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Goodwill Stores Nationwide See Rise in Donations After ‘Tidying up With Marie Kondo’ Airs

If you love thrift shopping, now is the time to do it thanks to Marie Kondo.
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People Are Calling the Use of Real-Life Rail Explosion Footage in ‘Bird Box’ Insensitive

Is it ethical to use real-life disaster footage in a movie?
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China Employees Forced To Crawl After Failing Sales Target

Chinese employees who have failed in reaching their demanded sales target have once again been humiliated by their superiors, this time with the employees being instructed to crawl on their hands and feet through the street. The employees of a beauty product company failed to meet their year-end sales target and had to crawl throughout […]
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China TV Censoring Lobes Of Male Stars Who Have Earrings

Worshiped male celebrities in China have strangely had their earlobes censored on TV, with the supposed “ban” leaving just as many individuals confused as idol fans are upset. The “earring ban” is yet another hampering restriction imposed by authorities on Chinese male idols who appear on TV, as they have also been banned from singing […]
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Man Arrested For Selling Body-Swapped Love Live Figurines

A man who committed the heinous crime of removing the head of a Love Live figurine, mounting it on a different body and then reselling it has been arrested (an outcome that Love Live otaku will no doubt be thankful for). Ibaraki’s prefectural police arrested the 39-year-old man in Chiba on suspicion of violating Japan’s […]
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You Can Now Buy a Boyfriend Pillow That Feels Like a Man, but Has None of the Drama

A lot of reviews on Amazon claimed it was a great gag gift, but ended up loving it way more than expected.
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Teenagers Are Now Boiling Tampons to Get High

Police in Indonesia have arrested teens who are using sanitary devices to get high.
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Japanese Cafe Offering Employment For The Ugly

Japanese pro wrestler “Shaka” was on a trip visiting Japan’s Miyazaki Prefecture when he encountered a peculiar cafe sign recruiting ugly girls for staff positions. The unusual sign in front of the bar “Dosukoi” lists the following perks for unattractive future employees: 1. Fat girls get an increased hourly wage. 2. Ugly fat girls get […]
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Wendy’s Most Savage Tweets From National Roast Day

Wendy's brought their roasting A-game to Twitter and brought all of social media to it's knees.
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Man Sues for Free Burger King for Life After Saying He Got Trapped in the Bathroom

The customer claims the restaurant backed out of its "free food for life" offe
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UK Will Soon Require ID For Porn Site Access

The United Kingdom will soon require its citizens to provide proof of identity in order to look at porn, a whole new level of invasiveness that will no doubt end up being used to police what type of pornographic content citizens are allowed to watch. The UK’s Regulatory Policy Committee approved the plan and described […]
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This ‘Bachelor’ Contestant Faked an Australian Accent During Show’s Premiere

This 'Bachelor' contestant has gone absolutely bananas and created a fake accent to hook Colton. How long can this last?
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13-Year-Old Kills Parents Over Net Cafe Cash

A 13-year-old boy has been arrested for hammering both his parents to death, due to them not giving him money to go to a net cafe. Occurring in Dali City of China’s Yunnan Province on December 31st, the troubled boy decided to kill his 51-year-old father and 45-year-old mother with a hammer at home after […]
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A Doughnut Truck Caught on Fire and Cops Have Intense Feelings About It

The NYPD offered to send in reinforcements
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Girl Matches With Thief on Tinder and Then Matches With His Victim

This story just gets crazier and crazier.
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Blizzard Cuts Costs By Paying Employees To Quit

From the company’s dictatorial control over what players can say in Overwatch, to the Diablo mobile fiasco and World of Warcraft’s latest highly despised expansion, it seems Blizzard may be on its last legs – and in order to cut costs, the company has offered to pay its employees to quit. The “buyout scheme” has […]
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Court Orders Radio Host To Have Feminist Guests “And Not Interrupt Them”

An Argentinan radio host charged with “disrespectful, insulting, denigrating and discriminatory outbursts against women” has been forced to have feminist guests on his show in order to repent for having views not deemed correct by courts. In return for local courts not pursuing criminal charges against him, a female judge let him off – on […]
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Man Robs Bank With Tape-Covered Nintendo Zapper

A bank robbery in New Mexico was discovered to have been carried out solely with a Nintendo Zapper, a harmless toy that the robber used to imitate a gun – wrapping it in black tape to try and conceal the fact. Taking place in Hermosillo, Mexico, the clever criminal managed to successfully rob a bank […]
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J.K. Rowling Just Confirmed a Dark Theory About ‘Harry Potter’

The final book left many readers to wonder and elaborate on several theories about the story of the Deathly Hallows, and how maybe, it meant more than we gave it credit for.
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The One Rule Everyone Breaks

If you say you haven't broken these rules, everyone will know that you're lying.
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Kylie Jenner Ties With Jay-Z for the 5th Wealthiest Celebrity in America

The part about this that gives me whiplash is that Jenner is 21 and Jay-Z is a 49-year-old artist whose prolific career spans decades. 
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Woman Tracks Down Mysterious Man Who Helped Her Travel to the U.S. After 15 Years

This beautiful story of a young girl rescued from a Sierra Leone airport by a total stranger is part of a greater Twitter trend.
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Chinese Karl Marx Anime Announced

China has sought to use anime as a means to celebrate their political ideals and history as it has been announced that an anime based around Karl Marx is in the works, a turn of events that will no doubt spark many heated debates. With cooperation from Inner Mongolia’s authorities and Weiming Culture Media, the […]
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Ryan Reynolds Sends Perfect Gift To Guy Trolling ‘Avengers’ Website

"This isn’t to say I’m proud of what you did... Just that I happen to love you."
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The Bizarre, Historical Reason White People Refuse to Season Their Food

White Americans love their meat, and hardly ever use seasoning, and after reading these studies, everything makes a whole lot of sense.
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‘Yellies’ Toy Feeds Off the Screams of Children’s Terror

The rules are pretty simple. Talk quietly, and you can still escape it. Gentle, soothing tones in the vein of a mental health professional talking a person off a ledge are preferred. Talk louder and you risk your actual earthly life.
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One Way to Feel Fancy Is to Eat This $500 Brownie Covered in Gold

Treat yourself and friends to something lavish this holiday season
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