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"Leibovitz... is worshipful. Riesman is relentlessly debunking, if not desecrating. Leibovitz credits [Stan] Lee with reawakening 'America’s moral imagination.'"

"Riesman hammers on the notion of Lee as a credit thief. Published as part of Yale’s Jewish Lives series, Leibovitz’s book presents Lee as the contemporary equivalent of Harold Bloom’s J: Spider-Man is 'a direct descendant' of Cain, Mr. Fantastic is 'a nuclear age Hasid,' Iron Man embodies 'a stern reminder, drawn from the core of Jewish theology, that redemption comes only when human beings get together and pursue common goals.' With regard to The Fantastic Four, Leibovitz writes, 'anyone with ...
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Bob Dylan Prevails in Lawsuit Filed by Estate of ‘Desire’ Co-Writer Jacques Levy

The estate for Jacques Levy, co-writer of much of Bob Dylan’s 1976 “Desire” album, was handed a defeat Friday in a lawsuit against Dylan and Universal Music Group that hoped to establish co-ownership of the songs the late collaborator had a hand in. “We’re pleased with today’s decision,” Dylan’s attorney, Orin Snyder, said in a […]
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Laura Nyro: the phenomenal singers’ singer the 60s overlooked

Elton John idolised her and she wrote hits for the likes of Barbra Streisand, but her musical ambitions were out of sync with the times. Now a new collection reveals her intense originality in fullWhatever role Laura Nyro chose to play – earth mother, soul sister, angel of the Bronx subways – she committed to it. With a soaring, open-hearted voice and ingeniously crafted compositions, Nyro transformed a range of influences into her own kind of art song. She made vertiginous shifts from hushed re...
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Made Men: A photo tour of the most notorious sites of New York Mafia history - and what they look like now

Skyway Park, which is being constructed at what was formerly the PJP Landfill Superfund site, in February 2021. Andrew Lichtenstein for Insider From Sparks Steak House, to the landfill where bodies were known to be dumped, the streets of New York are steeped in mob history. A photographer visited some of the most notorious New York Mafia sites to see how they have survived the passage of time. See more stories on Insider's business page. Many of America's most infamous gangster...
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Bob Dylan Unearths Long-Sought 1980s Outtakes for ‘Springtime in New York: The Bootleg Series Vol. 16’ 5-CD Set

Bob Dylan’s “Bootleg Series” of archival releases recently passed its 20th anniversary without any set yet dedicated solely to his work in the 1980s. The first half of that decade gets its due, finally, with the upcoming release of a 5-CD set that collects outtakes, alternate versions and live or rehearsal tracks from the eras […]
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Surrealistic oversmoking.

They've mostly removed smoking from movies and TV, so it was striking that the Bob Dylan special, "Shadow Kingdom," was full of smoking — as quoted in last night's post: "a timeless twilight zone, where every single person in the tiny audience, man and woman alike, was smoking like a chimney to a degree that seemed less like period specificity and almost like comedy." Shortly after I completed the journey through Bob Dylan's timeless twilight zone, I settled in to rewatch the 1973 Bob Altman neo...
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"The 50-minute performance special was set in a fictional, stylized nightclub, possibly in the 1940s or ’50s or just a timeless twilight zone, where every single person in the tiny audience, man and woman alike, was smoking like a chimney..."

"... to a degree that seemed less like period specificity and almost like comedy.... The setlist did lean almost entirely toward ’60s and early ’70s songs.... The wrinkle was that all of these vintage songs looked and sounded like they were being performed by a drummer-less Americana band in a roadhouse.... Reportedly, the real location was somewhere in Santa Monica, but the end credits helpfully hinted that the location shoot had really been at the Bon Bon Club in Marseille. (There’s no such pl...
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Bob Dylan Recasts His Old Selves in Ghostly Concert Film Shadow Kingdom

The visual is both crowd-pleasing and elusive, a bittersweet portrait of the rock legend at 80.
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Bob Dylan’s ‘Shadow Kingdom’: 6 Questions We Have After Sunday’s Virtual Show

The streaming concert was stunning, but it’s also shrouded in mystery
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Bob Dylan Gets Smoke in His Eyes, but Not So Much in His Excellent Vocals, in Lynch-esque ‘Shadow Kingdom’: Stream Review

For those who consider themselves connoisseurs of the fluctuations in Bob Dylan’s voice, there was no doubt about it: he hasn’t sounded better in decades than he does in his new streaming special, “Shadow Kingdom,” which premiered on Sunday. That he had a beautiful tone to his melodious declarations, even enunciating to a shockingly […]
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Road warrior Bob Dylan returns to stage

NEW YORK (AP) — After a year and a half away because of the pandemic, relentless road warrior Bob Dylan returned to a concert stage on...
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Road Warrior Bob Dylan Returns to Stage — at Least on Film

Singer Bob Dylan, who has a reputation as a relentless road warrior, has returned to the stage for the first time since things shut down because of the pandemic — at least on film.
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Review: Another side of Bob Dylan — a streamed concert

His intimate, artful show will be available until late Tuesday night.
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"Whenever someone wants to play down the importance of vocal virtuosity, Bob Dylan is Exhibit A: a brilliant croaker..."

"... who makes you feel sorry for all those hacks content to simply carry a tune. But for precisely that reason, Mr. Dylan isn't really a bad singer. He's got an unconventional voice, to be sure... but he's too idiosyncratic, too rock 'n' roll. A great bad singer must never give up on goodness. Perhaps Mr. West knows how preposterous he sounds, but he's still singing the best he can. I'd propose that the father of modern bad singing is Biz Markie, the rapper best known for the classic anti-love...
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How the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Prince and more became photographic icons

For Gered Mankowitz, a rock ‘n’ roll photographer in England in the ’60s, it was a constant fight to have the pictures he made of artists such as the Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix and the Small Faces taken seriously. “It was the packaging, it was something to knock off, it was a glossy to be given to a magazine,” Mankowitz says on a recent video call. “And yet I and dozens of my contemporaries were trying so hard to make the best of it, to try and do something special, stretch the genre, and give...
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Nearly 50 years after dropping out to live with J.D. Salinger, Joyce Maynard is a Yale student with a new novel

Joyce Maynard is 67 now and, in a sense, has come full circle. She returned to Yale University as a student in 2018 — she’s a junior now — after dropping out on the first day of her sophomore year in 1972. Back then, she left her scholarship and friends behind to move into a cabin in the New Hampshire woods with reclusive “Catcher in the Rye” novelist J.D. Salinger at his urging. He was 53. Salinger had sought her out shortly after she’d found national fame as a teen for writing a New York Times...
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Master Bluegrass Fiddler Byron Berline Dead At 77

“Weaving elements of pop, jazz, blues and rock into an old-timey approach to his instrument, Mr. Berline contributed instrumentals” to recordings by Bob Dylan, The Band, and The Rolling Stones. Yet “he was considered a musical visionary in his own right” as well. – The New York Times The New York Times
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Byron Berline, Top Fiddler Who Played With Stones, Dylan, Flying Burritos and Bill Monroe, Dies at 77

Byron Berline, a renowned fiddler who played with bluegrass greats like Bill Monroe as well as rock legends like the Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan, died over the weekend, according to news reports out of Oklahoma, where he owned a world-famous fiddle shop. He was 77. No cause of death was immediately given. Berline was […]
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Barack Obama's 38-song summer playlist includes everyone from J. Cole to Bob Dylan

It's summertime -- and the 44th President once again has a few tunes for your consideration.
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Bob Dylan, Etta James among the singers with LA connections featured in Muse/ique concert series

Fans of Carole King, Nat King Cole, Bob Dylan and Etta James can take a summer road trip through Los Angeles’s musical history with a four-part live concert series that aims to celebrate these legends and the songs that helped shape the city’s musical legacy. “The streets of L.A. were the places that gave birth to a tremendous amount of music,” said Rachael Worby, founder and artistic director of  Muse/ique, a Pasadena-based orchestra and performing arts organization that performs outdoor concer...
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Top 10 eMTB-Friendly Trails in Utah

Back in 1965 Bob Dylan took the stage at the Newport Folk Festival, backed for the first time by an electric band. Some in the audience booed, and a couple critics labeled him a sellout, but all he did was follow that up Highway 61 Revisited and Blonde on Blonde. What I’m pointing out here isn’t that electrified Dylan was better than analog Dylan, but that the amped up version of Bob was awfully enjoyable. The same goes for mountain bikes. The increasing popularity of electric-assist mountain bi...
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Elvis Costello Doesn't Care That A Pop Star Copied His Riffs; Says Every Musician Does That (techdirt)

Is there any cooler musician than Elvis Costello? Honestly, one of the more annoying things about writing about the ins-and-outs of copyright law and creativity is realizing just how many of my artistic (music, filmmaking, writing, etc.) heroes turns out to have absolutely dreadful opinions about creativity and inspiration, often ignoring how they got to where they got, and instead focusing on pulling up the ladder behind them and squeezing as much cash as possible out of others. So I'm always c...
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Someone thinks I am a fine artist! Why?

A while back I got an  email asking me to submit to a Fine Arts Journal. Why me? Here are some possibilities:1) They were impressed with my play: Sure he created the universe, but would he get Tenure? (see here) which did get into a play-writing contest and was performed (one of the actresses  scolded me since I took a slot from a real playwright).2) They were impressed  with my Daria Fan Fiction (see the four entries here labelled as Daria Fan Fiction).3) They were impressed with my play JFK: T...
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Tome Jones at 81, sings about aging on his new album

NPR and Bob Boilen | June 7, 2021: "We're publishing this Tom Jones Tiny Desk (home) concert on his 81st birthday. It's a poignant moment in the life of a singer whose career spans 56 years and more than 100 million records sold; the passing of his wife, Linda, in 2016 after 59 years of marriage was devastating and resulted in the longest break between recordings of his career. But now Tom Jones is back with a new album, Surrounded By Time, and ready to share his deepest feelings, channeling son...
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"In 1968, he bought his first Bob Dylan album, 'John Wesley Harding,' and worked backward from there."

"He and his friends would sit around for hours nodding along to Dylan’s obscure lyrics as though they understood every word. It was like a microcosm of adolescence, he told me, pretending to know while knowing nothing. Ishiguro wasn’t just bluffing, though. From Dylan, as well as Leonard Cohen and Joni Mitchell, he learned about the possibilities of the first-person: how a character could be summoned into being with just a few words.... 'You probably work harder at your job than I do,' Ishiguro ...
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Retired Indiana professor Glenn Gass to present livestream about Bob Dylan on Tuesday

To celebrate the 80th birthday of legendary songwriter Bob Dylan, Glenn Gass will give a presentation on his life and legacy over Zoom on June 29.        [Author: The Herald-Times]
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The best men's sunglasses you can buy

If you buy through our links, we may earn money from affiliate partners. Learn more. Persol Sunglasses are one of the easiest and most visible ways to show off your personal style. The best sunglasses guard against the sun's rays, while also boosting any outfit. Our favorite men's sunglasses brands include ASOS, Ray-Ban, and Oakley. It might be a slight exaggeration, but most guys can agree that sunglasses are one of humankind's greatest utilitarian accomplishments, without...
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How James Taylor and Joni Mitchell inspired the musical romance of ‘Songs in Ursa Major’

When up-and-coming musician Jane Quinn and her band first encounter Vincent Ray, the legendary music producer stares right past her as if she doesn’t exist. When Quinn boldly stands up to Ray, it fuels much of the drama in Emma Brodie’s entertaining debut novel, “Songs In Ursa Major,” which imagines fictionalized versions of Joni Mitchell (Jane) and James Taylor (Jesse Reid). “We’ve been all been exposed to so much misogyny on such a grand scale for the past four or five years that you’re seein...
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Sex? Check. Drugs? Yes. Rock ‘n’ roll? Obviously. Regrets? Michael Des Barres has none.

Michael Des Barres never made plans, but always knew what he was doing. “No plans — instinct everything,” says the 73-year-old English-born actor and rock singer, who landed in Los Angeles in the ’70s and never left. “What I’m trying to say is that I’ve never thought anything through. I’ve just done it.” Des Barres is talking ostensibly because a documentary on his life, “Michael Des Barres: Who Do You Want Me To Be?” arrives on home video this month. “I leave school – this abusive, absurd, crim...
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Bob Dylan Announces His First Streaming Special, ‘Shadow Kingdom,’ for July

The answer, our friend, is streaming on the web. The question is, how will Bob Dylan make his return to live performance after the pandemic forced an extended time-out in his usually robust and never-ending touring schedule? Dylan’s camp announced Wednesday that the singer-songwriter will offer his first streaming performance, under the title “Shadow Kingdom,” […]
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