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An Airbnb cofounder explained the strategy behind its success in China, a market where most US companies have failed

American tech companies have historically struggled in China, but Airbnb has had success there. Airbnb hoped Chinese travelers' experiences as guests would lead them to become hosts, Blecharczyk said in a talk hosted by NYU on Tuesday. The strategy seems to be working: Blecharczyk said two-thirds of stays by Chinese travelers are now within the country, while Airbnb's listings there . Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories.  American tech companies have historically strug...
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Airbnb is looking at ways of increasing the amount of interaction between hosts and guests

Airbnb is looking at increasing the amount of interaction between hosts and guests, the BBC reports. Airbnb cofounder Nathan Blecharczyk told the BBC's India Business Editor, Simon Atkinson, that Airbnb users are keen to form personal connections. As a result, Airbnb is looking at pairing hosts and guests for tours, playing sport, and other activities. "What we've demonstrated is there's an immense appetite to travel more authentically and immerse yourself in culture ... as opposed to having a c...
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