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The politics of punk in the era of Trump

Trump is Punk! It’s a hashtag. It’s a slogan on t-shirts and trucker hats. It’s a click-bait headline.Milo Yiannopoulos, a former Breitbart editor, may have started this buzz with his speech (delivered in drag) at Louisiana State University on 22 September 2016, in which he claimed that “being a Donald Trump supporter is the new punk” because it would “piss off your teachers, piss off your parents, piss off your friends.” Then in October, The Atlantic published “Donald Trump, Sex Pistol: The Pun...
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Bulk conversion of CBR to PDF doesn't work right since "Comic Input" is missing

The only way I've found to convert CBR files to PDF the way I want--with no image processing, with the PDF output pages just the exact size of the input images, color, etc etc is: Convert Individually Comic Input: Diable comic processing, disable conversion of images to black. & white PDF output: Use the paper size set in output profile But, I can't do this except one at a time, since there is no "Comic input" option when I choose bulk convert. My goal is to transform a folder of CBR child...
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Weekend Cooking: 5 New Cookbooks

Happy Saturday! Today's Weekend Cooking is an attempt to catch you up with just some of this season's great cookbooks. I'm overwhelmed with the number of super titles coming out this year, and I don't have enough Saturdays to give each one a full review of its own. My current solution is to include a mini-review roundup every few weeks. You can also see photos on my Instagram stories as I cook my way through the season. Who knows, I may get daring and publish more than one cooking post a week! ...
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Other Fiction Sue, Eugène: Martin das Findelkind [German] v 1.0 24.10.2020

Eugène Sue, eigentlich Joseph-Marie Sue (* 10. Dezember 1804 in Paris; † 3. August 1857 in Annecy) war ein französischer Schriftsteller. Dieser heute kaum mehr bekannte Autor war in den 1840er Jahren einer der meistgelesenen und einflussreichsten Romanciers Frankreichs. Er ist in die Literaturgeschichte eingegangen als einer der Begründer des Fortsetzungsromans in Tageszeitungen und als Verfasser des vielleicht erfolgreichsten Feuilletonromans überhaupt, Les mystères de Paris (dt. Die Geheimniss...
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Koreader not opening a book

Hi there, I don't understand why koreader does not open a specific ebook. The ebook has these characteristics: - adobe digital protected (but it has been duly activated with the adobe digital ID and kobo OS reads it fine) - has greek characters (again kobo OS reads it fine) Which of the two above might create issues to Koreader? how can I solve it? Thanks!
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MobileRead Week in Review: 10/17 - 10/24

Bite-sized MobileRead for your weekend pleasure: E-Book General - NewsTom Lehrer has put many lyrics in public domain
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Current Obsessions: Up North

Above: A glimpse of Dark Horse Coffee Automat in Toronto, Designed by Mjölk. Of note this weekend: “I could watch this all day long,” writes Fan of this puzzle-like Hong Kong apartment with clever hidden storage. Looking for something new to do? Margot reports that the Harvard Graduate School of Design is offering their fall lectures and conferences virtually via Zoom (and personally is interested in “American Cultural Landscapes: Black Roots and Treasures,” among others). Take a look at the f...
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You don't have enough time to read !! GET FREE audiobooks

I've been there, Yes . In the past 1 year I changed my perspective about books !! Not everyone can read a book, people are too busy, They are on the way to work, They are eating, They are washing clothes. At the end of the day they realize that there is no time for reading!:chinscratch::chinscratch: So, i decided to share with you guys the ultimate audiobooks platform which is powered by amazon themselves, Get Free 30 days by signing up for free + 2 FREE AUDIOBOOKS. Remember, You don't have to...
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'How do we become a serious people again?' Dave Eggers, Annie Proulx and more on the 2020 election

How is America faring after four years of Donald Trump? Which way will voters turn? US authors including Richard Powers, Ocean Vuong and Kiley Reid share their hopes and fears Continue reading...
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'She left a strong legacy': children's book tells story of Daphne Caruana Galizia

Friend of Maltese journalist recounts her battles against corruption for young readersHer death brought thousands of people on to the streets of Malta and led to the resignation of a prime minister. Now the life of the investigative journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia has inspired a book for children.Written and illustrated by her friend Gattaldo, the designer, Fearless: The Story of Daphne Caruana Galizia is being released by a UK publisher this month to mark three years since the Maltese writer ...
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Glad I found such a nice forum about books! Thank you everyone for all the information here:D
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'We cannot survive': New York's Strand bookstore appeals for help

Proprietor Nancy Bass-Wyden appeals to customers as literary landmark suffers the effects of the pandemicThe Strand Bookstore, a landmark of literary New York, is in serious trouble, appealing for customers to help it stave off closure amid the coronavirus pandemic. Related: New York's Strand bookstore fights back over landmark status Continue reading...
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A Conversation...

Bookhound and I were having one of our conversations the other day, it went a bit like this... Me : 'Clocks go back this weekend.' Him : 'That means it's only five weeks to Advent and the C*******s bough coming into the kitchen.' Me : 'But surely it was only last week we packed the deccies away and put them in the loft...' And we suddenly realised that this year had somehow vanished, and we have no real markers for it other than those we'd prefer to forget. No month in New Zealand obviousl...
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Wicked Game review: a fascinating but flawed memoir by Trump's jailed associate

Rick Gates, the campaign deputy who pleaded guilty to lying and conspiracy, excels on Trump and the GOP but protests too much on RussiaUnder a title which calls to mind Chris Isaak’s hit song from 1989, the former Trump campaign deputy Rick Gates offers an interesting mixture of vignettes and dish, an effort to rewrite the history of 2016 before the 2020 election is over. Wicked Game is surprisingly readable and will leave process junkies with plenty to chew on. Related: Donald Trump wanted da...
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Mystery and Crime Barton, George: The Strange Adventures of Bromley Barnes (1918); v1; 24 Oct 2020

A dozen short stories of retired US treasury detective Bromley Barnes. The first edition was illustrated, with a colour frontispiece and several half-tone pictures, but scans af these are not available in acceptable quality, so I omitted them. Adventure of― 1: The Thirteenth Treaty 2: The Bolted Door 3: The Scrap Of Paper 4: The Stolen Message 5: The Burnt Match Stick 6: The French Captain 7: The Old Chess Player 8: The Leather Bag 9: The Anonymous Cards 10: The Cleopatra Necklace 11: The Barit...
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Cover for a book I am reading disappeared when I tried adding another ebook

This is a list of technical problems I am experiencing with 5.2. When I uploaded an ebook, the cover for a book I was reading disappeared. Every time I try to get the cover back the cover for the ebook I just uploaded disappeared no matter what. After finally getting the cover back after deleting the new ebook every time I uploaded the new ebook back it never shows. Anyone facing similar technical issues?
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Is it safe to upgrade to 5?

I haven't gone through all the posts, but I wanted to know if the DRM and other bugs have been worked out? I never updated and Job Spy requires it now. Wanted to know if I should wait
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Marvin not reading epub table of contents as created

Hey all, I'm consolidating a six book series into a single omnibus version, just to make my library a bit neater. But I'm encountering a issue where Marin seems to be unable to read the new ToC as made for the omnibus, refusing to display the full ToC even where other readers have no issue. I'm using: iPhone XR iOS 13.7 Marvin 3.1.2 build 34 Calibre 5.3 with EpubMerge 2.11.0 I merged books 1-6 together using EpubMerge, and verified that the ToC looks as its suppose to on calibre's native ...
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Regex Issues (v4.23)

I'm on 4.23 -- waiting a bit to go to 5.X. But hoping someone would help me with a sanity check on my regex? I have files where the series are displaying with extra brackets. Displayed in stock series column as: [My Little Pony 01] [01] [My Little Pony 02] [01] [My Little Pony 03] [01] My regex--> Search field: Series Destination field: Series_Index Search For: (\d{2}) Replace: \1 This is about as simple it could be (infamous last words) and works...
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The Mind on Furlough

I am still furloughed and still on the public dole. It has been just over six months, and if it goes on for only another six that will hit the under for most people's bets. I have been tremendously productive in ways which probably don't count for much. The first thing that happened was that my apartment got very clean; now it is extremely messy, even by my standards. I stopped practicing on July 1 and have not yet resumed. Instead, I have torn through books and records, scrabble word lists and ...
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Kindle for PC force updated to version 1.30.0--possible to revert to earlier version?

I started my Kindle for PC software last night, and without prompting or seeking my permission, it updated itself to version 1.30. (Windows 10) Has this happened to anyone else? Do you know if there is any way to undo it? This update still saves .azw files to my hard drive, but those files cannot be imported into Calibre, or rather, I can import them but Calibre cannot open them or read the metadata. I'm several editions behind in Calibre (version 3.0) and the plugins from Apprentice Alf (6.5...
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PW4 Blocked Kindle: There is something legal to do?

Hello! I bought the Kindle PW4 in june and it came with a defect in lighting that does not prevent reading, but makes it a little difficult. I contacted Amazon support requesting the repair or exchange of the product. They informed me that they had no means to repair it and therefore gave me credit on Amazon for the purchase of a new device. They also informed me that the old device would just block, since Amazon have no interest in returning it (They haven't an official suport in Brazil, s...
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Sloooow update

Hi I use monthly OTA updates. I did it some days ago. The process was reasonably quick for the first two sliders, but the processing of the third and last slider was really awfully slow (between to 4.5kb down to 1.5kb). I had to resume updating five times before incrementally completing the update (good we do not have to resume from zero..). My current location is in China. Is there any reason for the huge difference in speed between the first two sliders and the third one?
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Styling of the dictionary in Neoreader

I found that the dictionary can be styled with the stylesheet in "Internal storage/dicts/.onyxdict/onyxdict.css". I managed to set font, fontsize and width. However, it doesn't have an impact on the pop-up dictionary within Neoreader. Does anyone know how to change the font-size of the pop-up dictionary inside NeoReader? The fontsize is horrible. I only get 5 lines of text: The entry for "soul" in Oxford English Dict. 2nd Edition is spread over 10 (!) windows.
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Armchair by Gilbert Rohde

This Armchair by Gilbert Rohde was sold at Wright for $8,125 while it was estimated at $700–900 The post Armchair by Gilbert Rohde appeared first on
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Specification Rate Declines for Biggest Manufacturers of Porcelain Tile

There’s news in the world of porcelain tile specifications that’s of interest to both large and small firms: during the past 12-16 months, the five largest manufacturers have endured steady erosion. As the graph below illustrates, this is no small change. The share of specification as Basis of Design of the top five (Daltile, Crossville, Emser Tile, American Olean Tile, and Florida Tile) declined from 80% in June of 2019 to 41% in June of 2020. This trend has been identified by Design A...
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Aura H2O Inconsistent length of long presses

Ever since a few updates back, when the highlighting system changed, I've found that long pressing for highlighting, opening context menus, etc, can be very inconsistent. I'll press and hold a word to begin a highlight, and it will sometimes take a second, while others, it can take over five seconds, and if I let go any sooner, it'll change the page as if I tapped the screen at that position. It's very irritating as I do a lot of highlighting. On a similar note, am I the only one who finds it ...
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why do only some of my books contain calibre series data and how did I put it there ?

baffled by my own past actions! some of my books have, in their content.opf, fields like so apps like calibre-sync will determine that the above is book 2 of a series in some other books, it has been done this way: and in some books - no .opf series entries at all, even though there is series data in calibre I can't remember or find instructions for how I was able to add this data to some but not all of my library. any clues, anyone please ? [ unless its not something that ...
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Question about multiple columns

Is it better to have more columns containing less info, or less columns containing more info? Also, what things can I do to speed up my library? I have a lot of columns, a lot of tags, heirarchal tags, long text, and composite columns. I don't know how to weed out the tags - there are so many redundant tags that it would take forever to go through them all. I noticed that recently that updating metadata has taken a big hit in time, and I don't really know what to do to fix it. Also, copying ...
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Anti-glare Screen protector for waveshare 10.3" monitor

Waveshare 10.3inch E-Paper Monitor reflexes light. Please introduce me some cheap anti-glare screen protector. I find This for Onyx Boox Note 10.3 but I prefer to buy a general purpose and widely used anti-glare screen protector from local stores. Attached Thumbnails  
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