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Beth yw'r addewidion i fusnesau ar ôl yr etholiad?

Dim "manylion go iawn" am gynlluniau i helpu busnesau wedi'u cyhoeddi cyn yr etholiad, meddai'r CBI.
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Rick and Morty Season 5 Trailer Teases More Crazy Family Adventures

Adult Swim has released a brand new Rick and Morty Season 5 trailer for the highly-anticipated return of Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon’s hit adult-animated series. The video provides us a better preview of what crazy and weird adventures we should expect in the new season while also teasing more dangerous missions involving Summer, Beth and Jerry. The sci-fi comedy series is scheduled to make its return on Sunday, June 20. Check out the video in the player below! RELATED:  HBO Max Orders Adu...
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‘Rick and Morty’ Season 5 Trailer: The Whole Family Gets in on the Wild Sci-Fi Action

Rick and Morty is returning for a fifth season on Adult Swim this summer, and a new trailer shows off all the sci-fi adventures that we’ll be going on this time. Though the series has long focused on the titular grandfather and grandson, it looks like there will be a good amount of storylines this season that take the whole family through the galaxy. See for yourself in the new Rick and Morty season 5 trailer below. Rick and Morty Season 5 Trailer In the first trailer released not too lo...
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Comment on the ‘i want chocolate cake’ cake by Beth

Do you think this frosting would work to pipe with a star tip? I want it to taste good, but the birthday girl (a 6 year old) wants a very specific design. Thank you!!
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‘Resident Evil’ Producer Constantin Film Picks Up Post-Apocalyptic Thriller ‘The Walk’

Constantin Film, the production company behind the Resident Evil movies, has found a new sci-fi property to bring to the big screen. Constantin has acquired the rights to The Walk, based on Lee Goldberg’s thriller novel of the same name, which follows a studio executive as he makes a journey on foot through a post-apocalyptic California. Deadline reports that Constantin Film has picked up Lee Goldberg’s script for The Walk, which he adapted from his own best-selling 2004 novel. In The Walk, ...
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April linkfest

Journalist, novelist, and author Kurt Andersen (Spy magazine, Fantasyland, Evil Geniuses) wrote about “how an article about genomic sequencing led to an afternoon playing around with AI branding tools.” The names and logos these tools spat out—Dynester, Aerodynamiq, ModernZeal—led Andersen to muse about how real life is increasingly indistinguishable from science fiction. * Speaking of science fiction, here’s a list of fictional super-metals, from Adamantium to Zortium. * If you’re a fa...
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Amaeth a'r etholiad: Beth ydy barn ffermwyr?

Mae Iola Wyn wedi bod yn asesu'r pryderon a'r gobeithion mewn cymunedau amaethyddol wrth i'r etholiad nesáu.
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Beth mae athrawon am glywed yn etholiad Senedd Cymru?

Y prif bleidiau gwleidyddol yn addo penodi miloedd o staff addysg ychwanegol - ond ai dyna'r ateb?
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Great coverage of the success of "The Mother Teresa of Pot Prisoners"

In years past, I have tended to dislike the uptick in marijuana media coverage around 4/20 because a range of serious issues, and especially serious criminal justice issues, often seemed not to get the serious coverage that they deserved.  But with marijuana reform continuing to pick up momentum, I think the 4/20 media mania is getting a little better.  And I will always be grateful for whatever leads to media coverage of my favorite advocate of criminal justice reform in the marijuana space.  S...
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European Super League: 'Football is meant to be on merit' - fans reaction

Arsenal fan CJ and Man Utd fan Beth speak to BBC Sport's Nesta McGregor about proposals for a European Super League.
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Comment on taco torte by Beth

How do you keep the tortilla layers from being soggy as leftovers?
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TV Bits: ‘Warrior’ Renewed for Season 3, ‘In Treatment’ Season 4 Trailer, ‘The Boys’ Spin-Off Casting, and More

In this edition of TV Bits: HBO’s In Treatment returns with a new cast Warrior, come out to plaaaay Hulu’s Pam & Tommy rolls the “dice” with a couple new cast members Rob Delaney signs on to a new Showtime series Amazon’s The Boys spin-off fills another key role And more! I have not yet seen the Cinemax series Warrior (I know, I’m part of the reason the show was on the bubble), but its fans will be pleased to know that the series has officially been given a greenlight for season 3 and tha...
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Etholiad 2021: Beth ydy barn y pleidiau ar basbortau brechlyn?

Y Ceidwadwyr, Plaid Cymru a'r Democratiaid Rhyddfrydol i gyd ag amheuon ynghylch cynllun o'r fath.
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Michael Cera Boards Amy Schumer Hulu Comedy Life & Beth

Michael Cera boards Amy Schumer Hulu comedy Life & Beth According to The Hollywood Reporter, Michael Cera is making a return to television via the Amy Schumer straight-to-series Hulu comedy Life & Beth. The Arrested Development star will play the series regular role of John, a farmer and chef who is always honest and to the point. RELATED: Amy Schumer Teaming With Chef Husband Chris Fischer on Cooking Show The 10-episode series, formerly titled Love, Beth, was picked up in July 2019 and was ...
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Michael Cera Joins Amy Schumer in Hulu Series ‘Life & Beth’

Michael Cera will star opposite Amy Schumer in the upcoming Hulu comedy series “Life & Beth.” Formerly known as “Love, Beth,” the show received a 10-episode order in July 2019 as part of a first-look deal Schumer signed with Hulu. She will serve as the writer, director, executive producer, and star of the series. In […]
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Beth yw apêl Un Nos Ola Leuad?

Cafodd nofel arloesol Caradog Prichard ei chyhoeddi 60 mlynedd yn ôl
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Cleantech Open Northeast 2021

Over the past year, we’ve seen an increase of people from across the business and political spectrum join the fight against climate change and pledge to support a greener, more sustainable future. Investors are seeking both financial returns and environmental impact and looking for opportunities to partner with ventures that are working to tackle our world’s biggest energy and environmental challenges. Enter Cleantech Open, the world’s largest and oldest cleantech accelerator for cleante...
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Dodgers outfielder Luke Raley’s last-minute call up was a dream come true

LOS ANGELES ― Outfielder Luke Raley spent the 2020 season at the Dodgers’ alternate site, far from the spotlight as the Dodgers marched toward a long-awaited championship. He could only bask in the glory as a championship banner was raised, and World Series rings were distributed, prior to Friday’s home opener against the Washington Nationals. Yet Raley might have been more emotional than any of his 25 teammates as the game drew near. Just before the ring ceremony, Raley was informed he would ta...
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COVID Anger: Brewery Patrons Stiff Server On Tip After Disagreeing With State’s 90-Minute Seating Rule

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Tu ôl i'r llen yn ffatri brechlyn Covid yn Wrecsam

Beth sy'n digwydd yn ffatri Wockhardt sy'n ganolbwynt i'r ymdrech i frechu yn erbyn Covid-19?
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The 3 best baking sheets and cookie sheets we tested in 2021

Table of Contents: Masthead Sticky Baking sheets are multi-purpose items, used for everything from baking cookies to roasting wings. Our top pick is the Nordic WareNaturals Half Sheet, made of uncoated aluminum. It did not warp at high roasting temperatures, and was the easiest to use. Baking sheets are incredibly versatile pieces of cookware; they can be vessels for everything from one-pan meals and cookies to grandma-style pizza and loaded nachos. A quality baking sheet doesn't have hot s...
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Rick and Morty Season 5 Trailer Announces June Premiere Date!

Rick and Morty Season 5 trailer announces June premiere date! Nearly a year after fans last dove back into the sci-fi hijinks of its titular mad scientist and his grandson, Adult Swim has debuted the first official trailer for the highly-anticipated Rick and Morty Season 5 also revealing a June premiere date for the latest group of episodes from its major renewal order in 2018. The trailer for the new season, which sees the Smith family readily taking part in more of Rick’s wild and world-th...
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‘Rick and Morty’ Season 5 Trailer Promises Plenty of Sci-Fi Insanity in June

Adult Swim isn’t letting Hulu and Solar Opposites deliver the only animated series with truly insane sci-fi hilarity this year. Rick and Morty is returning for season 5 this summer, and the first trailer reveals some of the wild new adventures that the dysfunctional duo will be going on this time around. Plus, it looks like the rest of the family will be tagging along with them a lot more. See for yourself in the Rick and Morty season 5 trailer below. Rick and Morty Season 5 Trailer Rick...
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Comment on granola bark by Beth

I would have thought this would end up being very sweet with the amount of sugar in the recipe, but it doesn’t turn out that way. The only changes I made were to use wheat germ instead of flour (as recommended by another reader), I blitzed the flax seed in a coffee grinder to break them up to release their nutrients, and I added some sunflower seeds that needed to be used up. I also ran out of rolled oats, and ended up using half quick cooking oats. It worked fine. I think my oven runs hot and I...
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Family Gaines: Four Sacramento Sisters Expecting To Give Birth Within Months Of Each Other

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From The Sopranos to The Crown: the big lockdown TV quiz

Have you been bingeing on the biggest shows and boxset hits of the past year? As our series on pandemic viewing continues, test your telly chops with forty fiendish questionsThe Undoing, starring Hugh Grant and Nicole Kidman, was based on a novel by Jean Hanff Korelitz. What was its name?Why Didn’t You Know? You Should Have KnownHow Could You Have Known? Does Anyone Know? In Schitt’s Creek, why did Johnny purchase the town? It came with a lifetime supply of ice-cream To create a nature reserve A...
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A Garden-Themed First Birthday

Spring is in the air with this darling, perfectly perfect first birthday party! From the floral design to the adorable cake, the ponies to the pink parasols, every last detail was filled to the brim with charm and Southern style. Thus, it will be no surprise at all that the guest of honor is none other than sweet little Edie, whose mom Beth, is one half of the dream team at Palm Beach Lately! Read on to see how the beloved bloggers throw a magazine-worthy party for their favorite girl! Photos by...
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Beth yw'r broses o drin anaf rygbi difrifol?

Prif ffisiotherapydd Gleision Caerdydd, Gruff Parsons, sy'n rhannu ei brofiadau
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Comment on lime curd tart by Beth

I made these for Pi Day and they were delicious! I used four limes, and more like 1 generous cup of sugar instead of 1.5, and I made a graham cracker crust rather than make pastry. Absolutely lovely! Only minor hitch is that my curd didn’t set up as nicely as yours did, Deb, despite hitting 180 after 12 minutes of gentle heat and having two hours to chill before cutting. Any thoughts on whether longer thickening or longer chilling would better help achieve more cuttable bars?
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What Happens When You Drink More Water Every Day

A gallon is a lot of something. Drink that much milk, and you’ll surely get at least 100,000 YouTube views—or more—if you catalogue the aftermath of your attempt. Drink that much water, as I’ve heard and seen plenty of people attempt to do, and you’ll suddenly be exponentially healthier. At least, that’s how it works,…Read more...
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