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Who Needs a Date When You've Got the New Lush Valentine's Day Collection?

Let's get real: Lush is the best Valentine's date we're going to get this year, and we're not bitter, because have you seen the product lineup? This year's Valentine's Day products include a whole host of bath bombs, naked shower gels, and, of course, lip balms to get you ready for a smooch. You can get all aboard a love boat, bathe in dried flowers (because that is necessary on Feb. 14), and even become a pink glittery unicorn for the night. Oh, and of course there's a kiss lip scrub, if you d...
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28 Gorgeous Wildflower Tattoos For Free Spirits

If you're stuck on what to get inked, consider going the flower route. On top of obviously being aesthetically beautiful, floral designs can be personalized to hold a whole lot of meaning, from representing your birth month to capturing your personality. For all you free spirits out there, wildflower and botanical tattoos would especially be fitting! You can choose to keep it minimal or go crazy with bunches and color. Get inspired by one of the 28 stunning ideas ahead. Related50+ Tiny Rose ...
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Clean and Treat Your Face Like a Parisian! Eau de Lait’s Micellar Product Works Wonders!

This week’s bone-chilling temperatures are wreaking havoc on skin, stripping moisture, disrupting the barrier function and leaving faces red and raw. What (aside from moving to Bali!)                will help? {Wait, you can’t afford to go to Bali? Go to Hawaii or even to Belize because it’s warm there!} Cleansing […]
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Love Sarah Hyland's Arrow Tattoo? See 30 More Ink Ideas!

When we spotted Sarah Hyland with her newly inked arrow tattoo, we were immediately obsessed. Arrow-motif inks are simple and elegant and look beautiful anywhere on the body. The fine lines can be long or short and embellished with circles, dots, or even a heart. Best of all, the mini arrows are definitely safe for the workplace. Keep reading for more arrow inspirations that'll point you in the right direction, and if it's your first tattoo, a teeny-tiny one is the best way to start. Source: In...
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4 Easy Things You Can Do to Prevent Windburn

I've had my fair amount of windburn and frost-related irritation living as a fair-skinned blonde in New York City. Unlike sunburn, windburn is actually caused by prolonged exposure to frigid cold temperatures and low humidity. The result is the perfect storm of depleted natural oils in the skin, along with dehydration and inflammation. "Windburn has two important components: wind dries out the outer layer of the skin, causing it flake and shed," says Dr. Margo Weishar. "When you lose this oute...
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7 of the Best Chamomile Products to Help Your Skin Zen Out

Chamomile isn't just great for fixing your insomnia. The miracle-working plant has a number of calming properties that are beneficial to the skin as well. The chamomile flower contains phenolic compounds that work as antioxidants, along with a significant amount of anti-inflammatory properties. In fact, studies show that chamomile is roughly 60 percent as effective as 0.25 percent hydrocortisone cream when it comes to treating eczema. Meanwhile, the levomenol in chamomile contains hydrating prop...
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These Are the 10 Best Amazon Prime Beauty Gifts Under $35

If you're lazy and you know it, sign up for Amazon Prime and bookmark it now. The service allows members to get free and quicker shipping, so if you procrastinate your holiday shopping, you can make up for it with a few clicks and a stored credit card. To help make the gift-giving process even easier, we rounded up 10 of our favorite beauty deals, all available through Amazon Prime. Oh, and they're all under $35! So if you didn't save that much money this year, we won't tell anyone. Related9 S...
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Unilever Is Launching a New Drugstore Eco Brand - and It's Going to Help Save the Planet

Real talk: the environment is scary as hell right now. It feels like every month there is a terrifying new natural disaster from the fires to earthquakes and hurricanes. It can leave us feeling pretty helpless and at Mother Nature's mercy. You've probably heard the idea that every little bit counts when it comes to making the planet more eco-friendly and hopefully combating some of the global warming happening. One way you can do this is via your beauty routine. And Unilever - the parent corpora...
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13 Unscented Lotions That Guarantee Winter Skin Survival

We all want soft skin, but it shouldn't come at the cost of a heavy body lotion clashing with your favorite fragrence. Those with sensitive skin are presented with an even bigger challenge since scented lotions tend to pack harmful ingredients that enhance the smell but can cause irritation. Whether it be a luxe designer product or drugstore favorite, a moisturizing skin care cream doesn't have to smell sweet. These perfume-free finds for face and body are ideal for every budget and promise to k...
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7 Body Powders to Try If You're Avoiding Talc

Talcum powder has been making headlines lately, but it's not a new ingredient. It's been used for centuries and can be found in a slew of consumer products, from dry shampoo and blush to baby powder. But what is talc, exactly? It's a mineral that is made up of silicon, oxygen, and magnesium and is meant to absorb moisture (therefore preventing rashes). In its natural state, talc can contain asbestos, which is a known carcinogen - but according to the American Cancer Society, commercial products ...
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9 Healing Products to Try After Getting Freshly Inked

The last thing you want to do after going through the entire process of getting a tattoo is ruin it with improper care. While I've had various tattoo artists recommend different specific products, most of them agree on the same aftercare process: cleanse, heal, and moisturize. Though it's really that simple, there are also a few important things to avoid during that process. Read on for the essential products you'll need to properly care for your fresh ink, as well as different recommendations f...
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This Beauty and the Beast Hand Cream Is the Best Stocking Stuffer For Disney-Lovers!

If your vanity is in need of a Disney princess-worthy product upgrade, you're about to fall madly in love with this Beauty and the Beast hand cream. The Beauty and the Beast Rose Hand Cream ($11) treats hands to a luxuriously soft lotion infused with shea butter and rose fragrance (naturally). The formula sounds lovely, but let's be honest - the packaging is the best part! A red, rose-shaped pot encapsulates the hand cream, and it's appropriately packaged beneath the iconic dome from the Disne...
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Yes, Women of Color Can Get Laser Hair Removal - What You Need to Know

When I spoke with Cindy Bruna backstage before the 2017 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in Shanghai, she gushed about getting laser hair removal to prep her body for skimpy looks and close-ups on camera. "I started laser lessons about a year ago," she said, citing Romeo & Juliette Laser Hair Removal as her spot of choice. (Disclaimer, I am also a client of this spa and got my armpits done there before my wedding.) "They are so good with our skin color. For me, its so complicated because the hair...
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7 Ways You're Improperly Storing Your Beauty Products and Destroying Them

You've most likely spent a lot of valuable time and money building your beauty and skincare collection. It's only natural that you'd want to keep your beauty essentials from harm's way, yet you might be improperly storing your products without realizing the affect it can have on its performance and longevity. Sunlight, heat, and humidity can wreck havoc on your Winter beauty essentials' scent and formula, rendering it useless. Ahead, you'll find seven of the most common ways you might be imprope...
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You Need Not Travel to the Upside Down to Get These Stranger Things Beauty Products

Before you Netflix and chill - and I mean that literally, not figuratively - get into the TV spirit by snagging these Stranger Things-inspired beauty products. The fantastic people of Etsy have crafted up some otherwordly goodies from a holographic highlighter featuring the Shadow Monster to waffle soaps that lend a nod to Eleven's favorite food. There's even a sugar body scrub with upside-down writing on the jar and glitter! Keep reading for the ultimate gift guide for any Stranger Things and b...
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Lush Sells a 2-Pound Bath Bomb, So Picking It Up Almost Counts as a Workout

Image Source: Lush Headquartered in the UK, Lush has become known and loved worldwide for creating festive bath bombs such as the cognac-scented Golden Wonder ($8). But this is America, and here we like to supersize things - so allow us to introduce you to the Giant Golden Wonder Bath Bomb. It's a six-pound version of its predecessor, and we only have two questions: (1) how do we get our hot little hands on this bad boy, and (2) does lifting it up count as a workout? RelatedYou Could Basical...
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25 Almond-Scented Products to Seriously Sweeten Up Your Season

Some live for pumpkin-scented candles, other flip for warm vanilla body cream, but me? I crush hard on another decadent holiday scent: almond. It seems basic (after all, it's just a nut), but the sweet marzipan fragrance is one I would happily sniff all day. And it's not just a sensual experience I'm after - almond oil has beauty benefits thanks to its antioxidant-rich, vitamin E composition. It nourishes skin, adds shine to hair, and gives everything a healthy glow - something we all strive for...
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10 Grooming Gifts 1 Dude Swears Other Men Will Like to Receive This Season

If you, like me, have absolutely no idea what to get the man (or men) in your life this holiday season, I am here to help. I always think that beauty products are a great place to start, because you know he's not buying them for himself. I mean, have you ever seen a man? They need all the help they can get in the grooming department, and the holidays are the perfect opportunity to get him together. These are my favorite grooming products right now, plus a few others I threw in that will make hi...
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Basd Body Care

Plant-based food is the new trend, and I’m slowly jumping on board, and plant-based skincare is here too with Basd Body Care.  This line of body products is completely organic and based-out of... Visit to read the rest of this article.
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Two Delights from Golden Door

Golden Door Hinoki Body Moisturizer and Hinoki Pacific Salt Body Scrub [Author: Cybele]
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Don’t Miss These Great Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals!

It’s BLACK FRIDAY – Cyber Monday time and here are some great deals. I have so many that I am curating the best of them because otherwise you will be buried in tons of bargain shopping posts!   BRÖÖ Cyber Monday Deal: Over 35% off all BRÖÖ products on 11/27 DOPE Naturally, · […]
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23 Heartbeat Tattoos That'll Leave You Breathless

When you want to get a special ink to honor someone you love, you can go with their name or birthday or pull an Angelina Jolie and get the coordinates of where they were born. If none of these options seems appealing, however, a simple way to represent the person (or pet) you love is through their heartbeat. Getting someone's heartbeat tattooed on your body is not a completely novel idea, but that doesn't make it any less special. Since every person's heart rate is different, the ink design you ...
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People Are Creating Lush Bath Bomb Charm Bracelets, and It's the Cutest Damn Thing

Lushies aren't exactly known for being shy about their love for the popular brand. From chopping up Bath Bombs to find out what's inside to literally tattooing the brand's famous products onto their bodies forever, sh*t gets serious. The latest way to declare your love for Lush turns out to also be the cutest - that's because people are making beyond-adorable bath-bomb charm bracelets. Yup, your favorite middle-school accessory just got a quirky upgrade, and much like we did with our Juicy Cout...
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14 Calming Beauty Gifts For That Friend Who's Always Stressed the F*ck Out

Have a friend or family member who's constantly a ball of stress on the verge of exploding? Gift that stressed-out special someone with one of the calming beauty products ahead to help them cope with their hectic schedule and alleviate those uneasy feelings. From bath bombs to essential-oil-infused lotion, each item is sure to get them in a tranquil state of mind when they need it most. And, hey, we wouldn't blame you for stocking up on a few for your yourself while you're at it! Related50 Be...
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Look Like a Victoria's Secret Angel Without Working Out

It's no secret that people are obsessed with the Victoria's Secret Angels' bodies. Guys want to fantasize about them; women want to look like them. And after seeing them all up close on multiple occasions when I flew to London with 40 models for the 2014 fashion show, I can vouch that these goddesses look even better in person. It makes perfect sense that you have a few of these women on your Fitspiration Pinterest board. But that doesn't mean they don't get a little beauty help making their bod...
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50 Beauty Gifts That You Can Buy For $10 and Under

While you're playing mind chess trying to decide what to get who for the holidays, some of the season's best beauty gifts are selling out faster than you can say Santa. But not to worry, there's still plenty to go around - especially on the beauty front. Whether you've already started your stash of stocking stuffers or you've crafted a mental checklist of items for the doorman, the dog walker, or any person who helps makes your life a little more sane, there's an abundance of beauty goods read...
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Beauty Experts Reveal Exactly How They Would Spend $25 at Target

As if we didn't have enough reasons to shop beauty at Target, the megastore has begun expanding its beauty sections and adding new K-beauty goods to its offerings to further enhance the beauty experience. With so many possibilities and more on the horizon, it can be hard to know where to start, so we enlisted makeup, hair, and skin experts to provide some picks from their personal shopping lists. From the multitasking soap you can use on your hair to a pro-favorite mascara, read on for how artis...
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How to Get the Best Skin of Your Life For Your Wedding Day

There's a lot to coordinate when you're planning a wedding - and we're only talking about beauty! You have to get the perfect elegant manicure, create a gorgeous (yet versatile) hairstyle, and top it all off with a stunning hair accessory. Before you even think about bridal makeup, however, you need to focus on your skin. Your wedding photos will be something you want to (hopefully!) look back at for the rest of your life, so you must take all the steps necessary to ensure you have a flawless fa...
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Tiny Wedding Tattoo Ideas Every Inked Bride Should Consider

If marriage is forever, then making a long-lasting commitment to your partner via a tattoo is one way to pay homage to your love. Sure, you can step outside of the typical bridal beauty look with an unexpected hairstyle or nail art, but an edgy tattoo makes more of a statement. What makes the tattoos ahead so special is the minimalism. A motif as simple as a tiny heart or script phrase can have meaning but is not distracting. Plus, you can strategically place your ink inside of your ring finger ...
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Here's Everything You Need to Know About Waxing and Threading

It feels like there is a new "best" hair removal technique taking top spot each week, but do you know exactly what each entails? Threading and waxing may seem similar because they both remove hair from the root, but they differ in technique, outcome, and pain level. We've called in the help of the hair removal experts at Strip to help clear up any questions you may have about waxing and threading. Whether you're a devotee of one and don't know much about the other or you're a newbie to both, h...
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