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Black Luminosity foregrounded visibility as an act of refusal

The group exhibition at SMAC gallery, curated by Gcotyelwa Mashiqa, revisited the chromatic and social properties of blackness in contemporary South African visual art The post Black Luminosity foregrounded visibility as an act of refusal appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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Soul Feels Like Pixar's First Black Movie Made With White People in Mind

In Pixar’s Soul, a music teacher with a burning passion for jazz suddenly dies. The event puts him on a path in the afterlife that makes him realize how he never lived with much passion during his time on Earth, and how hard he’s willing to fight for another chance. Read more...
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Black futures in the age of apocalypse

Curating the End of the World deploys Afrofuturism to respond to Covid-19, anti-black violence and capitalism The post Black futures in the age of apocalypse appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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Read this powerful essay about mustaches, Blackness, and masculinity.

Wesley Morris has a powerful new essay in the New York Times Magazine about his mustache — specifically, the shifting meaning of that upper-lip fuzz as it relates to race and masculinity. Morris, a gay Black man, decided to grow a mustache during this quarantine period, before the start of the summer's string of racial protests, and has a lot of thoughtful — and complicated — insight into the socio-political implications of his facial hair — cultural perceptions about the mustache's relationship...
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The Portfolio: Levy Pooe

Artist Levy Pooe conceptualises his work as ‘a social diary of being black in the city’ The post The Portfolio: Levy Pooe appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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"She was wearing a head piece made of Vantablack, the blackest black that anything could be."

"There was only one person who noticed and that was Stephen Colbert. On the back of my tuxedo jacket — which was sort of like an inverted priest jacket with the jacket being white and the collar being black — I had in big, black, gothic script, 'Novus ordo seclorum.'"Said Elon Musk, describing how he met Grimes, the mother of his newest baby. He's quoted in "Elon Musk, Blasting Off in Domestic Bliss/The billionaire space oddity on life with Grimes and Baby X, Trump, Tesla, tunnels, short shorts,...
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Who is an Africanist, really?

Pan-Africanism is an ever-evolving ideology, without a set rubric, and is dependent on one's interpretation The post Who is an Africanist, really? appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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"Old Sacred Feather building covered in black paint in violation of city rules."

The Wisconsin State Journal reports:Steve Manley, who owns B-Side Records across the street from the building, said workers on Tuesday had the painting “all done in a couple hours, and I just could not believe my eyes. It was a beautiful and natural stone and brick facade... A lot of people are upset about it.”...A man doing work inside the building on Wednesday afternoon declined to provide his name but said there had been a “miscommunication” with painters, who thought they were supposed to pa...
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Burger King promotes a "scary black" product.

Amazingly tone deaf, BK. The full name of the product is "Scary Black Cherry." I would never have used "scary black" in a product name. I don't know if anyone is criticizing the product on the racial insensitivity. I am seeing:The “scary black cherry” slushy at Burger King might just give you two Halloween thrills for the price of one. Of course, that depends on how you feel about drinking something that might turn your poop bright blue or neon green.TheReportOfTheWeek actually drinks the stuff....
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About Blackness, Africanness and When It’s Enough

What is Blackness? Is it based on where you’re from? Is it based on your skin tone? Is it based on your heritage? Is it a lived experience? What is BLACKNESS? As someone whose Blackness was questioned loudly because of a question asked about a Black American musician, I must ask. It brought to the surface whether I was qualified to speak on Black American culture, and it also had some folks wondering if my Blackness was enough. Chisos! In the words of R&B songstress Deborah Cox, “How did you get...
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A pigment that "we think is the blackest material in the universe, after a black hole."

Writing about Anish Kapoor — in that post about "The Bean" and "The Clenched Fist of Truth" — got me to an article that reminded me that I need to write about the death of Stephen Hawking. I'm going to write about Hawking in the next post, but first I want to read this 2016 Guardian article "'You could disappear into it': Anish Kapoor on his exclusive rights to the 'blackest black'/Artist defends controversial deal with developers of Vantablack, the blackest material ‘after a black hole.'"The pi...
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Big and small: compare all those glamorous actresses in black at the Golden Globes to this one woman.

Another woman without her headscarf waves a shawl in Tehran as part of #WhiteWednesday’s protest against compulsory hijab. #IranProtestتهران به ياد دختر روي سكوي انقلاب. همراهيم با #تظاهرات_سراسرى#چهارشنبه_های_سفید #نه_به_حجاب_اجباری— My Stealthy Freedom (@masihpooyan) January 10, 2018 [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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I said I'd watch the Golden Globes (and watch it "with an open mind"), so I owe you this post.

I don't know if I'd be choosing this topic for Monday morning if I hadn't essentially promised to write it. Why didn't I write it last night? I fell asleep. I fell asleep, and then I woke up at 2 a.m. and watched the rest of it, including the appearance of Kirk Douglas, who is 101 years old. How did he stay up? Yes, it's Pacific Time, 2 hours earlier, but still... he's 101!Anyway, quick impressions:1. Did all the women wear black? The President of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (which g...
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"We actresses are not just modeling clothing when we walk a red carpet on award show night. We are modeling a kind of behavior."

"We are speaking in a coded language to other women — even young girls — that says: The way I look and what I wear and how I wear it is the standard for women. What is being worn is not an exception. It is the rule. You must dress a certain way and look a certain way if you want to be valued as a woman, no matter what you do for a living or who you are. We never intend for this to be the message we are sending with what we wear, but often it is the perceived one, whether we like it or not."If is...
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How can anyone know? Who is enforcing this? Will no woman take advantage of the redly ripe opportunity to be different?

"'All female actresses attending the Globes are protesting by just wearing black gowns,' a source tells PEOPLE."Remember what the greatest actress of all time did when she was under pressure to wear the right color: [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Why Black Men Love Dragon Ball Z

My older brother watched Dragon Ball Z every day growing up, and I still hear young black men talking about it all the time. On the train, I hear black teenage boys sharing their takes on Dragon Ball fighting games. When I meet black men my age, ones who scoff at my love of anime, they still know what I’m talking…Read more...
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Money Isn’t Everything…Unless You Don’t Have It, And Then Yeah, It’s Everything

In February of 2012, a month after I began working for, they asked if I wanted to go to Milwaukee to witness and write on the unveiling of a Black bikers exhibit at the Harley-Davidson museum. Although I had zero interest in motorcycles, I accepted. It was an all expense paid trip to a city I’d never been to and the Black Biker thing seemed kinda cool. Also, and most importantly, this trip would finally cement my position as a “professional writer” — a status I’d be striving for since ...
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Fresh Out the (Black) Box

Following the election, my Facebook feed lit up with threats of a #blaxit, which excited the hell out of me since I had #blaxited a few years prior. In 2013, I moved from New York City (Where Brooklyn At?) to Geneva, Switzerland, after my wife secured a position at an international organization. Four years later, we’ve settled into an idyllic life blocks away from Lake Geneva. I’ve learned some French (Bah, oui!), returned to practicing law, and our family now includes a cat and a daughter. For ...
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Conservative trolls pretending to be black on Twitter "sad" and "obvious"

A sharp increase in right-wingers pretending to be black on Twitter as they troll people has been noted. "I'm used to trolling, and it doesn't bother me, but the idea of a black woman selling her sons out to police with everything we know now was so sad to me that I couldn't wrap my mind around it. And the idea that anyone — let alone a black person — could say Emmett Till deserved to die is just so beyond the pale," he said. Over the past few months, Black Twitter has noticed an increase...
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"Zeus and Achilles were 'almost a religion' to him; how could the 'insipid blackness of the Episcopalian Church'—the faith of fashionable Boston—compete with the 'whoring of Zeus and the savagery of the heroes?'"

Wrote 19-year-old Robert Lowell to 51-year-old Ezra Pound in 1936, according to this New Yorker review of a book about Lowell. Lowell was trying to ingratiate himself to Pound, trying to convince the old poet to let him "come to Italy and work under you and forge my way into reality." What on earth would you say to try to seem like a poet worthy of an internship with another poet? Lowell also said:I had violent passions for various pursuits usually taking the form of collecting: tools; names of ...
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White People Shit That Black People (Not So) Secretly Love

White People Shit. It’s the semi-pejorative term Black folks use to describe items, actions, and ideas that fall outside of the negro-normative spectrum, preponderantly enjoyed by our Caucasian counterparts. Seinfeld. Mayonnaise. Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar & Grill. Calling the police. All things that seemingly exist as the exclusive domain of white people and feel somewhat out of place when juxtaposed with abject negritude.  But let’s be real, everyone’s Blackness has boundaries and even the h...
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"Sorry to offend the black-stretch-pants women of America with a little color."

Said Kellyanne Conway, responding to all the snark about her Inauguration Day getup.Her response doesn't at all deal with what weirded people out about the costume. And she took an unnecessary swipe at all the ordinary women who resort to black stretch pants to ease and simplify their lives.ADDED: For completely the opposite of black stretch pants and Kellyanne's regalia, look at the Guo Pei Spring 2017 Couture Collection. Scroll all the way through before fixing on an opinion. I began completel...
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Traveling to Africa for the first time as an African American

The first memory I have of being on African soil was my South African Airways plane touching down in Johannesburg, South Africa. I excitedly peaked through the window and caught a glimpse of Black tarmac workers offloading luggage. I distinctly remember locking eyes with one who even waved at me. The other passengers weren’t de-planing fast enough. I just wanted to get off of that plane and be enveloped in the South African outdoors. To smell it. To feel it. To study the faces of these famili...
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My Daughter Is In A Hip-Hop Dance Class. I Want Her Blackness To Make Her Better Than Everybody Else.

I’m a dance dad. While I’m not standing outside the studio yelling at my daughter to get in formation or tighten up those pirouettes, I do find myself at dance class at least once a week and, on special occasions, twice a week. See, my daughter has been taking dance lessons since, I believe, she was 2 years old. She is now 7, which means she’s been in the game for years and it made her an animal. She’s taken tap and ballet classes and has done a tremendous job with her fundamentals. She’s moved ...
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Panama and Shamira Discuss Solange’s “A Seat At The Table”

Panama: So, Solange dropped an album recently that has the internet’s buzzing: A Seat At The Table. Let Facebook tell it, it’s the best, Blackest album that’s been released in quite some time. I’m not sure I’m in that camp, though I can understand why folks love it so much. But I don’t think it’s nearly as good or as Black as Facebook keeps telling me. I do love “Cranes In The Sky” though. I mean, I try to drink lots of things away. They never go away though. I’m not sure who “they” is but they ...
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The Moments When Being a Black Man Is The Shit

2016 has been a rough year for black men.  We’re about to say goodbye to our first black president, Muhammad Ali died, Jay Electronica still ain’t dropped an album, and there’s a new Madea movie about to hit theaters.  Plus, cops keep shooting dudes that look like us like every week. It’s with that in mind that we need to take a minute and appreciate the small moments of negritude that make being a black man worth it.  Let’s take a minute and remember why, sometimes, us being us is the shit. 10....
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The National Museum of African American History and Culture Is The Blackest Thing I’ve Ever Seen This Week…and Ever

I’ve been to the new Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture (NMAAHC) twice so far – yes, that was a stunt – and it is easily the second Blackest place I’ve ever been in life. The Blackest? I’m glad you asked. That would be in the southeastern quadrant of Washington, DC, where Martin Luther King, Jr. Avenue intersects with Malcolm X Avenue; this corner features a liquor store, a park full of vagabonds, and the coup de grace: Popeye’s. It is indeed, the Blackest place ...
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"Yeah, I don't think we're in New Testament or Old Testament, we're like in Dante's Inferno, we're in the seventh circle of Hell..."

Raved David Brooks on "Meet the Press" today. He looked weirdly wild-eyed. What set him off that badly?The moderator Chuck Todd had brought up Trump's response to Khizr Khan — "I was viciously attacked by Mr. Khan at the Democratic Convention, am I not allowed to respond? Hillary voted for the Iraq War, not me." — and Doris Kearns Goodwin had recycled her idea that the question is "temperament" and Alex Castellanos seemed to think he was improving on that by saying "it's a choice between tempera...
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A Few Things That Are Right With America Right Now

We’ve had a rough two weeks, man.  I mean, collectively it’s been a tough time to live in America with constant reminders of everything that’s wrong. So how about we take a step back, breathe, and try to focus on a few things that are right with America?  Yeah, cops are still killing black folks and crazy people with guns are making it hard for everybody, but we gotta try to accentuate the positive and whatnot, right? Here’s just a quick list of a few things that aren’t so bad in America right n...
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How To Avoid Getting Shot And Killed By The Police If You Happen To Be Black

I will concede that we don’t know everything about the circumstances that led to Philando Castile’s death. What we do know, however, is that it would seem like Castile did everything Black people are taught and learn to do when interacting with the police; all things we’re taught and learn to do to avoid what happened to Castile happening to us. He pulled over when stopped and didn’t appear to resist, verbally or violently. He alerted the officer to the weapon he was carrying and his permit for ...
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