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Today in History for January 19th

Highlights of Today in History: Robert E. Lee born; Indira Gandhi elected prime minister of India;President Bill Clinton admits making false statements under oath;Singer Janis Joplin born; Dolly Parton is born.            [Author: AP]
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You Asked, We Answered: Here's How Nancy Pelosi Could Become President

Impeachment talks grew louder on Thursday night after BuzzFeed News reported that President Donald J. Trump instructed his former personal attorney Michael Cohen to lie to Congress about his involvement in a project to build a Trump Tower in Moscow and the timeline of the negotiations with Russia.Naturally, the possibility of impeaching Trump and kicking him out of office sent #TheResistance into a frenzy. (Trump's attorneys denied all these allegations, by the way.) The natural progression for...
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What To Expect The Public Will See From The Mueller Report

Many details about the so-called Mueller report remain speculative: when it will be delivered, what form it will take, what level of detail it will contain. But this week, attorney general nominee Bill Barr provided a better sense of just how much of the special counsel’s report the public will see in the likely event that he is confirmed by the GOP-controlled Senate. The short answer: not much. Former federal prosecutors and Justice Department officials told TPM that Barr’s Tuesday testimony...
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How popular is Donald Trump? Latest polls, approval ratings and impeachment odds

The US Government shutdown - now the longest in history - is causing Donald Trump's presidential approval ratings to slide to their lowest level since April last year, according to the Telegraph's poll tracker. The tracker, which takes an average of the last eight polls, put Mr Trump's approval rating at 41 per cent, while 56 per cent disapprove of the way the President is doing his job. Despite the recent slide, the President's approval ratings have remained relatively stable du...
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Congress Will Skip Planned Recess If Shutdown Continues

WASHINGTON (AP) — Staring down the next deadline to pay federal workers, the White House shifted tactics, trying to bypass House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to negotiate with rank-and-file lawmakers even as President Donald Trump dug in for a prolonged shutdown. The House and Senate announced Tuesday they would stay in session, canceling an upcoming recess week at home if the shutdown continued, which seemed likely. On the shutdown’s 25th day Tuesday, Trump did not move off his demand to have Congre...
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Why Strategy & Tactics Matter in Defending the Second Amendment

Lyndon Baines Johnson signing the Gun Control Act of 1968 into law – but he wanted it to include a licensing and registration scheme. (White House photo) United States of America – -( Okay, folks, now we get to the next step after we have determined just what our present situation is. Our objective is simple: Securing our Second Amendment rights and a legacy of freedom for future generations. There is just one problem: Michael Bloomberg isn’t going to give up his dreams of disar...
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Jeff Bezos, Donald Trump and crony capitalism

Donald Trump’s Tweet dubbing Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s billionaire founder, “Jeff Bozo” reveals more than the locker room MO of our president. Our country’s roots are in England, where people of importance are knighted. In America, we now have our own version of knighthood: a nickname from Donald Trump. Amazon is this little hidden gem you may not have heard of where you can buy things.  It’s just like eBay except the Amazon stuff doesn’t show up at your house smelling like cigarette smoke and moth b...
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EPA Hits 30-Year Low In Taking Criminal Action Against Polluters

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Environmental Protection Agency hit a 30-year low in 2018 in the number of pollution cases it referred for criminal prosecution, Justice Department data show. EPA said in a statement that it is directing “its resources to the most significant and impactful cases.” But the 166 cases referred for prosecution in the last fiscal year is the lowest number since 1988, when Ronald Reagan was president and 151 cases were referred, according to Justice Department data obtained by ...
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Top 'Most Diverse' House Freshmen...

While the new Democrat majority offers many members of note, we wanted to highlight a few “firsts” who are examples of the “diversity” that was sworn in last week. Here are the Top 'Most Diverse' House Freshmen... #1. Ilhan Omar: the first person who married her brother - in order to commit immigration fraud - ever to be elected to Congress. Omar is also the first open supporter of female genital mutilation to ever be elected to Congress. Amazing diversity! #2. Rashida Tlaib: One of the fir...
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Trump Signals Support For Renewed Assault Weapons Ban

UPDATE: My oldest son points out that this is from a year ago.  I asked him if that is important?  He says, “The Art of War” is necessary for understanding Trump.  It’s difficult to understand whether he’s serious or simply tactically owning or feigning positions.  My response: Then why the red flag laws and bump stock ban? Via Uncle, this isn’t the Onion.  It’s real. President Donald Trump raised the issue, unprompted, during a roughly hour-long televised meeting with Feinstein and other member...
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Trump Mindful Of Optics As He Decides Which Trips To Take During Shutdown

WASHINGTON (AP) — Vacation jaunts and hobnobbing with global elites at a Swiss ski resort are out for President Donald Trump. Visits with troops and farmers are OK. Like some of his recent predecessors, Trump is carefully picking and choosing where he’ll travel during the partial government shutdown. He visited with U.S. troops stationed at a military base in western Iraq the day after Christmas and flew to the U.S.-Mexico border in southern Texas last week to try to buttress his argument for...
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The shutdown today: Government closure is now longest ever

By The Associated Press Here’s what’s up with the partial government shutdown on Day 22. WHAT’S NEW TODAY The shutdown officially is the longest in U.S. history, eclipsing a 21-day closure that ended Jan. 6, 1996, during President Bill Clinton’s administration. The House and Senate adjourned for the weekend, with lawmakers scattering to their states and districts before snow blankets the nation’s capital. With no negotiations expected during the weekend, the shutdown will enter its fourth week n...
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Trump claims he has been ‘tougher than any other president’ on Russia in angry response to FBI investigation report

President Donald Trump lashed out at James Comey and the FBI on Saturday, after The New York Times reported that the intelligence agency launched an investigation into whether he was working for the Russian government. In a series of tweets, Mr Trump claimed he has been “far tougher on Russia” than previous presidents Barack Obama, George W Bush and Bill Clinton, and suggested he had taken a tougher stance than any other president.
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Bill Allowing Post-Shutdown Federal Employee Back Pay Heads To Trump

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump is edging closer to declaring a national emergency to pay for his long-promised U.S.-Mexico border wall as pressure mounts to end the three-week impasse that has closed parts of the government and deprived hundreds of thousands of workers of their salaries. Some 800,000 federal employees, more than half still on the job, were due to miss their first paycheck Friday under a stoppage that neared a record for the longest government shutdown. With the closu...
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Book review: “Ruth Bader Ginsburg”: The evolution of a justice

One might think that the market for treatments of the life and legacy of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg would be saturated by now. The past three years alone have seen the release of a carefully curated collection of the justice’s writings, “My Own Words,” a surprise hit documentary about her life and career, “RBG,” and a recent feature film, “On the Basis of Sex,” which focuses on the first sex-discrimination case Ginsburg argued in federal court. Now comes “Ruth Bader Ginsburg: A Life,” by Jane...
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'None of this is fair to you': the five worst US government shutdowns

The current halt could soon become the longest that has left workers out of pocket, beating Bill Clinton’s battle with Newt GingrichThe US government is about to conclude its third week of a partial shutdown, with 800,000 federal employees sent home or working without pay.Government shutdowns occur when Congress refuses to pass, or the president refuses to sign, a spending bill, cutting off funding to federal departments, like the FBI and parks services. Continue reading...
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This is now the second-longest government shutdown ever. On Saturday, it becomes No. 1

The longest shutdown ever lasted from Dec. 5, 1995, to Jan. 6, 1996, when House Speaker Newt Gingrich and President Bill Clinton faced off over taxes.
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Has marijuana legalization created disaster?

Ten states and Washington, D.C., have now legalized adult use of marijuana. Supporters of America’s long war on drugs said legalization would create disaster. Has it? No. Colorado and Washington offer the longest points of comparison because weed has been legal in those states now for five years. More people in Colorado tried marijuana after legalization, but that’s not a surprise. Colorado’s crime rate did rise a bit. But many things influence crime rates. Washington state’s violent crime rate ...
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Donald Trump's sweet treats fail to convince Democrats as wall meeting ends in acrimony

Donald Trump was on Thursday heading to the border with Mexico to step up pressure on funding for the wall after his latest efforts to end the government shutdown ended in further acrimony. Mr Trump handed out sweets to leading Democrats as he sought their support for the wall in a meeting in the White House on Wednesday night, but the president allegedly flew into a "tantrum", slamming the table and walking out when opposition leaders refused his demands. Mr Trump tweeted shortly after that the...
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UPDATED: Wild Men & Wild Women: The Rankings (2019 Edition)

Wild Men. Wild Women. Wild Men and Wild Women are people who listen only to the little voice in their head. They get things done. They build things. Uncertainty and turbulence--in the economy, stock markets, governments, the weather, bad odds, you name it--only get their juices flowing. True, they often have dark and self-destructive sides—but we seem to like giving them a pass. They come with evey political and cultural stripe. They don’t care what you think. Ever. 1. Christopher Col...
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Ginsburg misses Supreme Court arguments for 1st time as she recuperates from cancer surgery

By MARK SHERMAN WASHINGTON  —  Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is missing arguments for the first time in more than 25 years as she recuperates from cancer surgery last month, the Supreme Court said. Ginsburg was not on the bench as the court met Monday to hear arguments. It was not clear when she would return to the court, which will hear more cases on Tuesday and Wednesday, and again next week. Court spokeswoman Kathy Arberg said the 85-year-old justice is continuing to recuperate and work from ho...
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Former Defense Secretary Harold Brown Dies At 91

WASHINGTON (AP) — Harold Brown, who as defense secretary in the Carter administration championed cutting-edge fighting technology during a tenure that included the failed rescue of hostages in Iran, has died at age 91. Brown died Friday, said the Rand Corp., the California-based think tank which Brown served as a trustee for more than 35 years. His sister, Leila Brennet, said he died at his home in Rancho Santa Fe, California. Brown was a nuclear physicist who led the Pentagon to modernize it...
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‘I Have No Idea’: Mulvaney Juggles Trump’s Wild Border Wall Claims

Acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney on Sunday tried to put a positive spin on President Donald Trump’s demand for $5 billion for a border wall, which Democrats have rejected and which has resulted in a 16-day (and counting) partial government shutdown. Trump repeatedly said — at least, before the shutdown began — that he would enthusiastically take credit for a shutdown resulting from his border wall demands. On Sunday, speaking to CNN’s Jake Tapper, Mulvaney took a different stan...
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Romney is right to be appalled by Trump's character. All of us should be.

Republicans led by Bill Bennett attacked Bill Clinton in 1998 for deceit and contempt for the law. Why are they outraged now at Romney instead of Trump?            [Author: Opinion contributor]
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Bipartisanship is a ‘wrongheaded’ goal

Bipartisanship appears to be the word of the day. It was in the headline “Pelosi back as speaker, pledges bipartisanship”  and in a letter urging politicians to come together to find common ground. This is wrongheaded. The Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, Bill Clinton’s crime and welfare- reform bills, the PATRIOT Act and the 2002 Iraq […]
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RIAA Names Mitch Glazier Chairman, CEO and Michele Ballantyne COO

Mitch Glazier has officially taken the helm as the chairman and CEO of the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) and Michele Ballantyne has been promoted to Chief Operating Officer of the music industry trade group.   Mitch Glazier & Michele Ballantyne. Courtesy of: RIAA Originally announced in April of 2017, Mitch Glazier succeeds Cary Sherman, who retired earlier this year after more than two decades with the organization. Glazier joined RIAA in 2000. Prior to tha...
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Eric Garcetti for president? He’d be a long shot — with reasons for hope

He’s a nice guy, a polished campaigner. He’s the mayor of one of the nation’s biggest cities. He’s also from the nation’s biggest state, a state that’s about to play a larger-than-usual role in his party’s presidential nomination process. If Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti enters the Democratic race for president in 2020 – and he’s expected to announce a decision soon — all those factors could help him, or just as easily harm him. That’s the consensus view of 10 political professionals and polit...
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What is impeachment and how long does the process take?

Impeachment is a rarely used tool used to oust a sitting US president from power, and since Donald Trump became president chatter around the "I" word has increased in Washington circles. It first arose following accusations last year that Mr Trump has obstructed justice, but speculation began growing after the Democrats took control of the House of Representatives in November in the midterm elections.  Nancy Pelosi declined to rule out impeaching Mr Trump as she was sworn in as speaker for the U...
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Trump, the Democrats, the Shutdown and the Wall

There are issues that divide Republicans and Democrats that sometimes benefit the GOP and at another time the Democrats.  Universal healthcare and abortion are issues like this. And so might be the issue of the border wall.  If so, the Democrats should be very careful. What follows is a comment on politics, not policy. Here’s how salience works.  In 1992, the Democrats won elections on a promise of national health insurance. In 1994, the Republicans won partly by running against the actual De...
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After swearing in, LA-area Rep. Brad Sherman tries again to impeach President Trump

That didn’t take long: On day 1 of the new Congress, San Fernando Valley Rep. Brad Sherman joined a Texas colleague Thursday to introduce articles of impeachment against President Trump. It’s actually a re-introduction of the articles that Sherman, D-Sherman Oaks, and Rep. Al Green, D-Texas, first submitted July 12, 2017, charging that Trump committed high crimes and misdemeanors by trying to halt the investigation into his campaign’s alleged collusion with Russian officials. The difference is t...
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