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Beschwerden ade durch Masturbation

Schmerzen beeinträchtigen uns im Laufe unseres Lebens auf unterschiedliche Weise. Ganz gleich, ob du mit monatlichen Menstruationsschmerzen zu kämpfen hast, mit dem unvorhersehbaren Kommen und Gehen chronischer Schmerzen leben musst oder unter starker Migräne leidest – Wege zu finden, mit diesen Beschwerden umzugehen, kann sehr schwierig sein. Möglicherweise wurden dir in der Vergangenheit Schmerzmittel verschrieben oder verschiedene Therapieformen empfohlen. Vielleicht wurde dir auch dazu gerat...
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3 ways I use tech to maintain (and deepen) client relationships

Integrate your personality, interests and passions with the latest tools and techniques to stay in touch with clients both personally and on a broadcast basis. It's a winning formula that will help your business grow. Here's how to do it strategically.
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Science of Sex: The G-spot

This month’s Science of Sex is even later than usual, but I hope you don’t mind. I am continuing with the theme of female sexuality and contentious subject. What better topic than the G-spot? Don’t forget to check out the Science of Sex archives if you’re new here! The G Spot: And Other Discoveries about Human Sexuality by Beverly Whipple, Alas Ladas, and John Perry was published four years before I was born, and it’s still one of the most highly rated books about the G-spot. It introduced sexu...
Tags: College, Orgasm, Whipple, Don, John Perry, G-Spot, Science of Sex, Female Pleasure, Grafenberg, Beverly Whipple, Grafenberg Spot, Beverly Whipple Alas Ladas

Science of Sex: The Women of Sexology

Welcome to the seventh installment in a feature on Of Sex and Love: Science of Sex. In this monthly segment, I discuss the science of sexuality in an easy-to-digest format that’s accessible to the casual reader. I will also follow up with some extended reading material for people who want to know more about the subject of each post. I try to update Science of Sex every second Saturday of the month, so check back soon.  This month’s incredibly late Science of Sex post is a departure from previous...
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