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10 Best Body Washes Under $10

Whether you like bar soap, a fragrant gel, or something rich and creamy, you can never really have too many body washes in your bathroom beauty stash. From the relaxing to the stimulating, here are 10 of the best, all for under $10. Related: 10 Cozy Bath Soaks That Will Melt Away Your Winter Blues
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The Body Shop Shower Gels – British Rose and Moringa

Another bane of my life apart from finding the perfect moisturizer is finding a good soap or a body wash which does not dry me up. LÓccitane almond shower oil seems to be a perfect choice for such a body wash but it is too pricey to be used daily. I was definitely intrigued by the British Rose range of body shop and wanted to try it for myself. And, then, the prices were reduced or sale was on or some such thing so I got these two body shop shower gels for myself among other things. Unfortun...
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Pssst! Walmart Just Quietly Launched This Unicorn Beauty Line - Everything's $5 or Less!

This just in: Walmart started selling the unicorn-themed beauty collection of our flippin' dreams, and it all happened right under our horns - er, I mean noses. The affordable retailer now exclusively carries an eight-item line of magical bath and body goodies by Hallu, a small beauty brand that launched earlier this year. Hallu's enchanting unicorn collection features rainbow-colored sugar scrub cubes, a unicorn horn bath bomb that rivals the one Lush used to sell, and an intriguing foam body l...
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Do you know why your Skin is Dry?

Source : Breakingpic via Updated from 25th January, 2015. A forgotten post which clarifies a lot about our skin care confusions related to moisturization and why skin is dry. Did you know hydration and moisturization are two different things and they come under two different skin problem categories. A skin can both be dehydrated and unmoisturized or it could just be dehydrated or just be unmoisturized. This winter has been particularly dry in the city and after ages of time, I exp...
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Forest Essentials Hydrating Sea Salt Crystal Rose Body Polisher

As mentioned in this interview , salt scrubs and sugar scrubs are the best for the body! The Forest Essentials Hydrating Sea Salt Crystal Rose Body Polisher is my first salt scrub. Before this, I had used one from the body shop which I loved a lot but it was more of a butter than a scrub. This one, however, is a scrub and a moisturizer as well because of the oil suspension. In fact, this is one of the easiest DIY’s to do at home as well. So, you know what is the next DIY you are gonna see!! ...
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Dove DermaSeries Repairing Balm 30-Day Challenge Results!

See the results from my 30-day Dove DermaSeries Repairing Balm Challenge! [Author: Cybele]
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#TakeANewLook18 at Spring!

Visit your local Vons to stock up on TRESemme, Nexxus and Vaselline VICL products today! [Author: Cybele]
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Affordable Mom’s Day Gifts: Skin and Bodycare

Affordable Mom’s Day Gifts: Skin and Bodycare Is mom a skincare addict? If she’s the lady who’s got one of every serum, lotion and treatment available in the aisles of Target, then the answer is yes. And that means Mother’s Day is your opportunity to add to her skin and body care collection with a unique brand she’ll love. Try these affordable Mother’s Day gift ideas for lesser known, but still luxurious skin and body care products, all priced $40 or less! 10 Unique and Affordable Mom’s Day Gift...
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Enter Sherri Sebastian’s Easter Giveaway! Limited Time Opp to Win a Gorgeous Fragrance!!

Transformation is in the air. When developing Provision, the concept of transformation was key to the brand’s conception, symbolized by the protective and luminous golden egg. A golden egg represents the luxurious, enjoyable things that come as a result of work, patience, and consistency in our efforts. Its deeper meaning, though, is intended to remind […]
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Affordable Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: Skin and Bodycare

Affordable Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: Skin and Bodycare Is mom a skincare addict? If she’s the lady who’s got one of every serum, lotion and treatment available in the aisles of Target, then the answer is yes. And that means Mother’s Day is your opportunity to add to her skin and body care collection with a unique brand she’ll love. Try these affordable Mother’s Day gift ideas for lesser known, but still luxurious skin and body care products, all priced $40 or less! 10 Unique and Affordable Mom’s ...
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Say No!No! to Expensive Waxing and Laser Hair Removal Treatment. “Test-Driving” No!No! Pro!

You have probably seen the No!No! product line on various TV commercials and in magazine ads. I certainly have. I was always fascinated by this product and wondered how well it worked. I have watched the infomercial and also much shorter commercials and thought about giving it a try. I actually got to try this […]
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Don’t Miss Whole Foods ‘ Beauty Week 2018! Special Discounts on Beauty Products! Hurry in to Snag a Special Gift Bag

In celebration of Beauty Week 2018 (3/21-28), Whole Foods Market is offering special discounts on its wide selection of natural beauty. From March 21 to 28, the following categories of beauty products will on sale for 25% off: –makeup, –facial care, –hair care, –nail polish –makeup brushes In addition, on Friday, March 23, stores will […]
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These Are the Best New Products From Bath and Body Works

We've been Bath and Body Works fans since we were little - for many of us, the brand's products were some of our very first beauty items. If it's been a while since you perused the shelves at the body care chain, run to your nearest mall, because a lot has changed since you were a kid. This year, Bath and Body Works is really upping the beauty game. Not only are your favorite scents still available (Cucumber Melon takes me directly back to childhood), but the brand also has a ton of exciting ne...
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#TakeANewLook18 at Unilever

#TakeANewLook18 at what Unilever has to offer at your local Safeway stores! [Author: Cybele]
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Treat Yourself to a BRÖÖ: Hair, Face + Body Products Made Beer!!

Instead of drinking your beer, try using it on your hair– via BRÖÖ hair care products!   Instead of grabbing a nice cold brew at your St. Patty’s Day soirée, head on over to Walmart and treat yourself to a natural BRÖÖ. All BRÖÖ Craft Beer formulas contain all-malt, freshly-hopped craft beer full of B vitamins, […]
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Dove DermaSeries Collection

Check out Dove's new DermaSeries Collection! [Author: Cybele]
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The 10 Best Sunscreens For Deeper Skin Tones

Sunscreen has come a long way - but honestly, it took long enough. Unfortunately, the chalky, thick options of the past left many of us sun-lovers with darker skin unprotected. But luckily, now there are a crop of SPF choices in clear or easily absorbed formulas (even mineral ones!) that will give the level of coverage needed to keep our black from cracking - while literally leaving no trace. We know that melanin alone is just not enough to protect against skin cancer and premature aging, so let...
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35 Beauty Picks That Will Save You This Winter, According to Experts

It's no secret that cold weather and beauty aren't exactly best friends. Harsh winds from the outside combined with the heat we're typically pumping on the inside can leave the hair and body high and dry . . . but it doesn't have to. Because no one should have to succumb to an entire season of alligator patches and split ends, we asked experts to share some of the products they use on themselves and their clients - including celebs who need to look amazing year-round - to get through the season....
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6 Amazing Beauty Benefits of Carrot Juice

Parents across the world have long urged kids to eat their carrots, and it's no wonder - they're damn good for you! This orange root veggie is loaded with vitamins and nutrients - most notably B carotene, which is converted into vitamin A, a powerful vitamin that combats acne and slows cell death to reduce signs of aging and sun damage. "Carrot juice improves the skin's ability to heal faster and to fight infection, as well as reduces noticeable signs of skin inflammation," noted Anna Mitsios, a...
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7 Things You Never Knew About Detecting Skin Cancer

Skin cancer is certainly not the most thrilling beauty topic, but it's unquestionably one of the most important - no matter what time of year it is. Even if you haven't been on a beach in months, there are some areas of our skin that are exposed to the harmful UV radiation on a regular basis, which means that we're pretty much at risk all the time. While all of this sounds utterly depressing, the good news is that most skin cancers can be treated or removed if detected early. There are however ...
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Bloom MIneral Beauty: Reviews and an AMAZING Flash Sale thru 1/31! Selected Products Only!

I am forever trying new products! I am a lot like any woman who wants to have soft Mo. beyond what I buy, I get sent products for me to test and review. This is one of those times PLUS I get to share with you a TERRIFIC Sale on a collection of products that […]
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Forget the Push-Up Bra - Makeup Is the Best Way to Fake Cleavage

Some of us have been blessed with an ample bosom, and then some of us have not (for which I am in the latter group). Regardless of what the numbers and letter(s) say on your current bra-sizing tag, sometimes a little makeup trickery can come in handy to create the illusion of fullness. In lieu of spending an exorbitant amount on a fancy padded bra or wearing an uncomfortable bustier that's just not you, here's an affordable way to put a smile on your significant other's face without having to ...
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10 Cozy Bath Soaks That Will Melt Away Your Winter Blues

There are two types of people in this world: those who surrender bath time once they grow out of diapers and the rest of us. If you're one of those "baths are gross" breeds, I dare you to scoop one of these relaxing soaks into a tub of warm water and not enjoy it. For the rest of you, get that tub plugged and warm water running because these heavenly bath soaks will give you all the feels. RelatedChill the F*ck Out in 2018 With Our 10 Favorite Bath Bombs
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No, This Is Not a Lip Balm - and It's Going to Help You Smell Fantastic

At first glance, the product in this story looks similar to an Eos lip balm - let's just call it as it is. But what makes it so damn cool is that this little guy has nothing to do with your lips. It's actually the newest Secret deodorant launch, and it's the first to market of its kind. I was one of the first testers of these palm-size deodorants, dubbed Secret Freshies Invisible Solid Antiperspirant Deodorant ($5). The portable underarm fixers come in Secret's signature fragrances: Cool Waterli...
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Get Jessica Biel’s Golden Glow at the Golden Globes with St. Tropez!!

I know that the Golden Globes seem like so long ago but given the current weather situation on both coasts — where the temps are swinging wildly from frigid temps to 70 degrees in the daytime, it’s not crazy to be wishing for warm and sunny weather and wanting the skin to go with it. […]
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Who Needs a Date When You've Got the New Lush Valentine's Day Collection?

Let's get real: Lush is the best Valentine's date we're going to get this year, and we're not bitter, because have you seen the product lineup? This year's Valentine's Day products include a whole host of bath bombs, naked shower gels, and, of course, lip balms to get you ready for a smooch. You can get all aboard a love boat, bathe in dried flowers (because that is necessary on Feb. 14), and even become a pink glittery unicorn for the night. Oh, and of course there's a kiss lip scrub, if you d...
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28 Gorgeous Wildflower Tattoos For Free Spirits

If you're stuck on what to get inked, consider going the flower route. On top of obviously being aesthetically beautiful, floral designs can be personalized to hold a whole lot of meaning, from representing your birth month to capturing your personality. For all you free spirits out there, wildflower and botanical tattoos would especially be fitting! You can choose to keep it minimal or go crazy with bunches and color. Get inspired by one of the 28 stunning ideas ahead. Related50+ Tiny Rose ...
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Clean and Treat Your Face Like a Parisian! Eau de Lait’s Micellar Product Works Wonders!

This week’s bone-chilling temperatures are wreaking havoc on skin, stripping moisture, disrupting the barrier function and leaving faces red and raw. What (aside from moving to Bali!)                will help? {Wait, you can’t afford to go to Bali? Go to Hawaii or even to Belize because it’s warm there!} Cleansing […]
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Love Sarah Hyland's Arrow Tattoo? See 30 More Ink Ideas!

When we spotted Sarah Hyland with her newly inked arrow tattoo, we were immediately obsessed. Arrow-motif inks are simple and elegant and look beautiful anywhere on the body. The fine lines can be long or short and embellished with circles, dots, or even a heart. Best of all, the mini arrows are definitely safe for the workplace. Keep reading for more arrow inspirations that'll point you in the right direction, and if it's your first tattoo, a teeny-tiny one is the best way to start. Source: In...
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7 of the Best Chamomile Products to Help Your Skin Zen Out

Chamomile isn't just great for fixing your insomnia. The miracle-working plant has a number of calming properties that are beneficial to the skin as well. The chamomile flower contains phenolic compounds that work as antioxidants, along with a significant amount of anti-inflammatory properties. In fact, studies show that chamomile is roughly 60 percent as effective as 0.25 percent hydrocortisone cream when it comes to treating eczema. Meanwhile, the levomenol in chamomile contains hydrating prop...
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