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Chiitan Appears on John Oliver Show, Challenges Him to Fight

TV “comedian” John Oliver has taken a break from telling his viewers what year it is and introduced them to infamous mascot Chiitan. Delinquent mascot Chiitan was brought to the attention of American audiences after being featured on HBO show Last Week Tonight. Late-night television host and talking calendar John Oliver introduced the mascot after […]
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Bizarre Details Enliven Seemingly Simple Moments in Photographs By Ben Zank

Ben Zank captures emotions of confusion, restriction, and ennui and in his ongoing series of banal-meets-bizarre photographs. Each image features a single subject in a seemingly mundane location: on a city sidewalk, near a semi truck trailer, or in a forest. Yet the individual at hand is engaged with or affected by their surroundings in highly unusual ways: one figure bends backward under the... Source
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Chinese Toddler Impaled by Chopstick

Another unexpected and gruesome accident has taken place in the land of China as a 3-year-old girl suffered a grievous injury after running around with chopsticks in her hands. A 3-year-old girl living in Jiangxi was running around in her living room during dinner time and ended up falling onto the chopstick she was holding, […]
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Sora Aoi to Livestream Birth of Her Children

Former JAV idol Sora Aoi has announced that her fans will be able to watch her giving birth to her children on a livestream. Fans of famed JAV idol Sora Aoi who wish to witness the miracle of birth, or who simply have a pregnancy-related fetish, will be able to watch her bring new life […]
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Mother Wants Son’s Favourite Anime to Show Toilet Scenes

A Japanese mother has taken the surprising step of requesting that the Shinkalion anime show scenes involving character Tsuranuki using the toilet, all for the benefit of her four-year-old son. A woman going by the handle of “yuh_rasia” has taken to Twitter to request that the producers of popular toy advertisement and mecha anime Shinkansen […]
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Mother Wants Son’s Favorite Anime to Show Toilet Scenes

A Japanese mother has taken the surprising step of requesting that the Shinkalion anime show scenes involving character Tsuranuki using the toilet, all for the benefit of her four-year-old son. A woman going by the handle of “yuh_rasia” has taken to Twitter to request that the producers of popular toy advertisement and mecha anime Shinkansen […]
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Toad Suggestively Promotes Nintendo Labo VR

Nintendo’s official LINE account (a popular Japanese instant messaging app) has promoted the Labo Wind Pedal VR expansion kit in a rather strange way, as they have released a video depicting the device as Toad whilst a user demonstrates how it’s used, likely disturbing any and all watchers in the process. Observers may find the […]
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Shoko-tan Spanked Roughly by Walrus

Animal-loving seiyuu Shoko-tan once again won attention with her bizarre antics after she allowed herself to be spanked by a walrus. Pussy-munching voice-actress and tarento Shoko-tan has once again delighted the internet with an unusual publicity stunt, this time allowing herself to be spanked by a large walrus. The short-legged seiyuu posted a video of […]
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Reiwa Era Named After JK Eroge Song

Fans of eroge have noted that the official English translation of Reiwa, the new upcoming Japanese era, also happens to be the name of a song from a schoolgirl-themed eroge. The Japanese government may have embarrassed itself by naming the current era of its nation’s history after a song from an obscure 13-year-old eroge. The […]
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Gabe Newell Models Underwear for China

A post on Reddit’s /r/pcmasterrace has revealed the Chinese underwear manufacturer Long Dian has been using the face of Valve president Gabe Newell on one of their branded underwear products. The image marketing the size 4XL “Large Brief” underwear starring Gabe Newell: Redditors in the thread were quick to make all kinds of jokes at the expense […]
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Gacha Victim Arrested over Square Enix Death Threats

A man who wasted ¥200,000 on gacha and sent death threats to Square Enix in a fit of rage has been arrested. The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department has said that a man who sent death threats to Square Enix has been arrested. The 25-year-old sent an email on the 5th of February threatening to behead […]
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An Avocado Head Is ‘Replacing’ Mr. Potato Head as Millennials Continue to Ruin Things

Hasbro's April Fools' Day prank is the pits for Mr. Potato Head
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Man Attempts Harakiri at Tokyo Train Station

A suicidal man sliced his stomach open with a knife next to a Tokyo train station in an act that appears to resemble the traditional practice of harakiri. It has been reported that a middle-aged man has sliced his stomach open with a kitchen knife in front of a Bic Camera shop outside of Tokyo […]
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Nagoya Teenagers Arrested for Defecating off Roof

Two teenage boys from Nagoya have been arrested after one of them defecated from the roof of an apartment complex and posted a video of their act online. Police in Nagoya have arrested two teenage boys for the unsanitary crime of defecating from the roof of an apartment building in Higashi ward. Perhaps not surprisingly, […]
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‘As Far As We Know All Our Stores Are Ghost-Free.’ Supermarket Responds to Frozen Aisle Haunting Post

In what sounds like a tie-in for the upcoming new installment of the Ghostbusters franchise, an employee at the Massachusetts Market Basket grocery store claimed to have “spotted” a Victorian-era specter haunting the frozen food aisle. The employee, Christiana Bush, who works in the store’s bakery department, posted about the ghost sighting in a local,…
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Hilarious Livestream Helps Man Shining a Light on the Real Cyclone Emergency — His Beer Supply

When the beer ran out, he was forced to turn to whiskey ginger cocktails
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Turkey Vulture Crashed Through an Office Window Presumably to Make an Important Point

Famous for his hot takes, even Smith wasn't prepared
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British Soldier Reprimanded for Virtual Killing Spree

After having spent two weeks in a virtual training simulator playing pretend, a British soldier made light of his situation by carrying out a “virtual killing spree”, resulting in a real-life punishment. During the virtual battlefield exercise, the Edinburgh rifleman virtually shot one of his comrades in cold blood before going insane and decimating vehicles […]
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30-Hour Pop Team Epic Marathon Planned

Meme-heavy anime Pop Team Epic will be airing in its entirety on NicoNico for thirty straight hours, an insane marathon that will supposedly conclude with a new special episode airing on April 1st. The anime’s twelve episodes will be aired a total of five times each, finally gifting dedicated watchers with a special episode at […]
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Gotoubun no Hanayome BD Corrections Lacking

Gotoubun no Hanayome‘s first BD volume has made an effort to fix the anime’s few instances of poorly conceived art, though one individual has pointed out that one particularly noticeable scene went unaltered, leaving many to wonder why. The Twitter user mentioned how the BD modified the awkward faces for some characters, yet left a […]
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Chinese Woman Almost Dies After Injecting Herself with Fruit

A woman in China has almost died after injecting fruit into her body in an effort to improve her health. A 51-year-old Chinese woman was hospitalized with severe organ damage after injecting herself with fruit, requiring five days in intensive care. Staff at the Affiliated Hospital of Xiangnan University in Hunan said that the woman […]
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“Nanpa Teacher” Arrested for Shinjuku Forced Face Licking

A man has been arrested for forcibly licking a girl’s face, in an incident that has gone viral after a video was uploaded to Twitter. Twitter recently erupted after a video was posted of a man forcibly licking a girl’s face in the middle of Tokyo’s Shinjuku district, followed by him being arrested and restrained […]
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The Federal Government Will Pay You $1,000 to Adopt a Wild Horse

If you've wanted a horse your whole life, well, now is the time because the U.S. government will give you a whole grand to adopt one.
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Man Creates a Massive Crop Circle of Beto O’Rourke’s Face. Here’s What It Looks Like From Above

The portrait is made entirely of organic materials
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Man Shells Out $1.4 Million for a Pigeon Because It’s Simply the ‘Lionel Messi’ of Racing Birds

Don’t bet against the high-flying lifestyle of rare bird and sports. A buyer has bid more than $1.4 million for a champion Belgian racing pigeon in a sale, according to the auction house Pipa, which oversaw the online auction for the rare bird. This regal, emerald green-feathered bird is no regular pigeon you would frequent…
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Man Tries to Convince People That Tortoises Are Delicious Cakes for Smuggling Purposes. It Did Not Go Over Well.

He could face a serious fine or imprisonment
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Tokyo Man Arrested for Stealing Shoes From Elementary Schoolers

A 38-year-old man from Tokyo has been arrested for stealing 58 shoes from local elementary schools, with almost 600 items of footwear found by police at his house. A middle-aged man has been arrested on suspicion of theft after shoes were stolen from three elementary schools in December of 2018. Police suspect the man stole […]
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Burglar Arrested Wearing Evangelion Plugsuit & Suzumiku

A cosplaying criminal has been arrested for burgling houses while wearing an Evangelion plugsuit with a sukumizu and black tights beneath it. A man from Fukuoka Prefecture has been arrested for a burglary committed while wearing an Evangelion plugsuit. 37-year-old Tetsuya Fujisawa also wore a sukumizu and a pair of black women’s tights beneath the […]
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