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This Week in Photography: Conversations on Conflict Photography

  I’m keeping it super-short today. (Like, for real.) If all goes well, as you read this, I’ll be on my way to Amsterdam to supervise printing of my first book. I’m a ball of nerves, if I’m being honest, but the upside is, I’ll have lots of new things to write about for you. Between the global panic over the corona virus outbreak, and the fact that I’m flying into a bomb cyclone hurricane, (Storm Dennis,) I think you’ll allow me a rare quickie. To balance the brevity, though, we’re going heavy. ...
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Flip It Over: An Ode to the B-Side

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Facebook quietly acquired another UK AI startup and almost no one noticed

Over the last few years, Facebook has been busy building out AI capabilities in areas like computer vision, natural language processing (NLP) and ‘deep learning,’ in part by acquiring promising startups in the space. Understandably, this has seen the U.S. social networking giant look to the U.K. for AI talent, including an acqui-hire of NLP startup Bloosbury AI in 2018, and most recently, acquiring Scape Technologies, a British company using computer vision to offer more accurate location positi...
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Facebook has acquired Scape Technologies, the London-based computer vision startup

Scape Technologies, the London-based computer vision startup working on location accuracy beyond the capabilities of GPS, has been acquired by Facebook, according to a regulatory filing. Full terms of the deal remain as yet unknown, although a Companies House update reveals that Facebook Inc. now has majority control of the company (more than 75%). However by looking at other filings, including a recent share issue, I understand the price could be about $40 million. Further filings show that Sca...
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Significant LBGT collection goes to the University of London

Jonathan Cutbill, the co-founder of Gay’s The Word bookshop in London’s Bloomsbury neighborhood who died last year, has left his collection of 30,000 LBGT+ items to the University of London.  The collection, which has items dating back to 1760, will arrive having already been completely cataloged and cross referenced by Cutbill. Cutbill has been at the forefront of the LGBT struggle for justice for years. In 1984 his shop was raided by customs officers and he was accused of conspiracy to i...
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Lucy Macdonald Long Bloomsbury Publishing: Sohn London Conference

We're posting up notes from the Sohn London investment conference.  Next up is Lucy Macdonald of Allianz Global Investors who presented a long of Bloomsbury Publishing (LON:BMY). Lucy Macdonald's Sohn London Conference Presentation Long: Bloomsbury Publishing (LON: BMY)The UK market and publishing sector are loathed at the moment. Publishing is quite a way through the digitalization process and much further than most other industries. It will soon be entering the post-digital phase. Half of book...
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Harry Potter publisher Bloomsbury hit by US-China tariffs

Bloomsbury faced a overnight price rise of 15% in the cost of books shipped from China to America.
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Garden regionally. Get inspired globally.

Guest Rant by Marianne Willburn   Somewhere near the bottom of every writer’s artistic license, a clever wordsmith will find the following recommendation: Monty Don “Comically exaggerating the position of one’s opponent is encouraged in the defense of one’s argument.”[i] Thus, after verbally sparring with Scott Beuerlein over the curiously inflammatory subject of whether to openly read British garden writers, or to do so under the covers by flashlight – all the while pledging fidelity to the...
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Brand Marketing With Secrecy, Mystery And Myth

In marketing, secrets are released upon three dimensions: the tangible, the intangible, and the temporal. The tangible elements of the product refer to all things that can be touched and quantified: its color, size, and specifications. The intangible elements cannot be touched and are difficult to quantify. In the case of Harry Potter, its publisher Bloomsbury kept the plot and title of the forthcoming books secret. Author J. K. Rowling refused interviews and printers were sworn to secrecy. T...
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Save 40% on the International Critical Commentary and More in May

If you love a good critical commentary, then have we got the May deals for you. This month only, save 40% on top picks from Bloomsbury Publishing , including: International Critical Commentary Series (ICC) (62 vols.) The ICC brings together all the relevant aids to critical biblical exegesis: linguistic and textual, archaeological, historical, literary, and theological—with comprehensiveness and quality unmatched by any other series. The series features authors such as John Goldi...
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The Gentle Art of Tramping ~ Stephen Graham

'The adventure is not the getting there, it is the on-the-way. It is not the expected; it is the surprise; not the fulfilment of prophecy but the providence of something better than prophesied.' Sometimes a book arrives and I can barely contain the excitement, and even though I had read The Gentle Art of Tramping by Stephen Graham in a proof copy I was still delighted when this arrived... A brown paper package tied up with string á la Sound of Music, to reveal... The book and some Ken...
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Prize draw copies of The Gentle Art of Tramping by Stephen Graham

Hello Chums, Magnus here... I'm still in my winter basket on the kitchen windowsill which means it's not time to cast your clouts until I desert it for my summer quarters. Busy as usual with a lot of night prowling because there are things afoot out there that I need to keep an eye on....noisy interlopers... Anyway, never mind the barn owls, there are six copies of The Gentle Art of Tramping up for you lucky people to get your paws on today. leave a comment here to be in with a chance of ...
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Summer Brennan's 'High Heel' Combines Memoir and Epic Poetry

Before she spent almost a decade working on progressive projects for the United Nations, like disarmament and human rights, award-winning investigative journalist Summer Brennan studied painting and poetry at Bennington. Her first book was about oysters and the fishing industry (The Oyster War: The True Story of a Small Farm, Big Politics, and the Future of Wilderness in America , Counterpoint, 2015). Her second is High Heel, for Bloomsbury's Object Lessons series. For my money, Object Lessons ...
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A few Potterhead nitpicks about Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Niantic today released the first gameplay footage for its upcoming mobile game Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, finally giving players some idea of what its AR wizardry would look like. But does it actually look like a Harry Potter game? Wanna feel old? It’s been 22 years since Bloomsbury published the first Harry Potter book and brought our favorite magical schoolboy to the world’s attention. There’s both a whole generation of adults who grew up alongside him, and another who’ve never known a world...
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Prize Draw ~ Last Train to Hilversum - a journey in search of the magic of radio ~ Charlie Connelly

Magnus here and it's been a while chums, I hope you are all tickety-boo. I'm splendid and when I'm not viewing the world from my basket... I am feigning delight over the new wheelbarrow... What on earth is so exciting about it? But listen chums, I come bearing gifts. My thanks to Bloomsbury for sharing the love here with six copies of Last Train to Hilversum - A journey in search of the magic of radio by Charlie Connelly for you, and these can go worldwide, so please do add a comment to t...
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London: 7 tips for surviving the British Museum

The British Museum is probably one of the sights you shouldn’t miss when you’re in London. There’s a reason why it’s the most visited tourist attraction in the UK: it has an amazing collection of artifacts, dating back thousands of years and drawn from all over the world. Plus, it probably doesn’t hurt that the price is right (always free admission). Related: 20 Free museums in London that we love But with nearly 7 million visitors attending the museum each year, it can get a bit hectic in there...
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11 Favorites: The Return of the Artfully Patterned Lampshade

“Patterned lampshades are suddenly looking good again. Have you noticed?” Julie said this to me months ago, and though I couldn’t say I had, since then the two of us have been constantly trading finds: lamps crowned with shades painted Bloomsbury style or made of cheery printed papers or geometric fabrics Sonia Delaunay would approve of. Some are more flamboyant than others, and many are admittedly too preppy for our eyes. But our favorites, most of which come from the UK and Sweden, have an old...
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LawNext Episode 8: Shruti Ajitsaria, Head of Fuse, Allen & Overy’s Legal Tech Incubator

In September 2017, venerable Magic Circle law firm Allen & Overy launched Fuse, setting aside a portion of its London office for a collaborative innovation space to develop and test new legal technologies, and it named lawyer Shruti Ajitsaria to head the project. On the latest episode of LawNext, Ajitsaria joins me to discuss why Allen & Overy started Fuse, explain what it does, and describe its work to date. Ajitsaria says Fuse is not an incubator, per se, but a collaborative technology inno...
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LawNext Episode 8: Shruti Ajitsaria, Head of Fuse, Allen & Overy’s Legal Tech Incubator

In September 2017, venerable Magic Circle law firm Allen & Overy launched Fuse, setting aside a portion of its London office for a collaborative innovation space to develop and test new legal technologies, and it named lawyer Shruti Ajitsaria to head the project. On the latest episode of LawNext, Ajitsaria joins me to discuss why Allen & Overy started Fuse, explain what it does, and describe its work to date. Ajitsaria says Fuse is not an incubator, per se, but a collaborative technology inno...
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Socialist bookshop welcomes ‘uplifting’ response after attack by far right

Crowds gather at Bookmarks in London’s Bloomsbury to hear writers and poets, including former children’s laureate Michael RosenA week after far-right protesters stormed Britain’s largest socialist bookshop and destroyed books and magazines, crowds gathered on Saturday outside its doors in a show of solidarity.A series of leftwing writers and poets addressed the audience, many saying that the attack on Bookmarks in London’s Bloomsbury by 12 people, including Ukip supporters, demonstrated how invi...
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Teenager jailed for life over British Museum bomb plot

Safaa Boular, 18, is one of the youngest women convicted of terrorism offences in the UKAn 18-year-old who became one of the youngest women to be convicted of terrorism offences in the UK has been sentenced to life in prison with a minimum of 13 years.A jury found that Safaa Boular plotted with her partner, Naweed Hussain, an Islamic State militant, to launch a grenade and bomb attack on the British Museum in Bloomsbury, central London. She was also found guilty of attempting to travel to Syria ...
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Facebook confirms the acquisition of Bloomsbury AI

Facebook today has announced that the London-based team at Bloomsbury AI will be joining the company. Facebook says that the Bloomsbury team's leading expertise in machine reading and understanding unstructured documents in natural language will strengthen Facebook’s efforts in natural language processing research. This will further help Facebook in understanding natural language and its applications. The Bloomsbury AI team will help in growing Facebook's AI efforts in London, joining a roste...
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Facebook just bought an AI startup to help it fight fake news

TechCrunch has reported that Facebook is acquiring London-based startup, Bloomsbury AI, as part of its efforts to fight against fake news on the world’s largest social network. Bloomsbury’s product is an NLP engine that helps machines answer questions on information derived from documents. TechCrunch’s sources report that Facebook plans to use the firm’s team and technology in policing the platform, and combating the scourge of bullshit fake news stories that have proliferated since the 2016 US ...
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Facebook is reportedly close to buying a British AI startup to help it shutdown fake news

Facebook is close to acquiring London-based start-up Bloomsbury AI to help it combat fake news, TechCrunch reports. Bloomsbury AI develops natural language processing (NLP) technology, and has created an AI called "Cape" which can read documents and then answer questions about their contents. Facebook is reportedly paying between $23 million and $30 million to acquire the company. Facebook is set to acquire London-based start-up Bloomsbury AI for up to $30 million (£23 million), according to...
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Facebook is buying UK’s Bloomsbury AI to ramp up natural language tech in London

Perhaps rightly, there has long been a perception that Google-owned Deepmind has been the most aggressive in hoovering up a lot of the U.K.’s best talent in artificial intelligence, but now Facebook appears to be turning its eye to the country. TechCrunch understands that the social network behemoth is acquiring London-based Bloomsbury AI, a startup that has built natural language processing (NLP) technology to help machines answer questions based on information gleaned from documents. Accord...
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Prize draw copies of The Song of Achilles & Circe by Madeline Miller (UK addresses only)

As you can see Magnus is far too busy prowling fields to sort this, but he sends his best regards, so I am assuming the Mantle of Benevolence to bring you news of prize draw copies of The Song of Achilles and Circe by Madeline Miller, and my thanks to Bloomsbury for responding so willingly to my request. I can’t quite put into words how much I am enjoying my journey through The Odyssey...I really had no idea such joys awaited me. Emily Wilson’s iambic pentameters are leading me on as I read a b...
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At Hawthorn Time ~ Melissa Harrison

At hawthorn-time in Wiltshire travelling In search of something chance would never bring, An old man’s face, by life and weather cut And coloured,—rough, brown, sweet as any nut,— A land face, sea-blue-eyed,—hung in my mind...   Edward Thomas ‘Lob’   It was my recent sojourn with all things Edward Thomas that led me to At Hawthorn Time by Melissa Harrison, and I doubt there can be a more perfect book to read in the month of May.   After several years of what ha...
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Clay ~ Melissa Harrison

Before I wax lyrical about Melissa Harrison's second novel, At Hawthorn Time, later this week, I thought I would resurrect an extract from a post I wrote on here in 2014 about her debut novel Clay. It has been good to remind myself about the book and my thoughts on it, especially as Melissa's third novel All Among the Barley will be published by Bloomsbury in August. But first Clay redux...   Set on the inner city Plestor Esate, Melissa Harrison fights her way through those 'thick layers of d...
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An Address in Bloomsbury ~ Alec Forshaw

On that recent trip to London, and wandering through Bloomsbury to lunch and revisit The Lost Words exhibition, I walked along Great Ormond Street with Adele Geras and Helen Rappaport and took them into the children's hospital to see the chapel.  I'm afraid it's exquisite beauty and peace passed me by as a young student nurse taking children to services on a Sunday afternoon.   It seemed over-the-top and garish to me in the 1970s, but I go in every time I am passing now and it never cease...
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17 London bookshops for true bibliophiles

Take a video tour of some of London’s finest bookshops from Chelsea to Chiswick, from Bloomsbury to Charing Cross Road. We highlight high-end antiquarian specialists, sellers of general used books and community bookshops.
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