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10 Best Microphones for Podcasting in 2019

According to information released by Apple at the WWDC in June 2018, there are more than 550,000 podcasts out there for people to listen to and it continues to grow. The growth of podcasts has given anybody a medium to tell their stories, build a community and connect with other people with similar interests in ways that traditional radio never could. If you have an interest in starting a podcast or even a YouTube channel, you are obviously going to need some equipment to get started. The first ...
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Blue shrinks down its most popular mic for the $99 Yeti Nano

Blue is about to become a part of the much larger Logitech. For now, however, the company is going to keep focusing on what it does best: creating low-cost USB microphones for novice podcasters. This week, the California company just added another model to the line. Yeti Nano shrinks the form factor of Blue’s most popular line into something for more economically accessible. At $99, the new microphone slots in between the Snowball ($49/$69) and the new and even smaller Raspberry ($199). T...
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Blue's Yeti Nano Is a Shrunken Down Version of the Popular Podcasting and YouTuber Mic

The prefix nano calls to mind something microscopic. Tiny robots invisible to the eye, or an iPod many orders smaller than its predecessors. When I hear the word I expect tiny. Apparently when Blue, the respected studio microphone maker that has spent nearly a decade producing great USB mics, hears the word nano it…Read more...
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Logitech acquires Blue Microphones for $117 million

Logitech today has announced that it is acquiring Blue Microphones, a leader in studio-quality microphones. Since Logitech products are used on various occasions like video calling, G Webcams to stream and more, audio quality also plays a big role.  On the other hand, Blue Microphones says that its mission is to help our users find and amplify their voice by making the coolest microphones. Since both, the companies have a lot in common, the acquisition makes a complete a sense.  Blue will con...
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Riverside to exit Blue Microphones

The Riverside Company has agreed to sell its stake in Blue Microphones to Logitech. No financial terms were disclosed. Intrepid Investment Bankers, Jones Day and Deloitte advised Riverside on the transaction. Based in Westlake Village, California, Blue Microphones is a maker of microphones. PRESS RELEASE The Riverside Company has signed a definitive agreement to sell its investment in Blue Microphones (Blue) to Logitech (NASDAQ: LOGI). The Westlake Village, California-based company began product...
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Logitech’s Mic’ing Up with Blue

Today, we've got exciting news: Logitech has agreed to acquire Blue Microphones, a leader in studio-quality microphones these past 20 years. Their products are used by music artists - legends and talents such as Bob Dylan and Imagine Dragons - so they can create their own distinctive sound in the highest quality.
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Logitech Is Acquiring Blue Microphones For $117 Million In Cash

Logitech announced late Monday night that it is acquiring Blue Microphones for $117 million. The company known for USB condenser microphones, such as the Snowball and Yeti, will join Logitech's existing portfolio of brands. The Verge reports: Founded in 1995, Blue sells microphones that range in price from $60 to over $4,000 (for studio-grade hardware), and they're used by podcasters, musicians, and any other consumers who need higher-fidelity audio than what they get from the built-in microphon...
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Logitech acquires Blue Microphones to boost its audio hardware business

Logitech is growing its list of hardware brands with the acquisition of California-based Blue Microphones for $117 million in an all-cash deal. That’s huge for Blue, which was founded in 1995 and has become a household name in audio equipment, thanks to its popular Yeti and Snowball microphones for studio recording, podcasting, and streaming. The company also makes some pretty good headphones; I also had a chance to review its Raspberry mobile mic, and came away impressed. I’ve found most of Blu...
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Logitech is buying Blue Microphones

Logitech today announced its intention to acquire Blue Microphones, the hardware company behind popular podcasting microphones like the Yeti and Snowball. It’s a pretty logical acquisition, as far as these things goog –Logitech already operates in the audio space, with speakers and gaming headsets. The acquisition of Blue would add an important dimension to that category and help the company take on a rapidly expanding space. Blue’s best known products aren’t high-end, exactly, but they’ve be...
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Blue’s new mic boom seems an obvious accessory for the DIY age

It’s a fairly mundane thing – it’s a boom arm for a microphone. But Blue’s latest accessory, aimed at desktop computer users, seems ripe as DIY publishing starts to think audio. There’s certainly no absence of gear and toys now aimed at streaming and broadcasting, a market that now covers everything from podcasting to game streaming. But most of that has focused on video, and ignored sound. And strangely enough, while there are all kind of floor booms, boom mics and shocks that sit next to you...
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Blue unveils latest headphones with built-in amplification, plus a wireless pair

Following up on what it started with the Mo-Fi, Blue has unveiled three new pairs of headphones: the planar magnetic Ella, dynamic driver Sadie, and wireless Satellite, all of which feature built-in amplifiers. The post Blue unveils latest headphones with built-in amplification, plus a wireless pair appeared first on Digital Trends.
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New trio of Blue headphones feature built-in amps for audiophile sound on the go

Following up on what it started with the Mo-Fi, Blue has unveiled three new pairs of headphones: the planar magnetic Ella, dynamic driver Sadie, and wireless Satellite, all of which feature built-in amplifiers. The post New trio of Blue headphones feature built-in amps for audiophile sound on the go appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Blue debuts wireless headphones with a built-in amp and noise canceling

 I was a bit cautious when Blue debuted its first set of headphones. I’m not sure why, exactly, but it’s always hard to say how a company known for something specific will transition into a new – albeit related – category. Turns out there was really nothing to worry about. Like the company’s various microphones, all of its headphone offerings have been pretty… Read More
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Blue’s latest podcasting mic goes super portable

 Blue Raspberry brings to mind Slurpees as much as anything. The name of Blue Microphone’s latest offering is seeming an homage to its longstanding Blueberry condenser mic, but then, between the Snowball, the Spark, the Tiki and the Yeti, there’s seemingly no rhyme or reason to the microphone’s naming conventions. What the company does have, however, is some real clout… Read More
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Blue’s Yeti USB mic will ship with a copy of ‘Watchdogs 2’ for some reason

 I’ve always considered Blue’s USB microphones a podcasting tool – and I suspect Blue has, as well. They’re easy to use, they sound good and they’re affordable. Heck, I recorded my bit of the last TechCrunch podcast on a Snowball. The mics have also made a splash in the gaming the community, presumably for all of the reasons mentioned above. To really drive the… Read More
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20 Top Podcast Microphones for Under $200

If you are a small business looking to increase your presence, a podcast is one of the best and cheapest ways to share your expertise with your customers. And with on demand podcast platforms readily available, such as iTunes and SoundCloud, it has become that much easier to build audience. One of the most important tools of the trade is a great microphone, and depending on how much you want to invest, the price runs the gamut. But for this roundup, the microphones will be under $200. The Best...
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Reflector 2 Now Adds Screen Recording

While I was attending the ISTE 2015 conference I had a chance to visit the AirSquirrels Booth and find out what was new. As a long time user of Reflector, I was excited to find out that Reflector 2, now included the ability to record audio and video. This was one feature which I have been hoping for - for some time now. In the past I would generally use a screen capturing software to record the audio and video which at times produced less then a high quality recording. When I got back from...
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