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Substack, Ghost and the revenge of the bloggers

The New York Times' Ben Smith wrote a great article about Substack and Ghost, the newsletter platforms that have attracted many old-time bloggers who found themselves adrift after founding startups, taking traditional media jobs, or losing them. There is some controversy—Substack is financing star authors and many perceive an overly libertarian1 leaning to its incipient A-list—but Smith focuses his article on Danny Lavery, one of my favorite writers, and his wife Grace, a professor at U.C. — Rea...
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WATCH: Back to Basics 101 — Get back to blogging

Realtor, trainer and consultant with Doorbell Real Estate in Tennessee, Laura Fangman shares her top tip for reaching potential clients.
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"Long-time reader, first time commenter. I love the café style blog you created and have spent way too many hours reading you and your commenters over the past eleven years."

Writes a reader who calls herself lawlizard. The email continues: I was sad to see that you ended comments, but having had some time to think about it, I would offer the following. I think the comment section had become less of a café to offer freewheeling conversation and thoughtful opinions and was more like a bar. For the regulars, everybody knows their name, but they also had gotten boring. I could read your post and often it would spark interesting ideas and then read the comments and too ...
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"The comments section had become very man-centered.... Most posts contained a slur against you, particularly as a woman."

After I added an emailed comment to yesterday's post — "The thing that's complicated about the body positive movement..." — I received email from a woman who does not want to be named:The person you chose to quote yesterday, Mary, wrote something similar to what I was thinking and considered emailing you about. Th[at] post strikes me as a woman's topic -- aging and acceptance as beauty fades -- and I began to wonder if your blog would become more of a woman's space. I'm one of the 77 who voted t...
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8 ways to rank higher on Google — and improve your website traffic

Getting your website to rank on Google is like putting together pieces of a puzzle. All of your efforts across various channels come together to build your website’s authority. Here are few tips to help drum up more traffic for your business.
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Perhaps you've noticed that I've eliminated comments on this blog.

If you want to understand why I've made this change, go to this momentous post from Sunday and search the comments for contributions from me. I did not believe when I put that post up that I was about to end comments, but the comments — ironically, the comments insisting that I keep the comments — convinced me that I needed to let go of the blogging-with-comments game.You can still comment on posts. You just have to send me email. Use this address. I'll presume you want to be quoted in an update...
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I didn't plan for yesterday to be so momentous.

It certainly wasn't an Easter idea. Who am I to step on Easter? I had a post — put up before sunrise — about a column by a bishop who spoke of "recovering the strangeness of Easter," but he wasn't saying make your Easter Sunday strange — do something strange in your life. He wanted you to engage with the strangeness of the Christian belief in the resurrection of Jesus. That was no call to perform strangeness in the drama of my own little life.I went out for my usual sunrise run. It wasn't a big ...
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China butchers Aesop fable in latest act of wolf-warrior diplomacy

Chinese embassy in Ireland Twitter account riffs on fable Wolf and the Lamb, with onlookers asking, ‘Who is the wolf?’A butchered Aesop’s Fable from the Twitter account of China’s embassy in Ireland has drawn mirth from observers and highlighted the growing sensitivity of Chinese diplomats to international criticism.As China engages in international disputes ranging from fist fights with Taiwanese officials to trade sanctions to threats of conflict, the behaviour of current foreign officials has...
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"It's March 2021, and I'm looking back on this comments thread about drawings from Van Gogh Museum. It's so weird to see the one commenter breaking in..."

"... with the emergency news that Peter Jennings has died and I must get right on it," I write in the comments to a post I put in 2005. We were talking about a post that had my ink drawings of Van Gogh and of a museum guard yelling at a baby who'd sat down on the ledge that is there to keep people from standing to close to the paintings, and of the baby muttering "Bummer, bummer, bummer." I thought that was pretty amusing, but the commenter was all: "Ann, if you're still up, Peter Jennings' dea...
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Bright and Beautiful Flower Lady

I just LOVE her! I don’t use purple very much in my artwork, but a few years ago I got a BIG bag of fabric scraps from someone who makes beautiful cashmere coats. There were beautiful rich jewel tones that I probably wouldn’t buy but once I had them in my hands, I got inspired. She has little yellow slippers. The weather has been nice enough that we brought the chairs out onto the porch. Let Spring begin!
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"Internet turns on Jensen Karp, ‘manipulative’ shrimp tail cereal man."

NY Post headline.I don't have a tag for "crustaceans." I have "lobster" and "crabs," but I don't have "shrimp." That boxes me in tag-wise. It's not as though I haven't written about shrimp before. There's this, in 2018:  I wanted to give this post a "crustaceans" tag, but I didn't want to create a new tag. So I started typing out the word in the place where I add my tags, and by the time I got to "crus-," there was only one tag the software was suggesting, and it wasn't "crustaceans," so that's...
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Medium shutters media sites, pivots to Substack model

Medium, the blogging site that's also an off-again-on-again publisher, is off again. Founder Ev Williams announced that it would shut down its media sites and offer redundancy packages to the contributors, leaving the platform to pursue a Substack-style model centered on individual writers. — Read the rest
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What just happened at Medium?

I confess I haven't ever followed Medium. I don't use it, and I don't understand what's supposed to make it different from other publishing options like Twitter and Blogger. I did see 2 headlines just now at the top of my favorite link-gathering site Memeorandum.The first is "Medium Editorial Team Update" at Medium itself, written by Ev Williams. This piece is incredibly dense and wordy, a style that makes me suspicious. What are you trying to hide/finesse? I retreated to Wikipedia to read about...
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In case you're wondering...

... yes, I got rid of the Google AdSense ads on purpose. I'd only put them back recently because I'd thought, for my own protection, I should open up the flow of information from Google about whether it is getting complaints that this blog — on Google's Blogger — is offensive. Yesterday, I got email from Google that 3 things had been reported, and I just found it too annoying to look into. Two things were supposedly "sexual" and the other was something I didn't want to waste time trying to under...
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"'It will one day be worth $1 billion'... Many people really, really wanted the Beeple sale to succeed. In fact, the high price [$69.3 million] smacked of market manipulation."

"NFTs rely on blockchain, a database technology based on decentralized, collective control of blocks of data that have been chained together in a way that makes the data immutable. Metapurse — the company founded and financed by Metakovan, the buyer of 'Everydays' — says it 'identifies early-stage projects across blockchain infrastructure, finance, art, unique collectibles, and virtual estate.' According to the Art Newspaper, Metapurse 'is also a production studio for NFTs and a major funder of ...
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5 Quick & Easy Steps To Promoting Your MLM Blog On Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the best social media platforms for bloggers to promote their content. There are over 500 million active Pinterest users, and around 70% have made a purchase as a result of Pinterest. When you use some nifty strategies, pinners will be more likely to click through your blog posts and follow your […] The post 5 Quick & Easy Steps To Promoting Your MLM Blog On Pinterest appeared first on MLM Blog - Network Marketing Blog.
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How To Create Evergreen Content For Your MLM Blog

Having lived my whole life in the Pacific Northwest, I know a thing or two about Evergreen trees. They stand tall above many other trees and they always keep their green color. This is the exact kind of content you want for your MLM Blog. Content that stands out and keeps looking live no matter […] The post How To Create Evergreen Content For Your MLM Blog appeared first on MLM Blog - Network Marketing Blog.
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How To Write A WordPress MLM Blog Post

Writing blog posts for your MLM business can be a difficult task. It is important to remember that people visit your site for the purpose of getting information on how they can start their own business and turn it into a lucrative career. You need to make sure you are able to provide them with […] The post How To Write A WordPress MLM Blog Post appeared first on MLM Blog - Network Marketing Blog.
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"I went to England and in the course of us meeting the Beatles, I became friends with George. He was a very nice cat, very open..."

"... a very decent human being. Invited me over to his house for dinner, that kind of thing. Hung out with us. Later on, he tells me that he’s gone to India and met this teacher, this guru. George is smitten by him. I listened to what he was saying and I wanted to say to George, 'That’s great, but take it with a grain of salt,' because usually when somebody comes on that strong that they’ve got the answer, it’s bulls—. I wanted to say, 'Have some skepticism.' But I was too chicken to do it, beca...
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Facebook and Twitter say Australia wants to give regulator too much power in bid to combat online bullying

The social media giants raise concerns about the eSafety commissioner’s investigative powers and lack of oversightFacebook and Twitter have raised concern controversial new legislation aimed at curbing bullying and governing online activity will give Australia’s eSafety commissioner too much power over speech online with little oversight.The online safety bill, introduced into parliament last week, is aimed at giving a broad range of powers to the eSafety commissioner to target bullying and hara...
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How To Grow Your MLM Blog Traffic Outside Of Google Search

You don’t need to be a famous blogger or influencer with millions of followers. All you have to do is share your blog posts more effectively outside of Google search (social media, newsletters, email and influencer outreach) to watch your traffic grow. Here are a few ideas the help you get started building your MLM […] The post How To Grow Your MLM Blog Traffic Outside Of Google Search appeared first on MLM Blog - Network Marketing Blog.
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3 Decades-old Blog Monetization Misconceptions That Are Still Relevant Today

Many try to make money online with blogs, but only a few really makes it. In many cases, you and I fail to make enough money from our blogs because… Read more » The post 3 Decades-old Blog Monetization Misconceptions That Are Still Relevant Today appeared first on
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SEO For Your WordPress MLM Network Marketing Blog

An entire book could easily be written about search engine optimizing your MLM Blog for Google, Bing, and other search engines, but this introductory blog post will help you get started with MLM Blog WordPress SEO. Optimize your blog posts for search engines Focusing on the content and making sure your blog posts are easy […] The post SEO For Your WordPress MLM Network Marketing Blog appeared first on MLM Blog - Network Marketing Blog.
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Twitter to launch paid 'super follow' function that lets users charge for content

Social media network also announces ‘Spaces’, a Clubhouse competitor that lets users participate in audio chatsTwitter has announced it will launch a “super follow” feature, which lets users charge followers for access to exclusive content, later this year.The move comes as Twitter is branching out from advertising to find more ways to make money — both for itself and for its most prolific users. Continue reading...
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My 16th Anniversary Of Business Blogging

Two days ago I had a milestone with this blog. I have been officially blogging for 16 years, and since this was my first official blog I want to acknowledge that. It wasn’t the first time I was writing online, but it was the first time I owned what I was writing on. So, I’m […]
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5 Ideas That You Can Use To Create An Irresistible Opt-in Offer For Your Blog

I was going to write this post with a couple of assumptions, but then I remembered that many readers are just starting out with Internet Marketing, so this post might be a little longer than usual as I make sure to explain everything. First here are were my assumptions: You understand the power of building […] The post 5 Ideas That You Can Use To Create An Irresistible Opt-in Offer For Your Blog appeared first on MLM Blog - Network Marketing Blog.
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4 Great Benefits Of Using A Business Blog

Business blogging can be an excellent way to reach new customers and grow your business these days. Here are some tips. The post 4 Great Benefits Of Using A Business Blog appeared first on Young Upstarts.
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What To Do When No One Is Reading Your Blog

Recently, I was looking through’s copy of a blog I used to write called Multileveler.  Multileveler was a part of a business blog network called Know More Media.  At the time, I was a paid blogger for Multileveler and  in addition to my blogging here at MLM blog. Many days I would write […] The post What To Do When No One Is Reading Your Blog appeared first on MLM Blog - Network Marketing Blog.
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Imperfect rhymes.

I don't know what poems and raps you are working on, but me, I needed a rhyme for "infinite." I resorted to using a website called Rhyme Zone, which informed me that there were no perfect rhymes, but it listed near rhymes, ranking them according to nearness, with 100 being a perfect rhyme. First on the list was "pinion nut," with a 92 rating. Less near were "intimate," "indiscriminate," and "Berlin summit," at 88. The most interesting suggestion was "sinful lust," 84.... Conversation at Mea...
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How Blogging Could Strengthen Your Company This Year

Business improvement is probably one of your overarching goals. However, when your main intention is to make your company stronger, it’s not always easy to decide how to do that. Should you invest in better customer service, increase your product assortment, or hire people with more expertise? Those possibilities could all result in a more […] The post How Blogging Could Strengthen Your Company This Year appeared first on Young Upstarts.
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