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Book Review: Peonies by Claire Austin

Peonies is the new book by Claire Austin It’s peony season and we have a new book on peonies to savour. Written and photographed by renowned peony expert Claire Austin - her nursery lists more peony varieties than I could count – she doesn’t just describe her choice from the thousands of varieties she’s seen and grown over the years. No, she adds the fruits of her insight derived from decades of experience. (Well – enough decades to soak up the experience but not so many decades that… I’ll ...
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Reduce paragraph breaks from 3 lines to 1.

I have a 2300 chapter book. Between every paragraph there are 3 lines breaks. Can I reduce these en-masse to 1 line?
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Keyboard navigation in Calibre: go to top or end of index?

It's possible I'm missing the obvious, but there's something I can't find, and it doesn't appear to be in Calibre Help. When I'm in Calibre's main screen, cursor movement keys do as I expect. Up and Down arrow keys and Page Up and Page Down keys move the cursor by row or by the page length of the part of the library displayed on screen. What I'm looking for is a keyboard combination that will take me to the first or last row of the complete index. I have many thousands of volumes indexed i...
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Plugin dependencies

Hello, I thought I'd take a stab at making a google play books upload plugin for calibre. I created a test python3 script that is able to upload a test epub file to my google drive after authenticating, getting permission, etc. using google-api-python-client and google-auth-oauthlib, etc. and made a gui calibre plugin to upload selected books on button press, but am having difficulty getting the python dependencies figured out. From looking at the WordDumb plugin example I see they are using p...
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Calibre giving error when converting epub to pdf. Why?

I am trying to convert a 400 mb .epub file into .pdf file but it fails to convert. This is the log details Spoiler: Convert book 1 of 1 (StarTalk) Conversion options changed from defaults: pdf_sans_family: 'MS Shell Dlg 2' read_metadata_from_opf: 'C:\\Users\\abcd\\AppData\\Local\\Temp\\calibre_wv ub762w\\pc8ggadp.opf' output_profile: 'generic_eink' cover: 'C:\\Users\\abcd\\AppData\\Local\\Temp\\calibre_wv ub762w\\zvuxmia_.jpeg' pdf_serif_family: 'MS Shell Dlg 2' ver...
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Calibre error, cannot communicate with Kobo

This only happened to me today. Yesterday there were no issues. The Kobo is up to date. Calibre 4.23. Error message: Quote: calibre, version 4.23.0 ERROR: Error: Error communicating with device CorruptError: database disk image is malformed Traceback (most recent call last): File "site-packages\calibre\gui2\", line 90, in run File "site-packages\calibre\gui2\", line 513, in _books File "site-packages\calibre\devices\kobo\
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Snowflake Pro is now Free!

Snowflake Pro, the software from Randy Ingermanson, is now free. This used to cost about £100 to buy. Apparently, the burden of requests for more features etc was something he didn't want to deal with. I found out about this from the following video: Randy explains why it's free, and the conditions for downloading it here: https://www.advancedfictionwriting.c...ownload-again/ Basically, you either have to already own an older copy of the softwar...
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Here’s a slick new look for storage from Minotti. Most sideboards and credenzas are built like boxes atop little legs. easel takes a new tack. The supporting structure user the familiar form of an artist’s easel, spanning the distance from floor to surface and “filling the gap” between the top and the legs. There’s also a very cool interplay of materials here: fronts and joinery in matte wood, legs in polished metal, and top in solid stone. Check out Nen...
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Get 4 months of Kindle Unlimited free

I've been a happy paying subscriber to Kindle Unlimited for years. To me, it's like a library that you pay $10 a month to access. You can borrow up to 10 books at a time and keep them checked out for as long as you'd like. — Read the rest
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Keeping annotations/bookmarks in file -- save upon command/close instead of at once?

If it were possible to write changes to the file at a select time, this would get around some of the locked-file problems I seem to encounter from annotating, which usually results in any recent annotations, bookmarks, and highlights being wiped out. Might it be possible to have this as an option? Something like a save hotkey to write the changes, perhaps.
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Quentin Tarantino’s ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’ Novel Has a Trailer With Tons of New Footage

We’ll soon be able to return to the world of Quentin Tarantino‘s most recent film with the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood novel. Tarantino penned the book himself, and it’s set to expand on Hollywood with new scenes and storylines not glimpsed in the theatrical cut of the film. A new Once Upon a Time in Hollywood novel trailer has arrived to hype up the book, and it’s loaded with new footage that ended up on the cutting room floor, including new scenes with Damon Herriman‘s Charles Manson and Ju...
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Changing the size of the monospace font?

KOReader automatically falls back to a font it considers monospace (which on stock would be DroidSansMono). This makes it distracting to read files that contain a mix of monospace and non-monospace text (for example, programming books), if the default size of the monospace font is significantly larger/smaller than the non-monospace font. Any way to change the size of the monospace font?
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Searching Calibre from web-interface

I am using the current version, 5.21, and when I search for a book using the web interface, the book comes up but so do several other unrelated books. Sometimes more than twenty other books are displayed. I am using the default search prefs. Searching from the server/app itself there is no issue; only one search result is displayed. What am I doing wrong? edit: I just did a search for a specific book and it showed at the top of a list of over 40 other non-related books.
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Just Robbed a Bank-Tim Scott

It's a self help book for would be bank robbers. The hardest thing to remember when you are a bank robber is that you still look like everybody else. The giant sign that says JUST ROBBED A BANK is not flashing over your head, it is IN your head. This is a book of stories. Stories I lived before, during, and after becoming a bank robber. And make no mistake, even though I haven't robbed any banks for years, I am still a bank robber. Once I ...
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Apple goodies are in Prime Day sales today and tomorrow

The Apple AirPods Pro are marked down to $189.99 on Amazon for their Prime Day sale. (They are normally $249 at the Apple Store on Apple's website, but Amazon often has them for less than that.) I didn't see any Prime membership requirement for getting the discount, but look carefully just to make sure. There is a lot of other Apple goodies in Prime Day sales today and tomorrow too, including iPads and Macs. I decided to get the Amazon Echo Buds 2nd gen as they are on sale for Prime Day at $80, ...
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Seeking Soldiers' Memoirs of Suez Crisis (1956)

I'm interested in reading first-hand accounts by ordinary soldiers in the Suez Crisis. I've checked my usual sources - I usually find abebooks search engine very useful - and found almost nothing. (Guy Claisse, Suez 1956, published in 2006 is the one exception.) I'm particularly interested in accounts by British soldiers, but I can read French, and I'd certainly look at accounts by Israelis or Egyptians if they were translated into English. I think I can see what's happening: all soldiers have...
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Mystery and Crime Kabel, Walther: Harald Harst (116) - Die Treppe des Todes V1.0 [German] 21.06.2021

Treppe des Todes Auch ich liebe es, meine Leser und Freunde stets aufs neue zu überraschen … Ich, Max Schraut, steter Begleiter und Intimus des genialen Harald Harst, will hier gleich auf der ersten Seite die Treppe des Todes bringen … Sie sah so aus: Helfen mein hier mir trach Sie Lon Haben einer Wen gitt Sie eige gefan nach Dar acht sich don Sie Un Shef mir men en ner gen dem an Pall Er mich mich tet glück field Retten Gatte und den bing Leben Roger Street bar lich Sie hält ...
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Mystery and Crime Marsh, Richard: A Drama of the Telephone and Other Adventures. v1. 22-Jun-2021

Tales of mystery and suspense, murder and theft, romance and redemption — and as a bonus, a pair of boys’ adventure stories (anticipating Booth Tarkington’s humorous Penrod by a bit). Other than the pdf available from the Oxford Bodleian Libraries, this ebook is currently the only digital version extant. ========== Richard Marsh (12 October 1857 – 9 August 1915) was the pseudonym of English author Richard Bernard Heldmann. One of the most popular and prolific authors of the late-Victorian ...
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Reinkstone R1

What do you think about it? I have the doubt that is too economic and i don'r receive updates.
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Donations flood in to restore Gaza bookshop destroyed by Israeli airstrikes

Appeal has so far raised more than $200,000, after the two-storey Samir Mansour bookshop, containing tens of thousands of books, was bombed in MayDonations of money and books from around the world have flooded in to help rebuild one of Gaza’s largest booksellers, the two-storey Samir Mansour bookshop, which was destroyed by Israeli air strikes in May.Founded 21 years ago by Palestinian Mansour, the shop was a much-loved part of the local community and contained tens of thousands of books in vari...
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Ragno: Modern Tiles with a Handcrafted Aesthetic, Made in Italy

A heritage soul meets a modern aesthetic: That’s the appeal of tiles made by Italian company Ragno. Since its founding in Sassuolo, Italy, in 1949, the company has manufactured tiles for floors and walls that are every bit as rooted in traditional Mediterranean craftsmanship as they are practical, hard-wearing, and high-performing for modern spaces. The tiles are designed and made in Italy but readily available stateside, in styles and colorways that vary to suit the seasons. Here’s a peek at tw...
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pdf reader for Samsung note 20 support Arabic

I have Samsung note 20 and want pdf reader and editing app support arabic language i already have moon+ reader pro but some files with arabic language works and some does not i need app to take notes in pdf file also edit it so any recommendation
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ebook file types to keep

Hi! I'm in the process of consolidating all my ebooks to kindle. I use the calibre ebook converter to convert to MOBI files for some books, but wondered do I need to keep the original epub file as well as opf and jpeg (for book cover)? Or can I just keep the new MOBI file and delete the rest? Many thanks!
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Where Writers Write: CATHERINE GENTILE

Welcome to another installment of TNBBC's Where Writers Write! Where Writers Write is a series in which authors showcase their writing spaces using short form essay, photos, and/or video. As a lover of books and all of the hard work that goes into creating them, I thought it would be fun to see where the authors roll up their sleeves and make the magic happen.  This is Catherine Gentile .  Her fiction received the Dana Award for Short Fiction. Her debut novel, The Quiet Roar...
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Earth’s wild years: the creative destruction of cosmic encounters

We earthlings enjoy the spectacle of shooting stars: small fragments of asteroids and comets that burn in sudden flashes upon entry in the Earth’s atmosphere. The largest of these fragments pose a limited threat to us as their mid-air blasts can produce local damage to buildings and infrastructures. Larger events are increasingly rarer, but their consequences can be devastating on a global scale. Fortunately, we do not have first-hand experience of such events, but the extinction of the dinosaur...
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Luxury Dining Room Inspirations Designs from Modenese Gastone

Check these high class dining room layouts out and see how the cool performance can be getting trough this site. Clearly we will see that the combination of the furniture and the interior decoration was looking neatly and so fantastic. The whole layout of this space will bring comfortable and durable atmosphere for us. There was also the lavish blink dining room decor that completed with the glass material decoration. The white color application also completes this space so that the reflector st...
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is there any option, that will change the extentions from html to xhtml of all the files- Automatically During conversion
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Kobo/Calibre Not Syncing Everything?

Hi all! I have a Kobo Libra and have been using Calibre since December. I've always been able to sync all of my books with no problem, but for whatever reason, a bunch of my books won't synch across recently - including ones that were previously loaded into my Kobo. I am missing 105 books. I'll hit "send to device", it'll say it's syncing, then on the device in Calibre, but when I safely unplug, a ton of books aren't there. Once I plug back in, they're then also not there again. When I ejec...
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Pocket (Getpocket) not working

I can see other postings, so maybe there is no fix. A download results in the following (partial transcript) About Digital Video (HDMI®, DVI™, DisplayPort™) from My Pocket Articles for [03:53 PM] Traceback (most recent call last): File "calibre\utils\", line 102, in run File "calibre\web\feeds\", line 1181, in fetch_obfuscated_article File "", line 155, in get_obfuscated_article File "", line 140, in get_textview Fil...
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