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Meet a Reader | Beth (a veteran reader!)

Beth is a super longer-term Frugal Girl reader…she’s been around since 2008, which is the year I started blogging! Thanks for sticking with me so long, Beth. ?? Tell us a little about yourself. I’m a homemaker and teacher! I’m the mother of three girls (7, 2, 2 months) and a boy (5), and I homeschool my son and oldest daughter.Brought to you by: Frugal Focus
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A protester shot by Kyle Rittenhouse accused police of 'deputizing a roving militia' and enabling 'white nationalist vigilantes' in new lawsuit

Police in riot gear stand outside the Kenosha County Court House Monday, Aug. 24, 2020, in Kenosha, Wis. AP Photo/Morry Gash Kyle Rittenhouse is accused of killing two people and injuring a third on August 25, 2020, in Kenosha. A surviving victim is suing the city and county of Kenosha, Wisconsin, and law enforcement officers. The lawsuit alleges police strategized with and encouraged an armed militia. A lawsuit filed in federal court on Thursday by Gaige Grosskreutz, a protester who was ...
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The 10 Best Romance Movies Of The Last 10 Years

When we think of romantic movies, our minds most often go straight to rom-coms, the most enduringly popular romance sub-genre. However, romantic stories can be found in fantasies, war movies, historical epics, literary adaptations, and indie dramas, among many other genres. While I do enjoy a cheesy rom-com, my most beloved and re-watched romantic movies are more likely to be dramas or period films. And that's why you're only going to find one rom-com on this list of the 10 best romances of the ...
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Why This Rick And Morty Episode Nearly Broke The Writers

Creatives tend to be very critical towards their own work. A viewer might look at a movie or TV episode and think it's a work of brilliance, but the writer/producer/director might only see the flaws present or the intent that never made it to the screen. Hence, one of the absolute fan-favorite episodes of Adult Swim's phenomenally popular animated sci-fi comedy "Rick and Morty" was considered to be a dog by the time it aired.What would drive the creators of the show so crazy that they couldn't s...
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Production Has Wrapped On Steve Buscemi's The Listener Starring Tessa Thompson

Steve Buscemi is predominantly known for his work as an actor, but he's directed over 15 projects since the early 1990s with his latest sounding like his most ambitious yet. His upcoming feature film, "The Listener," has wrapped production in Los Angeles according to an exclusive reveal from Deadline. The film's script comes from Oscar nominee Alessandro Camon ("The Messenger") and stars Tessa Thompson ("Thor: Ragnarok," "Sorry to Bother You," "Men in Black: International") in the film's only on...
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Previously Unpublished Photos of Indigenous Culture in Alaska Circa 1927

In 1927, photographer and ethnologist Edward S. Curtis travelled to the US territory of Alaska to photograph indigenous peoples and their cultures for his seminal work, The North American Indian. Some of the photos he took in Alaska were never published and make up a new exhibition at the Muskegon Museum of Art, Edward S. Curtis: Unpublished Alaska, The Lost Photographs. Begun in 1906, The North American Indian was the defining passion of Curtis’s life, an attempt to record, in writing an...
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We tried 11 baking sheets and cookie sheets to find the best ones you can buy in 2021

When you buy through our links, Insider may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more. Lily Alig/Insider Baking sheets are multi-purpose items, used for everything from baking cookies to roasting wings. Our top pick is the Nordic WareNaturals Half Sheet, made of uncoated aluminum. It did not warp at high roasting temperatures, and was the easiest to use. Table of Contents: Masthead Sticky Baking sheets are incredibly versatile pieces of cookware; they can be vessels for everything from ...
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The Top 5 Kristen Stewart Performances, And Where To Watch Them

Here we are, in the year of lord 2021, and I'm still seeing folks on Al Gore's internet claiming that Kristen Stewart is a bad actress. The entire basis of this opinion seems based around Stewart's admittedly stiff work in the "Twilight" saga. But the "Twilight" film franchise ended nearly a decade ago, and Stewart has done so much more since then. To be fair, Stewart's reputation as a great actress has increased over the years thanks to her consistent indie movie work. And while I'm no Oscar pr...
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Parenting Pointers: Implementing Professional Care for a Loved One with Alzheimer's

When the idea to place a loved one in an ederly care facility is proposed, there can be opposition from the family members and the person in need of care themselves. In the true story given in the book,“ Truth, Lies and Alzheimer’s: Its Secret Faces,” Beth and Ellie are whole heartedly against placing their aging mother in professional care.Brought to you by: Frugal Focus
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How we met: ‘I sent him a Facebook message by accident’

Joe, 32, and Beth, 31, met in 2014 after a message she was sending to one of her friends went astray. They now live together in Wiltshire with their puppy, HansWhen Joe was at university in 2010, his housemate went through a phase of logging into his Facebook page to play practical jokes. “He used to add random people as friends on my account. I think he thought it was funny because it made me look lonely,” he says. One day his housemate sent a friendship request to Beth, who accepted. “I saw th...
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Upcoming HBO Max Movies To Keep An Eye On

HBO Max launched relatively late into the streaming wars. Despite the fact that it's dealing with heavy competition and some major growing pains -- primarily in the shape of a clunky and difficult to manage interface -- the service has a robust list of films and series, made up of a healthy amount of, well, everything. HBO Max has anime, classic films, DC animation, HBO's impressive and historic line up, and new, original programming, which spans indie films to more commercial outings. HBO Max m...
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Yellowstone Season 4: Release Date, Cast, And More

(Welcome to ...And More, our no-frills, zero B.S. guide to when and where you can watch upcoming movies and shows, and everything else you could possibly stand to know.)More than a year after the explosive season 3 finale, "Yellowstone" is getting back in the saddle for another season. Here is everything you need to know about the return of the most popular drama on cable. Yellowstone Season 4 Release Date And Where You Can Watch It "Yellowstone" returns with a two-hour season 4 premiere on Nove...
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It Was All Very Well to Say ‘Drink Me,’ But……

A drink to make me smaller? Nay! I much prefer Shel Silverstein’s Drink Me which makes the drinker taller! “She drank from a bottle called Drink Me And she grew so tall, She ate from a plate called Taste Me And down she shrank so small. And so she changed, while other folks Never tried nothin’ at all.” It’s a quote that’s always stuck with me because it reminds me that I need to try new things and if I don’t I’m missing out. Does that make sense? Because sometimes in life as much as we tr...
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The Queen's Gambit Season 2 Won't Be Happening: 'We Would Ruin What We've Already Told'

Creator of "The Queen's Gambit" Scott Frank just delivered a very hard truth: some limited series are better off not getting renewed. The joy of a single-season show is the promise of a complete story. Knowing the ending from the onset means that when the season concludes, so will the character arcs, leaving the audience with a clear sense of finality. Expanding beyond that brings us into a world of unknowns — is there even enough story left to tell? In Frank's case, he believes "The Queen's Gam...
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Guilty Party Trailer: Kate Beckinsale Stars In Paramount+ Show About Guns, Injustice, And Murder

Kate Beckinsale is probably still best known for starring in the "Underworld" franchise, but it's been several years since she's donned that leather suit. In the meantime, Beckinsale has been busy starring in an Amazon series called "The Widow" and kicking butt in this year's "Jolt." Now she's heading to a different streaming platform to star in a new Paramount+ series called "Guilty Party," in which she plays a journalist who gets in way over her head during an attempt to prove a prison inmate'...
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Watch: Louisiana Walmart worker quits job over PA system

After five years at the Carencro, Louisianna Walmart, Beth McGrath got fed up with the working conditions at the store and aired her grievances over the PA system for all to hear. Her full rant: Attention Walmart shoppers and Associates. My name is Beth from electronics. — Read the rest
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Beth ydych chi'n wybod am Owain Glyndŵr?

Y gwir am y Cymro olaf i fod yn Dywysog ar Gymru
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Her mom died of breast cancer. Her dad was a 9/11 responder. Her mission: Keep the family businesses alive.

Kaley Young, left her sister Keira, and brother Christian. (Courtesy of Kaley Young) Many family businesses are passed down. They aren't typically inherited through tragedy. At 19, Kaley Young ran her mother's pilates studio after she died. At 24, she took over her father's business. In channeling her own grief into passion projects, Young has exemplified an entrepreneurial spirit. See more stories on Insider's business page. Many family businesses are passed down from gen...
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The 15 Best Rick And Morty Villains Ranked

Scraped from the demented brains of "Community" creator Dan Harmon and his buddy Justin Roiland, "Rick and Morty" wears the skin of the usual coarse and crude American adult animation. But like nefarious parasites lurking and sifting beneath, its unhinged ingenuity lays its eggs under that familiar exterior and lets them hatch into rib-cracking laughs and horror.Launched on Adult Swim in 2013, "Rick and Morty" follows an old alcoholic scientist who drags his dim-witted grandson (and sometimes hi...
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The Duttons Are Under Attack in Yellowstone Season 4 Trailer

Paramount Network has released the full Yellowstone Season 4 trailer for the highly-anticipated return of Taylor Sheridan’s hit drama, starring Kevin Costner. The series is scheduled to make its return on Sunday, November 7, with a special two-hour premiere event. The video, which you can check out below, teases the events following the shocking assassination attempts of the members of the Dutton family including John, Kayce, and Beth. RELATED: Mayor of Kingstown Trailer for Paramount+ Drama Ser...
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The Scariest Scene In Cloverfield Really Pops (Literally)

(Welcome to Scariest Scene Ever, a column dedicated to the most pulse-pounding moments in horror with your tour guides, horror experts Matt Donato and Ariel Fisher. In this edition: Matt chimes in on a particularly ... explosive scene from "Cloverfield.")When someone mentions "Cloverfield," what do you think of first — the movie or the viral marketing campaign?Instead of reading college textbooks, I was scouring fanboy blogs for information on Slusho or Tagruato between analyzing animal roars ag...
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Here's What To Expect From Upcoming Paramount Shows Guilty Party, The Game, And More

Paramount+ has been running for about six months, and the streaming platform continues to grow. During their TCA presentation today, they touted some of the original content coming to the service. One of the panels focused on "Star Trek: Prodigy," which discussed the upcoming series and also revealed the main title sequence along with first looks at the two main villains, voiced by Jimmi Simpson and John Noble. The actors couldn't reveal much more about their characters, though Simpson described...
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Wie Long COVID jungen Frauen mit chronischem Erschöpfungssyndrom hilft

Beth aus London – die zum Schutz ihrer Privatsphäre in diesem Artikel ein Pseudonym verwendet – ist 24 Jahre alt und leidet schon seit zehn Jahren unter Myalgischer Enzephalomyelitis (ME), auch als Chronisches Erschöpfungssyndrom (CFS für chronic fatigue syndrome) bekannt. Nach ein paar Jahren, während der die Symptome noch relativ erträglich waren, sind die Schmerzen und Müdigkeit in den letzten Monaten immer schlimmer geworden. Inzwischen schafft es Beth kaum noch, das Haus zu verlassen; jeden...
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Dromore woman asks why family's IRA killers were pardoned

Willie Herron, his wife Beth and their daughter Noeline died in a firebomb attack on a shop in 1976.
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Beth Pascall Pre-2021 UTMB Interview

The post Beth Pascall Pre-2021 UTMB Interview appeared first on iRunFar. Beth Pascall returns to UTMB after winning the Western States 100 just two months ago. In the following interview, Beth talks about what her recovery from Western States has been like, what her training has looked like the past few months, and in what ways she might improve upon her prior fourth- and fifth-place finishes at UTMB. Check out our women’s and men’s previews before following our UTMB live coverage starting on Fr...
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Comment on mathilde’s tomato tart by Beth

In reply to Beth. Never mind, I made my own— and it’s delicious!
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Comment on mathilde’s tomato tart by Beth

My co-op makes an all-butter pie crust but it’s not a true pate brise as it doesn’t contain any sugar. How do you think the tart would turn out if I used this crust?
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‘The Night House’ Ending Explained: The Meaning of David Bruckner’s Metaphysical Nightmare

David Bruckner ’s The Night House starring the remarkable hits theaters today, and I’m very interested to see how the film makes people feel. A deeply metaphysical horror movie, it challenges a lot of our preconceived notions of life, existence, and everything. Whether or not those things permeated your mind on a regular basis ultimately doesn’t matter — you’ll think about it after you see The Night House .  Though the film does tackle some very real threats and horrors, the ultimate...
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‘The Night House’ Star Rebecca Hall Shares What Really Scares Her [Interview]

When I spoke with Rebecca Hall about her latest film, director David Bruckner’s The Night House , it had been a busy day for the actress. As is wont to happen during press junkets, things were running a bit behind schedule. So, after a brief wait, I dove head-first into the deep end with some tough questions. It’s that kind of horror movie, one that demands actual conversation and dissection. She took it like a pro, not that I’d expect any differently.  The Night House is a film that sets...
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The Night House Debuts Chilling Clip Ahead of Tomorrow’s Release

Searchlight Pictures has released a brand new clip from David Bruckner’s forthcoming psychological horror film The Night House starring Rebecca Hall. The film is currently slated to arrive in theaters this Friday, August 20. The video begins with Hall’s Beth as she gets woken up by the sound of music playing downstairs, even though she’s the only one inside the house. Things get more disturbing when she receives a surprising text from her dead husband telling her not to be afraid. Check out The ...
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