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How You Can Maximize Ulysses 22 as a Blogger

The Ulysses 22 is one of the latest cool apps for bloggers. Just a few weeks ago, Ulysses 22 was relaunched with new and exciting features. It is one of the most raved about for Mac and Apple users. The features of Ulysses 22 alone are a good indicator of how useful the app is for bloggers. The Ulysses 22 app is easy to download at the Mac App Store. For only $5.99 per month, all features of the Ulysses app are within reach. Also, the app offers free trials for those who want to migrate their wo...
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3 Ways that Content Writers and Bloggers Can Stand Out from the Crowd

Relying on low-cost one-off writers or featuring guest contributions will only work for so long. With this strategy, in time, many businesses often find it difficult to establish a clear voice through multiple content creators. This is why many companies look for an in-house blogger to create consistent content that converts. As an independent blogger, or one looking for a more permanent position, finding the next writing gig can be a big challenge. A strong content marketing strategy can h...
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My Kid Is Good At Video, I Suck At It

I'm really good persistent at writing a sub-par fishing blog, but I'll be the first one to admit I suck at making videos. My 11-year-old daughter is way better at it than I am. I used to be somewhat okay finding my way around Microsoft Movie Maker, this probably being my masterpiece (ha!), but somewhere along the line I upgraded or updated my computer, and it disappeared. Oh, and Microsoft doesn't offer it anymore. That kinda sucks. I'm sure I could get a copy on the dark web, whatever the he...
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