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High winds kill thousands of migrating birds in 'disaster' over Greece

Swallows and swifts on their annual flight from Africa to Europe have been found dead across GreeceThousands of swallows and swifts migrating from Africa to Europe have been left dead by high winds battering Greece, bird watchers say.The birds have been found in the streets of Athens, on apartment balconies in the capital, in the north, on Aegean islands and around a lake close to the seaport of Nauplia in the Peloponnese. Continue reading...
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Hawks’ Forbidden Love Results in a Rare Hybrid

She was a common black hawk. He was a red-shouldered hawk. They weren’t in the same genus, let alone the same species, and they normally don’t even live in the same part of the continent. But in a strange twist of fate, none of that mattered: It was love at first screech.Read more...
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COVID-19 conspiracy theories: Hoofbeats and zebras?

Lots of conspiracy theories about the new coronavirus make little sense, and if you actually apply a little scientific rigor to the issue, they fall apart.They even contradict each other. If it came from a Chinese lab, why? They got hit first. If, as someRussians say, it came from America, why are we Americans also sick? Whoa, what about the fact thatRussia seemed to be largely free of the disease, isnʻt that suspicious? Well itʻs not, any more--they've got a growing number of cases as well.The ...
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Funny animated doodle: 'Bird with Arms'

This is a very funny short story, told in a crappy overly compressed GIF and some doodle overlays. It's brilliant. Wait for it. Bird with Arms 'Bird with Arms'
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How an Eye Surgeon Got a Picture of This Rare Pastel Bird

The elusive South Philippine dwarf kingfisher is difficult to photograph, and there were no known photographs of its fledglings.
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How bird watching can reduce anxiety and stress during stay-at-home orders

With the stress and uncertainty of COVID-19 weighing us all down, take a moment and enjoy the sounds and beauty of birds. Nature has a way of soothing the soul. And a healthy dose of its solace and respite might be just what we need right now. Studies have shown that bird watching can help reduce anxiety and depression. It’s undeniable that birds bring joy to people of all ages. According to the National Audubon Society, tens of millions identify themselves as birders. Staff at many of the local...
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'Betrayal of trust': HS2 criticised over removal of woodland soils

Woodland Trust says April is ‘completely wrong time’ for wildlife and contradicts plansHS2 is beginning an operation to remove soils from ancient woodlands at a catastrophic time of year for wildlife, according to the Woodland Trust.Undertaking the controversial “translocation” operation – which also involves felling numerous trees – in six woods in April and not during winter as the high-speed railway originally said it would, was a “betrayal of trust” said the charity’s ecologist. Continue rea...
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Spaced out.

A silent city... Lone figure on a sports field... A bird keeps its distance from that solitary human being... (Photos taken this morning around University Bay, in Madison, Wisconsin.) [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Geese May Not Inspire You, but They Certainly Take Your Mind Off the Virus

Watching birds that do not practice social distancing is a nice break from washing your hands and disinfecting friends.
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The Beautiful World Beside the Broken One

Nature is wide open for business. Here is the alternate world we need right now.
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Taxi! Endangered New Zealand seabirds get a lift to safety after crash landing in fog

Volunteer army led by a local taxi driver scours the streets in the middle of the night to save endangered birdsA taxi driver in New Zealand has swapped drunken revellers for wayward seabirds in an attempt to halt the decline of one of the nation’s endangered species.Local cabbie Toni Painting leads a volunteer army that scours the streets of the South Island town of Kaikoura in the middle of the night in search of Hutton’s shearwater chicks that crash-land onto the road – mistaking the shiny bi...
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What to Name the Oldest Modern Bird Fossil? Wonderchicken

Its skull was found in a chunk of rock that went overlooked for nearly two decades.
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'Wonderchicken': oldest fossil of modern bird discovered

Tiny creature, half the size of a mallard, found in rocks dating back to dinosaur ageExperts have discovered a fossil of the world’s oldest known modern bird – a diminutive creature about half the size of a mallard duck.Dubbed the Wonderchicken, the remains were found in rocks dating to about 66.8m to 66.7m years ago, revealing that the bird was active shortly before the asteroid strike that wiped out the dinosaurs 66m years ago. Continue reading...
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Fossil Reveals 'Wonderchicken,' the Earliest Known Modern Bird

A fantastic fossil found in Belgium is offering new insights into the ancient birds that gave rise to the ones still around today.Read more...
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Robin in the snow.

This morning: [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Why Birds Are the World’s Best Engineers

A nest is “a disordered stick bomb,” resilient in ways that humans have hardly begun to understand, much less emulate.
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How the world's fattest parrot came back from the brink

New Zealand’s kākāpō has long been endangered, but when a deadly fungal disease struck the country’s vets came to the rescueGrowing up in the north of England, Dr James Chatterton was enthralled by the books of the pioneering zookeeper and conservationist Gerald Durrell and dreamed of saving endangered species. Now, on the other side of the world, Chatterton has done just that, helping to bring the world’s fattest parrot back from the brink.Chatterton and his team spent the best part of a year b...
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And now, a skateboarding sparrow

This is a java sparrow that's learned to ride a tiny skateboard. Image: YouTube
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This tiny skull trapped in amber belongs to the smallest dinosaur ever discovered

The tiny skull, about the size of a thumbnail, trapped in amber may belong to the smallest dinosaur scientists have ever discovered. Paleontologist Lida Xing of the China University of Geosciences spotted the skull in a 99-million-year-old chunk of amber from northern Myanmar. From the New York Times: [Xing, Chinese Academy of Sciences paleontologist Jingmai O’Connor, and their colleagues] called the bird Oculudentavis khaungraae — a name that comes from the Latin words for eye, teeth...
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Sandhill cranes take flight.

This morning at dawn, on Lake Mendota.That was at 7:28, at the beginning of the sunrise run. About 20 minutes later, they were lingering by the parking lot, as if to request another photo session, in brighter lighting: [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Morning story.

[Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Hooded vultures 'on brink of extinction' in Africa after mass poisoning

Accidental ingestion of strychnine believed to be cause of nearly 1,000 deaths in Guinea-BissauNearly 1,000 hooded vultures have died in a mass poisoning in Guinea-Bissau, pushing the endangered species towards the brink of extinction in Africa, according to conservationists.Vultures were seen apparently searching for water and “bubbling from their beaks”, and hundreds were found dead on the outskirts of two towns, Bafatá and Gabú, which are 30 miles apart, over the past two weeks. Continue read...
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LA County firefighters perform high-rise Duarte rescue — of a bird in a tree

Capt. Dan Engraf has rescued a lot of different animals during his 21 years with the Los Angeles County Fire Department. “I’ve been on horse rescues. We just rescued a kitten from a sewer the other day,” he said, describing his team of burly firefighters at Station 44 in Duarte chasing down the tiny cat. Never had he rescued a bird, though — until Valentine’s Day. His crew was just finishing up a medical emergency call around the corner from the sprawling Encanto Park when a man flagged down the...
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These Clever Parrots Can Understand Probability

Scientists studying kea, New Zealand’s alpine parrot, revealed that the famously mischievous birds could understand probabilities, an impressive mental feat.Read more...
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Anger as F1 teams get go-ahead to drive on Dutch nature reserve

Teams allowed to take beach route to get to Netherlands’ first F1 grand prix in 35 yearsThe return of Formula One to the Netherlands after 35 years has become mired in controversy after two racing teams got the green light to drive across a beach nature reserve to ensure their staff avoid traffic on the way to the circuit.The teams of Red Bull Racing and AlphaTauri will be allowed to drive from their hotels along two miles of beach within the Noordvoort reserve, a popular resting spot for seals ...
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The dancing cranes of West Sweden – a bucket list wildlife spectacle

Every spring Lake Hornborga hosts a vast, noisy gathering of the migrating birds, drawing spectators from across the worldThe throng stretches out on either side of me: a shifting, bickering thousands-strong multitude spread around the lakeside, jostling for space and filling the air with sound. It is a breathtaking sight, a cacophonous celebration of life on a spectacular scale.While rural south-west Sweden is the kind of place one might visit in order to avoid the crowds, it is the masses that...
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Incredible slo-mo video of raptors flying through bubble clouds... for science

How does an owl's tail help it fly? To better see the role of the tail in raptor aerodynamics, researchers at the UK's Royal Veterinary College recorded birds of prey flying through clouds of tiny helium bubbles. According to the science journal Nature, analyzing the swirling motion of the bubbles enabled the scientists to discover "a new way in which birds use their tail to provide lift and so reduce drag while gliding... Their findings could provide a new way to improve the efficiency of sma...
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The sunrise owl...

... swooped across our path and landed in an old tree... I didn't think there was time to tromp through the deep snow and get a close look... ... but he wasn't bothered by our presence at all and seemed to be in an unwakeable pre-sleep trance. or do owls sleep like that, with eyes slitted? No, no, I saw the head swivel a bit. He was looking at us, but he's used to people walking around under his space and it would take a lot more to rouse him from his sweet torpor. [Author: [email protected]
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At The Owl Tree Café...

... you can talk about whatever you like... except the Democratic Party candidates and the Nevada caucus. Go to the previous post for that. The Owl Tree Café is a place for variety and unusualness.Here's this morning sunrise: Enjoy the conversation! [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Big Bear bald eagle eggs may never hatch

Two Big Bear Lake bald eagle eggs seen daily on streaming video may never hatch, having passed their normal incubation time, experts said on Friday, Feb. 21. The two eggs, still being attended by adult bald eagle parents Jackie and Shadow, most likely contain dead offspring, the U.S. Forest Service reported. “It’s hard to say this, but the odds of our Big Bear bald eagle nest’s eggs will hatch this year are diminishing each day,” wrote Zach Behrens, public affairs officer for the San Bernardino ...
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