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Pediatric Doctors Group Apologizes for Racist Past Toward Black Physicians

The American Academy of Pediatrics recently joined other prominent medical organizations in confronting its history of discrimination.
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Black Artists Look Beyond ‘Protest Art’ at British Shows

The Turner Contemporary Gallery hosts an exhibit exploring the U.S. civil rights movement, as well as two installations from contemporary Black British artists who find inspiration in the local community.
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Writers Mutiny at ‘All Rise,’ the Rare CBS Show With a Black Female Lead

Five have left the drama, whose white show runner, Greg Spottiswood, had disputes with the staff over its depictions of race and gender. He kept his job after reviews by human resources.
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For Black Jam Makers, the Power Is in Preserving

As the conversation turns to racial issues in the craft food movement, canning quality fruit is often the easy part.
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The Untold Story of the Black Marines Charged With Mutiny at Sea

Racial strife aboard a Navy ship left three men facing the threat of the death penalty. They became little more than statistics in the military’s dismal record of race relations in the Vietnam era.
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‘Finally the Country Sees Us’: Some Women of Color Cheer Harris’s Rise

In Kamala Harris, many women of color see a successful vice-presidential candidate standing atop a mountain of firsts — but also facing a gender and racial minefield.
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N.Y. Gyms Can Reopen Under These New Rules

The governor's announcement that health clubs could reopen came with several caveats, including that facilities would be limited to a third of their capacity.
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Where Has Your Tween Been During the Pandemic? On This Gaming Site

Millions of children have flocked to the online gaming site Roblox since March. That’s helping game developers, some as young as 16, make a lot of money.
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How Tennessee Ratified the 19th Amendment

On Aug. 18, 1920, a young state legislator listened to his mama, and Tennessee became the final state to ratify the 19th Amendment.
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You May Not Know This Pandemic Winner, but Your Tween Probably Does

Millions of children have flocked to the online gaming site Roblox since March. That’s helping game developers, some as young as 16, make a lot of money.
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Black Women Are the Superheroes the World Needs

In different ways and to varying degrees of success, “Watchmen” and “The Old Guard” know that these characters have a much more nuanced understanding of justice.
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Turning Grief for a Hidden Past Into a Healing Space

The University of Virginia in Charlottesville, designed by Thomas Jefferson, was built by enslaved people. The Memorial to Enslaved Laborers acknowledges that long-suppressed history.
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Georgia Trooper Is Charged in Fatal Shooting of Black Driver

The trooper, who is white, was fired and charged with murder a week after the killing, which happened after the driver had been pulled over for having a broken taillight, the authorities said.
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Barred From a Confederate Shrine, Protesters Scuffle in Georgia

Far-right groups hoping to rally at Stone Mountain were thwarted when the park was closed, and were met with counterprotests in a town where some would rather bridge racial divides than widen them.
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The 19th Amendment: An Important Milestone in an Unfinished Journey

A century later, it’s past time to recognize the women of color who were sidelined in the fight for gender and racial equality.
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Kamala Harris, Daughter of Immigrants, Is the Face of America’s Demographic Shift

Her parents’ arrival to Berkeley as young graduate students was the beginning of a historic wave of immigration from outside Europe that would change the United States in ways its leaders never imagined.
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When Trump Calls a Black Woman ‘Angry,’ He Feeds This Racist Trope

President Trump’s use of the word to describe Joe Biden’s vice-presidential pick, Kamala Harris, plays off a hurtful stereotype with a decades-long history.
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For Black Suffragists, the Lens Was a Mighty Sword

Photographs of generations of Black suffragists offer invaluable documents about their thwarted and central roles in the history of women’s rights.
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A Black Marxist Scholar Wanted to Talk About Race. It Ignited a Fury.

The cancellation of a speech reflects an intense debate on the left: Is racism the primary problem in America today, or the outgrowth of a system that oppresses all poor people?
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Cracking Codes With Sanford Biggers

“You don’t have to follow the norms,” says this artist who makes wrenching sculptures transformed by gunfire and radically altered heirloom quilts. A studio visit sheds light on his personal journey.
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America’s Retirement Race Gap, and Ideas for Closing It

Scholars and policymakers have proposed ways to fix the inequities between whites and people of color, including changes to Social Security and building wealth from birth.
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Black Like Kamala

Republican efforts to deny Senator Harris’s identity as an African-American and turn her into a noncitizen are destined to fail.
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South Sea Islanders Don’t Want to Be Forgotten

In a peaceful city in Queensland, descendants of plantation laborers worry stories of trauma and resilience will be forgotten without efforts to preserve them.
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Aesha Ash Takes Her Place at the Head of the Class

This former City Ballet dancer becomes the first Black female member of the School of American Ballet’s permanent faculty. Yes, it’s a big deal.
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A Black Nurse Saved Lives. Today She May Save Art.

Once a slave, Biddy Mason went on to a life of extraordinary accomplishments. The fact that she figures in W.P.A. murals in San Francisco may save them from destruction.
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