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Masturbation memories: a sex toy giveaway (50 prizes!)

Here we are, in the formerly-futuristic year 2021, and it's been 14 years since I sat in my college dorm room and typed up my very first sex toy review. My blog is now a teen, the same age I was when I fell in love with a girl for the first time. Should I be asking my blog about its sexuality? Honey, you know you can come to me with anything. I could yammer on about how different everything was back in 2007, because BOY WAS IT, but I'll leave that for my social media posts throughout the giv...
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Sex toy survival kits for the apocalypse winners!

Somehow it's November already, and with it comes the conclusion of my sex toy survival kits for the apocalypse giveaway. Will the actual apocalypse happen this week? Who knows! We'll have to wait and see! Let's not talk about it! I must say, I am HIGHLY impressed by the turnout. 5,363 people entered the giveaway, the largest number in the history of ever. Only one (1) person chewed me out for talking shit about cops, and even that was a fairly tame response (think "disappointed dad" energy). ...
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Giveaway: sex toy survival kits for the apocalypse

2020 is not the year we ordered. We've spent almost 7 months in quarantine, and now we're heading into a precarious election that may lead to the collapse of society as we know it. But despite the hellscape that is this year, some good traditions persist, and one of those is my annual sex toy giveaway. Of course, the usual whimsical themes wouldn't cut it this time around. This is not a time for carnivals. It's a time for survival. So, I've assembled 10 sex toy survival kits to get you throu...
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My 12th Blogging Anniversary!

Today marks 12 years since I started this genealogy blog! There have been some months that I’ve published posts quite often and some years I haven’t posted very much. My last post on this blog was back on August 1st of last year. That doesn’t mean I have slowed down in my family history research. […]
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Happy 11th Blogiversary!

It’s that time of year – this little blog of mine is 11 years old! In keeping with my custom of following the schedule of traditional and modern anniversary gifts, I will be giving myself fashion jewelry or something made of steel. Okay, so that jewelry thing isn’t going to happen – I’m really not a fashion gal. There are so many options for steel when it comes to bookbinding tools. I already have several in my collection, including spatulas, awls, and dividers. Among my favorites are a stainle...
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I was so wrapped up in doing research last week I missed my 12th blogiversary! Time flies when you're having fun! So this is where it stands as of 31Jan 2019{A few stats: This is post 2485. I've had 1,064,815 pageviews (most of which were likely by webcrawler bots) and  I have 278 followers. So I've lost 2 of the 280 followers I had last year!These were my All Time Top Ten Posts on last year on 23Jan: And this is the list as of today: The post on Malden where I lived as a child still tops the ...
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Happy (Belated) Blogiversary To My Friend at Hooked On Golf Blog

A very happy Blogiversary to Tony Korologos at Hooked On Golf Blog. Tony is one of ... Read more. The post Happy (Belated) Blogiversary To My Friend at Hooked On Golf Blog appeared first on GolfBlogger Golf Blog.
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12th Blogiversary

I’m sure you haven’t noticed, but I’ve been doing this for twelve years.  Over the course of time I’ve transitioned from military blogging to guns and gun rights.  This transition occurred quite a while back, but I know I’ve still kept some military readers. The blog began as a way to log a journal online while my son was in the Marine Corps.  My oldest son told me he thought I did it in order to stay sane.  Perhaps.  And perhaps I haven’t.  It evolved into analysis and assessment of military st...
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Happy 10th Blogiversary to Me!

Ten years have passed since I started All My Branches Genealogy blog as a way to share stories about my ancestors, collateral relatives, and me. Cousins have found my blog and learned new things about our shared family. In turn, I’ve been able to collaborate with them about information that I didn’t have.  I hope […]
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Decade of sex toys giveaway winners (plus Boris video!)

That’s it! The hugest sex toy giveaway of the year is over, and I have awarded all 100-ish prizes to the winners! (Yeah, I have so many prizes now I’ve lost count. What a world.) THANK YOU ALL for making the whole thing a roaring success — by commenting on my posts with sweet words, by sharing the giveaway on social media, by following Boris’ clues, and just for generally being amazing readers and followers over the years. The reason I’ve amassed so many prizes is because I want to give away a...
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Decade of sex toys giveaway! Grand prize worth $1,000+!

Hi, hello, I’m commemorating 10 years of sex blogging with the most extravagant sex toy giveaway I’ve ever done. I’m giving away 80+ of the best sex toys ever made, as judged by my discerning vagina. Then, because that wasn’t enough, there’s a grand prize pack of my very favorite products worth over $1,000 — with 10 runners-up. SO MANY WINNERS. [All graphics by the wonderful Aerie.] Peeps, I’ve got everything here from vibrators to dildos to butt stuff to penis toys to harnesses to gender prod...
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A decade of sex blogging

Cupcake butt plug (discontinued, sadly) and Shilo. The cliché is true — it feels like just yesterday and like forever ago. This week marks 10 years since I first published a review of a sex toy on the internet. It was fall 2007, my junior year of college. That summer, I’d moved out of the dorms and into my first apartment. I was 20 years old, almost 21. If you’d asked me what my career was going to be, I would’ve hesitated and posited, “…writer? I hope?” A cautious optimism underneath which li...
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Enter the “10th Blogiversary – Discover the World” Giveaway!

It's my 10th blogiversary month (I can't believe it, either)! To celebrate, I'm giving away TWO fabulous prizes to help you discover your ancestors around the world. You won't want to miss this one, so be sure to add your entry before October 31, 2017. You're reading Enter the “10th Blogiversary – Discover the World” Giveaway! originally posted on My Descendant's Ancestors by Elizabeth O'Neal.
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The Most Epic Vegan Rocky Road's our one year Blogiversary as the Delightful Vegans! And as a birthday treat, we skipped the cake, and instead made... The Most Epic Vegan Rocky Road EVER! Honestly, this stuff is insane!But before I give you the recipe for this a...By: delightfulvegansContinue Reading » [Author: delightfulvegans]
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Celebrating 8 Years of Zannaland

You may have seen on my social channels that today marks 8 years of I thought I’d note the occasion here as well. 8 years ago, I made the decision to write predominantly about Walt Disney World and Disney entertainment and its impact on my family and me. Since then, I’ve gotten to experience and share so much, and my life has changed completely from where I started, in all good ways. I am so grateful for the friendships and relationships that have been built as a result of just wa...
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Celebrating Nine Years

I have been so busy the last few months that I completely missed my blogging anniversary (blogiversary)! Nine years ago on April 19, 2008, I wrote the first two posts here on All My Branches Genealogy: New Genealogy Blog and They Died How? Since that day, I’ve published 580 articles; have 66 followers; and have […]
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Sex toys for all giveaway winners

I’m exhausted, y’all. Turns out, awarding over 50 sex toy prizes to over 50 different people is tiring! But I’m also stunned and humbled: over 5,000 individual human beings entered my huge annual giveaway. Thank you, all of you, especially those who left sappy comments on the post. I know I bribed you into saying nice things, but every nice thing still means a lot to me. I wish I could give all of you the sex toys of your dreams, but at least Black Friday is this week, and I vow to faithfully k...
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Sex toys for all — win one of more than 50 sex toy prizes!

This month, my blog turns 8 years old. It could’ve been a two-term president in that time. My sex toy collection has grown from a sad box of junk to a walk-in closet of glory; my standards have been raised to preposterous levels. But one thing remains the same: each year, I celebrate my blogiversary with a huge giveaway, to put my favorite sex toys in the hands of people who deserve them. With liberty and #sextoysforall. [All graphics by the incomparable Aerie. Hire them for any and all projec...
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A seven year anniversary and a big announcement

Me standing on the edge of Canada. In Ingonish, Nova Scotia, 2016. Celebrating seven lucky years of dreaming, travelling and following my bliss … TODAY, AUGUST 23, 2016, Breathedreamgo turns seven. It was seven years ago today that I first hit the publish button on my professional travel blog. I chose August 23, 2009, Ganesh’s birthday, because the Hindu, elephant-headed god, beloved in India, is the god of luck and auspicious beginnings. Image of Ganesh by Danielle Winter And it worked, ...
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Blog Birthday

Abaco Bonefish The blog, this little thing I do, turns 7 today. I know perfectly when it has a birthday because it also happens to be my own birthday. This last year has been dominated by the Bahamas regulation debate and has been a bit skinny in most other regards. There is a lot more going on, both in bonefishing, and in my own life, than is reflected in the pages and posts of the blog, of course. There are bonefish caught around the globe from the Cook Islands to the Gulf of Yemen to the mid...
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Happy Blogiversary to Me!

Eight years ago on April 18th, I decided to take the leap from a Tripod hosted website (which is still in existence) to a Genealogy Blog. I am still reaping the rewards of that decision! Not only did I become a part of the larger “genea-blogger” community but I’ve learned so many tips, tricks, and […]
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GolfBlogger’s 12th Blogiversary

Another year has passed and today is the 12th blogiversary of GolfBlogger.Com The first post, on March 22, 2004, was speculation on whether Elin Nordegren would distract Tiger and ultimately be bad for Tiger’s game. I’ll leave that there. GolfBlogger is, to my knowledge, the oldest, continuously published golf blog in existence (that’s why I was... Read more » The post GolfBlogger’s 12th Blogiversary appeared first on GolfBlogger.
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DennisKennedy.Blog Celebrates Thirteenth Birthday

Long-time readers of this blog will know that today is the blawgiversary of DennisKennedy.Blog. I started this blog on February 15, 2003, and we (my blog and me) are marking its thirteenth birthday today. That makes DennisKennedy.Blog a teenager. Much more about that in a minute.In previous years, I marked the week of the blogiversary with a weeklong combined celebration of my blog’s birthday and my birthday (February 17 – shout out to birthday sharers Michael Jordan and Jim Brown). The issue of...
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Farewell .. Adieu, My Sweet Garden: 4th Blogiversary

Greetings my friends,  today marks the 4th Blogiversary of Bay Area Tendrils ... It's a celebratory day, yet one that is bittersweet as I'm preparing to say farewell to my garden. Perhaps the dearth of posts has hinted at a major life change on the horizon.  And so, for the second time I am parting from a garden I've nurtured from the ground up, having worked for nearly 15 years to create a sanctuary space from scratch in Northern California. The Bay Area Tendrils archives tell the tal...
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7-year blogiversary giveaway winners

The biggest giveaway of the year on this here blog has officially closed, and what a giveaway it was! There were over 4,800 individual entrants vying for 30 fantastic sex toy prizes. As always, I loved being a sex toy santa for a day and emailing all the winners! If you didn’t win this time around, I have two pieces of news to lift your spirits. One, this week is Thanksgiving and therefore Black Friday and therefore the most hardcore discounts on sex toys, and I’ll be cataloging all of them in a...
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A Decade of Angieville

I woke up this morning a bit flummoxed to realize that today marks my blog's ten year anniversary. How . . . how did that happen? The lovely thing is that the bemusement was almost immediately followed by a palpable thrill of wonder at the fact that I've been doing this thing—this thing that I have come to love, that has become an integral, limb-like part of me—for a decade. There are only a few other things I've been doing that long. I've been married to my husband for just a few years longe...
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7-year blogiversary giveaway — win one of 30 rad sex toys!

I am a bit concerned about you, peeps. Nary a whisper has been uttered to remind me that it’s October and therefore time for me to give away a pile of sex toys in celebration of my blogging anniversary. Have you forgotten? Or are you just patiently waiting for this post? WELL, IT IS HERE. [Bless Aerie for making these graphics! Hire them for any and all projects!] Each year, I refine this giveaway, and each year I ask myself, “how can this giveaway best benefit my readers?” That’s why I decided...
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Celebrating the Tenth Blawgiversary of DennisKennedy.Blog

Ten years ago (February 15, 2003), I launched this blog and it’s striking how much that has happened to me since can be traced to this blog.The original post started with a reference to my favorite science fiction TV series, Babylon 5, and said:And so it begins . . .I realized the other day that I had first written about blogs well over a year ago. In fact, the rise of blogs was one of my 2002 predictions for legal technology in my annual legal tech predictions article. As I was working on updat...
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