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10 Travel Trends That Will Happen in 2022 | By Bob Rauch

Travel is making a new direction in 2022 and it’s important for hoteliers to continue adapting to the consumer changes for these travel predictions.
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Travel Industry Has Reached a Turning Point | By Bob Rauch

In September, I headed to the Lodging Conference in Phoenix with 1,900 attendees! It was a great conference and by the time you read this article, we will be in the fourth quarter of 2021 — the turning point, in my opinion, of the hospitality economy. Why? Because the virus has peaked, and we must move forward.
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2022 Hospitality Industry Forecast | By Bob Rauch

That’s easy – our hospitality forecast says the bumpy ride is coming to an end. We should assume 6 more months; October through March might remain uneven or bumpy. Why? Because business travel is not back and group business is just starting to book going forward. International travel will likely return in April, 2022 when we should be back to 2019 numbers. The 2022 hospitality forecast says you should hang in there!
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The Road Ahead for Hotels in 2022 and Beyond | By Bob Rauch

Before we jump into 2022 plans, please take the quick survey/debate above of how you view the business and feel free to opine on why. Answers will appear on and on the website.
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Six Steps to Marketing Success in 2022 | By Bob Rauch

There are a great number of changes occurring in our industry that require monitoring and adjustments.
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What Has Changed In The Hospitality Industry | By Bob Rauch

We are 100% open at all our hotels and while there are still some closed hotels, they are now the exception, not the rule.
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Success in the Summer of ‘21 | By Bob Rauch

The venerable hotel industry has been completely overturned during the past 15 months.
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Where Is The Hospitality Industry Today? | By Bob Rauch

While I do not know how we are going to pay for the government spending plans, I do know that short term, we will see huge growth in gross domestic product with some forecasters projecting over 6% for this year.
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The Current State Of The Hospitality Industry | By Bob Rauch

Current conditions in the state of the hospitality industry include leisure travel, employee challenges and reinvented guest programming.While I do not know how we are going to pay for the government spending plans, I do know that in the short-term, we will see huge growth in gross domestic product with some forecasters projecting over 6% for this year. Lenders are back in the game and traffic on the roads seems to me like an increase in business overall. To date, all of the hotel busines...
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How Coronavirus Changed The Hospitality Industry | By Bob Rauch

Just over one year ago, travel plunged from vibrant to zero in about one day.
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The Return Of Business Travel | By Bob Rauch

When Is business travel really coming back? Many corporate executives had all their meetings online in 2020. In 2021, we believe that will change soon due to the pace of vaccines, decline of COVID-19 cases, and negative impacts of closed economies.
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Turn 2020 Profit Losses Into 2021 Wins For The Hotel Industry | By Bob Rauch

Q1 of 2021 is not going to be profitable, fun or exciting for us in the hotel industry. The goods news is Q2 will come up quickly and having been through six recessions in hospitality, all the signs of a recovery are finally here. Given the significant impact of the virus on our economic, physical and mental health, I am offering a few sentences of my personal plan to recovery; we'll dive into the following areas below:
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Vision 2050 – 2nd Edition: The Recovery Year | By Bob Rauch

The final U.S. lodging industry numbers for 2020 came out and RevPAR literally finished at half of where it finished in 2019—that's right, half! Occupancy was 66.1% at $131.17 average rate and RevPAR of $86.76. 2020 finished at 42% at a rate of $103.00, RevPAR was $43.26. The impact to the bottom line is easy to see in our bank accounts as breakeven has always been thought to be close to 60% occupancy but many forget the importance of rate to that equation.
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Vision 2050 – Hotel Recovery From COVID-19 | By Bob Rauch

The next 30 years begins with COVID-19 recovery. What does that look like? We pick up the pieces that were cracked, torn apart and ravished one by one. We will review demand, those elusive customers who are either mandated to stay at home, are afraid to travel or were planning to attend an event that was postponed or cancelled. We'll discuss challenges we see on the horizon and review the economy, what guests are looking for, what hotel recovery may look like and the future.
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Top Ten Trends in Hospitality 2021 | By Bob Rauch

Today's hotel business models look entirely different from their predecessors. COVID-19 is just one earthquake that has jolted the landscape this year. The hotel industry must evolve and reinvent itself to exploit the opportunities and cope with the challenges it faces. After all, this industry is no stranger to disruptions. As we do every year on December 1, the top trends shaping our industry next year will be:
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2021 hotel trends and concepts in ‘a new normal’ | By Bob Rauch & Sarah Andersen

The hospitality industry has endured tremendous shifts and disruptions over the past year, forcing businesses to rapidly implement innovative trends that will reshape the future of hospitality.
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Setting up 2021 for success | By Bob Rauch & Sarah Andersen

We have probably reached the midpoint of the Coronavirus Recession. We say that because we hit bottom quickly in April and came back up a bit this past summer. Many industries were not hit, but the virus-caused recession has taken its toll on this economy.
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Preliminary 2021 Lodging Industry Forecast | By Bob Rauch

We have made some assumptions for 2021 - first, Q4 2020 and Q1 2021 will remain flat as corporate business begins to build just as leisure business begins to decline. Second, a stimulus package is imminent right after the election, regardless who wins. The politics of this election, coupled with the divisiveness of the nation, has disrupted everything except for the stock market. Third, gross domestic product will increase about 3% after being down close to 5% in 2020.
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Hotel robotics thriving in 2020 | By Bob Rauch & Sarah Andersen

Technology is transforming the hotel industry by leveraging the power of robotics and artificial intelligence. When looking at productivity, hotels are using robotics not to supplant jobs, but rather to make them more effective and efficient. These technologies are designed to support the natural evolution of the hospitality sector and are functional in each department, from housekeeping to revenue management.
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2021 Hotel Forecast | By Bob Rauch

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused unprecedented disruption to the hospitality industry, so when it comes to mapping a post-pandemic recovery, it's clear that we are in uncharted territory. The Lodging Conference hosted Bernard Bauhmohl, Chief Economist of the Economic Outlook Group. His remarks related to vaccines, treatments, lack of stimulus package and election results led us to believe we are in for a longer ride along the trough of this recession.
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Enjoy the Journey as Well as the Destination | By Bob Rauch

Every year during late August and early September, we embark on business planning for the following year. This year has been highly unusual to say the least. So, despite the low revenues, difficult operating environment, stress and anxiety and disastrous cash flow, try to breathe and enjoy the journey. It will make the transition to the other side more enjoyable and likely more successful. Here are 10 items to put on your "to-do" list that will get you there and keep you focused!
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What A Difference A Year Makes | By Bob Rauch

When I wrote an article on business plan development for 2020 suggesting flat occupancy and rate, I stated, "Naturally, the caveat is that unexpected 'event' that could stimulate a precipitous decline in demand." If I had known about the pandemic one year ago, I could have saved lives, but I did not. I just knew that we have to be prepared. I think we have done an excellent job responding to business conditions on the ground, but what do we do for 2021?
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It’s Becoming Survival of the Fittest | By Bob Rauch

Prepare your operations to meet what guests are looking for, and prepare your teams for the realities of today's environment. Mike Ditka, former NFL star player and coach once said, “Success is not permanent, and failure is not fatal.”
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How Hotels Should Adapt Meetings And Events | By Bob Rauch & Sarah Andersen

In this time of great uncertainty, how can we best prepare for a new landscape in the hospitality and events industry post-COVID-19?
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Hotel Industry 2020 – The New Normal | By Bob Rauch & Sarah Andersen

Welcome to the Twilight Zone or the surreal existence of those of us in hospitality with empty hotels. They are slowly and not so surely picking up but we will return to a "new normal" soon. What will it look like? The "light and warmth of hospitality," coined by Conrad Hilton, will not be apparent upon entrance to a hotel post COVID-19. Expect acrylic covered front desks, masks and gloves, signage advising guests to use caution, frequent disinfecting of public spaces, wide open lobbies w...
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Sustainability: It’s More Than A Trend | By Bob Rauch & Sarah Andersen

In our December HNN column, "Foresight is 20/20," we identified 2020's top travel and hotel industry trends. One major development we recognized was sustainability. Whether you believe in the Green New Deal or believe climate change is overstated, sustainability is on the minds of our guests and is economically practical to implement.
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Foresight is 20/20 | By Bob Rauch & Sarah Andersen

In the new decade, Generation Z will become a new generation of travelers, technology will fuel these travelers, and the AI world is coming whether we like it or not, but its application in hotel operations will support team members rather than replace them.
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Is Airbnb Taking Over The Hotel Business? | By Bob Rauch & Sarah Andersen

In 2008, when Airbnb was founded, the company's platform was based on offering peer-to-peer room, apartment and home sharing as a way for people to earn extra cash.
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Why Are Guests Staying At Your Hotel? | By Bob Rauch & Sarah Andersen

Seemingly every company in the hospitality sector is marketing themselves as an experience versus a product because travelers today are no longer content with just being a tourist. They want to be fully immersed in the destination and engage in authentic cultural activities.
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What the Hotel World Looks Like in 2020 | By Bob Rauch

Hotel Distribution is arguably the big topic of the near term. Expedia Group and Booking Holdings (previously Priceline) are the two big online travel agencies (OTAs), dominating well over 70% of OTA market share. Now this duopoly faces major disruption by Airbnb, Facebook, and Google. Airbnb just bought HotelTonight, an app-based company that sells last-minute, unused boutique and independent hotel inventory. Meanwhile, SiteMinder's "BookingButton" already integrate into Facebook busines...
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