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Big Hairy Audacious Goal for Legal Blogs and LexBlog

Ask anyone who talks to me, and you’ll hear that I am anxious to establish a big hairy audacious goal for LexBlog. LexBlog started with the goal of bringing blogs to the law as a way for lawyers to development business in a manner superior to advertising, websites and SEO. We’d charged $200 a month for a professional turnkey blog solution as a business model. Most everyone thought us nuts. Lawyers would never use blogs. Plus, blog publishing platforms were free. We followed it up w...
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The Low Carbon Coast

Recently, the eyes of the world have turned to Olympia, where a battle is underway between the past and the future that ought to settle the future of clean fuels on the US West Coast and in the state of Washington in particular. You see, Washington state has passed a low carbon fuel standard that would have it join itself to the standards already enacted in California, Oregon and British Columbia and under development now for the whole of Canada. The establishment of a clear and steady signal o...
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