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Two-thirds of bird species in North America could vanish in climate crisis

Continent could lose 389 of 604 species studied to threats from rising temperatures, higher seas, heavy rains and urbanizationTwo-thirds of bird species in North America are at risk of extinction because of the climate crisis, according to a new report from researchers at the Audubon Society, a leading US conservation group. Related: Record numbers of Australia's wildlife species face 'imminent extinction' Continue reading...
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Report Finds Nearly Two-Third of America's Birds Vulnerable to Extinction From Climate Change

A new report has found that nearly two-thirds of America’s breeding bird species were moderately to highly vulnerable to the effects of climate change.Read more...
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These State Birds May Be Forced Out of Their States as the World Warms

New research shows that hundreds of North American birds are at risk of major habitat disruption from climate change.
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Sulphur-crested cockatoo survives after being shot five times by two guns

The bird, called Mr Cocky by rescuers, was treated at Sydney animal hospital and seems largely unaffected by ordealA cockatoo has survived after it was shot five times by at least two different rifles in Sydney’s west.Dubbed Mr Cocky by its rescuers, the sulphur-crested cockatoo was found in a Sydney backyard last month. Continue reading...
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Madrid to begin 'humane slaughter' of parakeets

Spanish capital to reduce number of brightly coloured birds over public health risk fearsMadrid’s city council has grown sick of its parrots.Or, more precisely, of the thousands of shrill, bright green monk parakeets that screech through the capital’s skies and build vast nests in its trees. Continue reading...
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Regeneration: A Miracle, Against the Odds

Months after I’d shaved my head for cancer treatment, my old hair dropped out of the sky.
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The Last Hummingbird

These small flying jewels still take their cue from the quiet October light, just as they always have.
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Birds Are Vanishing From North America

The number of birds in the United States and Canada has declined by 3 billion, or 29 percent, over the past half-century, scientists find.
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Climate crisis may be a factor in tufted puffins die-off, study says

Researchers believe 3,150 to 8,500 birds starved in Bering Sea due to loss of prey speciesThe death of thousands of tufted puffins in the Bering Sea may have been partly caused by the climate breakdown, according to a study.Between 3,150 and 8,500 seabirds died over a four-month period from October 2016, with hundreds of severely emaciated carcasses washed up on the beaches of the Pribilofs Islands in the southern Bering Sea, 300 miles (480km) west of the Alaskan mainland. Continue reading...
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A Funeral for Two Birds

My great-grandmother was a scientist who did not weep over impermanence, but my cousin and I did.
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Facebook has a heart... a blackish-green, mystifyingly obscure heart.

Here's the graphic at the top of my Facebook feed this morning:"Groups"... what are they? If I'm not in "groups," is my Facebook presence heartless?Should I be doing something with birds?Should I identify with the adult woman in the graphic, the bulky, mittened figure in blue whose upper body and head seem to be merged with a crow?Should I be throwing the symbol for radioactivity  at an aggressive goose or swan?What is wanted of me?Is a large overalled man with a parrot and a cockatoo coming for...
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Bedbugs sucked blood in the age of dinosaurs

Scientists originally thought bedbugs evolved on bats roughly 50 million years ago. New research used DNA to map the bedbug ancestry and found the species evolved as far back as the Cretaceous. The researchers hope that understanding how bedbugs evolve will help us curb their ability to spread and transmit diseases to people. None An international team of scientists have been on a quest. They have traveled to Africa, South America, and South East Asia. They have scaled cliff faces, explored shad...
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Bedtime Stories part Two

Bedtime Stories part Two
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Birds vacuumed during olive harvest

If watching Super Size Me was enough to stop you from eating McDonald’s, once you learn where olives comes from, you’ll probably think twice about ordering that Martini. According to a report from Nature, the machinery used to gather olives in Portugal and Spain often results in unwitting birds being sucked right off their branches and killed. Over two million birds perish each year during the olive harvest. Vanessa Mata, lead researcher at Portugal’s Research Center in Biodiversity and Gene...
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How Are Doves and Sparrows Ending Up Inside Baby Sharks?

Back in 2010, scientists were monitoring a shark population on the Mississippi-Alabama border. They had hauled up a small tiger shark to tag when something strange happened: It puked up feathers. A DNA analysis revealed that the shark had eaten a brown thrasher, a speckled migratory songbird related to the…Read more...
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Using a Strip of Paper To Give Birds Funny Eyes Is Ingenious

Meet Kahori Fuji, a beautiful cockatiel from Japan that has gathered a decent following on Instagram thanks to funny shenanigans like these featured below. More: Instagram h/t: Source
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Dirt hauling has begun at Devil’s Gate Dam in Pasadena despite sighting of nesting rare birds

At a rate of one per minute, double-bottomed dump trucks loaded with 25 years’ worth of sediment washed down from the San Gabriel Mountains powered out of the sinking mud behind Devil’s Gate Dam in Pasadena on Tuesday, marking the start of an off-and-on, four-year mechanized march. After almost a decade of planning, 100-plus community meetings, thousands of pages of environmental documents and two lawsuits, the first of tons of debris north of the NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory — behind the coun...
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Now, go take a walk.

Or hang out here and talk about whatever. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Higher, Hotter, Faster, More Acid: Climate Change is Speeding Up

The Mauna Loa Keeling Curve, which indicates how much carbon-dioxide is in the atmosphere, has crossed into new high territory—more than 415 parts per million. But perhaps more dangerously, the rate of rise has locked in a new trajectory—meaning itʻs going higher faster. Climate researchers are seeing all the secondary impacts of that—rising temperatures, rising seas and rising ocean acidity are also going up. Climate change is coming far faster than we ever antici...
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The Brood Parasite

The Brood Parasite…sounds like a schlock horror video nasty from the 1980s only available under the counter from your video shop on a dodgy, copied VHS (no Betamax). Of course, it’s a biological term to describe certain species that allow another species to raise their young as their own. For the duped species, this is a real-life horror story. European Cuckoo (Cuculus canorus) On the 18th May, 2019, Mrs Sciencebase and I once more visited RSPB Ouse Washes, near Manea, Cambridgeshire, and wi...
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“The Owls Are Not What They Seem”: Magical Pictures Of Owls By Daniel J Nevares

Stunning owls shots by Daniel J Nevares, a talented photographer, birdwatcher, and adventurer based in San Francisco, California. Daniel focuses mainly on birds, animals, and nature photography. “Hi I’m Daniel, an avid travel photographer with an emphasis in landscape, nature and wildlife. I am a full time social worker and a freelance content creator from the San Francisco East Bay area,&# Source
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Thrill Your Cat With These Videos of Songbirds and Squirrels

If you want to entertain your cat, or get some juicy phone footage of your cat going nuts and peeking behind your computer screen, then play these YouTube videos of English songbirds and squirrels. Cornwall resident Paul Dinning shot hundreds of wildlife videos, in which birds (and the occasional squirrel or mouse)…Read more...
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Feral Parrots Are Taking Over America

Visitors to Chicago’s Hyde Park or New York’s Green-Wood Cemetery may be surprised to hear the raucous squawks of lime-green monk parakeets. These birds, descendants of escaped pets, have managed to create thriving colonies in these cities despite the annual cold weather. It turns out they’re far from unusual—escaped…Read more...
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What Birds Would Say If They Could Talk

Humor writer and artist Jimmy Craig (previously) offers 100 colorful comics, including the inner thoughts of creatures from across the animal kingdom — from misunderstood sharks and trouble making bears to the often complicated relationship between you and your pet cat. “If you’ve ever wondered what our feathered friends might be saying, check out these comics by me. Source
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When holidays make you sad, here’s trick you may not have known

“Holidays are joyful,” sings the late but great Karen Carpenter. But not always. Mother’s Day can be sad for those who’ve lost their mothers. Or for me, whose mother is in a facility. I know friends caring for a mom with Alzheimer’s or dementia. I want to talk to those who struggle through today. When the mind brings you to a sad moment or you feel guilty, take a walk outside and witness nature. Even better, turn off your phone, go into your backyard or nearby park, feel the warmth on your face ...
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Why birds fly in a V formation

Why do many birds fly in a V formation? The wonderful video curators at The Kid Should See This came across this excellent 2014 clip above from the science journal Nature explaining research into the aerodynamic advantages of the formation. From Nature: ...UK's Royal Veterinary College put data loggers on ibises to record their position, speed and wing flaps when they migrated. The ibises position themselves within the V so that they benefit from the flow of air created by the bird in fron...
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Sleepless nights for cyclists on the Caledonian Sleeper train | Brief letters

Green travel | Funeral songs | 1p and 2p coins | Gender in Sussex | CuckoosI’m glad the new Caledonian Sleeper trains have all mod cons (Report, 30 April), but they’re not doing much to facilitate green travel. When we tried to book from London to Fort William, we were told that passengers with bicycles have to get up in the middle of the night to move them when the train separates. If the rail network wants to encourage travellers with bicycles, it will have to do better.Fiona MonroeLondon• At ...
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Why were birds missing from backyards during the super bloom?

Suzanne Mulcahy of Laguna Niguel became concerned when the hummingbirds in her yard disappeared around mid-April. “I’ve always kept four feeders filled all the time,” she said. “There were birds at them continually. Then all of a sudden, my hummies (sic) were gone.” Other bird enthusiasts had similar experiences with feathered friends disappearing from backyards when the spring season began blooming. Mary Ann Powers, owner of Wild Birds Unlimited in Riverside, said she and her staff fielded call...
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Trilobites: Why Is This Ostrich Wearing an Extra Set of Wings?

Scientists took a creative approach to studying how dinosaurs evolved the flying abilities of modern birds.
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