 2019. Alphabetically: Josh Beavers, Matt Cowan, David Gonzalez, Bryan Greenberg, Jessica Hanley, Brandon Hardy, Maximilian Ho, Roy Jurgens, Annie Lesser, Susan Moll, S.Lo, Notes From Vivace, Dana Lynn Pleasant, Zane Roessell, Samantha Saturday, Jazz Shadem...
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We Discovered Unicorn Braids and Glitter Face Masks in the 2019 Rabbit Hole That Is TikTok

It would be impossible to tally up the amount of hours we've spent going down the TikTok rabbit hole, discovering everything from hilarious cat memes to trendy dance moves to watch (and rewatch). And you can bet many of those hours were dedicated to seeking out all things beauty: surprising hacks, helpful tutorials, product reviews, makeup challenges, and more. To celebrate the year, TikTok released its list of the top videos of 2019. From the informative to the downright mesmerizing, we're shar...
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