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Polar Bear Paws Have Non-Slip Grips, and Other Natural Solutions You Can Integrate Into Your Designs

Turns out that polar bear paws naturally have an excellent non-slip grip. Most of us know that nature has already come up with an endless supply of brilliant design solutions, just waiting to be integrated into your designs. The problem is that you have to be exposed to nature in the first place in order to learn about them. The inventor of Velcro famously got the idea for it after walking his dog through a field full of burrs. This biomechanical researcher discovered that cat's tongues can ac...
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NexLoop unveils water management system inspired by spiders, fungi, bees and plants

In its quest to sustainably serve the needs of urban farmers, NexLoop found inspiration for its water management system in the natural world. Seeking to create a system that is self-sufficient and adaptable to local needs, the NexLoop team observed the ability of cribellate orb weaver spiders to craft webs that capture water from fog in the air. The team then incorporated this design into their system, called the AquaWeb, to passively capture water from the atmosphere. The biomimetically-design...
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These ancient societies know the secrets of infinite growth on our finite planet

Once upon a time, there were three scientists––a biologist, an engineer, and a chemist. Each of them loved the ocean and liked nothing better than to walk its shores and study its inhabitants. They were curious and observant, and by watching how nature really works, with an open-mind, each of them stumbled on something radically new. And we can do the same! Hit the jump for a closer look at how to achieve infinite growth on a finite planet – nature’s way. Image via Australian Jay Harman gr...
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To B Corps or not to B Corps—A Case Study

 Some people think that because museums are nonprofits, they are not allowed to make money. Cue my mantra: nonprofit is a tax status, not a business strategy. A financially successful nonprofit can use surplus income to improve services, scale up its work, and do more good in the world. The widely held belief that mission-based work is inherently unprofitable is being challenged by an increasing number of for-profit companies that embed a goal of making the world a better place into their busine...
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What Nature Teaches Us About Design and Leadership

“A sustainable world already exists," Janine Benyus, co-founder of the Biomimicry Institute, said at the 2016 Sustainable Brands Conference. "And we need to access that wisdom." [Author: Renee Farris]
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Mushrooms, whales and hurricanes: how bio-inspiration boosts energy efficiency

As bio-inspired engineering comes into its own, we take a look at the innovative technologies using nature as a blueprintThis week, the Biomimicry Institute, a nonprofit dedicated to bio-inspired engineering, announced the seven finalists in its first Biomimicry Global Design Challenge. The competitors, who come from around the globe, sought to develop efficient, nature-inspired solutions to food shortages. Their solutions copy a wide array of organisms, including an agricultural drainage system...
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