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Managing Guest Relations and Upholding Corporate Digital Responsibility In The Hospitality Industry | By Binu Mathews

Technology is evolving at a record pace, and these emerging digital technologies are now reshaping traditional business practices. As digital technologies and related data become increasingly prevalent, it is natural that ethical concerns regarding the usage of these technologies arise, especially in situations where the ordinary citizen's private information is involved. The hospitality industry, in particular, engages in data capturing and data storing on a mass scale. Moreover, digita...
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Visioning PMS in the post-COVID World | By Binu Mathews

At the outset, it is important to understand that a pandemic like COVID has changed life in its entirety. Behaviors, priorities, and expectations have changed. Many businesses, verticals or solutions that existed/exist today will need to undergo transformations. As in most industries, the hospitality and travel industries also need to adapt to the new normal. Spring back to the old normal cannot be expected. Recovery will be a slow and gradual process. Expectations and priorities will be ...
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Guest Experience is the New Loyalty: How Hoteliers Can Take Advantage of Technology to Elevate Guest Experience | By Binu Mathews

For hoteliers, guest loyalty has become an increasingly elusive concept. A decade ago, brands would have focused on instilling loyalty through things like rewards programs or points. Now, it is more about creating an inspiring, fun, and authentic experience across the entire guest journey.
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Smartphones and Their Effect on Guest Behavior | By Binu Mathews

Smartphones are everywhere. Walk into any coffee shop, restaurant, or hotel lobby, and a high percentage of people engaged with their smartphone will be directly affected by the application they are reviewing. As consumers, we now look to our smartphones to converse with friends, purchase items online, look at a myriad of pictures, and yes, sometimes, to talk to another person.
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What to Expect from HITEC Dubai 2019 | By Binu Mathews

Within an industry as competitive as hospitality, keeping up with, or rather, remaining ahead of trends will ultimately decide a brand's success. Those who fail to adapt and invest in those ideas and technologies which continue to move the needle and enhance the guest experience are sure to be left behind as our industry gears up for an exciting 2020. It is with this very mindset that we welcome the annual onset of The Hospitality Industry Technology Exposition and Conference (HITEC®), ...
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Mobile Devices and Their True Impact on the Hotel Industry | By Binu Mathews

The next time you leave your home, take a look around you. As you scan your surroundings, I want you to look for a common theme; what do most passerby's have in common? Today, we exist within a revolution. The mobile revolution, to be precise. That common theme I just asked you about? It is almost definitively, the use of mobile technology. Wherever we go, and whoever we are with, the use of a mobile device is a near-unrivaled commonality. This year, mobile phone user penetration worldw...
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Four ways to address hotel technology initiatives in emerging markets | By Binu Mathews

Emerging markets should be a top priority when looking to expand your hotel technology business, writes Binu Matthews, CEO of IDS NEXT. But successfully doing so means paying close attention to challenges unique to these economies.
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Hotel Technology Implementations and Self-Educating Solutions | By Binu Mathews

The hotel industry has always tried to embrace change, whether it be technological, environmental or operational. However, the implementation of a new property management system or any new product into a hotel's operational ecosystem can be an incredibly painful experience. It can be time-consuming, distracting and hotels can lose employees during the switch from one system to another as the processes may change because many people tend to dislike change.
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HITEC Dubai 2018 Highlights: FX1 launch, humanoid robots, AI, VR, and more | By Binu Mathews

The 2nd annual HITEC Dubai, now the world's largest hospitality technology exposition and conference brand, recently came to a close on December 6th. This year's showcase garnered a great deal of anticipation from hospitality leaders, as the Middle East is fast becoming a favorite tourist destination to MICE and shopping travelers given its investment in airports and infrastructure and interest in hosting large-scale events. Dubai is expected to have 155,000 new rooms by 2020, with a fu...
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Hotel Technology Implementation and Support Challenges in Emerging Markets | By Binu Mathews

We are approaching the end of 2018, and it's interesting to see that Emerging markets are a favoured investment choice. With credit to economic growth this year, hotel technology companies are eager to invest in these markets. To have a positive ROI of any technology investment, hotels need to partner with companies that are invested in implementation and support services — not just software.
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What You Don’t Want to Miss at HITEC Dubai 2018 | By Binu Mathews

HITEC Dubai is just around the corner and it comes as no surprise that we have another great conference ahead of us. To start with, it's taking place in Dubai, better known as one of the most vibrant and awe-inspiring cities in the world and the designated tech hub of the Middle East. With HITEC representing a now global presence in the Americas, Europe and the Middle East, hoteliers and guests alike can look forward to the discussion and celebration of hotel technology and the impact it ...
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Horizontal Hotel Technology vs. Best of Breed in Emerging Markets - What is the Best Approach? | By Binu Mathews

The hotel Industry is constantly evolving. This evolution is being driven by the never-ending changes in consumer demand. A hotelier needs to accommodate today's pace of change and create a memorable guest experience. Thus, it becomes essential to support hotel operations with the introduction of technology advancements and innovation so as to keep up with the guest's preferences and choices.
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Emerging Markets and Hotel Technology – What does the Future Hold? | By Binu Mathews

Industry experts agree that emerging markets are the future of growth in hotel technology. This means that having the capability to deliver innovative solutions along with servicing clients based in Africa, the Middle East and India should be top of mind for companies that want to be truly global.
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