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Catalog Thumbnail width

The maximum width allowed by the spin edit control is 2.0 inches. Is it possible to modify this maximum to enable larger thumbnails, say 3.0 inches? Thank you
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Tag added books with username?

I want to take my single library and divide it into separate virtual libraries based on tags with the user's username. Is there a way to automatically tag the books uploaded by the user with the user's username? This is so those books automatically appear in their virtual library.
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‘Anxiety Is Not Something You Can Just Turn Off’: Author Megan Collins On New Book ‘Behind The Red Door’

(CBS Local)– Megan Collins had never seen a character in a book that dealt with anxiety like hers, so she decided to create a character in her new book “Behind The Red Door: A Novel.” Collins’ novel follows a woman named Fern Douglas who sees the news about a missing woman in Maine named Astrid Sullivan and is positive she knows her. The dark, tense and dramatic book documents Douglas’ trip into the past and the evidence she discovers that connects her to Sullivan. The author says she truly foun...
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Bernard Cornwell - is he any good?

I know nothing salient about Bernard Cornwell. I don't even know if he's alive or not. Does he write Fantasy? To those who have read him... what are his best books? How much do you readers rate him?
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What font are you using for what type of book?

Hi, The title of the thread explains the question roughly. For me, I use something like Tribute Roman, EB Garamond, Caslon or Crimson Pro for things like Lovecraft or horror/Sci-Fi books, and something like Bookerly or Caecilia for other subjects books. I may as well change fonts while reading while one annoys me too much, or while it seems unclear (I have very sharp eyes, and I hope they'll sell devices with 500 ppi screens soon). And you?
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Aura H2O2 Not charging at all, help!!!

Yesterday I charged my Kobo H2O2 on a USB-DC adapter, then I changed to USB. But when I tried USB, it didn't work at all. Not a Computer Detected, or a charging icon!! So I switched back to DC... and it didn't work at all. My Kobo is at 20% Help!!! :help:
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Other Fiction Gerstäcker, Friedrich: Artikel in Zeitschriften und Zeitun [German] v 1.0 04.08.2020

Friedrich Gerstäcker (* 10. Mai 1816 in Hamburg; † 31. Mai 1872 in Braunschweig) war ein deutscher Schriftsteller. Er ist vor allem durch seine Bücher über Nordamerika bekannt; seine Bestseller waren Die Regulatoren in Arkansas (1846) und Die Flußpiraten des Mississippi (1847)[Wikipedia] hier: >Artikel in Zeitschriften und Zeitungen< Attached Files Artikel in Zeitschriften und Zeitungen.epub (5.10 MB)
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Other Fiction Gerstäcker, Friedrich: Artikel in Zeitschriften und Zeit... [German] v 1.0 04.08.2020

Friedrich Gerstäcker (* 10. Mai 1816 in Hamburg; † 31. Mai 1872 in Braunschweig) war ein deutscher Schriftsteller. Er ist vor allem durch seine Bücher über Nordamerika bekannt; seine Bestseller waren Die Regulatoren in Arkansas (1846) und Die Flußpiraten des Mississippi (1847)[Wikipedia] hier: >Artikel in Zeitschriften und Zeitungen< Attached Files Artikel in Zeitschriften und Zeitungen.epub (5.10 MB)
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How this debut YA novel about the ’92 LA riots suddenly feels so timely

When Christina Hammonds Reed delivered the final draft of “The Black Kids,” it was December 2019 and her novel about a Black teenager coming of age during the 1992 Los Angeles riots felt rooted in that time and place. Half a year later, as “The Black Kids” arrives on Tuesday, Aug. 4, it feels prescient in its portrayal not only of the crisis of police violence against Black Americans but also how we understand it against the backdrop of history. “It’s very, very surreal,” Hammonds Reed says of t...
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Editing pdf metadata with Adobe Acrobat

I have some ebooks in pdf format that I want to put in a calibre Library. The Extract ISBN Plugin and Download Metadata command helps to supply Metadata information in the calibre database, but I would like to use Adobe Acrobat to include Book Title, Author, ISBN, Publisher, Publication Date, and sometimes other information in the pdf file itself (rather that just in the calibre database). Within calibre, can I Open a pdf file with Acrobat, then edit the Metadata and Save from Acrobat, or does ...
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New 27" iMac announced

Apple announced a spec bump called a new 27" iMac. For a mere $2300 you get 8 GB of RAM, 512 GB SSD, and not much more. Big MEH! Why would I pay a ridiculous price for under-speced computers. Geez this is 2020, 8 GB of RAM isn't enough for a low end computer anymore. By the time you spec it out to have a decent amount of computer power, it will cost $4000 or more. They have lost their fricking minds...
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Viewer in 4.2 only open on a blank page on MacOS

Even the beta opens on a blank page and enabling or disabling gpu acceleration has zero impact. So to does switching between gpu (intel and amd gpu's). This is new behaviour since patch 10.15.6. thanks Shaun
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‘The Question Is What Truly Makes You Rich’: Julie Pennell On New Book ‘Louisiana Lucky: A Novel’

(CBS Local)– Need a new book to read this summer? Author Julie Pennell has you covered with her brand new book called “Louisiana Lucky: A Novel,” about the Breaux sisters who hit it big and win $204 million from the lottery. Pennell was born and raised in Louisiana and the book follows three sisters named Lexi, Callie and Hanna who live in small-town Louisiana. This is Pennell’s second book and she’s always been interested in exploring the dynamics that come with winning the lottery. Photo Cre...
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managing sub-libraries through Calibre?

Is it possible to manage the sub-libraries (on the Note 2) via Calibre? I would like to organize a sizable collection of books on the device by putting them in several different sub-libraries, but bulk-moving books via the interface of the device itself is going to be a laborious and lengthy process, I'm afraid. Plus, it would be nice to move a book from my computer immediately into the proper sub-library (via Calibre), instead of having to do that afterward.
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Small scratch less than 1mm of length

Hi, I remarked a small scratch measuring less than 1mm of length on my Libra yesterday. I don't know if it's dented the screen, because it is so small. Now, it annoys me so much. I was wondering if that could be a factory imperfection. I can't join you a photo because 1. My camera is dead (battery) and I don't have the charger and 2. You won't even see it because it is so small. I would be a little less annoyed if this could be a factory imperfection. It's possible that it's been here since ...
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The ethics of exploiting hope during a pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has had enormous negative effects on people around the globe, including death and long-term health impacts, economic hardships including loss of savings, businesses, and careers, and the emotional costs of physical separation from friends and loved ones. Since the first emergence of COVID-19, people have hoped that these harms could be contained to specific geographic areas or eliminated by the emergence of new treatments or other public health measures. These hopes have ge...
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Dialog not refreshing properly after changing line spacing

In the latest nightly (v2020.07.1-38) I find that the dialog doesn't refresh properly after I change the line spacing on my KA1. Anyone else noticed this? Here's a photo of the screen as taking a screenshot refreshes the screen/dialog.
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Kindle Oasis weird impagination

Hello! I had the same problem on Paperwhite, I hoped that with the new update on Oasis things go better but nothing has changed. Each page is badly formatted, the lines don't go all the way to the end of the page but sometimes it skips a few and there is a lot of empty space. This only happens with ebooks purchased on Amazon, with others not. It is very annoying to read in this way and it was useless to buy a bigger Kindle as the ebooks are displayed only for 3/4 of the screen. I have tried with...
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DIY Display-Worthy Racks: 3 Minimalist Designs for Drying Herbs, Dishes, and Laundry

At Remodelista, we’re ever on the lookout for household tools that are plastic-free and pleasingly simple. Bonus points for DIY projects that fit this criteria and deserve to be put on display. Here are three examples that feel pleasingly summery (but stand ready for year-round use). They’re the work of Manda and Caitlin McGrath who collaborate on the cooking and design blog The Merry Thought. Manda is based in Western NY; Caitlin formerly lived nearby but has since moved to Colorado. They’re re...
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Mystery and Crime Kabel, Walther: Die Jacht mit den drei Mumien. V1 [German] 4.8.2020

Band 31 der Reihe "Kabel Kriminalbücher" von Walther Kabel. Text und Cover nach der Kabel-Seite - vielen Dank dorthin! :) Attached Thumbnails   Attached Files Kabel, Walther - KKB 31 Die Jacht mit den drei Mumien.epub (183.5 KB)
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contentserver works only with mobile folder

I am running the contentserver in my home network. Till last week it was showing everything fine. but since a week or so when i start the weblink on my phone it shows everything fine. When I refresh the page it stays blank. When i go to it gives me the result again. When I restart the contentserver on my ubuntu server I can see the content just once on my phone. Then I need to switch to the /mobile version. On my laptop I can look ...
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Ellen Marie Wiseman 'The Orphan Collector'

This book was released today and delivered to my Kindle Fire. It's currently number 3 in the TBR list. She is one of my favorite authors, The Plum Tree being my favorite. This one is about the 1918 Spanish Flu Pandemic. This should be an interesting read.
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Conjunction dysfunction

Everyone of a certain age remembers the FANBOYS of Conjunction Junction fame: for, and, nor, but, or, yet and so.  In the lyrics of the 1973 song, we mostly hear about and, but and or with a brief mention of or’s pessimistic cousin nor.  A conjunction’s function is to “hook up words and phrase and clauses” and many of the examples are pretty simple: “Milk and honey, bread and butter, peas and rice, … Losing your shoe and a button or two.”Over time, writers learn the connections between punctuati...
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Updating metadata downloads cover in the wrong language

When updating the metadata (Ctrl-D) the covers are given in Portuguese or Spanish, but the metadata-text itself is correct in English. How can I change this?
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Hi from Hong Kong

Hi everyone, I am a fairly technical retiree living in Hong Kong and a passionate reader. I took up using ebooks because when I used to travel carrying a lot of books. I use Calibre in a pretty uninformed way to manage my ebooks. At present I'm a Kobo user. I'm hoping to find in these forums the solutions to several problems I've experienced. This is the first time I've used such a forum so I'm really not sure where to look and to post so please be Patient witn me. For example I have a...
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Can't email book to Kindle

I've always been able to send books to my Mom through Calibre. But I tried last night with no success and keep getting the same failure. I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions. I tried turning off my firewall but haven't had to do that before. Also tried plugging in her kindle to my laptop and transferring it directly but Calibre would freeze up when scanning her device for books. Any help would be appreciated. Below is the error text from trying to email a book to her. Code: Starti...
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Failed to convert pdf to epub first time using Calibre, seeking help

After two hours of frustration trying troubleshooting myself, I hope someone will take pity on me to help! I just downloaded Calibre to convert a book I own (and have the .ascm file) via Google Play. My only download option was a pdf and I installed DeDRM Tools 6.8 to remove the DRM prior to loading the book into Calibre and trying to convert. When I select the book in Calibre and try to convert to epub, I get a "Failed notice copied below. I'm stumped on what to do next. Thank you so much for...
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Short Fiction Thorne, Guy: The Painted Coil and other stories (2020); v1; 5 Aug 2020

While fossicking around the Web looking for Guy Thorne material I found a cluster of short stories in Australian newspapers. The author was immensely prolific, with around 150 novels and probably as many short stories, most of which are out of print both on paper and digitally. I couldn't find any reference to any collection of Thorne short stories, so this is probably now the only one there is. 11 stories, just 44,000 words. 1: The Painted Coin 2: The Prize of Marchants 3: Fifteen Million C...
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Mini The Slick 50 -

I found a Slick 50 for sale on eBay that really piqued my curiosity. I'd never heard of it before. Their website is so out of date, it lists Borders support for their eReaders. :p My first Kobo was a mini back in 2015 or so. The Slick 50 came out in 2011. At that time I used Kobo's app on my iPad. From what I can see, the Slick 50 is a tablet of sorts with a Kobo app. Earlier versions had no touch screen, but the one in the auction claims to have one. And that's all I know. What can you tell ...
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New Children's Book - Maren & Penelope

I have just published my second children's book, Maren & Penelope, on Amazon. Please come by and take a look. Synopsis: When Maren climbs an apple tree while playing with her friend Sadie, she falls out of the tree and ends up in a magical land. Now, she must find a way to get back home. Together with her new friends. a unicorn named Penelope and a cat named Oliver, Maren sets out on an adventure she will never forget.
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