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‘American Dirt’ author Jeanine Cummins event at Vroman’s canceled

The “American Dirt” controversy continues. A planned event at Vroman’s bookstore in Pasadena on Jan. 28 with “American Dirt” author Jeanine Cummins has been canceled by the publisher, according to a press release issued by the store. As well, though it was still listed on the author’s website as of Monday morning, an event in La Jolla at Warwick’s books was also canceled. “American Dirt,” which was published by Flatiron Books, received a great deal of pre-publication hype as an Oprah’s Book Club...
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'I Do Not Like Working Too Hard or Too Long': A Refreshingly Honest Talk With The Witcher's Creator

The Witcher continues its trek across the countryside. The popularity of the Henry Cavill-led show has led to a spinoff anime called Nightmare of the Wolf, a soundtrack featuring Jaskier’s tunes, and even a 500,000-book reprint of the original series. We reached out to Andrzej Sapkowski, creator of The Witcher, to get…Read more...
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snail mail

yeesh... trying to donate $. no mail adress. i do NOT paypal, etc. long time caliber user; import .txt, convert to ebook. love the optimize graphics, I can code HTML . chapters connot use punction. (autodetect) gimme an adress you deserve some cash. pat
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Get the Note 2?

Hello everyone. I am about to order my second e-reader. I come from a Kobo Glo HD that i got a few years ago just for reading, however my needs have changed since. I am an engineering student and I do a lot of my reading on PDFs. However the Glo was too small for that. I mainly care about my eyes thats why I want an e-ink screen and not something like an ipad. I though about getting a Max 3 however it is far too expensive for me, and i can hardly afford the Note 2. Shall i proceed with it? I...
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On the Smugglers’ Radar

“On The Smugglers’ Radar” is a feature for books that have caught our eye: books we have heard of via other bloggers, directly from publishers, and/or from our regular incursions into the Amazon jungle. Thus, the Smugglers’ Radar was born. Because we want far more books than we can possibly buy or review (what else is new?), we thought we would make the Smugglers’ Radar into a weekly feature – so YOU can tell us which books you have on your radar as well! On Ana’s Radar: First up this we...
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Request to export data from the sqlite file

Hello, I hope not to make a duplicate with this post. I would like to export from the sqlite file, the following data: book read, start date, end date and total reading time for make excel sheet. Anyone know how to do this? Thank you for your help.
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Thank you for this forum. Before i had a sony, now i have a kobo libra H20. I come to this forum to find tools to improve my user experience. I have already found a lot of help here. Thanks to the community
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Likebook Mars - $199 (preorder)

I think this particular retailer has just started selling them, so they're currently at $199 (plus a couple bucks for shipping). About $10-$20 cheaper than the AliExpress and Amazon sellers right now. Link
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Domestic Science: An Exciting New Limited-Edition Collection from Ikea

It’s as if Ikea has been reading our minds and hacking into our in-boxes—because their new limited-edition collection of housekeeping wares is exactly what we’ve been hoping for: good-looking, well-made, well-priced everyday domestic tools made from natural materials. Here’s what we’re eyeing from their Borstad line, in stores this February: Photography courtesy of Ikea. Above: The products in the Borstad line are all made from natural materials such as hardwood, cedar, metal, rattan and canvas...
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4 Lessons Children Can Learn About God from the Creation Story

For the past five years I have invited my friend Matthew Paul Turner to the farm’s front porch. Today, he’s sharing how we can teach our children about God through the creation story in honor of his gorgeous new book When God Made the World. Shiloh and I have enjoyed it multiple times since reading it. I’m captivated by the many layers Matthew brings to a story we all know well. It will bless your story times tremendously. Today is the last day to preorder When God Made the World and then get a...
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Why can't John Bolton's publisher just release the book ahead of schedule so we're not subjected to second-hand reports of what's in it?

Here's the book (in Kindle form), on Amazon, scheduled for release on March 17th. Yes, there are commercial interests here, but there are overriding national interests... unless there are not.So which is it? Like a lot of other people, I'm trying to extract the real meaning of the NYT article, "Trump Tied Ukraine Aid to Inquiries He Sought, Bolton Book Says/Drafts of the book outline the potential testimony of the former national security adviser if he were called as a witness in the president’s...
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What’s New In Venture Deals, 4th Edition

Jason Mendelson and I recently published the 4th Edition of Venture Deals: Be Smarter Than Your Lawyer and Venture Capitalist. The book now has three forewords – one by each of Fred Wilson (USV), James Park (Fitbit), and Dick Costolo (now 01 Advisors, then Twitter). The 1st edition had 13 chapters. We are now up to 19. The PlayersPreparing for FundraisingHow to Raise MoneyOverview of the Term SheetEconomic Terms of the Term SheetControl TermsOther Terms of the Term SheetConvertible Debt...
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Troubleshooting Paperwhite 4 battery

Sorry if this has already been answered elsewhere. I have a PW 4 that almost a year old, and am slightly concerned about the battery. I've noticed that when the power light goes green, it's still on 96-97% or so and takes forever to get to 100%. I charged it to 100% last night, unplugged it and didn't use it for a couple of hours, and when I turned it on it had already dropped 2%. After 1-2 hours reading since last night it's down to 94%. I'm probably worrying about nothing but it this normal be...
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Clara HD Protective skin

For the KIndle Oasis 3 there're full-body skins like this one from Skinomi I was wondering if there was something similar for the Clara HD? I'm hoping there might be as the covers add a bit of weight and for me with my hands can be rather unwieldy.
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Philip Pullman calls for boycott of Brexit 50p coin over 'missing' Oxford comma

Critics fume over the omission of Oxford comma from phrase ‘Peace, prosperity and friendship’ as new coin enters circulationIt is a debate that has torn the nation in two, ripped friends and family apart, and entrenched deep and uncrossable lines throughout the land. Should the Royal Mint have used an Oxford comma on its Brexit 50p piece?Three million coins bearing the slogan “Peace, prosperity and friendship with all nations” are due to enter circulation from 31 January, with Sajid Javid, chanc...
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bricked kepler pro and i am looking for mtgtools

Hello, I am the kepler pro user in South korea. I tried to upgrade the android version of my kepler from 4.0 into 4.4. I had thought that it might help me to access to more APPS for ebook reader. However, i tried wrong firmware which is for Onyx max reader and used wrong mtgtools, which led my kepler into being bricked. Could someone send me a kepler pro mfgtools so that I can repair my kepler?
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Texture and Light: A Designer/Photographer’s Own Family House in the Netherlands, Revamped

I read once a clever design tip: If you can’t figure out what to do with a room, photograph it. Something about stepping back and capturing the space as an image helps unlock even the trickiest of design conundrums. (I’ve tried it; it helps.) Maybe it’s this dual visual sense that makes Holly Marder’s spaces so good. An interior designer and partner, with Hedda Pier, behind Avenue Design Studio in the Netherlands, Holly is also a photographer, and her eye for composition and interest is perhaps ...
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Find out solution for MacBook Graphics Issue

I have faced an error while using MacBook & I try to figure out it But accurately learn lessons from here MacBook repair Dubai supports in every technical glitch I got benefited.
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Extraordinary Exclusive Emerald Residence Designs

The performance of these creative exclusive residence ideas can be seen from the exterior space of this living space and continue with the interior plans of this place. Clearly we can see the great architectural ideas of the glass decor plans of this residence and transfer into the great construction of the building decors. The combination of both metal works with concrete material was looking awesome and pleasing. The white color application combine with the cheerful color decorations was make ...
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KOreader crashing on Kobo Clara HD

I have installed KOreader on my Kobo Clara HD. All runs well until I try to login for progress sync. I enter my username fine, but selecting the password box results in an instant KOreader crash. Anyone else experience this?
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There is no doubt about the power of design. It can build an emotional relationship, develop a group or communicate information at a glance. Although there are many design elements that produce amazing designs (or sub-par...), one of them is very important: fonts Scary text. The right typography can build or break a design from colour to style to spacing. And when your book covers are a book covers based on words that retain readers, you increase the significance of the font for the covers of ...
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Hey everybody! Hey everybody! I'm a newbie and I'm looking for an e-reader, I find this site. I'm discussing buying the PaperWhite Kindle or Oasis Kindle 3 right now. I will just read about the pc (thx calibre) and "real" books for the time being
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What Pokémon can teach us about storytelling

Since 1996, the Pokémon games have exerted a fascination for fans, telling imaginative stories and encouraging a generation of players to question everything they see“This is it? This is the game?”I am in Italy with my partner, and just like every beach holiday since 1999, I have booted up Pokémon. This particular version is Pokémon Sun for the Nintendo 3DS, but all the games are fundamentally the same: you’re a child leaving home to catch and train tiny monsters so you can defeat various bosses...
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rearrange paragraph

Hi there, I have a book like that: paragraph 1 paragraph 2 paragraph 3 ... I want to edit it back to an id increase order like this: paragraph 3 paragraph 1 ... paragraph 2 Does anybody know how to do it? Thanks in advance
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John Bolton Book Reportedly Claims President Trump Tied Ukraine Funds to Investigation

(WASHINGTON) — President Donald Trump said he wanted to maintain a freeze on military assistance to Ukraine until it aided political investigations into his Democratic rivals, former national security adviser John Bolton recounts in a draft of his forthcoming book. The revelation challenges the defense offered up by Trump and his attorneys in his Senate impeachment trial and raises the stakes as the chamber decides this week whether to seek sworn testimony from Bolton and other witnesses. B...
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Short Fiction Various: More Past Masters (2020); v1; 27 Jan 2020

Another collection of stray short stories in the Life+70 Public Domain. Two "Christmas" stories of Edgar Wallace featuring Tam of the Scouts and Educated Evans respectively, not contained in collections; one by vaudevillian and early movie actor "Chic" Sale; another by a former US President; and others whose names are familiar. 1: The Glenmutchkin Railway / W. E. Aytoun 2: George / Stacy Aumonier 3: Christmas Eve at the China Dog / Edgar Wallace 4: A Present for Evans / Edgar Wallace 5: The...
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DeDRM Issues

Has anybody experienced any issue using DeDRM 6.6.3 plugin to remove DRM from Kindle ebook with latest Calibre releases? I had to downgrade to Calibre release 4.5.0 to make it work. PS: I am using last PC kindle version supported (1.24.51068). This is not the issue.
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Cant make DeDRM pluging work in any Calibre release after 4.5.0

Has anybody experienced any issue using DeDRM 6.6.3 plugin to remove DRM from Kindle ebook with latest Calibre releases? I had to downgrade to Calibre release 4.5.0 to make it work. PS: I am using last PC kindle version supported (1.24.51068). This is not the issue.
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UK won't implement Article 13 law Quote: The UK may borrow some aspects of European Union law after Brexit, but the approach to digital copyright won't one of them. Universities and Science Minister Chris Skidmore has indicated that the UK won't implement the EU's Copyright Directive once it's out of the Union on January 31st. This will let British internet companies and users avoid contentious aspects like Article 13 (renamed Article 17), w...
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Reports > Image Files > Times Used Shows 0

I'm using the latest version (1.0.0). While viewing an epub in Sigil I went to the Tools menu and selected Reports. When I go to Image Files it lists the images. However, the count in the Times Used column shows 0 even though there are images in the epub. See attached screenshot. Is this a bug? If so, is this the proper place to report it? Thank you. Attached Thumbnails  
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