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VistaJet is about to take delivery of its first charter-ready Bombardier Global 7500, a $70 million ultra-long-range private jet that can fly 7,700 nautical miles — see inside

A VistaJet Bombardier Global 7500. VistaJet Private aviation firm VistaJet will welcome another Bombardier Global 7500 to its fleet in January that will be available for charter after its first model was scooped up by a single client. The Global 7500 has the longest range of any aircraft in its class, and is able to fly up to 7,700 nautical miles in a single flight.  The 14-passenger configuration allows for four living spaces, including a private bedroom and office.  Visit Business Inside...
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Private jet firm XO just added 15 aircraft to its fleet in a major fleet expansion that will help corner the new market of first-time private jet flyers

XO is expanding its fleet to 58 aircraft with the addition of 15 light jets. Perry Correll/ Private aviation firm XO just added 15 Cessna Citation Ultra jets to its fleet, growing to 58 aircraft in total. It's the first light jet to be flown by XO, offering a greater variety to new and existing members over the traditional super-midsize and long-range aircraft operated by the firm. Thomas Flohr, the CEO of XO's parent company, Vista Global, told Business Insider that member...
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A private jet company is offering $28,000 'weddings in the sky' as charter firms try to offset the loss of business travel

A Bombardier Challenger 850 private jet. Vladislav Sinelnikov/ Private aircraft charter company Air Charter Service is offering a "Wedding in the Sky" experience for couples looking to tie the knot in the sky during the pandemic.  Starting at $18,000, the soon-to-be newlyweds can take flight for two hours in aircraft ranging from a 16-seat heavy jet to a six-seat light jet.  An unofficial officiant is also provided; though, the couple will have had to officially exchange th...
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One of the largest private jet firms in the US is upgrading its entire fleet as more wealthy flyers turn to private aviation – take a look inside one of the luxurious jets

A newly-refurbished XOJET Aviation Bombardier Challenger 300. Thomas Pallini/Business Insider XOJET Aviation is refurbishing its fleet of 42 Bombardier Challenger 300 and Cessna Citation X aircraft. Both aircraft will see upgrades to their exterior and interiors, as well as a branding alignment to XOJET's new parent, Vista Global.  We toured a Bombardier Challenger 300 during a layover in Westhampton Beach, New York.  Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Private aviation fir...
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The first Boeing 737 Max crash was 2 years ago today. Here's the complete history of the plane that's been grounded since 2 crashes killed 346 people 5 months apart.

Boeing When the 737 Max entered service in 2017, Boeing touted it as the next generation of a tried-and-tested workhorse of consumer aviation.The Max, a 737 with more fuel-efficient engines and updated avionics and cabins, would have longer range, a lower operating cost, and enough in common with previous models so that pilots could switch back and forth between the two with ease.However, two fatal crashes involving the plane within five months of each other, which killed a combined 346 pe...
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RECALL: Can-Am’s Ryker Could Leave You Without a Wheel

This is a motorcycle blog, but if trike-type vehicles are your thing that’s okay too – here’s some rare trike content for you. If you managed to snag a 2020 Can-Am Ryker, be aware that Bombardier just sent out a recall notice for the vehicle regarding the front wheel assembly. When the Rykers are delivered to dealers, they come without the front wheel attached to save space and money on shipping and transport; leaving it up to the dealership to assemble the front wheel and a few other components...
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US firm to take control of Bombardier in NI

Kansas-based Spirit Aerosystems will take over Bombardier's NI operations on Friday.
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Bombardier's new $9.9 million private jet that has its own private office and near-cross-country range just entered service – see inside the Learjet 75 Liberty

Bombardier designed the Learjet 75 Liberty to specifically compete against the best aircraft from Cessna and Embraer in price and performance.
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Bombardier's new $9.9 million private jet that has its own private office and near-cross-country range just entered service – see inside the Learjet 75 Liberty

Bombardier's new Learjet is priced at $9.9 million to compete with Cessna and Embraer. Bombardier Bombardier's newest private jet, the Learjet 75 Liberty, was just delivered to its first customer. The new flagship of the Learjet program offers better performance than its predecessors with a modern and spacious cabin.  Bombardier developed the aircraft with a lower price point of $9.9 million to directly compete against Cessna and Embraer. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stor...
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The history of the Airbus A220, the controversial plane Boeing tried to keep out of the US

The first CSeries aircraft in its new Airbus colors. Regis Duvignau/Reuters The Bombardier CSeries was meant to be a game-changing aircraft. Produced by the Canadian aircraft manufacturer, it was its first foray in the 100-to-150-seat market. Though initially successful with sales to major airlines, the program was turned upside following a trade dispute with Boeing. The aircraft program was taken over by Airbus as a result, with the aircraft renamed the Airbus A220.  Bombardier has pulled...
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JetBlue just revealed its newest jet, the controversial Airbus A220 that the airline will be the second in the US to operate

The first JetBlue Airways Airbus A220-300. JetBlue Airways JetBlue Airways just unveiled the paint job for its new Airbus A220 aircraft to be delivered in December. The aircraft features JetBlue's classic paint scheme with a new tail design, called "Hops."  No routes have been announced yet but travelers can expect to fly on the aircraft in 2021, according to a JetBlue press release.  Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. JetBlue Airways' first Airbus A220 just rolled out of ...
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JetBlue just revealed its newest jet, the Airbus A220 that will replace some of its oldest aircraft – take a look

The first JetBlue Airways Airbus A220-300. JetBlue Airways JetBlue Airways just unveiled the paint job for its new Airbus A220 aircraft to be delivered in December. The aircraft features JetBlue's classic paint scheme with a new tail design, called "Hops."  No routes have been announced yet but travelers can expect to fly on the aircraft in 2021, according to a JetBlue press release.  Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. JetBlue Airways' first Airbus A220 just rolled out of ...
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UK: Federal Court Freezes Out Motion To Vary Injunction In Patent Case - Marks & Clerk

In 2011, Bombardier Recreational Products Inc. ("Bombardier") sued Arctic Cat, Inc. and Arctic Cat Sales, Inc. (collectively "Arctic Cat") for infringement of four patents relating to Bombardier's
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Bombardier wants to hire 300 employees, make Metra cars in Kendall County

Canadian train manufacturer Bombardier is looking to lease space at a former Caterpillar plant in Kendall County as it competes for a contract to build rail cars for Metra that could result in 300 jobs.
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Airbus just revealed its newest private jet based on the $81 million A220 airliner and it's already racked up 6 orders – see inside the TwoTwenty

The new Airbus "TwoTwenty" private jet. Airbus Airbus just introduced the private jet variant of the popular A220-100 airliner called the ACJ220 or "TwoTwenty." The $81 million jet can house six living areas including a full shower and king-size bed while seating 18. Six orders have already been placed with VIP aircraft operator Comlux slated to receive the first two.  Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Airbus has a new private jet for sale.The Airbus Corporate Jet 220, al...
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Plane Nerding, Travel Daydreaming

 Looking over the airport list from the Essential Air Service program is giving me ideas. It not only lists the airport and what carrier is servicing that run right now, but also the aircraft normally used on that run.If you're a dweller in a "spoke" city, and most of your travels take you to other "spoke" cities, you spend most of your flying time on little Bombardier and Embraer regional jets. Every so often I'll see the inside of a 737, 757, or one of the smaller Airbuses, usually if I'm goin...
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Delta has an aging plane problem and the pandemic is forcing the airline to finally address it

A Delta Air Lines Boeing 767. Nicolas Economou/NurPhoto/Getty Delta Air Lines is often leading the charge when it comes to innovations in the airline industry but a top criticism is that its planes are too old. The country's second-largest airline has the second-oldest fleet out of the big four international airlines. The coronavirus pandemic is forcing Delta to finally address this issue with older models being retired in favor of new jets like the Airbus A220.  Visit Business Insider's h...
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This brand-new $56 million Bombardier Global 6500 private jet can fly 6,600 nautical miles and is now for sale – see inside

A Bombardier Global 6500 private jet. Thomas Pallini/Business Insider Aircraft sales firm Jetcraft just took delivery of a brand-new Bombardier Global 6500 aircraft and is looking to re-sell it. The Global 6500 is one of Bombardier's newest planes having entered service in September 2019 and is an upgrade to the popular Global 6000. New Rolls-Royce engines and re-designed wings give the jet an additional 600 miles of range and increased efficiency.  Visit Business Insider's homepage for mo...
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Private jet execs reveal how they're navigating international travel restrictions to ferry the wealthy using long-range jets

A long-range Bombardier Global Express aircraft. Private jet operators are reporting that their long-range jets have been the most affected during the pandemic has international travel has been greatly restricted by world governments.Americans are only being welcomed into a handful of countries outside North America with most also requiring proof of a negative COVID-19 test to avoid a quarantine. Repatriation flights have largely kept these aircraft flying with travelers st...
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Private jet firms are buying dozens of new planes and hiring furloughed airline pilots as demand in the industry skyrockets back to normal

Private aviation firms are expanding as executives believe they're approaching the end of a V-shaped recovery. XOJET Aviation Private aviation is expanding with firms buying new aircraft and hiring more pilots during one of the worst downturns for aviation since the 2008 economic crisis.Wealthy new flyers have kept the industry afloat with traffic levels for this summer only around 20% less than last year's summer.A full recovery timeline is still uncertain but industry executives are c...
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Comatose Alexei Navalny loaded on plane to Germany, medical evacuation delayed 2 days by Russia

The human being inside the pod in this photo is Alexei Navalny, opposition leader, journalist, and prominent critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin. The photo was taken by Navalny spokesperson Kira Yarmysh, and is used with her consent. Mr. Navalny is in a coma, and is being loaded on to the plane that will fly him to Germany, where he will receive medical attention after an apparent poisoning two days ago. He is bound for the Charité hospital in Berlin. Russian medical officials ...
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Bombardier: 95 jobs at risk of redundancy

Bombardier says 95 jobs are at risk of redundancy at its NI operations.
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Bombardier: 'Issues to be resolved' over NI operations sale

US firm Spirit AeroSystems agreed to buy Bombardier's Northern Ireland operations in October 2019.
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Boeing wrote a step-by-step guide for starting a new airline. Here's what it wants potential founders — and customers — to know. (BA)

Boeing runs a program that helps innovators launch new startup airlines — and become potential customers The program, StartupBoeing, offers a detailed framework for anyone looking to get into the airline business. The company says it will work closely with serious parties to help get their airline running. While the COVID-19 pandemic has devastated airline industry, most experts anticipate a full recovery once treatments or vaccines are available. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more sto...
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Airbus' new eVTOL that aims to usher in an era of flying taxis just took its first public flight – take a look at CityAirbus

CityAirbus is the new eVTOL being developed by Airbus' helicopter division that aims to set the stage for a new era of intra-city travel with flying taxis. The futuristic-looking demonstrator can carry four passengers with a range of 60 miles, traveling at 75 miles per hour.  Airbus demonstrated the eVTOL in public for the first time on July 20 during a visit by a German politician to the facility in Bavaria. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Airbus' new eVTOL just took to t...
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The Station: Summer of the SPAC, Adam Neumann returns and the Nissan Ariya debuts

The Station is a weekly newsletter dedicated to all things transportation. Sign up here — just click The Station — to receive it every Saturday in your inbox. Hello and welcome back to The Station, a newsletter dedicated to all the present and future ways people and packages move from Point A to Point B. The dog days of summer are almost upon us. Technically, we won’t enter this period until July 22. In normal times, vacation season would be well underway and the hit song of the summer would be ...
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Bombardier just delivered its first Global 5500, a $46 million private jet that can fly nearly 7,000 miles – see inside

Bombardier's Global 5500 will go head to head with the Gulfstream G500 and already bests the American plane in cabin width and range.
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Canada: Federal Court Rules In Favour Of Bombardier In Snowmobile Patent Infringement Suit - Oyen Wiggs Green & Mutala

In previous Federal Court and Federal Court of Appeal proceedings concerning alleged infringement of four Bombardier patents...
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Shares of Bombardier, BlackBerry drop after removal from blue-chip index

Shares in Bombardier Inc and BlackBerry Ltd, one a staple of Canadian pension funds, the other a formerly high-flying technology company whose ubiquitous devices were in hands of presidents & average people alike, slipped on Monday after being removed from Canada's bluechip stock index.
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Bombardier to cut up to 600 jobs in Northern Ireland

Planemaker Bombardier Inc is to cut up to 600 jobs in its Northern Ireland operations, it said on Thursday, as part of plans announced last week to cut 2,500 jobs or about 11% of the workforce in its global aviation unit.
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