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Global coronavirus deaths just topped 3 million, led by surges in India and Brazil

Cemetery workers in full protective gear lower a coffin that contain the remains of a person who died from complications related to COVID-19 at the Vila Formosa cemetery in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Wednesday, March 24, 2021. AP Photo/Andre Penner Global coronavirus deaths surpassed 3 million on Saturday. More than a third of those deaths occurred in the US, Brazil, and India. Brazil and India are still seeing devastating surges in coronavirus deaths amid vaccine shortages. See more stories on I...
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Bolsonaro asks for Biden's 'personal engagement' to fight Amazon deforestation

Brazil's President Jair Bolsonaro has called for Joe Biden's "personal engagement" in fighting deforestation in the Amazon rain forest, in a letter sent to the US President on Wednesday.
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Rio de Janeiro recorded more deaths than births for the 6th month in a row as Brazil fails to contain its COVID-19 outbreak

Burials for COVID-19 victims at the Cemiterio do Caju in Rio de Janeiro. Fabio Teixeira/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images The Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro has recorded more deaths than births for six straight months. Ten other Brazilian cities recorded more deaths than births in March. Brazil has reported the second-most COVID-19 fatalities and is recording thousands of cases a day. See more stories on Insider's business page. The Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro has recorded more de...
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Coronavirus live news: UK expands trial on mixing vaccines; Brazil senate probes Bolsonaro’s pandemic response

UK study to examine if vaccines can be safely mixed; Brazilian investigation will cover president’s much-criticised handling of Covid outbreakA tsunami of cases’: desperation as Covid second wave batters IndiaBoris Johnson: easing lockdown will increase Covid infectionsUS decision to pause J&J jabs is another blow to global Covid fightSee all our coronavirus coverage 7.28am BST We mentioned earlier an expansion of the trial in the UK to mix vaccines to see if they improve protection against ...
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Brazil Senate Pushes Forward With Probe of Bolsonaro's COVID-19 Response

By Maria Carolina MarcelloBRASILIA (Reuters) - Brazil's Senate on Tuesday launched a probe into President Jair Bolsonaro's handling of the COVID-19...
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‘Negotiating with your worst enemy’: Biden in risky talks to pay Brazil to save Amazon

Activists fear billion-dollar climate deal will bolster Bolsonaro and reward illegal forest clearance – but US says action can’t waitThe US is negotiating a multi-billion dollar climate deal with Brazil that observers fear could help the reelection of president Jair Bolsonaro and reward illegal forest clearance in the Amazon.That is the concern of indigenous groups, environmental campaigners and civil society activists, who say they are being shut out of the most important talks on the future of...
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Bolsonaro’s ‘genocidal’ Covid response has led to Brazilian catastrophe, Dilma Rousseff says

Former president tells Guardian Brazil faces perhaps gravest moment in its history and is ‘adrift on an ocean of hunger and disease’Jair Bolsonaro’s perverse and “genocidal” response to one of the world’s deadliest Covid outbreaks has left Brazil “adrift on an ocean of hunger and disease”, the country’s former president Dilma Rousseff has claimed.Speaking to the Guardian this week – as Brazil’s coronavirus death toll hit devastating new heights, with more than 12,000 deaths in the last three day...
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Covid-19: Why have deaths soared in Brazil?

President Bolsonaro has downplayed the pandemic and resisted lockdowns but now faces a major crisis.
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Coronavirus live: Merkel backs national lockdown in Germany while Bolsonaro rules one out in Brazil

Belgium to restrict AstraZeneca jab use after EMA concludes blood clotting should be listed as ‘very rare’ side effect of AstraZeneca jabUnder-30s in UK should be offered alternative to AstraZeneca jabIMF calls for wealth tax to help cover cost of Covid pandemicScott Morrison calls on EU to supply outstanding vaccine dosesSee all our coronavirus coverage 9.00pm BST 8.46pm BST Moderna Inc’s chief medical officer Tal Zaks said the company should be able to provide a booster shot for prote...
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Bolsonaro dismisses being labeled 'genocidal' as daily COVID-19 deaths in Brazil top 4,000

President Jair Bolsonaro seen in Brasilia on May 13, 2020. REUTERS/Adriano Machado Bolsonaro sarcastically said people think he's "genocidal" due to Brazil's COVID-19 death toll. Brazil recorded over 4,000 COVID-19 deaths within a 24-hour period for the first time on Tuesday. The Brazilian president has repeatedly pushed against pandemic restrictions. See more stories on Insider's business page. Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro on Tuesday continued to downplay the COVID-19 pa...
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Should Biden and Bolsonaro partner to protect the Amazon? Some Brazilian activists say no

When then-presidential candidate Joe Biden offered Brazil $20 billion last year to protect the Amazon, Brazil's President Jair Bolsonaro rejected it with scorn. Now, Brazilian activists worry that the two leaders could actually end up striking a deal.
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Bolsonaro shrugs off criticism he is 'genocidal' as Brazil reports record 4,000 daily deaths

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has shrugged off criticisms that he is "genocidal" in his opposition to Covid-19 restrictions, as the nation recorded its deadliest 24 hours of the pandemic so far.
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In new grim record, Brazil surpasses 4,000 daily COVID deaths

Coronavirus surge is spurring desperate calls for strict lockdown measures but President Bolsonaro still rejects curbs.
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Bolsonaro's New Justice Minister Replaces Brazil Federal Police Chiefs

By Ricardo BritoBRASILIA (Reuters) - Brazil's new justice minister on Tuesday replaced the heads of the federal police and federal highway police...
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Brazil's Bolsonaro Speaks to Russia's Putin About Sputnik Vaccine

By Lisandra ParaguassuBRASILIA (Reuters) - Brazil's President Jair Bolsonaro spoke with Russian President Vladimir Putin by telephone on Tuesday...
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Amid Brazil's tragedy, our hope is the prospect of Bolsonaro's defeat next year | Celso Amorim

As Covid deaths climb the president seems to be throwing the country into an abyss that will be difficult to escape fromIt is no exaggeration to say that Brazil is going through the most serious crisis in its history. With nearly 4,000 deaths a day and moving quickly towards a figure of 500,000 people killed by Covid-19, Brazil is not just the epicentre of the pandemic. It has also become the breeding ground for new variants of the virus: a real threat to its own people and the whole of humankin...
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Bolsonaro's Pick for Banco Do Brasil CEO Not Ready for the Job, Say Board Members

By Carolina MandlSAO PAULO (Reuters) - Banco do Brasil SA's board members argued in a public statement on Thursday that President Jair Bolsonaro's...
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Bolsonaro’s Cabinet reshuffle triggers worst military crisis since the ’70s

On Tuesday, the heads of the Brazilian navy, army and air force jointly resigned after Bolsonaro removed the defense minister in a major...
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Analysis: Brazil's Bolsonaro Seeks Police Support Before Elections With Reshuffle

By Gabriel StargardterRIO DE JANEIRO (Reuters) - President Jair Bolsonaro rattled Brazilian politics and irked military commanders with a major...
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Brazil: More than 60,000 people died of Covid-19 in March

Despite the rising cases, President Bolsonaro urges local governors to ease lockdown measures.
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Brazil: calls grow for removal of 'coup-mongering' Bolsonaro as crisis builds

Opposition leaders demand impeachment for what they say is president’s illegal attempt to co-opt the country’s armed forcesProminent leaders of Brazil’s opposition have called for president Jair Bolsonaro to be immediately removed from office to prevent his “coup-mongering, authoritarian delusions” becoming a reality.“We cannot be bystanders to this barbarism,” congressman Marcelo Freixo said on Wednesday as parliamentarians demanded Bolsonaro’s impeachment for what they called his illegal attem...
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Brazil: Political crisis and Covid surge rock Bolsonaro

President Bolsonaro left reeling after a daily record in deaths and the resignation of military chiefs.
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Bolsonaro will replace top military commanders after cabinet reshuffle

The top commanders of Brazil's Armed Forces are stepping down -- marking the first time in Brazil´s history that a president will replace all three military chiefs at once.
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Brazil on edge as three military chiefs resign after Bolsonaro fires defense minister

Political earthquake rattles country already grappling with one of the world’s worst coronavirus outbreaksJair Bolsonaro’s crisis-stricken administration has been rocked by the sudden sacking of Brazil’s defence minister and the subsequent resignation of the heads of all three branches of the armed forces.The commanders of the Brazilian army, navy and air force – Gen Edson Leal Pujol, Adm Ilques Barbosa and Lt-Brig Antônio Carlos Bermudez – met with the president’s new minister on Tuesday mornin...
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All three military chiefs resign in Brazil following Bolsonaro's changes in his cabinet, putting the country on unprecedented crisis

Political earthquake rattles country already grappling with one of the world’s worst coronavirus outbreaks
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Covid: Brazil's Jair Bolsonaro shuffles cabinet as pressure grows

President Bolsonaro has seen his popularity plummet amid criticism of his handling of the pandemic.
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Covid: Brazil ministers replaced in major cabinet reshuffle

President Bolsonaro has seen his popularity plummet amid criticism of his handling of the pandemic.
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