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These new keto diet tortillas are made of 100% cheese

To help keto dieters stay the course, Lotito Foods has developed the Folios cheese wrap, a tortilla made entirely of cheese.These cheese wraps can be part of a healthy diet, but only if eaten in extreme moderation and alongside low-fat, low-salt foods. Research shows that replacing grains and fiber with fat and salts in the long term can be dangerous. None Now they've gone and done it. Keto diet enthusiasts have concocted all manner of unsettling dishes to kick the carbs: coffee with butter inst...
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The Best Way To Protect Yourself From Getting Sick At Work

It’s that time of year again, when cold, flu, and stomach bugs seem to fly around offices faster than in a crowded kindergarten. Make this the year you stay healthy and bug-free. The workplace & germs First, the bad news: No, it’s not your imagination. Office spaces are perfect incubators for illness, what with so many people touching commonly used surfaces and the lack of fresh air. Surprisingly, the main culprit is not people sneezing without covering their mouths (although it certainly does...
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7 Foods That Actually Make You Hungrier

SPECIAL FROM You plan on eating just a few chips. And well, what’s just a few more…and more…and before you know it, the bag is empty and you are still feeling a little munchy. Did you know that there are certain foods that, the more you eat, the hungrier you feel? Pay attention if you plan to indulge in these appetite-boosting foods. Salted Snacks  “Bet you can’t eat just one” is never more true when it comes to salt. A study by University of Florida College of Medicine & McKnight Brain Ins...
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