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Alaska lawmakers vote to make February Black History Month

JUNEAU, Alaska (AP) — The Alaska Legislature has voted to make February of each year Black History Month. The measure passed the House 37-1 on Thursday after previously passing the Senate. It will next go to the governor. The bill is sponsored by Sen. Elvi Gray-Jackson. In a statement accompanying the measure, the Anchorage Democrat […]
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Beyoncé collab is big win for Adidas

Adidas is teaming up with Beyoncé  in a move to expand its product mix and marketing prowess. On Thursday, Queen Bey and the German sportswear brand jointly announced a “multi-layered” partnership that includes a new product collection and the re-launch of Beyoncé’s Ivy Park athleisure brand. “This is the partnership of a lifetime for me,” Beyoncé said in a statement, noting the success Adidas has had in “pushing creative boundaries." She added: "We share a philosophy...
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AK Monthly Recap: March 2019

March brought me to Guyana. That, far and away, was what dominated the month — my weeklong trip to the little-visited country in South America. It was an unbelievable trip and I can’t wait to start writing about it for you. Honestly, this month was so dominated by work that I didn’t get up to much else. I was working like crazy to write all kinds of solo female travel guides, and I still have quite a few. But even though I was crazy busy this month, I still got a TON of books in. Behold: March ...
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Thomas Wilkins (John Blanding/Globe Staff) Boston Globe By David Weininger Globe Correspondent   March 21, 2019 There was a joke that, earlier in his career, Thomas Wilkins and his fellow black conductors would share knowingly. “The joke was: We were always really busy in February,” he said by phone during a recent interview. February, of course, is Black History Month, during which “orchestras wanted repertoire by African-American composers...
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Love Was in the Air for People on Facebook and Instagram in February

Cupid shot his arrow through Facebook and Instagram in February, as Valentine's Day was the hottest of Hot Topics on both platforms for the month, according to Facebook IQ. The social network's research arm also pegged Black History Month and St. Patrick's Day as leaders in holiday and event conversation for February. Oscar fever took...
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The ‘That’s So Raven’ When They Battled Racism At The Mall

A Very Special Episode: Season 3 Episode 8 Remember the ‘That’s So Raven’ when they battled racism at the mall? It was a very special episode. The episode starts with Cory (Kyle Massey) wanting pizza. But papa’s cooking soul food for Black History Month. Cory says this month can pound pavement. He has to write a boring report about it. Raven (Raven-Symoné) and Chelsea (Anneliese van der Pol) are hitting the mall to apply for jobs at Saseez! A store for teen girls that sounds like hell on...
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NC school’s slavery role-playing game prompts investigation

WILMINGTON, N.C. (AP) — A slavery-themed game played at a North Carolina elementary school during Black History Month has prompted an investigation. News outlets report the New Hanover County Board of Education released a statement Monday saying that using a game to teach about slavery was inappropriate. A fourth-grade teacher had students at Codington Elementary […]
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Searches for "Black girl magic” are on the rise

As Black History Month comes to a close and we look toward International Women’s Day, people are searching for “Black girl magic” more than ever before. Searches hit an all-time high in February of this year.To me, “Black girl magic” is an empowering phrase that celebrates the achievements, beauty and irrepressibility of Black women and girls. The phrase is appropriate for moments both big and small, and ignites the internal spark that motivates both personal and professional achievements.As bla...
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Democratic Presidential Candidates Marking ‘Bloody Sunday’ Anniversary in Selma

SELMA, Alabama (AP) — Several Democratic White House hopefuls are gathering at one of America’s seminal civil rights sites on Sunday to pay homage to that legacy and highlight their own connections to the movement. Sens. Cory Booker of New Jersey and Bernie Sanders of Vermont, who already are in the 2020 race, and Sen. Sherrod Brown of Ohio, who could soon join them, are scheduled to participate in events surrounding the anniversary of “Bloody Sunday” in Selma, Alabama. On March 7, 1965, peac...
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Dems ruined Black History Month, but GOP is in no position to criticize

Democrats have a better grasp on issues involving race than Republicans. We can debate policy ideas by the two parties and their respective effects, but it is blindingly obvious that the rhetoric from many (but certainly not all) Republicans has ranged from mildly insensitive to wildly racist over the past decade. From party officials to the President of the United States, various members of the GOP have uttered caustic comments about immigrants and the Obama family; some have even defended whit...
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Democrats ruined Black History Month

Democrats have a better grasp on issues involving race than Republicans. We can debate policy ideas by the two parties and their respective effects, but it is blindingly obvious that the rhetoric from many (but certainly not all) Republicans has ranged from mildly insensitive to wildly racist over the past decade. From party officials to the President of the United States, various members of the GOP have uttered caustic comments about immigrants and the Obama family; some have even defended whit...
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JetBlue black history display honored convicted killer

NEW YORK (AP) — JetBlue has taken down a poster of a convicted murderer that it had included as part of a Black History Month tribute at New York’s Kennedy Airport. The New York Post reports that the airline removed a poster paying tribute to Assata Shakur last month after being alerted via Twitter that […]
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Don Lemon: This may be the worst Black History Month ever

CNN's Don Lemon discusses the plethora of racially insensitive incidents by American politicians and brands during this year's Black History Month, calling it "the worst Black History Month ever."
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Roy Kinsey – “Crook County” (Prod. By Lucas Hart & Mike Jones)

It’s the last day of Black History Month, and what better way to end the month off with Chicago based artist Roy Kinsey‘s exclusive premiere for, “Crook County”, new single produced by Lucas Hart, Mike Jones and mixed & mastered by iLL Brown.
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We've never had a Black History Month like this before

This year's jaw-dropping Black History Month essentially tells the story of America,and the complex and damaged underpinnings of our democracy, says historian Peniel Joseph. The month saw the state of Virginia in free fall, the Oscars in glory and in infamy, Mark Meadows' white fragility on display, a Colin Kaepernick settlement and much more.
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An utterly bizarre Black History Month

The end of February also marked the end of an utterly bizarre Black History Month. It brought us what for many was a long-awaited conversation addressing the ways in which America's discussion of racial injustice has regressed by decades. In a country where Barack Obama was President, public discourse is still dominated by enduring, pernicious tropes such as blackface, cotton, and "some of my best friends are black." Notably, the blackface and cotton episodes occurred in the same state, and fe...
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Dr. Bronner's is the only good brand on Twitter

Whether it's Lil Debbie shilling out relationship advice or Sunny D igniting a conversation about depression, contemporary brand Twitter can be a depressing and dark place. Nothing feels more cynical than when a brand appropriates the standardized millennial voice -- ironic, detached, dejected -- and uses it to hock their emulsified meat products and drinkable corn syrups. There's no commitment to justice here, there's just marketing. So I'd love to call for a mass ban of corpora...
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‘America Has Been Divided Since the Beginning.’ One Author on Why Educating Kids About Race in the U.S. Is More Important Than Ever

Black History Month offers a time to reflect on the past, acknowledge the present, and question the future of race and our civil rights. The importance of reflection is heightened at a time when the number of hate groups and the frequency of hate crimes are on the rise. With 2019’s month-long celebration of Black…
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Frederick Douglass’ family and the roots of social justice

Frederick Douglass. Just the name alone is enough to inspire us to think of a life lived in activism and an unceasing fight for social justice. But there are other names in the life story of Frederick Douglass that are far more unknown to us, those of his daughters and sons: Rosetta, Lewis Henry, Frederick Jr., Charles Remond and Annie Douglass.The Douglass family worked tirelessly as civil rights activists, radical reformers, public educators, typographers, printers, proof-readers, business cor...
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Reading “Wayward Lives, Beautiful Experiments”

This is a work of history in which startling acts of resurrection take place: Poor young African-American women in Philadelphia and New York City in the late 19th and early 20th centuries engaged in the most ordinary of activities — walking down the street looking in shop windows, hanging out with friends on the street or hallways, going to clubs and music halls, striving to be singers or dancers — emerge to become extraordinary vivid living exemplars and experimenters of 20th century life. ....
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12 Iconic Black Women Whose Beauty Style Is Iconic

There's an endless list of women who have inspired the public with their talent, personality, and style - and some have become full-blown beauty icons in the process. These particular women have inspired beauty looks throughout the last century and have become known for being unapologetically themselves. Check them out, ahead. Related: 18 Black-Owned Beauty Brands That Need to Be on Your Rada
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Cardi B Says Jussie Smollett “F**ked Up Black History Month”

Cardi B says she’s “really disappointed in Jussie Smollett” because she feels like “he f**ked up Black History month.”On January 29th, Smollett, who stars on the hit Fox show Empire, told Chicago police that he was assaulted by two masked men who beat him, poured a chemical substance on him, placed a rope around his neck, and shouted at him: “This is MAGA country!” The Chicago Police Department investigated the alleged attack as a “possible hate crime” because Smollett told them that the men scr...
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David Walker Is Betting on the Power of Black History and a Bold New Self-Publishing Gamble

David Walker is busy. He’s co-writing Naomi, a new high-profile series from DC Comics, along with Brian Michael Bendis and artist Jamal Campbell. He’s also working on Image Comics’ enthusiastically received Bitter Root with co-writer Chuck Brown and artist Sanford Greene. But, despite the fact that the veteran writer…Read more...
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Mahershala Ali’s Black History Month Playlist Is Proof He Has Excellent Taste in Music

Mahershala Ali is the most hip-hop man in Hollywood. Besides enjoying a short-lived rap career himself back in the day (he dropped two albums under the name Prince Ali through Hieroglyphics’ Hiero Imperium label and worked with Planet Asia, Keith Murray and Dilated Peoples’ Rakaa), the two-time Oscar winner has named underground lyricists like Ka, Roc Marciano and Mick Jenkins as some of his current favorite MCs. Continue after the jump… Apple Music recently asked Mahershala to put togeth...
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Letters from the Antebellum

While tensions continued to boil in the United States with the outbreak of the civil war in 1861 on the horizon, those aiming to assist slaves in securing their freedom often used letter correspondences to plan escape routes and share elated stories of their successes. Such correspondences between abolitionists and members of the Underground Railroad provide contemporary researchers with incredibly detailed accounts of the escapes of fugitive slaves and the challenges facing them before, during,...
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7 trailblazers in tech comment on Black History Month

A huge part of what makes working in open source special is working with a diverse set of people from different backgrounds. During Black History Month (BHM), we honor those who've come before us, but I also want to spotlight some of today's incredible, diverse open source inventors and leaders whose contributions have influenced the technology we depend on more
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Sinfo-Nia's Black History Concert 2019 - Tribute to James Ingram Sunday, March 3, 4 PM

David E. Robinson III writes: Greetings Family and Friends, I am writing to announce Sinfo-Nia's annual Black History Concert entitled, "Make America March Again."  We have been holding our Black History Concerts in March because not only is February crowded, but Black History Month is EVERY month.  It will take place Sunday, March 3, 2019, 4:00 PM at Visions Selah Church located at 5090 Redan Rd., Stone Mountain, GA 30088.  Tickets are $15.00 for adults and $10.0...
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Cedille Records: Free Download of the Week: Margaret Bonds' "The Negro Speaks of Rivers"

Songs from Chicago Thomas Hampson, Baritone Kuang-Hao Huang, Piano Cedille Records Cedille Records: We continue our salute to Black History Month this week with a song/text that’s particularly appropriate to the occasion: Chicago co...
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Reading “Frederick Douglass: Prophet of Freedom”

The outlines of Frederick Douglass’s story are known to everyone who has even the slightest knowledge of American history: How Douglass was born into slavery but escaped to become the most prominent abolitionist of his time, both writing and speaking with great power and moral authority. ... more ... [Author: [email protected]]
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