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Convert ePub to KePub (400 books, already on Kobo)?

Hello :) So on my Kobo I have around 400 transferred ePub books and I love them. Recently I found out about KePubs and I wanted to convert my already existing epubs to kepub. But, I don't want to remove 400 books from kobo then transfer 400 new kebpubs back to it. It'll really put a lot of stress on it. Is there any way of converting them while they're on the Kobo ereader The Kobo is Glo HD. Thank you :D
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KT3 Data abort error when trying to boot into diagnostics mode

Hello, can anyone help me with this problem? I'm trying to jb my Kindle but when I try to boot into diagnostics mode it gives me a "data abort" error and boots normally. The Kindle (KT3) is new and works just fine. No other kind of hacks or modifications have been (nor even tried to) performed on it. I have searched the forum and on google, but I can't find anything. Here's the relevant part of the log: Code: U-Boot 2014.04 (Jan 24 2018 - 12:41:30) CPU:  Freescale i.MX6SL rev1.4 at 79...
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Greek word spelling

Hi I have the font but I am afraid I shall not write this word properly (see screenshot). Could some kind soul write it for me so that I could shamelessly copy-paste it? It probably means something like City. Attached Thumbnails  
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Forma Forma cover recs

A search of "Forma, cover" is not fruitful in coming up with specific posts of recommendations. Is the cover sold by Kobo the best one for the Forma? Or otherwise what other cover is considered more practical? Thanks.
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Libra Libra cover at

The first outside vendor cover for the Libra has been listed at Amazon: If anyone tries one of these please let us know what you think of it!
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Feature Request: Command line

Given that Calibre 4.x hasn't solved the positioning problems with Calibre on multiple monitor, hi-res screens in Windows (Dual 4k monitors, in my case), it would be really useful to have a command line option to specify the startup position for Calibre. Something like: Calibre --x=0 --y=0 or Calibre --position 0,0 In v3.x, I could usually get around the problem of Calibre starting up off-screen by killing it, restart, rinse/repeat until it decided to be visible. In 4.x, this no longer see...
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Paperwhite (2018) vs Oasis 2 vs Voyage

This is not exhaustive but just some observations.... So as has been mentioned Woot has refurbished Voyages' on sale for $69, so I bought one for giggles and grins. I now have a Oasis 2 (with original half-back leather cover), Paperwhite (2018) and the Voyage. I will give at least one away to a family member soon. Anyway, here are some of my observations. First, I love the bigger screen and design of the Oasis 2 above the others. It is still my go to reader. Switch back and forth between...
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Kobo Libra buzz/whine when page turns

I've had my Libra for about 2 weeks and I noticed last night that it emits a quiet buzz/hum when I turn the page but only in portrait mode. Has anybody else encountered this? The fact that landscape mode eliminates the problem is baffling and concerns me more than if it were always an issue. The buzz does not happen when browsing "my books" or when other screen refreshes occur. It only happens when turning book pages in portrait mode and when waking the device from sleep and the cover is replac...
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Booker winners Bernardine Evaristo and Margaret Atwood on breaking the rules

The judges staged a ‘joyful mutiny’ to name the pair joint winners of the literary prize. And that’s not all that unites themIt was clear that things were not going to plan when, just half an hour before the guests began to arrive, the judges of this year’s Booker prize had yet to make a decision. Five hours after they had begun their deliberations, they finally emerged in a state of “joyful mutiny” to announce that they had decided to break with convention, throw out the rule book and anoint tw...
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History Chézy, Wilhelm v.: Erzählungen vom Gestade des Traunsees [German] v 1.0 15.10.2019

Wilhelm Theodor von Chézy (* 21. März 1806 in Paris; † 14. März 1865 in Wien) war Schriftsteller, Romancier, Übersetzer und Journalist. Er schrieb auch unter den Pseudonymen Julius Aquila und Peter Heberle. [Wikipedia] hier >Erzählungen vom Gestade des Traunsees< Attached Files Erzaehlungen_vom_Gestade_des_Traunsees.epub (231.6 KB)
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Help with endnotes/footnotes?

Hello all, and please accept my apologies, I've looked all over the net including these forums, and found very little and very old info that's not relevant to the versions of various software I use. First, my environment: Linux OS Calibre 4.1 LibreOffice writer Bookari (Mantano) on Samsung android tablet What I'm trying to accomplish in creating an epub book: Chapter heading Chapter text, with "1, 2, 3" etc. next to selected words, in superscript footnotes section linked to the superscri...
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‘I’m Perfectly Aware How Ridiculous My Life Is.’ Elton John’s Autobiography Me Is a Cautionary Tale of Modern Fame

Like John's songs, 'Me' overflows with whimsical characters, twisted humor, winking self-aggrandizement and stark pathos
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Backlash after Booker awards prize to two authors

Decision to make first black female winner, Bernardine Evaristo, share £50,000 prize with Margaret Atwood causes controversyThe Booker prize judges’ decision to break the rules and jointly award the prize to Margaret Atwood and Bernadine Evaristo has been criticised, with detractors pointing out that the first black woman ever to win Britain’s most prestigious literary award has had to share it – while receiving half the usual money.Chair of the judges Peter Florence shocked the literary world o...
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Using Kindle on a cold weather backpacking trip ?

Plannings on doing a 4 day 3 night backpacking trip in Yosemite later this month. Temperature range could be anywhere from 10F at night perhaps down to 5 at worst case and 50s during the day. I've been reading about temperature ranges of storage down to 15F and operation at 32F and up. It's the latest generation Paperwhite. I would put it in my sleeping bag at night. But would also like to read it at night before going to sleep. 1) am I at risk of permanently damaging my Kindle doing this ?...
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Touch HD 3 internals?

Was wondering if there's a teardown of the TH3. I just want to see if there's some kind of back plate to reinforce the eink screen. The TH3 is only 155grams so I'm worried there might be none because of the lightness. I used to have an inkbook but that one cracked easily so I'm looking for a sturdier alternative with page buttons. Cheers!
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Castle Rock Season 2 Is Brimming With Misery, and It's Not Entirely Annie Wilkes' Fault

As we saw last season, and as we’ve known for decades thanks to Stephen King’s interconnected stories, Castle Rock is a grim little town—there’s no way one odd outsider is gonna change the status quo too much. But of course, Annie Wilkes still manages to stir up some chaos.Read more...
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Denise Riley: Timed Lived, Without Its Flow / Selected Poems

Click here to read my review in The Guardian of Denise Riley’s essay on grief, and her new selected poems.
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Blog Tour Giveaway | The Art of Theft by Sherry Thomas

Today marks the release of ―the fourth installment in Sherry Thomas's superb . I'm delighted to be participating in the blog tour with a giveaway courtesy of Berkley. My emotions regarding this gender-swapped Sherlock Holmes retelling are tangled and fathoms-deep. These characters are incredibly dear to me, and I return to each book so very happy to see them and to read the breathtaking empathy with which Sherry Thomas writes about the realities of the lives of Victorian women and the truths...
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Woods to write a memoir on ups and downs of his career

NEW YORK (AP) — Tiger Woods is writing what he describes as his definitive story in a memoir titled “Back.” HarperCollins Publishers announced Tuesday it has acquired rights to the first memoir written by Woods. Still be determined is when it will be published. The memoir will cover Woods from his youth as a golf […]
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Radio City With Jon Grayson & Rob Ross: Episode One Hundred Twenty-Five

Radio City With Jon Grayson & Rob Ross:  Episode One Hundred Twenty Five There are weeks when Rob and Jon want to deliver a positive message and vibe, but the outside world – particularly when it comes to politics – tends to get in the way.  On this edition of Radio City…, the boys take to task New York City “mayor in absentia”, Bill deBlasio and his Board of Education chief, Richard Carranza, as those two “public servants” take identity politics to a new low:  eliminating gifted programs in N...
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PW3 Is there a netsurf binary for Kindle?

I would like to ask : is there anyone here have a copy of netsurf for kindle? If not, will the binary (and the libraries) for armel debian work with the kindle PW3 ?
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Lit Crawl Seattle 2019: Welcome to the roving literary party taking over Capitol Hill later this month

This year's Lit Crawl Seattle takes place Oct. 24, and will present 48 readings and other literary events, all of them featuring local writers, at venues all over Capitol Hill.
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Ronan Farrow reveals extreme measures Weinstein took to bury alleged crimes

Farrow’s book Catch and Kill describes Harvey Weinstein’s efforts to silence alleged victims and put Farrow himself off the storyThe combination of rage, threats, professional promises and vulnerability that Harvey Weinstein used to secure the silence of women he allegedly sexually attacked is described in a newly disclosed interview between one of his accusers and Ronan Farrow, the journalist who exposed the Hollywood mogul.In his new book Catch and Kill chronicling his investigation into Weins...
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Today's Read: The Art of Regret by Mary Fleming

Imagine that you have accepted your unexceptional life as a solitary struggling shop owner who lives above his store. How would you react when chance circumstances boost your business? What if you then begin a forbidden love affair? At some point you will have to face the consequences of these life changes. Here is how Trevor McFarquhar's story begins: For many years, in what might have been the prime of my life, I lived and worked on the rue des Martyrs. This narrow market street, which ...
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Fake news gone viral: How misunderstanding scientific uncertainty leads to epidemics

Recently, I went to a top oral surgeon at a university hospital to have a fairly routine procedure. While I was being prepped for surgery the attending nurse took me through the usual battery of questions: Are you on any medications? Who is your emergency contact? Will you accept blood if necessary? And so on. This time, however, I was asked a question that surprised me: Have you, or anyone you have been in contact with, had the measles or symptoms of the measles? The question stood out to me be...
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Medallion Status: comparison is the thief of joy, and John Hodgman is the thief-taker

John Hodgman's last book, Vacationland, was a kind of absurdist memoir of a weird kid who'd grown up to the kind of self-aware grownup who really wanted to dig into how he got to where he was, with bone-dry wit and real heart (I compared it to Steve Martin's Cruel Shoes, but for adults who'd outgrown it); in his new book, Medallion Status: True Stories from Secret Rooms, Hodgman offers something much more uncomfortable (if no less funny), a series of vignettes that explore the hollowness of pri...
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Mystery and Crime de Brune, Aiden: The Murders at Madlands (1931); v1; 15 Oct 2019

Almost a John Dickson Carr impossible crime: a man is shot dead on a closed room when about to make some shocking revelations which could see some of those present go to prison. Two present had guns, but neither had been fired. To work back to the killer, and then the method, the investigators had first to burrow into the business world of the victim and his associates to narrow down the field of suspects, and then work out how on earth it was done. The cover image uses, rather cheekily, a pr...
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Page 69: Whispers in the Ear of A Dreaming Ape

Disclaimer: The Page 69 Test  is not mine. It has been around since 2007, asking authors to compare page 69 against the meat of the actual story it is a part of. I loved the whole idea of it and so I'm stealing it specifically to showcase small press titles - novels, novellas, short story collections, the works! So until the founder of  The Page 69 Test  calls a cease and desist, let's do this thing.... In this installment of Page 69,  We put  Joshua Chaplinsky's  to the test...

Literary The Party by Elizabeth Day

'A taut psychological tale of obsession and betrayal set over the course of a dinner party. Ben, who hails from old money, and Martin, who grew up poor but is slowly carving out a successful career as an art critic, have been inseparable since childhood. Ben's wife Serena likes to jokingly refer to Martin as Ben's dutiful Little Shadow. Lucy is a devoted wife to Martin, even as she knows she'll always be second best to his sacred friendship. When Ben throws a lavish 40th birthday party as his ...
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How James Glaisher discovered the jet stream

Among many other, more stereotypical features, Scotland is famous as a place where palm trees can grow. And grow they do, with several proud, albeit slightly weather-beaten examples dotted around the mountainous islands and coasts of the western Highlands, blissfully unaware that they share latitudes with the southernmost Canadian tundra. This feat is often attributed to the gentle, warming influence of the Gulf Stream, bringing tropical seawater right up to the mouths of the lochs. But perhaps ...
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