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Wyoming Boondocking - Day 26: T-Dubing around the Haystack Buttes

 Monday, Sep 21Today I rode to the nearby rock formations called Haystack Buttes.  The formations are on BLM land and the area is accessible via wire gates, with access trails leading off WY 530, so easy to spot.I started with the gate closest to the entrance to Brinegar Crossing where I'm boondocking.  At first, I wasn't very close to the buttes so I just pootled along the trail which forms a big loop to the west of the rock formations and eventually dumps you back on WY 530.Along the way, ther...
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Dispatch 1: Portland and Vancouver

Last evening I landed in Portland, Oregon. Scene of much recent rebellion. There was fighting last night at the ICE building. Police were injured. I was not there and have not personally witnessed fighting yet. Today, a friend and I drove around Vancouver, Washington. After about two hours, we witnessed no signs of violence, BLM, or ANTIFA signs. Am not saying they are not here, but that we did not see any. We did see many American flags flying outside homes and businesses. [Author:...
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Dispatch 2: Homeless in Portland -- terrible

My second day back in America: Just spent a long afternoon tooling around Vancouver, Washington, and Portland, Oregon. No smoke from fires. Rains came just before I landed. Weather in the 60s and wonderful. Could see Mt. Hood just an hour ago. Vancouver peaceful. People pleasant. Little if any overt signs of unrest. Many American flags on homes and businesses. Little mention of BLM and/or Antifa anywhere. (Not that I saw all of Vancouver but a friend and I spent hours yesterday and today...
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Giffords’ Corporate ‘Outreach’ Equivalent of BLM Mobs Forcing Diners to Raise Fists

Giffords is appropriating “Silence is Violence” and repurposing it to pressure corporations into siding with citizen disarmament. (Giffords/Facebook) U.S.A. – -( “CEOs: It’s time to take a stand on gun safety. It will help your business,” Giffords executive director Peter Ambler advises in a Thursday Fast Company opinion piece. “Gun violence hasn’t stopped during the pandemic—it’s gotten worse. And gun safety organization Giffords wants the business community to commit to fighti...
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Twitter and Zoom’s algorithmic bias issues

Both Zoom and Twitter found themselves under fire this weekend for their respective issues with algorithmic bias. On Zoom, it’s an issue with the video conferencing service’s virtual backgrounds and on Twitter, it’s an issue with the site’s photo cropping tool. It started when about a Black faculty member’s issues with Zoom. According to Madland, whenever said faculty member would use a virtual background, Zoom would remove his head. “We have reached out directly to the user to investiga...
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Wyoming Boondocking - Day 25: West Firehole Canyon, Blacks Fork River and other rock formations

 Sunday, September 20A sunny day today, a bit cool until about 3 PM as the temperature was not forecasted to be higher than yesterday.  But the sunshine made all the difference!Soon as it hit 50°F (10°C) I hit the road on Yagi heading towards that promising looking trail I'd spotted the day before.  It seemed to lead straight into the gap created by the west portion of Firehole Canyon and this time I had the right motorcycle for the job!It was 23 miles from camp to the entrance to Lost Dog Road ...
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A 'patriotic' bipartisan presidential ticket determined by a coin flip demands to be taken seriously

Rep. Dan Crenshaw and Bret Weinstein. Bret Weinstein The "intellectual dark web" star Bret Weinstein sees certain disaster for the US if Trump or Biden wins in 2020. Weinstein launched "Unity 2020" — a "patriotic" bipartisan ticket with the president and vice president determined by coin flip — in the hopes of uniting the country. Unity 2020 has chosen Democratic Rep. Tulsi Gabbard and Republican Rep. Dan Crenshaw for its ticket. But both have already endorsed their respective parties' nom...
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A White police chief lays out why BLM protests matter in small towns

Even though there hasn't been a single Black Lives Matter protest in the predominantly White city of Canal Fulton, Ohio, their White police chief wrote an article welcoming them, saying "the Black community needs us."
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Minnesota businesses lose money from BLM rioting

FOX Business' Hillary Vaughn breaks down Minnesota's economic losses as an effect of Black Lives Matter riots.
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William Barr: Black Lives Matter Movement ‘Not Interested In Black Lives’

The attorney general accused BLM supporters of using Black lives as "props to achieve a much broader political agenda."
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Poll shows major decline in support for BLM movement across US over last three months

Pew Research Centre survey compared results from June and Septembe
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Britain's Got Talent: Ofcom will not investigate Diversity performance

The dance troupe's BLM-inspired performance on BGT received 24,500 complaints.
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Bill Barr 'wanted to arrest Seattle mayor over BLM protests'

Attorney general also reportedly asked for protesters to be charged with sedition
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US military police 'sought use of heat ray' to disperse White House protesters

Whistleblower testifies to House committee investigating use of force against BLM demonstrators in JuneA military whistleblower has said federal officials sought some unusual crowd control devices, including a so-called heat ray, to disperse protesters outside the White House in June.In written responses to questions from a House committee, the national guard major Adam DeMarco said the defence department’s lead military police officer for the national capital region sent an email asking if the ...
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Three BLM protesters charged following confrontation with Pittsburgh diners

Videos of demonstrators shouting at customers previously surfaced online
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Jewish man says Playa Vista company fired him after he balked at writing Black Lives Matter news release

By BILL HETHERMAN | City News Service LOS ANGELES — A Jewish man is suing an electronics manufacturing company, alleging he was fired in July in retaliation for complaining about alleged discrimination and for expressing concerns about writing a company statement soliciting funds for Black Lives Matter due to his disagreement about BLM’s views on Israel. Dani Kollin’s Los Angeles Superior Court lawsuit against Belkin International Inc. in Playa Vista alleges wrongful termination, retaliation and...
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NFL, if you kneel for anything, you stand for nothing: Ron Hart

The NFL has somehow opened its season and at the same time tied itself to the muddled message of professional malcontent Colin Kaepernick and the BLM movement. We are not sure what they are mad about or asking for, and we are tired of being preached to by hypocrites who do not understand their own sermon. Thus, many of us tuned out. TV ratings for the NFL opener were down 16 percent. The few fans in Kansas City booed the maudlin message that players are good while white fans are racist and in ne...
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Q&A With Rising Canadian Rapper Killa Con

Hey Killa Con! Dope project you dropped with Nobody from Namibia! Please tell us how long have you been making music? Most importantly, how did you come up with your rap name? I started rapping when I was 16 after I heard Killer Mike’s verse on Outkast’s ‘The Whole World’. I got into producing beats when I was in 2nd year of University, studying business. I was spending all my time making music, so I decided to move to Australia and do a music degree instead. I’m 35 now, so I’ve been making mus...
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NC driver charged after video shows SUV run over BLM protester in Tennessee crosswalk

A 37-year-old man from Bakersville, North Carolina, turned himself in Monday, police said.
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Stop making excuses for the 'protesters' that act like bad cops

A protester throws flaming trash toward the Mark O. Hatfield U.S. Courthouse after breaking through a newly-reinforced perimeter fence on July 22, 2020 in Portland, Oregon. Nathan Howard/Getty Images We're in an overcautious moment when it comes to criticizing incidents of violence and property destruction when they're even tangentially related to the protests against police brutality and racism. The protest movement is righteous, and protesters deserve respect. But opportunists and violen...
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Trump described the killing of an antifa-linked suspect by US Marshals as 'retribution'

Donald Trump is interviewed by Fox News' Jeanine Pirro on September 12 Fox News President Donald Trump in a Fox News interview Saturday described the fatal shooting of an antifa-linked murder suspect by US Marshals last week as an act of "retribution."  The fatal shooting by the law enforcement officers has come under scrutiny, with one witness claiming that they did not try and arrest the suspect before opening fire.  Trump has seized on the August 29 killing of a far-right activist d...
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Queensland police investigate allegations officer wore 'thin blue line' symbol at BLM protest

Police ‘making inquiries’ after photographs of officer wearing US flag bisected by thin blue line circulated on social mediaQueensland police have said they are “making enquiries” after an officer was photographed allegedly wearing a patch associated with far-right extremism at a Black Lives Matter protest on Friday.Photographs circulating on social media showed an Australian police officer wearing a patch depicting the US flag bisected diagonally with a blue line. It appears very similar to pop...
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Texas man admits he threatened ‘to off racists’ and took gun to BLM protest, feds say

The 25-year-old could go to prison for up to five years.
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BLM dance routine on Britain's Got Talent triggers 15,500 complaints

Performance by Diversity was inspired by the killing of George Floyd in the USThe number of complaints about an episode of Britain’s Got Talent (BGT) in which Diversity performed a routine inspired by Black Lives Matter has risen to 15,500, Ofcom has said.The dance group, who won the talent show in 2009, took to the stage with a politically charged performance during the ITV show’s semi-finals this month. Continue reading...
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Trump Will Be Reelected In A Landslide, But Then… VIDEOS

Opinion USA –  -( We are hounded daily that war is peace. Rioters and arsonists are peaceful protesters. Freedom is slavery. Covid-19 is a deadly pandemic. Face masks are for our health. We should trust the media. Ignorance is strength. The Marxist-styled-governance and draconian policies of Democratic politicians in America today can easily be found in the writings of Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” and in George Orwell’s “1984”. #WhiteHouseSiege in Lafayette Square, Washin...
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In gun case against DA Jackie Lacey’s husband, judge denies defense motion

SAN FERNANDO — A judge Thursday turned down the defense’s legal challenge to a misdemeanor case filed against Los Angeles County District Attorney Jackie Lacey’s husband, who is facing charges for pointing a gun out his door while ordering a group of protesters to leave his Granada Hills property. David Allan Lacey — who is now set to be arraigned Oct. 2 in a San Fernando courtroom — was charged Aug. 3 with three misdemeanor counts of assault with a firearm involving the early-morning run-in Mar...
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Zillow, Redfin vow to add Black board members in push for diversity

The companies are helping lead a new initiative dubbed the Board Challenge, which is meant to increase diversity among directors on company boards.
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A Misleading Attempt to Bolster the ‘Mostly Peaceful’ Riots Narrative

Has this summer’s unrest been “mostly peaceful,” as some have claimed? A new study from Roudabeh Kishi and Sam Jones at the Armed Conflict Location and Event Data Project (ACLED) has been trumpeted as sufficient justification for the media’s attempt to push this line. Kishi and Jones’s partisan framing have doubtlessly contributed to this misunderstanding. “In more than 93 percent of all demonstrations connected to the movement, demonstrators have not engaged in violence or destructive activity,...
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2 far-right group members arrested after allegedly attacking BLM protesters

Two men, members of a far-right group, are arrested after supporters of President Donald Trump clash with Black Lives Matter protesters. Labor Day weekend demonstrations turned violent in Salem, Oregon as members supporting different causes collided, resulting in two arrests. The Associated Press reports, supporters of President Donald Trump and Proud Boys members charged at counterprotesters representing Black Lives Matter at the west-coast capital.
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Pro-Trump and BLM protesters clash in violent scenes as experts warn election will bring social unrest

Expert warns of unrest if Americans are left waiting on election result as mail-in ballots are counted
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