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NHS England, Biogen reach deal on pricey drug for deadly disorder

NHS England said it reached a "managed access agreement" with Biogen under which it will fund treatment for a limited time and collect data on the drug's effectiveness. NHS England did not disclose the price it will pay for the drug. The rejection came despite a lower British price tag of 450,000 pounds ($573,000) for the first year and Biogen offering an undisclosed discount to the National Health Service.
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ElevateBio Gets $150M to Grow a Crop of Gene & Cell Therapy Startups

When a biotech startup is ready to test an experimental therapy it faces a pricey choice: Should it make its drug in-house, or hire a contract manufacturer? The decision is particularly expensive for companies developing complex gene and cell therapies, which need to make large batches of engineered viruses to test their work.A new Cambridge, MA, company called ElevateBio aims to offer an alternative path.ElevateBio is building a facility that is intended to manufacture experimental gene and ce...
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Bio Roundup: Head and Spine Previews, Biogen Moves, IPO Dreams & More

America continues to suffer from healthcare headaches. Our convoluted private-public insurance system was under scrutiny this week from Democrats, holding a “Medicare for All” hearing in the House, and from Republicans, as several GOP-led states and the Trump administration asked a federal court to sweep away Obamacare.Several companies also want to reduce headaches. This week Xconomy previewed a flood of neurology data, much of it dedicated to migraine treatments—an increasingly crowded field....
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Meet the Xconomy Awards San Diego Digital Trailblazer Finalists

San Diego’s prowess in computer science, medical devices, and life sciences makes it a natural hub of innovative digital health companies. The finalists in the Digital Trailblazer category of the Xconomy Awards San Diego highlight the wide variety of healthtech ideas emanating from local startups and big companies alike, ranging from virtual coaches for physical therapy patients, to experimental software designed to address Alzheimer’s symptoms.Here are brief profiles of the finalists.This is p...
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Exosomes Head to Wall Street As Codiak Biosciences Lines Up IPO

Do Wall Street investors believe that exosomes, the tiny bubbles once thought to be just cellular garbage bins, may be the key to treating a slew of potential diseases? The coming IPO for Codiak Biosciences will present a test case.Codiak, a Cambridge, MA, company run by former Biogen (NASDAQ: BIIB) research chief Doug Williams, outlined plans late Monday for an IPO. The proceeds would back Codiak’s plan to use exosomes as tools to deliver drugs into the body. Codiak has yet to test the approac...
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Bio Roundup: Biogen’s Strategy, Drug Price Convo, NASH News & More

The road to every new drug approval is littered with the remains of earlier failures. Biopharmaceutical companies don’t like to talk about the failures. But it’s earnings season now, so some of them don’t have much choice.Biogen’s (NASDAQ: BIIB) earnings call this week was the first since and eviscerated the company’s shares. CEO Michel Vounatsos acknowledged the drug didn’t work. But he also pointed to moves the company has made to shore up its multiple sclerosis franchise and add drug candid...
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Brainstorm Health: Biogen Earnings, Thought to Speech Device, ADHD Device

Brainstorm Health: Biogen Earnings, Thought to Speech Device, ADHD Device
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Biogen dips as strategy post Alzheimer's setback fails to impress

As the company's lead products Tecfidera and Spinraza face near term challenges, analysts have called for "aggressive" business development measures to fill the void left by the discontinuation of aducanumab. Biogen, during its post-earnings call, highlighted its pipeline opportunities and signaled that it was in a position to pursue M&A deals and late-stage opportunities. "The plan A was always to prepare Biogen for growth even without aducanumab," Chief Executive Officer Michel Vounatsos sai...
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Biogen dips as strategy post Alzheimer's setback fails to impress

Biogen Inc on Wednesday beat Wall Street estimates for quarterly profit, but failed to ease investor concerns about long-term growth after it recently shelved the development of an Alzheimer's drug that was expected to be its next blockbuster, sending its shares down 2 percent.
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Biogen first-quarter profit rises 20 percent on Spinraza strength

(Reuters) - Drugmaker Biogen Inc reported a 20 percent rise in first-quarter profit on Wednesday, driven by higher sales of its muscle disease treatment Spinraza.
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Biogen beats first-quarter profit estimates on Spinraza strength

(Reuters) - Drugmaker Biogen Inc beat analysts' estimates for first-quarter profit on Wednesday, boosted by higher sales of its growth driver Spinraza, even as its top-selling multiple sclerosis drug faces intensifying competition.
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10 Big Companies Setting Great Environmental Examples

By Aaron Viles Last year, world leaders met in Paris to hash out a global climate deal to curb greenhouse gases and prepare countries and communities from the unavoidable impacts of climate change, made so by decades-long feet-dragging and unwillingness to act. While these public solutions are critical to fighting climate change, equally important are the voluntary steps taken by the private sector that have a direct positive effect and show by example that environmental protection and business ...
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Another Week, Another Gene Therapy Buyout: Catalent Pays $1.2B for Paragon

The gene therapy boom continued this morning with yet another acquisition.Contract drug manufacturer Catalent (NYSE: CTLT), of Somerset, NJ, has agreed to buy Paragon Bioservices for $1.2 billion, grabbing hold of a privately held developer of the viral “vectors” that gene therapy companies use to deliver their treatments.In a gene therapy procedure, these vectors—engineered viruses—are filled with genetic blueprints and infused into a patient’s body. Those viruses then deliver their instructio...
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Better Buy: Gilead Sciences vs. Biogen

Which stock wins in a battle of two big biotechs?
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AskBio Reels In $235M to Advance Gene Therapy Clinical Trials

Asklepios BioPharmaceutical (AskBio) has raised $235 million in financing to support its research and development of gene therapies for rare, genetic disorders.The funding came from TPG Capital and Vida Ventures, which together invested $225 million and gained a minority stake in the Research Triangle Park, NC, company. Concurrent with that investment, AskBio’s founders and board members invested $10 million. The AskBio funding is the latest in a flurry of gene therapy investments that have swe...
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An AI Firm Wants to Predict Costly Pharma Flops

A German artificial-intelligence firm had come to a different conclusion. Innoplexus AG, a closely held company based in the outskirts of Frankfurt, uses an algorithm to analyze pharma companies’ drug pipelines that it says takes more data and context into account than any other tool. Its assessment of Biogen’s aducanumab gave about a 70 percent to 90 percent chance that the trial would miss its goal.
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Bio Roundup: Gottlieb’s Goodbye, AACR Recap, Migraine Drug Fight & More

Scott Gottlieb’s last day as FDA commissioner is today. His resignation announcement last month surprised some, given the earlier denials about leaving. But after two years of commuting between Connecticut, where his family remained, and the FDA’s Maryland headquarters, he decided to step down from the agency.What will Gottlieb’s legacy be? His efforts to curb teen vaping comes to mind. Or maybe it’s regulation. While Gottlieb remained mindful of the FDA’s oversight role, he also tried to strea...
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1 Biotech That Biogen Should Buy ... but Probably Won't

The drugmaker has $4.9 billion in the bank.
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Biogen SMA drug price, Novartis estimates for its treatment far too high - U.S. group

Assessments by the nonprofit Institute for Clinical and Economic Review (ICER) have become increasingly influential in U.S. drug pricing and are taken into consideration by health insurers and pharmacy benefit managers making decisions about payments and patient access to treatments. Boston-based ICER has been looking at Biogen's Spinraza and Novartis' Zolgensma since last year. In its final report that largely mirrors a draft issued in February, ICER urged the drugmakers to balance innovation...
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Dyne Therapeutics Emerges With $50M to Take On Rare Muscle Disease

One problem with drugs for muscular disorders is that not enough medicine reaches the muscle, says Romesh Subramanian, CEO of Dyne Therapeutics. Subramanian’s startup has developed a way to deliver drugs to all muscle types, and it is emerging from stealth with $50 million in funding to advance its compounds toward human testing.Dyne was founded last year by Atlas Venture, which seeded and incubated the Cambridge, MA-based biotech. Atlas also invested in Dyne’s Series A funding announced Wednes...
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Bill Gates says there could be a way to predict Alzheimer’s using a voice app that listens for 'warning signs'

Scientists have yet to find a cure for Alzheimer's, a disease whose symptoms include memory loss, impaired judgment, and difficulty speaking. About 14 million Americans are expected to be living with Alzheimer's by 2050. Doctors rely mostly on physical symptoms to diagnose the disease, though they can also use  spinal taps and brain scans to detect it. But Bill Gates envisions a future in which people can predict Alzheimer's before symptoms manifest using a voice app on their phones.  The roa...
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3 Leading Alzheimer's Disease Drugs in Development After Biogen's Aducanumab Flop

Biogen threw in the towel with once-promising Alzheimer's disease drug aducanumab. But these three late-stage pipeline candidates could potentially still emerge as winners.
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Bio Roundup: Amyloid Angst, NASH News, Brammer Bagged & More

A week after , the ripple effects are still being felt—and not just by Biogen, which lost billions of dollars in market value in a flash.We’ll kick off this week’s roundup with the aducanumab reaction, which includes plenty of thoughts about the future of the so-called “amyloid hypothesis” and what’s next for another Biogen Alzheimer’s drug that has had mixed results.We’ll also check in on the gene therapy deal spree, the big week in national healthcare policy, and the preparations several com...
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Why Biogen's Alzheimer's Drug Failure May Have a Silver Lining

The Swiss pharmaceutical company halted its trial of aducanumab because it wasn't helping patients. But it could still help researchers.
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Thermo Bags Brammer For $1.7B as Gene Therapy Deal Spree Continues

Thermo Fisher Scientific late Sunday evening agreed to buy Brammer Bio for $1.7 billion, yet another bet by a large biopharmaceutical organization on the future of gene therapy.Thermo (NYSE: TMO), a Waltham, MA, developer of lab equipment, made an all-cash offer for Cambridge, MA-based Brammer, a contract manufacturer of gene therapy delivery tools known as viral “vectors.”In a gene therapy procedure, these vectors—engineered viruses—are filled with genetic blueprints and infused into a patient...
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Biogen announces $5 billion buyback days after shelving Alzheimer's trials

Biogen Inc said on Monday it would buy back shares worth $5 billion, days after its stock slumped on the drugmaker's announcement to end two Alzheimer's disease trials.
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Much-Hyped Alzheimer's Drug Fails, Sending Biogen Shares Down Nearly 30 Percent

Biogen's failure was disappointing but not unique — 99 percent of Alzheimer's trials fail.
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Biogen News: BIIB Stock Plummets on Alzheimer’s Drug Failure

Biogen news about the company's decision to discontinue two Phase 3 Alzheimer's drug studies is hitting BIIB stock hard on Thursday.Source: Biogen via YouTubeBiogen (NASDAQ:BIIB) says that it will no longer be continuing with its Engage and Emerge studies. These studies were focusing on using aducanumab to treat patients that are suffering from mild cognitive impairment due to Alzheimer's disease and mild Alzheimer's disease dementia.This bad bit of Biogen news comes at the recom...
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What's Next for Biogen After Its Alzheimer's Disease Drug Flop?

The biotech throws in the towel on a drug that some thought could be a game changer in treating Alzheimer's disease. And it's left with a challenging future.
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Biogen scraps two Alzheimer drug trials, wipes $18 billion from market value

Biogen Inc and partner Eisai Co Ltd are ending two late-stage trials of their experimental Alzheimer's disease drug aducanumab, a major setback in the quest to find a treatment for the mind-wasting disease and blow to Biogen, which lost more than $18 billion of its value on Thursday.
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