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Bill Nye Snapped Because We’re All Letting The Planet Die

We all need to grow the f*ck up If you were a kid in the 90’s through the early 00’s, one of your fondest memories from grade school is probably those days when your teacher would wheel in the giant TV that was strapped to a clunky black metal cart and pop a Billy Nye the Science Guy video into the VCR. Bill Nye was always the absolute MASTER of explaining literally any and every scientific concept in ways that were easy to understand and absorb, and also incredibly entertaining — for kids...
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Director Edgar Wright Breaks Down His ‘Colors’ Music Video and How It Got Made [Interview]

Edgar Wright made his most colorful piece of spectacle yet with the music video for Beck’s “Colors.” The Baby Driver and Hot Fuzz director crafted a music video jammed full of joy and it has been steadily making people happy (and dazzling their senses) since it debuted last year. The director’s propulsive style goes perfectly hand-in-hand with the total blast of a pop song. The filmmaker previously directed music videos for Pharrell Williams, Mint Royale, and around a dozen other bands. With hi...
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5 Possible Temp Jobs For Tomi Lahren

You know what they say: “All close-minded things must come to an end.” Or, wait, is it, “Don’t cry because it’s over, be a more tolerant country because it happened.” Hmm either way, Conservative political commentator and walking white privilege advertisement, Tomi Lahren, has been temporarily suspended from The Blaze. Hot damn. Why? It can be traced to her recent appearance on The View, where she shared pro-choice comments (good) regarding abortion. “I am a constitutional, you know, someone th...
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Bill Nye's Netflix Series Finally Has A Trailer, Check It Out

Bill Nye is heading back to TV for a new series with Netflix called Bill Nye Saves The World. We first heard about the new show over the summer, when Netflix made the announcement, but we finally have a good look at what the Billy Nye Saves The World will be like.
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Should you wear anti-aging lingerie? Episode 112

Please support the Beauty Brains by signing up for a free audio book at Click here to get your free audio book. Do supplements improve skin? Link I saw this story published on the cosmetic surgery times website asking the question whether nutricosmetics is real science or scientific rhetoric. Or as we called it a few shows back “sciencesplotation”. First a definition of nutricosmetics. These are supplements that supposedly can help support skin, hair and nail health. It is a grou...
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