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History Conscience, Hendrik: Siska von Roosemal [German] v 1.0 20.03.2019

Hendrik Conscience (* 3. Dezember 1812 in Antwerpen; † 10. September 1883 in Elsene bei Brüssel) war ein flämischer Erzähler und Mitbegründer der flämischen Literatur. [Wikipedia] hier >Siska von Roosemal
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Sigil-0.9.13 Released

Sigil-0.9.13 NOTICE: If after installing Sigil v0.9.13 (or higher), Sigil is crashing, won't run correctly, or won't start at all, check out this wiki notice before filing a report or asking for assistance. For the impatient, the installer files (and source) can be found as assets at the bottom of the Github Release page. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- This Sigil release is primarily to address bugs introduced by the upgrade to Qt5.11.2 and Pyth...
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The Moon Sister

Tiggy D’Aplièse has always been the mysterious sister, sensitive and spiritual. She gets a job caring for endangered Scottish wildcats on a breathtaking estate in the Scottish highlands, and feels a soul connection with the local laird, her boss and also her doctor. She also meets Chilly, an ancient Gypsy who lives in a small […]
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The Industria Age

Industria, from Anatolia Tile and Stone, is a unique flooring collection designed to evoke a rough-around-the-edges aesthetic. As befits the collection’s name, Industria is suggestive of reclamation and re-use: “industrial, worn, consumed, used, revived, reused, modern, the Industria series is all of these.” Constructed of porcelain that’s been peppered with individual pieces of aggregate, Industria achieves an enviable synthesis of age and newness. These worn and weathered tiles have been inf...
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The Story of the Dionne Quintuplets Is a Cautionary Tale for the Age of ‘Kidfluencers’

The quintuplets became associated with a range of products that purportedly played a role in helping them survive
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Biography Verhaeren, Émile: Rembrandt (german) v.1, 20.03.2019

Émile Verhaeren (1855-1916) war ein belgischer Lyriker. In seinen in französischer Sprache und in freiem Versmaß geschriebenen Gedichten entwickelte er eine moderne, großstädtische Lyrik, die auch technische Entwicklungen und soziale Fragen aufgriff. Stefan Zweig, der ihn schon als Schüler bewunderte, lernte ihn mit etwa 20 Jahren persönlich kennen und übersetzte später einen Teil seiner Werke ins Deutsche. Auch Verhaerens Künstlerbiografien über die großen Maler Rembrandt und Rubens machte er s...
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What would bring Nook back from the dead?

Not sure if this is news or general discussion. GoodEreader had an article about the Nook division getting some new blood: Will Barnes and Noble get serious about the Nook? Quote: The shuffle of Barnes & Noble’s technology leaders occurred when the Chief Digital Officer Fred Argir announced his retirement and William Wood was promoted to the CDO role internally. The bookseller then hired Carlo Pochintesta as Chief Information Officer last week. ...
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Hello to all Calibrers (32 and 64)!!!

Hi folks! Greetings from northern Italy (lake of Como). I'm here to learn how using better this great software (sorry for my english..) Bye Tino
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Calibre Companion on Kindle Fire fails.

I submitted a bug on this issue that was closed as invalid. So I would like to ask for assistance here, since I am still having trouble. I am using the Companion to connect to Calibre over wireless. It connects and identifies itself as a "blaze" device. It was suggested in the bug report To right click on the device icon and set it. However this is not working for me. I believe I have found the problem, but am unsure how to proceed from here...
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Onyx Boox Note Pro! (First Impressions)

First off, was fantastic. I pre-ordered the device last month and it shipped on the advertised day of availability (Monday). It arrived within 24 hours from GERMANY (I'm on the US East Coast) in perfect condition. I'm very happy with my experience. The device is very nice...its just an incremental upgrade from the Note Plus but I like the improvements. If you have the two devices side-by-side you will notice the barely-perceptible extra layer for the front light....
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Bowy-Sofa by Patricia Urquiola for Cassina

Patricia Urquiola is bringing her keen sense of form to 2018 with her new Bowy-Sofa for Cassina, a modular system with expert tailoring. Offering “soft and welcoming curves,” Bowy-Sofa is “a ground sofa, almost monolithic,” with pieces that create playful combinations. Circular, semi-circular, and rectangular shapes mixed with different types of backrests achieve graphic compositions. The large-scale system works in grand living rooms as well as contract spaces like hotel lounges and corporate ...
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Adding custom metadata fields

Is is possible to add a custom metadata field to Calibre? While the Publisher field is available, it does not appear that the Publisher Location/Place is an available metadata field. Thanks
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Here’s what to do next time you experience ‘intense spiritual hunger’

Julia Cameron, author of "The Artist's Way," practices spirituality through paper and pen, with a daily exercise called Morning Pages.
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One of our best environmental writers, Barry Lopez, talks storytelling, snowstorms and the importance of place

Considered by many readers and critics to be our most important environmental writer, Lopez is a touchstone author whose nonfiction and fiction alike have inspired artists in multiple disciplines. He's devoted his career to exploring the deep emotional and spiritual ties between people and the settings they move through.
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epub Dateien n txt umwandeln

Hallo, habe bis immer meine epub Dateien in txt umgewandelt da dies praktischer ist. Hat mit calibre immer gut funktioniert. Jetzt habe ich die neueste Version heruntergeladen und ich bekomme immer eine Fehlermeldung! Habe daher nochmal eine alte Version 3.38 installiert aber damit geht es jetzt auch nicht mehr! Woran liegt das, bei den Einstellungen bin ich mir nicht sicher was ich alles einstellen muss! Hier die Fehlermeldung: Nicht abgefangener Fehler Exception: Leere Ausgabedatei, evt...
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What cover do you recommend for my new Forma?

My dear mom just gifted me with a Forma. (It's still not in my hands.) This will be my first ereader ever. What cover/case do you recommend? I see some cases with origami folding, which, I believe, lets you put it on a table in either portrait or landscape orientation, hands-free. What I want in a case, firstly, is that it protects the screen when it's in my backpack/bag. I don't know how important the awake/sleep mode of the original Kobo-branded cover is for me, as I've never had one. :)...
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There's a new Basic Kindle (2019)

the basic Kindle (2019) has a frontlight, and costs $10 more than the last model
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All new kindle announced!

All new kindle announced, comes in black and white! $89.99. That's all. :) Here's the link: Released on April 10th. Hmmm, my birthday is April 17th! :D It looks like the replacement for the Basic, as no warm light, no waterproofing, but still, quite exciting. :)
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Cooking the Books with Arkady Martine

Happy Wednesday and welcome to a regular monthly feature in partnership with Fran Wilde and Aliette de Bodard’s Cooking the Books Podcast! What’s cooking this month? SPACE OPERA THAT’S WHAT. In the main kitchen, Arkady Martine  talks about her debut novel, A Memory Called Empire Here at the extension kitchen, we have bonus SMUGGLERIFIC Q&A content: If you could host a dinner party with your characters, and any other characters: who and why? AND what would you ...
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Made in California: A Curated Collection of Handmade Furniture from Honeyed Figs

We first got to know Tamar Barnoon, a set designer and stylist, when she sent us photos of one of her interiors projects, a 1920s Spanish-style house in the Los Feliz hills for a creative couple (see Kitchen of the Week: In Los Feliz, A Moody, Romantic Spanish Modern Update). Now Barnoon has launched a line of furniture and home goods called Honeyed Figs, collaborating with a select group of LA artists and furniture makers. “I’m selling what I consider to be furniture ‘basics’ akin to the little...
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History Conscience, Hendrik: Was eine Mutter leiden kann [German] v 1.0 20.03.2019

Hendrik Conscience (* 3. Dezember 1812 in Antwerpen; † 10. September 1883 in Elsene bei Brüssel) war ein flämischer Erzähler und Mitbegründer der flämischen Literatur. [Wikipedia] hier >Was eine Mutter leiden kann
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On sluts and slatterns

Here is another attack on sl-words, a continuation of the one celebrated last week (“The sl-morass”). There, I mentioned the fact that a word beginning with sl– tends to develop negative connotations. My example was Engl. slim, as opposed to German schlimm “bad.” Another example (one of many!) is slight. In the Old Germanic languages, including Gothic, which was recorded in the fourth century, the word meant “smooth,” perhaps “slippery.” (Incidentally, to slip is also a verb of questionable ante...
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there's a new Kindle

the basic Kindle (2019) has a frontlight, and costs $10 more than the last model
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Library Love Notes | Gather a Few Girlfriends and Spread Love!

All that you hold in your heart, all that you wish and dream and long for, it is all beautiful. I believe in you. Rachel Awes Unexpected surprises. Random acts of kindness. Things that brighten someone’s day. All wonderful blessings. Especially when you needed just that. Girlfriend Guru (and fabulous artist) RACHEL AWES and her friends shared this surprise blessing with book lovers in their home town. (Maybe you and your friends could do something like this …) I recently gathered a few girlfrie...
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Kobo Aura One Collections

Hi, this is my first post so apologies for any mistakes or lack of protocol etc. I have about a hundred books on my Aura One of which 60 are a collection of George Simenon's Maigret books. I would like to know if there is any way that I can hide them from my general book list and only "see" them when I click on the Maigret Collection. When I go to My Books they are all there mixed in with all my other books and, as I am about to load another 50 books (non-Maigret) before I set off on my travels...
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PMI Program Management Professional PgMP Authentic Dumps

About Best PMI Program Management Professional Exam Practice Material High passing rate of Program Management Professional Certification Exam Program Management Professional With IT ace group, Dumps HQ everything test practice material are done with high caliber. Dumps HQ Program Management Professional exam questions genuine tests are intended for IT examinees, including understudies, affirmed ace, IT work people and the sky is the limit from there. It's particularly for individuals who need ...
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To Summon the Familiar

To Summon the familiar Andrew has just one chance to pull himself up from his humble beginnings and make something of himself. He has been found to have a spark of magic within himself. To bring it forth he must first learn to summon the familiar. He must use every drop of his magic to search the Lands of Mist and find the one meant for him. The one he will be bonded to for life. The one who is actually capable and willing to make all his dreams possible. A...
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Top 80 Keto Pressure cooker cookbook

Are you on the Keto? :bulb2: Do you have a pressure cooker? Do you want to combine both Ketogenic Diet and pressure cooker impressing your family and friends with easy and healthy recipes? Look no further than this cookbook:bookworm:, where you'll find nutritious, flavorful, low carb recipes for rapid weight loss. :thanks: Countdown deal today on Amazon - 0,99C https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon....1Od7XEJKSL.jpg
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Notable female microbiologists you’ve never heard of

Browsing through the most notable names in the history of microbiology, you could be fooled into thinking there were no female scientists working in ground-breaking fields such as antibiotic studies, bacteriology, or virology in the middle of the twentieth century. In fact, laboratories did employ women, though male scientists often thought of them as supplemental parts of teams working in a highly technical field, not contributing much in the way of impact. However, a closer look at the history...
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The last of Africa's big tusker elephants – in pictures

Like living relics from a bygone era, the last of Africa’s big tusker elephants roam in a vast, remote wilderness in Kenya. In partnership with the Tsavo Trust NGO and the Kenya Wildlife Service, Will Burrard-Lucas spent months photographing these rare animals. His series of intimate portraits are captured in his book, Land of Giants Continue reading...
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