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Boeing has 737 MAX software fix ready for airlines as DOT launches new scrutiny of entire FAA certification process

Boeing said Monday it has finalized the proposed software update for its 737 MAX flight control system and has invited airlines to order it even before it’s formally approved by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Some airline pilots flew 737 simulators with the updated system software in Renton on Saturday. Flight tests are likely to […]
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Boeing begins new 737 MAX pilot training and defends the jet’s cockpit displays

Boeing's chief engineer defended the company against suggestions that additional optional cockpit display features that are optional and sold separately to airlines should have been standard and might have helped prevent the two recent fatal crashes.
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Boeing begins new 737 MAX pilot information sessions and defends the jet’s cockpit displays

Boeing's chief engineer defended the company against suggestions that additional optional cockpit display features that are optional and sold separately to airlines should have been standard and might have helped prevent the two recent fatal crashes.
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Charging extra to get there? The Boeing story is yet another sign we’re a corporatocracy

That Boeing has been charging extra for key safety features on planes probably won't be news to anyone who has faced the à la carte smorgasbord of flying recently.
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Airline threats to cancel Boeing MAX orders may just be a bargaining tactic

Threatened cancellations of 737 MAX orders by Garuda Indonesia and other carriers may say more about the airlines than the aircraft — and likely won't hurt Boeing in the long term.
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Alaska Air Group declares support for Boeing during ‘an incredibly difficult time’

Alaska Air Group President and Chief Operating Officer Ben Minicucci emailed a statement to employees expressing support for Boeing.
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FBI joining criminal investigation into certification of Boeing 737 MAX

The federal grand jury investigation, based in Washington, D.C., is looking into the certification process that approved the safety of the new Boeing plane, two of which have crashed since October.
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Extra pilot saved doomed Lion Air jetliner on next-to-last flight

The Lion Air Boeing 737 Max 8 that crashed in October 2018 had had multiple failures on previous flights. The day before its final takeoff, it malfunctioned again. An off-duty pilot told the crew how to fix the problem.
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Transportation Department will review FAA’s Boeing decision

The now-grounded plane has been involved in two fatal accidents within five months. Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao asked for the audit in a letter Tuesday.
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Air Canada pulls 737 MAX from schedule until ‘at least’ July

Air Canada's announcement on Tuesday indicates that airlines may be taking a more cautious approach to the MAX. The company has 24 of the nearly 400 MAXs in service, though the plane has been grounded around the world following two crashes.
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Delegating aircraft safety assessments to Boeing is nothing new for the FAA

The 737 MAX is hardly the first instance where the top federal aviation regulator outsourced at least some of its oversight duties to the very industry it is supposed to be overseeing.
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Lockheed F-35 dinged as Boeing’s F-15X wins in Air Force’s plan

The U.S. Air Force outlined a five-year plan that showed the extent of the Pentagon’s push to bring back Boeing’s F-15 fighter in an upgraded version, a $7.8 billion investment that would jump from eight of the planes next year to 18 each year through 2024. While Lockheed Martin’s newer F-35 would get $37.5 billion […]
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Flawed analysis, failed oversight: How Boeing and FAA certified the suspect 737 MAX flight control system

Federal Aviation Administration managers pushed its engineers to delegate wide responsibility for assessing the safety of the 737 MAX to Boeing itself. But safety engineers familiar with the documents shared details that show the analysis included crucial flaws.
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As Boeing faces crisis, filing reveals CEO got $30 million last year

In 2018, Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg made 184 times the compensation of the average Boeing employee. He owns stock worth $54 million at today's price, but that's $6 million less than five days ago because of the slide in the stock since the crash of Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302.
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Mention of jackscrew in Boeing 737 MAX crash evokes memories of Alaska Flight 261, but key differences exist

In the crash of Alaska Airlines Flight 261 in January 2000, federal investigators found that jackscrew failed from excessive wear. In the Ethiopian crash, there’s no suggestion that the jackscrew on the Boeing plane failed.
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Investigators find new clues pointing to potential cause of 737 MAX crashes as FAA details Boeing’s fix

Investigators find new clue in wreckage of Ethiopian Airlines flight as Boeing continues production of its 737 MAX and works on software patch to get planes back in the air.
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737 MAX crashes make it the most troubled airliner debut in modern aviation

You have to go back many decades to find the introduction of a commercial aircraft that has involved such a staggering loss of life, or has raised such uncertainties.
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NASA weighs shelving Boeing rocket, using other option for flight to moon

Without the Space Launch System, NASA would be forced to purchase two heavy-lift vehicle launches.
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After analyzing satellite data on 737 MAX crash, Canada bans the plane from its airspace

Transport Minister Marc Garneau said his agency had analyzed satellite data earlier in the day, allowing experts to track data points such as the fluctuations in the vertical profile of the aircraft.
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Canada grounds Boeing 737 MAX 8, leaving U.S. as last major user of plane

Canada also broke with the Trump administration and issued a safety notice restricting any operation of Boeing 737 MAX 8 and 9 jets from domestic or international flights.
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737 MAX flights are rare at Sea-Tac airport; Southwest accommodates concerned travelers

Only a handful of more than 1,200 daily flights at Sea-Tac International Airport are by Boeing 737 MAX jets.
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FAA holds fast: It won’t ground Boeing’s 737 MAX, even as most of the world does

In a statement, the FAA said it continues an urgent and extensive review of all available data and "thus far, our review shows no systemic performance issues and provides no basis to order grounding the aircraft."
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Flight attendants in U.S. call for grounding of Boeing’s 737 MAX

Two of the largest unions representing flight attendants have joined the chorus of calls to ground the Boeing 737 MAX following Sunday's crash of Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302, the second deadly crash of the new aircraft.
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Pressure on Boeing grows as Europe grounds the 737 MAX

Europe's aviation safety regulator EASA announced Tuesday the suspension of all Boeing 737 Max operations in Europe. The pressure on the Federal Aviation Administration to follow suit will now be immense.
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Grounding of 737 MAX planes by airline, with affected fleet

An updated look at those that have grounded the 737 MAX on their own or by order of their national regulator.
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Worried travelers seek answers about the 787 MAX 8. Here is what passengers should know.

What airlines and travel experts are telling passengers who have questions about what plane they are flying on and rebooking fees.
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‘Everybody feels it’: Boeing workers react to second 737 crash

Among workers streaming through the turnstile gate at the Renton plant, reactions to the disaster seemed a mixture of sadness for the victims along with deep uncertainty -- about the cause of the accident, but also what it might mean for their employer.
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Nervous reaction to Ethiopian crash creates uncertainty for Boeing

The FAA and Boeing said Monday they'll await more information before ordering any action on the 737 MAX. Meanwhile, about a third of the worldwide fleet is grounded under orders of regulators in China and Indonesia, and action by a few small airlines elsewhere.
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How airlines and regulators are reacting to the Boeing 737 MAX 8 crash in Ethiopia

American and Southwest Airlines, the biggest U.S. carriers with Max 8 models, are sticking by the jet, while Alaska Airlines has yet to receive the Max 8 jets it has ordered. The FAA said that "if we identify an issue that affects safety, the FAA will take immediate and appropriate action."
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