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Bounty, Book 2 of the Crazed Trilogy - John H. Carroll

“Bounty”, Book 2 of the Crazed Trilogy is finally available at the links below Smashwords Amazon Amazon UK Kobo Apple B&N Print I want to give everyone a heads up that this ends in a bit of a cliffhanger, so you may want to wait until I have the next book out later in the year. Description: Circumstances force Tathan of the Shadows out of his comfortable lifestyle in the palace of Mayncal. With no other plans, he accepts a job from an old friend that sends him into the Western King...
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Refurb Kindle 4 from Woot can't login to Amazon

I just got my first Kindle and attempted several times to login to my Amazon account without success. I even disabled 2FA which didn't help. I assume that Woot, being owned by Amazon, is not selling stolen Kindles, so that leads me to believe that the software is out of date. The sale page alleged that the Kindles were checked by Amazon techs. I logged in with my Amazon account and just assumed that Amazon would add the Kindle to my account when they shipped. I can't tell what the current sof...
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kobo to Calibre?

I can not seem to figure out how to load KOBO ebooks to Calibre. I do not see a download option on the website and I downloaded KOBO for PC then downloaded my books and still can not find the books on my PC. When I plug my KOBO into the PC only books I see in its directory is the side loaded books, not my KOBO books. I am at my whits end even after reading some other threads on this topic here i still can't figure it out:smack::blink:
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Over at Kirkus: In Defense of the Anti-Hero

We are over at Kirkus today for our regular column! It’s Thea’s turn this time, with an impassioned defense of some favorite anti-heroes–inspired by her reading of Kingdom of the Blazing Phoenix by Julie C Dao. Heroes are great and all, but are a dime a dozen in YA SFF. To me, nuanced, flawed, layered characters like Xifeng (Forest of a Thousand Lanterns) are far more interesting than their heroic counterparts (Sorry, Jade). For more anti-heroes of note in YA SFF, “>check out the li...
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successfully installed Google Play Books

We all know that Nook Glowlight 3 is android 4.4.2 based, and many of us have installed various apps on it. I was wondering whether it's possible to install Google Play Books. Since I have purchased many books using Play Books, but I don't like to read on phone or tablet. Therefore I have spent some time to figure out how to do it. The steps are as follows: 1. install TWRP by Ryogo 2. install gapps, I use open gapps arm 4.4 pico version, this version contains Google Play Store 3. Sign in wi...
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Convert Mathjax to AZW3

Hi. First of all, I want to thank Mr. Goyal for his great software and the help he provides in this forum. I'm having trouble converting an HTML that includes some Mathjax equations (like the example on into AZW3 for Kindle. The Calibre viewer displays everything well, but I noticed that the AZW3 file still loads the Mathjax library, wich cannot be used in a Kindle. Is there a way to make the conversion using SVG images for displaying the...
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Books not showing up in my library

Hey y'all, I've had a Kindle for about a month now. I was having no issues with it at the beginning when I first bought it: I could purchase items through the Kindle and they would download to my library. But after a few weeks of nonuse any title that I purchase or try to sample is not showing up in my library. This is very frustrating for me. If any could provide me with some help it would be greatly appreciated.
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Recommend an ePub3 using Bootstrap?

This is probably a dumb question, but can anyone point me towards an ePub3 using Bootstrap? If you type "Bootstrap" into Amazon's search box, you get books with Bootstrap in the title. I'd like to find an ePub that actually uses Bootstrap. I'd simply like to see what you can do with Bootstrap in an ePub, plus it would be nice to have a book that I can use as a model if I decided to go for it. I asked a question about Bootstrap about a year ago, and it looks like the situation hasn't changed mu...
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Help fixing Chicago Tribune Recipe

I have used calibre for years and love it, but I am new to using calibre to add news to my kindle. I would really like to get the Chicago Tribune, but it does not seem to fetch the news correctly. I tried other recipes, like NYT and CNN, and they work great. The Chicago Tribune, however, is pretty much a blank book with a couple headers. I am not a programmer, so I have failed, so far, by tinkering with the code. I uploaded the "fetched" newspaper I get for the Chicago Tribune. I tried updatin...
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magnetic micro usb adapter charger

Has anyone outfitted their kobo's with a micro usb magnetic adapter charger? Since we're constantly plugging them in to charge or download books I would think this would save the micro usb port from wear. So does anyone recommend any particular ones? What's the difference between a gen2 and gen3 netdot 3rd generation etc... - I'm unfamiliar with the naming conventions - which one should a kobo use?
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can i have *both* syncing across android/kindle paperwhite AND bold/font weight?

Hi: So I primarily read on my kindle. I use calibre and the KFX output plugin to get weighted fonts there. But I also like the ability to read on my phone and android tablet. I get most of my books from public domain and not from the Amazon ecosystem. Right now I'm using Moon Reader+ on my phone/tablet and the paperwhite to read. I also like having the option to do font weighting on paperwhite. So it seems like my options are: 1) Send all files to my @kindle email. This would achieve syn...
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Azw3 vs dual mobi: pros and cons?

I've been using old school mobi all these years, but now with an unjailbroken device, I need to use a newer format to have custom font. Azw3 and dual mobi look pretty much the same, but are there pros and cons of using one format vs another? (I'm using Calibre, though I can use another converter if need be.)
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Kindle Fire finally died... next e-reader?

Hi! I've been using my 1st gen Kindle Fire as a tablet & e-reader and recently the battery life has been unusable outside of the house. Conveniently, I'm also at the end of my phone contract and will be upgrading in the next month - what phone would you recommend to both replace my current iPhone 5 and the Kindle? I've got a Carphone Warehouse near me so will be having a look at some this weekend but some ideas before I go isn't a bad idea ;) Thank you!!
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Firmware v. 5.20 for PocketBook Touch Lux 3 and 2 also

There will be newer firmware 5.20 for older PocketBooks as well. Beta release is available for testing on PocketBook Touch Lux 2 and PocketBook Touch Lux 3. There are some info as well (in Polish):
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Note plus: shades of gray in apps are killing my eyes

I finally decided to fork for a Note Plus. Coming from a Sony DPT-S1 its almost miraculous to see a functioning web browser (as fast as my phone), and the google app store. I quickly installed and configured some of the apps I use daily: gmail, feedly classic and pocket. But once the initial excitement wore off, I quickly realized all three apps render a lot of their text in all kinds of colors which are not solid black, colors that show up as different shades of gray on the note plus. And all...
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Backbend Starfish Coffee Table

Love it or hate it, there’s not much room for ambiguity or apathy with Misha Kahn’s “Backbend Starfish Puts on all Her Jewels for Her Workout.” This is a collector’s piece of an oversized low table (90” diameter) made of stainless steel, glass, and seashells that glistens and gleams with joie de vivre while expertly dipping its toes into the welcoming waters of kitsch. Shown this past May at the Nomad Monaco Collectible Design Fair, Backbend Starfish resembles that placid creature, but also a...
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Other Fiction Sternberg, Alexander von - Diane, ein Roman, Band1 1842 [German] V.1_16_Jan_2019

Peter Alexander Freiherr von Ungern-Sternberg, Erzähler und Journalist, meist unter dem Namen A. v. Sternberg, geb. 21. April 1806 auf Gut Noistfer bei Reval, lebte seit 1830 in Deutschland, gest. 24. Aug. 1868 zu Dannenwalde in Mecklenburg; schrieb soziale und biographische Romane (Diane, 3 Bde., 1842, Royalisten, 1848, P. P. Rubens, 1862) und Novellen. (vgl. dtv-Lexikon Bd.19 v. 20, München 1970). Der Roman handelt von Diane, der Tochter einer Adelsfamilie. Das zu Beginn wenig mehr als sechs ...
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Sherrilyn Kenyon accuses husband of 'Shakespearean plot' to poison her

In an explosive lawsuit, author of bestselling Dark-Hunter novels accuses her husband and two others of attempting to destroy her careerBestselling urban fantasy novelist Sherrilyn Kenyon has filed a lawsuit against her husband that accuses him of poisoning her for financial gain, as well as attempting to destroy her career and reputation, in what she described as a “Shakespearean plot against her”.Kenyon, author of the chart-topping Dark-Hunter series, is suing Lawrence R Kenyon II, as well as ...
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Hi Folks, Need help with "ezPDF" app

Googling for help with ezPDF brought me here! Not sure if it is the correct place as I cannot find a sub forum for "Android-ezPDF" I have this handy App on my Samsung Galaxy S3 (GT i3905) but whilst saving a PDF file, I have accidentally flipped the display into "Night Mode" I think, because all my files are now white text on a black background. :eek: I just can't find any way to revert to a white background with black text, can anyone help me? :blink:
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Question on author (genres): Heather Graham

Heather Graham has written many books that look interesting (at least the covers of the novels catch my eye). But I have never tried any of her books, because I associate her, right or wrong, with romance novels. I have zero interest in those. But Graham also appears to be into thrillers and mysteries from what I see. Tell me, are her thrillers infected with sloppy romance crap? I would like to give her a try maybe, but not if her books are simply romances disguised as other genres. If her...
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‘Late in the Day’ draws an empathetic portrait of late middle age

Even if you're successful at work and in your personal life, things can grow abruptly precarious in late middle age. British writer Tessa Hadley covers this territory with freshness, subtlety and a deep, shifting empathy in her new novel.
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Books: Designing with Winners

I can't think of a designer who doesn't know of/doesn't use Proven Winners plants, whether shrubs, small evergreens, roses, perennials or annuals. The plants are hardy; many of the shrubs are on the small side, suitable for urban or suburban gardens; and the annuals and perennials will make any container... [Author: Jane Berger]
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If I have outstepped the boundaries of this site/forum, I'm sure someone will tell me and I will politely disengage. If however, this is a valid site/forum for this question, I respectfully ask: I am attempting to load/enable deDRM and the KFX plug-ins into calibre. I have 'dropped' both these zipped and unzipped downloads into the calibre configuration directory with no success, and they do not show up in the ADVANCED, PLUGINS (PUZZLE SHAPE) in any of the plugin categories and of course the m...
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Other Fiction Schücking, Levin: Das Capital. V1 [German]16.1.2019

"Das Capital", mal nicht von Marx, sondern von einem der meist gelesenen deutschsprachigen Erzähler der zweiten Hälfte des 19. Jh., Levin Schücking - ein kurzer Roman (1875) aus der Industriewelt der deutschen Gründerjahre. Das Werk erscheint hier in der Fassung des Zeitschriftendrucks der "Gartenlaube", und zwar nach der Digitalisierung durch wikisource, wofür ich hier meinen Dank ausspreche. Das Cover zeigt einen Ausschnitt aus dem Aquarell ›Fabriksareal‹ von Erwin Pender. ...
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Other Fiction Bremer, Fredrika: Nina. V1 [German] 16.1.2019

Die hierzulande so gut wie unbekannte schwedische Autorin Fredrika Bremer, die den Roman "Nina" im Jahre 1835 in ihrer Heimat erstveröffentlichte, genießt in Schweden den Status einer Initiatorin der nationalen Frauenemanzipation, und durch Übersetzung ihrer Werke ins Englische fanden diese im gesamten angelsächsischen Sprachraum einen bemerkenswerten Widerhall, was 1851 sogar dazu führte, dass ein County im US-Staat Iowa ihr zu Ehren den Namen "Bremer County" erhielt. Wenn man "Nina" heute mit...
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Revealed! The cover of RADICALIZED, my next book of science fiction

On March 19, Tor Books will release my next book, Radicalized, whose four novellas are the angry, hopeful stories I wrote as part of my attempt to make sense of life in our current moment. As with my novel Walkaway and the reissues of my adult backlist, Radicalized will have a cover by the amazing Will Stahle, who is, for my money, the best cover designer working in the business at the moment. Today, Tor has published Stahle's cover for Radicalized, and holy fucking shit, is it ever great...
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Just wondering, do any of the new Nook tablets have GPS? I'm looking for a tablet to take out with my telescope.
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Wordless Wednesday 522

Fungus, 2019 Click image to enlarge. For more Wordless Wednesday, click .                    Comments by bermudaonion by Deb Nance at Readerbuzz Related Stories   [Author: Beth F]
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The Power of Welcome: Helping Our Kids Choose Love over Fear

You are welcome here. Those words disarm us. We can let our guards down and feel safe when we feel welcome. But we live in a world that is nervous about welcoming others, about risking comfort and security. Kent Annan will tell you to take the risk: choose love over fear. He beautifully describes the power of “welcome” in this story about his son who asks, “Are we for or against them?” We are for them and welcome them, Kent shows, because as the title of his book reminds us, when we welcome o...
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Other Fiction Bell, Ellis: Der Sturmheidhof. V1 [German] 16.1.2019

Hinter dem Namen Ellis Bell verbarg sich bei der Erstveröffentlichung ihres Romans "Wuthering Heights" eine der begabten Brontë-Sisters, Emily Brontë; und der "Sturmheidhof" ist nichts anderes als eben dieser Roman, dessen Titel im Allgemeinen in deutschen Übersetzungen als "Sturmhöhe" firmiert; "Umwitterte Höhen" (in der Übersetzung von Alfred Wolfenstein) hat frodok 2017 hier hochgeladen. Die Übersetzung von Gisela Etzel aus dem Jahre 1908, die auch die Örtlichkeiten konsequent eindeutscht -...
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