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The 8 Best Strategies for Attracting Initial Traffic to Your Blog

Ideally, a good blog would attract traffic on its own. The content is so good and the topic is so popular that people can’t help but flood your site. Unfortunately, this rarely works in practice—at least at first. Once a blog has a steady stream of traffic and a decent amount of popularity, it should be able to sustain its own momentum.  But establishing that initial stream of traffic and an initial base of followers is challenging. If you want to begin generating momentum, you’ll need to emp...
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Small Firm Roadmap Stories: Taking Action

We sat down with family law attorneys Rebecca Ritchey and Sara Kelley of Sibus Law Group to discuss their experience in our Lawyerist Lab Community. Lawyerist: Hi Rebecca and Sara! Could you give a brief description of your firm, your practice area, location, and any other details you want to tell me about it? Rebecca: […] The post Small Firm Roadmap Stories: Taking Action appeared first on Lawyerist.
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Silversea Cruises: 2022/2023 Itineraries

CLICK TO VIEW 2022 2023 ITINERARIES AT A GLANCE Silversea Cruises: 2022/2023 Itineraries Silversea Cruises has just released their 2022/2023 itineraries. You can view the itinerary at a glance by clicking the image to the right. We shared with you last week that Silversea Cruises is now more all-inclusive than ever .  And it all begins with their 2022 cruises. Silversea Cruises 2022 & 2023 Collection For 2022 & 2023, the Silversea collection will include: 315 new voyages on 10 ships begin...
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Performance Test Liquibase Update

When doing a liquibase update to a database if you’re having performance issues, it can be hard to find out which updates are causing problems. If you need to measure the time to apply each sql statement we can use mockito to spy liquibase’s JDBCExecutor and print out each SQL and it’s time to complete. One gotcha is that you have to place your test in the liquibase.executor.jvm package so that you can have access to the StatementCallback interface. package liquibase.execut...
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Does One-upmanship Have A Place In Soccer?

Your players are constantly trying to better each other with harder shots, tricks and flicks, and by staying behind longer after training. Should you encourage this kind of one-upmanship and competitiveness? MORE
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Silversea Cruises: More All-Inclusive

CLICK TO VIEW INFORMATIONAL FLYER Silversea Cruises: More All-Inclusive Silversea Cruises is set to become more all-inclusive than ever, with the upcoming launch of its new 2022/2023 itineraries. Carol and I sailed with Silversea in 2014. And you can find Silversea on our newly published Favorite Ocean Cruise Lines . They were our first introduction to luxury small-ship cruising. In fact, it was Silversea that convinced us that we needn’t ever sail on a big cruise ship ever again. We wer...
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Five Tips for an awesome and SEO-friendly blog post

If you want to start a new blog and want to hit the top shelves, then there are some tips that you would find helpful in this article. In this small traction, we are going to tell you all about the five different tips and techniques that would help you create an excellent and SEO-friendly blog post and that too for free. Many people would recommend you use spinner programs to create blogs, but you must understand that this is not at all the right way to achieve a good SEO-score. The tips discus...
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Viking Thanksgiving Sale

Viking Thanksgiving Sale Viking has just rolled out a month-long Thanksgiving Sale on select ocean and river cruises. As you may well know, Viking is one of our go-to brands for ocean and river cruises. To see their current special offers, take a peek at the links below: Plus, We Have Perks! RIVER CRUISES : save up to $3,000 per couple, up to FREE international air, and up to $600 shipboard credit per stateroom. OCEAN CRUISES : cruise from $1,999/person plus international air from $799/pers...
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Patriot & ThinkComputers Holiday Giveaway!

It is Holiday season! That means it is time to give back to you, our awesome community! We have teamed up with our friends over at Patriot to give away one of their Viper VPN100 512GB NVMe solid state drives as well as one of their Viper Steel 16GB 4400 MHz memory kits! The post Patriot & ThinkComputers Holiday Giveaway! appeared first on
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What Are Nipple Clamps and How Do They Work

When it comes to sex, no two things complement each other like pain and pleasure. All that idea of controlled pain coupled with a dozen other romantic toppings will send you straight into ecstasy! We can’t even describe with words what the actual act will do to you. The secret to making any sex session successful is having the right tools, and one of the tools you need to make sure that your sex session is pleasurable and unforgettable are nipple clamps. What are nipple clamps If you are a fan...
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6 Ways to Give Back to the Community This Holiday Season

The holidays are a season of giving. It’s a time for reflecting on the year and expressing gratitude for your blessings, great or small. It’s a time for families to come together and where everyone feels connected and full of holiday cheer. It can also be a time of great need for some people. If you have the means, the holiday season can be an incredibly special time for you to give back to your community, whether you’re in New York or Topeka, and all those around you who need some extra love a...
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Win-Win: Tallying the Benefits of a Cloud Application Migration

GigaOm last week updated a benchmark report we had published in August titled, “Costs and Benefits of .NET Application Migration to the Cloud,” authored by GigaOm Analyst Ned Bellavance. That report detailed some of the dynamics and decision making behind a cloud application migration effort, and helped lay out the costs and value that IT organizations can expect from the investment. On the benefits side of the equation, Bellavance in the report singled out a trio of benefits: Increased product...
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Do You Expect Honesty From Your Players On The Pitch?

Referees will always miss things in matches but how many of us actually instruct our players to correct a wrong decision? Or would we actually prefer them to keep quiet and play to the whistle, even if the decision is incorrect? MORE
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Preparing For The MCAT – Simple Tips That Will Help You Pass The Test

Preparing for the MCAT is a crucial part of getting your GED. It is one of the most difficult aspects of any course to pass. That being said, if you can prepare for it well, you will be on your way to passing your MCAT. If you do not know how to prepare for the MCAT, then the first and the most important aspect of preparation is to study. There is no doubt that the MCAT is very difficult and there are more than a few things you have to know about it. This is where preparation comes into play. Be...
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Cleaning A House With Pets – Important Pointers To Apply

If you want to clean your house with pets, there are a few basic steps that you will have to take to ensure that your house stays as clean as possible without having to spend more money. Aside from this post, we urge you to also check Andi Perullo de Ledesma’s article that features the best tricks for a hassle-free cleaning project. The first thing you need to do is to take all of the pets off of the furniture and move them to another area so that they cannot cause any damage or harm to your fur...
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Shower Sex Positions

Shower sex should be on your bucket list. If it isn’t, it’s okay; it surely will be after you are done reading this! You absolutely need to experience that stimulating, orgasmic rush of hitting it with those droplets of water wildly splashing on your skin and trickling down your joined bodies. Shower sex is a delicate yet satisfying experience that will guarantee you the orgasm and the fireworks climax you crave. Of course, if you do decide to practice it, you should apply the right skills and k...
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Who is NetApp?

At Cloud Field Day 9 Netapp presented some of its cloud solutions. This comes on the heels of NetApp Insight, the annual corporate event that should give its user base not just new products but also a general overview of the company strategy for the future. NetApp presented a lot of interesting news and projects around multi-cloud data and system management. The Transition to Data Fabric This is not the first time that NetApp radically changed its strategy. Do you remember when NetApp was the bo...
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Steamy Kitchen Update

1. Bring on the sweaters, it’s that time of year! The cool weather has officially touched down here in Vegas, and we have been bundled up all week, including Duke as you can see in the photo!  I have to say, Duke’s winter jumpsuit is fitting a bit smaller this time of year. He was surprisingly willing to let us put on this orange number, or at least the 3 out of 4 legs that would fit! The face shows his level of enthusiasm, he is such a good sport with us crazy humans! 2. Speaking of...
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How to Create a Content Brief That’ll Quickly Improve Your Content Marketing

Creative work is a process, not some amorphous, intangible thing that magically appears. It has phases and details and specific goals. The best way to realize purposeful content to your exact specifications is to use a Content Brief. If you are creating a piece of content without a content brief, you might as well be journaling. There […]
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England, Scotland, Ireland Tour

CLICK FOR LARGE VIEW England, Scotland, Ireland Tour This 24-day England, Scotland, and Ireland Tour will take you to all of the most sought-after destinations in England and Ireland. From our friends at Insight Vacations, this tour is available in a classic group (up to 50 people) or a small group (up to 24 people). If these destinations have been sitting idle on your bucket list, then this is a wonderful way to check them off in one fell swoop. This epic adventure illuminates the hidd...
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WEEKLY DEBATE Do You Drop A Player If Other Sports Take Up Their Time?

THIS WEEK’S DEBATE: I encourage players to try other sports but one of my lads is now playing county rugby and his commitments interfere with soccer training. Is it fair he should miss our matches because he hasn't trained? MORE
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Steamy Kitchen Update

Happy  TuesdayWednesday  Sunday!! Yeah, it’s been THAT kind of week! Amanda, the lovely woman who helps me manage our Steamy Kitchen team, just asked me, “did you ever send out the newsletter on Tuesday?” Um…nope. Better late than never, right? The photo above is the Daytime TV episode that aired a few days ago. I talked about spicing up pumpkin seeds with three different global spices: Za’atar (Middle Eastern), Shichimi Togaroshi (Japanese) and Berbere (Ethopian)  We had suc...
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Four Seasons Maui: Best Rates

Four Seasons Maui: Best Rates In this article, we’ll teach you how to get the best available rates, a guaranteed upgrade, and other complimentary VIP perks at the Four Seasons Resort in Maui. The Hawaiian Islands have finally opened to U.S. travelers from the mainland. Further, the Four Seasons Resort Maui will reopen on November 20, 2020. Carol and I have stayed at the Four Seasons Resort Maui several times.  It is our favorite resort on Maui. Exclusive Complimentary VIP Perks Roaming Boome...
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What is a Bullet Vibrator and How to Use It

If you love pleasure, and you would not want to miss it for anything anytime, anywhere, then the bullet vibrator is the perfect sex toy for you. Bullet vibrators have taken the sex toy market by storm, and they deserve every single claim of praise that comes their way. The short of it is: bullet vibrators are a special addition to your sex life that are well worth the trial! What is a bullet vibrator? A bullet vibrator is a small sex toy that has all the good things you would want in a sexual ...
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9 Best Sitting Sex Positions

We know there are those days when you are feeling wild and kinky, and nothing does it better than hitting it from the back. All the doggy style fans can understand this feeling! Then, there are days when you are feeling like a hopeless romantic, days when you do not want to have sex, but rather, you feel all you need to do is ‘make love’ in that sweet and timeless missionary position. Then, there are days when you are bored; and these let you know that the bedroom needs something new, which is p...
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Different Girlfriend Gift Ideas To Keep In Mind To Make Her Feel Special

Are you looking for some new girlfriend gift ideas? It’s a fun way to show your girlfriend how much you care and love her. So if you are searching for a unique gift to give her, this article is perfect for you! We have a number of different styles of gifts to choose from, as well as the perfect gift for the right occasion. And we also have some of the most unique gift ideas around. The first gift, you should consider buying for your girlfriend is something she can use on a daily basis. Whether y...
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Psychic Readings Over The Internet – Essential Reminders To Keep In Mind

If you’re looking for the best way to find a good psychic reader then you might want to look at psychic reading online and see if this is something that you can try. By making the choice to go with psychic reading online you’ll be able to get an experience that you won’t normally get from a traditional psychic reader. Every psychic medium on board the website will be using every resource at their disposal, whether it’s communications with spirits or astrology and tarot reading, to help you in al...
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How to deliver the perfect team talk

Say the wrong thing at the wrong time and your well-intentioned team talk could do more harm than good. Sports psychologist Bill Beswick reveals the secrets behind delivering the perfect team talk. MORE
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Marketing for Doctors Offices: Six Proven Strategies for Predictable Patient Growth

There’s a paradigm shift in the medical community, as doctors present themselves more and more online. The content created and shared, like the expertise a patient receives in person, must be both legitimate and comprehensive. Service websites are the avenue, and optimizing that website will be the key to patient engagement and search rankings and lead […]
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WEEKLY DEBATE Should You Raise Your Voice To Raise The Standard?

Good coaching relies on ensuring instructions are thought out and well delivered, but does that mean we should raise our voices? Is shouting at players a necessary part of youth soccer, just as it is the professional game? MORE
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