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Chinese Authorities Arrest Over 1,100 People in Crypto Crime Crackdown

Chinese authorities are upping their crackdown on all things crypto by arresting more than 1,100 people suspected of using these digital tokens for money laundering. The news comes courtesy of a Wednesday Wechat post from China’s Ministry of Public Security, which oversees law enforcement throughout the country. Read more...
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British Cops Thought They Were Raiding a Weed Farm, But Found Bitcoin Instead

A group of UK officers who thought they were going to bust up a massive cannabis farm found something completely different behind the doors of a local warehouse: a regular, legal, bitcoin mine. Read more...
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United States: Financial Services And Social Media Firms Integrate Blockchain And Cryptocurrencies, US Marshalls To Auction 4,040 Bitcoins - BakerHostetler

According to reports out last month, 49.9 percent of the computing power on the Bitcoin Network operations is controlled by five China-based mining entities.
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Bitcoin Core Software Patches a Critical DDoS Attack Vulnerability

The Bitcoin Core development team has released an important update to patch a major DDoS vulnerability in its underlying software that could have been fatal to the Bitcoin Network, which is usually known as the most hack-proof and secure blockchain. The DDoS vulnerability, identified as CVE-2018-17144, has been found in the Bitcoin Core wallet software, which could potentially be exploited by [Author: [email protected] (Swati Khandelwal)]
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SegWit Locked In To Bitcoin Network

The bitcoin network just witnessed a historic moment. The roadmap scaling solution called Segregated Witness officially locked in to the bitcoin blockchain. This software brainchild of developer Peter Wuille will still take a long, long time to spread throughout the ecosystem.
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