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Biden Beats Trump in Head to Head-Poll

A new Fox poll shows Biden beating Trump by 7 points in a head to head matchup. I know, another poll, but worth a quick read.. I've said it several times before, Watch out for Biden. He's a moron (IMO), but he's a good campaigner..
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Fallon gives reasons to support Democratic candidates over Biden in Best of Late Night

Why aren't candidates currently in the race more popular than the former vice president? Perhaps the pollsters aren't asking the right questions.            [Author: USA TODAY Opinion]
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Pete Buttigieg: 2020 Democratic candidate surges to third place in new poll

Presidential candidate behind Joe Biden and Bernie SandersPete Buttigieg for president? Long-shot stands out in crowded field South Bend mayor Pete Buttigieg won the backing of 11% of likely Iowa Democratic caucus voters. Photograph: Richard Shiro/AP Pete Buttigieg has surged to third place in a new poll of Democratic presidential candidates, ahead of Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren and Beto’Rourke. The 37-year-old mayor of South Bend, Indiana, won the backing of 11% of likely Iowa Democratic...
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"Iowa 2020: Biden and Sanders neck and neck in Democratic Field, Mayor Pete jumps to double digits."

It's Emerson’s second poll of the Iowa caucus.... former Vice President Joe Biden narrowly leads the Democratic field with 25%, followed by Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders at 24%. Mayor Pete Buttigieg of South Bend, Indiana has surged to 11%. Senator Kamala Harris of California follows with 10% - the only other candidate to clear double digits in Iowa....Buttigieg was at 0% in the previous Emerson poll, in January.Sanders maintains a lead among 18-29 year olds with 44%, followed by Buttigieg with...
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Biden leads Trump by 7 percentage points in hypothetical 2020 matchup, poll finds

Eighty percent said Mueller's report should be made public and another 52 percent said Trump had tried to interfere in the investigation.            [Author: USA TODAY]
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Biden’s Desperate Gambit

The New York Times, among others, is reporting that Joe Biden and his advisors are trying to come up with ways to address voter concerns about his age if he enters the Democratic presidential primaries: “Mr. Biden and his top advisers are considering nodding to the rising next generation in Democratic politics — and elevating an heir — by announcing a running mate early, well before the nomination is sealed. Also under discussion is a possible pledge to serve only one term and framing Mr. Biden’...
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"Close advisers to former Vice President Joe Biden are debating the idea of packaging his presidential campaign announcement with a pledge to choose Stacey Abrams as his vice president...."

"But the decision poses considerable risk, and some advisers are flatly opposed. Some have pointed out that in a Democratic debate, he could be asked why no one on the stage would be a worthy running mate. Advisers also know that the move would be perceived as a gimmick...."Axios says. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Is Diversity a Root Cause of Dual Loyalty?

Opinion Is Diversity a Root Cause of Dual Loyalty?   USA – -( “We can't be divided by race, religion, by tribe. We're defined by those enduring principles in the Constitution, even though we don't necessarily all know them.” So Joe Biden told the firefighters union recently. But does Joe really believe that? Or does that not sound more like a plea, a wistful hope, rather than a deep conviction? For Biden surely had in mind the debate that exploded in the House Democratic caucu...
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Trump to sign order to protect free speech on college campuses – live news

Advisers to Joe Biden are reportedly debating tapping Stacey Abrams as a vice presidential pick when Biden announces his 2020 campaignSign up for the US briefing to get a fresh perspective 1.14pm GMT In a statement, Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont announced that his presidential campaign will offset all carbon emissions it produces. The effort comes as Democratic presidential candidates increasingly try to sell themselves as environmentally friendly.In an effort to balance out the carbon e...
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Joe Biden Weighing Unique Steps to Reassure Voters Concerned About His Age

The former vice president is considering naming a running mate earlier in the primary than is customary, and the possibility of serving only one term.
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Biden Weighing Unique Steps to Reassure Voters Concerned About His Age

The former vice president is considering naming a running mate earlier in the primary than is customary, and the possibility of serving only one term.
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Best of Late Night: Trevor Noah Pillories Trump for ‘Beefing With a Dead Man’

The “Daily Show” host mocked the president for feuding with the late John McCain (“and losing,” he added).
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I hope Joe Biden runs for president. After Donald Trump, we need a compassionate leader.

Biden is the greatest threat and contrast to Trump. He doesn't have to pretend to show empathy. He doesn’t need a note card prompting him to care.            [Author: Opinion columnist]
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Trump renews attack on McCain at Ohio tank plant visit: 'I never liked him much' – live

The president returned to his criticism of John McCain Wednesday, while visiting Lima, Ohio. Follow the latest newsSign up for the US briefing to get a fresh perspective 8.19pm GMT A lawyer for Rick Gates, the former top aide to Paul Manafort, told the House Judiciary Committee that Gates will not cooperate for now.Politico reports that Gates is not doing so on the advice of prosecutors. Gates has pleaded guilty in federal court and has been cooperating with special counsel Robert Mueller.“H...
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‘Florida Is Tired of Being a Cheap Date’: Andrew Gillum Wants to Help Democrats Win in 2020

In an interview, the former mayor and rising Democratic star confirms he’s not running for president, and outlines his plans to mobilize Florida voters for the election.
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2020 election: Kamala Harris and Beto O’Rourke jump in new poll, but Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders tie as frontrunners

A new poll has revealed early gains for Kamala Harris and Beto O’Rourke in the growing field of 2020 Democratic presidential candidates — but they’re still far from being the frontrunners at this stage in the game. Joe Biden, the former vice president who has yet to formally announce his candidacy, has been leading the pack in a slate of polls putting him ahead of his lesser known potential opponents. Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is now tied with Mr Biden at 26 per cent of total support from...
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Biden building 2020 White House campaign ahead of expected bid: sources

Biden has told supporters and former staff that he will run, according to one source who has knowledge of discussions. Biden and his aides also have reached out to donors and potential bundlers - people who volunteer to raise money on behalf of the candidate - to assess support, according to another source. A third source with direct knowledge of Biden's plans offered a caveat, saying the former vice president was very close to running, but "it’s not 100 percent." “We’re leaning into that mom...
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Joe Biden 2020: world leaders reportedly encourage election run – live

European leaders reportedly tell Biden ‘the world needs you’ as Trump heads to Ohio. Follow the latest politics newsSign up for the US briefing to get a fresh perspective 5.06pm GMT Mitch McConnell just tweeted a tribute to John McCain. It makes no mention of Donald Trump who has recently been criticizing the late Arizona senator.Today and every day I miss my good friend John McCain. It was a blessing to serve alongside a rare patriot and genuine American hero in the Senate. His memory conti...
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Elizabeth Warren Is A Policy Heavyweight. The Media Is More Interested In Rockstars.

Welcome to Hindsight 2020, Refinery29's weekly column reflecting on the women running for president and the lessons learned (or not!) from 2016.Sen. Elizabeth Warren's policy positions are rooted in her clear-eyed understanding of how capitalism in its current form benefits some, but not all Americans. During her appearance at a CNN town hall Monday, her first major introduction to the national stage this election cycle, the Massachusetts senator embraced this ethos by speaking about her family...
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World Leaders Urge Biden To Run, Craving A Prez With Respect For Foreign Affairs

While former Vice President Joe Biden may still be conflicted about running for President, world leaders at the Munich Security Conference in February had fewer qualms. According to a Wednesday Politico report, several European leaders privately urged Biden to run, craving an American President with respect for traditional alliances and an understanding of foreign affairs. Amid the current field, Biden’s foreign affairs experience stands out. He has unrivaled relationships with world leaders,...
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Uncle Joe Biden Meets Hollywood McCarthyism — and Folds

Opinion He is humble, gracious and respectful to a fault, and his kindness probably inflames his intolerant enemies all the more because it exposes their contrasting gracelessness, intolerance and mean-spiritedness. USA – -( I don't know which is worse, the intolerant left's condemnation of former Vice President Joe Biden for saying Vice President Mike Pence is a “decent guy,” or Biden's shameless groveling and apology. Biden committed his unforgivable infraction during a spee...
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Moderate Democrats see a path for Biden

Before Joe Cunningham won his race to represent the South Carolina Lowcountry, a coastal House district not held by a Democrat in nearly 40 years, former Vice President Joe Biden endorsed him, campaigned for him -- and picked up his tab for fried chicken and a jalapeño-flecked waffle at Page's Okra Grill in Mount Pleasant.
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Biden Has Started Telling Supporters He Plans to Run for President, Source Says

Former Vice President Joe Biden has told some supporters that he’s making plans to jump into the race, joining a diverse field of candidates vying to challenge President Donald Trump, a person familiar with the conversations said. Biden, 76, has led in early polls of primary voters, and could capture significant support from major Democratic donors, many of whom have held off from backing other candidates while awaiting his decision. A spokesman for Biden, Bill Russo, declined to comment.
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Bernie Sanders Hires Fierce Biden, Beto, Harris Critic As Top Adviser

Bernie Sanders has brought an old ally back into the fold — one who has a long-running history of painting a number of Sanders’ top 2020 foes as being corporatist traitors. Sanders’ campaign announced Tuesday that he’s hired journalist David Sirota as a senior communications adviser and speechwriter. Sirota began his career in populist-liberal politics, working as Sanders’ press secretary back when he was a House member before working for a number of Democratic candidates and elected officials...
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Biden Preps For Early Choice Of Running Mate To Keep Focus On Beating Trump

Former Vice President Joe Biden is aware of his weaknesses as a candidate, and plans to choose his running mate early, if he does decide to run in April, to keep the focus on defeating President Donald Trump. According to a Monday CNN report, he also plans to roll out big-name endorsements early and to run on the legacy of the Obama administration. Biden met with former gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams recently, but the vice presidency was reportedly not formally discussed. [Author: Kate...
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The Bernie-Beto-Biden triad has 70% of the Democratic primary vote.

According to . It's Biden 35, Sanders 27, O'Rourke 8. Biden, the one who's not yet declared, is up 4 points since last week. Beto is up 1. Kamala Harris is down 2, to 8%.Why is the triad doing so well? Why hasn't Harris gotten traction? [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Trump news: President rails at Joe Biden as 2020 announcement looms, after New Zealand terror complaint and angry attack on John McCain

Donald Trump has targeted Joe Biden after the former vice president made a verbal slip about a potential 2020 presidential bid. At a dinner over the weekend, Mr Biden said he had “the most progressive record of anybody running.” But Mr Biden hasn’t announced whether he will launch a third run for the White House.
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Trump adds Biden to his 'low IQ' list

The former vice president joins a long list of people Trump has deemed “low IQ,” including Maxine Waters, Robert De Niro, Mika Brzezinski, Jennifer Rubin, Sadiq Khan and Rex Tillerson.
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Trump Goes After Biden For Getting ‘Tongue Tied’ Over Possible 2020 Run

President Donald Trump weighed in on former Vice President Joe Biden’s boast that he has “the most progressive record of anybody running” at a speech Saturday, despite having yet to announce whether he will launch a third run for the White House. Joe Biden got tongue tied over the weekend when he was unable to properly deliver a very simple line about his decision to run for President. Get used to it, another low I.Q. individual! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) March 18, 2019 [Author:...
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