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How can I downgrade Likebook Mars to an earlier firmware?

I have the latest firmware v3.2.0-2020031218, but it seems that one of my reading apps does not work well with it. I was wondering if there's a page with previous firmwares to download and an option to downgrade.
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In keeping with tradition the scribbles has rest over Easter, a throwback to my childhood when playing out on Good Friday and Sundays was definitely not allowed. It seems strange to think that we are ALL coping with the same situation this year, staying at home, flattening the curve, social distancing and many of us missing time with family and friends. But by doing it we know we are winning for Team World and getting to the other side, wherever we are. Nature has been very kind to us here in ...
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Post your review and get $50 coupon on Boox Shop!

Welcome to our Gift Card Campaign for Reviewer! Thank you for all the posts you contribute here! We appreciate all the reviews and opinions. We are grateful if you spend 1-2 minutes to post photos with your products in r/Onyx_Boox and r/ereader subreddits, showing how you work or study during the Quarantine. And you will get a US$50 gift card for anything on Boox Shop. See more details in : Thank you for all the posts you contribute here! We appreciate all the reviews and opinions. We ar...
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Chinese writer faces online backlash over Wuhan lockdown diary

Internet users accuse Fang Fang of handing foreigners ‘a giant sword’ to attack ChinaCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageA Chinese writer who published a diary during her time under lockdown in Wuhan has been subjected to widespread online criticism for publishing her book in English and German.Fang Fang has been accused of contributing to a negative international narrative on China’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic. Continue reading...
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Troubleshooting Calibre's Search & Replace

I use calibre's search & replace feature to enable ligatures in the book (fi, fl) and they work great, but sometimes, within a book there are some fi's and fl's that are not replaced by their ligature glyph, as if calibre skipped over them. What's wrong here? I'm using calibre 3.48 (last version supported by my mac) and convert to azw3 and I use the "hyphenate this" plugin.
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Conversion problem Docx to epub font failure

Input file is my book of poetry a docx output is epub version I want to sell (iPad 3) (Nook) Conversion problem from Docx to epub it only works with defaults settings. If I change anything it fails Only thing I change was trying to get a smaller font as the one when you don't change anything is too large. so I changed base to 10.0pt I changed the base font and tried to use various parameters for other stuff in the tab and no matter what I put it fails. calibre, version 4.13.0 (win32, embed...
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Old Alpha Testers for Android: Alpha Version Pushed

If you were an old Alpha tester for Android you may have recently had an alpha version pushed to your device. This was mistaken, we have now removed this alpha test list. If you auto-updated to this alpha version, just delete Calibre Companion and re-download from the Google Play store. Sorry for the inconvenience. Alex
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Daily Entertainment

We've been watching the Netflix production of Altered Carbon and it's really quite good. Bobbi commented that there's just an embarrassment of good SF on television these days.It's been most of a decade since I read the book. I need to re-read it. . [Author: Tam]
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Rename book file names

Hello!!! How can I modify book file names template so I get book names in this order 'Surname, Name - Book title' and I can rename the ones that don't fit that template? Thanks in advance!!!
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Automatic loading of books added to a location

Hello!!! Is possible Calibre load automatically the books I add to a location in my hard drive? Is possible configure Calibre not to save added books in any Calibre's own location? Thanks in advance!!!
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Calibre 4 for Windows 7 seems fine, why front page says no?

Calibre 4 for Windows 7 seems fine, why front page says no? I've been updating version to version and never noticed that the front page says Calibre 4 is for Windows 8 and 10, but to use Calibre 3 for Windows 7. Why, when Celibre 4 works fine on Windows 7? Thanks for any insight ( I could not find any thread explaining this when searching here, so if someone knows of an existing thread, or a way to find it, please share - thanks ). .
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Silliness Is a hot dog a sandwich?

It’s time to start debating whether a hot dog is a sandwich For the record, I'm on the side of a piece of mystery meat rapped in bread is a sandwich, but I'd be more than happy to listen to anyone who doesn't agree.
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Fast way to move between neoreader and other apps

I read comics on a Nova Pro in Neoreader in French. I have a stardict dictionary that Onyx Dict cannot open. Hoever, Goldendict can open it. So I use the navigation ball to change to goldendict, but it takes 3 taps to get to goldendict. It's slow. Also I cannot use the navigation ball to change back directly from goldendict to neoreader without going via the library. For some reason neoreader does not appear in the last used apps button in the navigation ball. Even if I could, it would still ta...
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"Can't Launch Reader App!" message with Android Calibre Companion

I'm getting a "Can't Launch Reader App!" message with Android Calibre Companion on my Samsung phone. I have tried restarting the phone, clearing the default reader app and re-selecting Moon+ Reader Pro, uninstalling and re-installing Moon+, all to no avail. The Moon+ Reader Pro app does open when I tap on it and I can open the files within Moon+, just not from the Calibre Companion app. I'm not sure what I might've done to have changed the app from opening my ebook files as I've been using it ...
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Can't convert in PDF an azw3 book.

Here's the code: Code: Conversione libro 1 di 2 (Alien Shades of Greys: Evidence of...) Conversion options changed from defaults:   cover: u'C:\\Users\\ALMARK~1\\AppData\\Local\\Temp\\calibre_jiu2p2\\q88nuj.jpeg'   read_metadata_from_opf: u'C:\\Users\\ALMARK~1\\AppData\\Local\\Temp\\calibre_jiu2p2\\6sypbz.opf'   output_profile: u'kindle_pw3'   pdf_serif_family: u'MS Shell Dlg 2'   verbose: 2   pdf_sans_family: u'MS Shell Dlg 2' Resolved conversion options calibre version: 4.13....
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Using Word to convert PDF to ePub

Quote: Originally Posted by willus (Post 3974093) This may be better posted in the epub forum. Maybe a moderator could move it? Done. Dale
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Dax Training Tables from SurfaceWorks

Discover the many shapes of Dax Training Tables, a slick new work surface from SurfaceWorks that makes it easy to motivate, collaborate, and educate. Dax’s variety of tabletop options lets users create creative configurations with ease—from rectangles to trapezoids to the elusive but highly utilitarian “squircle,” Dax has a shape to fit the moment. The tables are extremely mobile: ultra-light aluminum legs terminate in rolling casters, making it ever-so-simple to roll them into...
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Stephen King Had to Change His Next Novel Because of Coronavirus

Stephen King is already working on his next novel – because of course he is – but he’s had to make some changes due to the coronavirus pandemic. Yes, we’ve reached the point where the real world is so scary that King has to adjust his tales of terror to accurately reflect that. The prolific author also offered an apology to everyone who thinks we’re currently stuck in a real-life Stephen King story.  Do you find yourself watching movies and TV shows right now, seeing crowds of extras milling ...
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Can't select right to left reading

Hello. I'm a complete noob about this topic, and I only use calibre for Manga to transfer on my kobo Clara hd. I still haven't figured out how to do it, and I've been searching about it all day. I'd need someone who can explain it to me step by step, because I know nearly nothing about the argument
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9 Simple, Timeless Light Fixtures from Claxy

For quality, well-designed light fixtures, there’s Claxy, a lighting outfit with a wide array of fixtures available online. Each fixture has Claxy’s small team of four designers and eight engineers behind it, plus the company’s ethos of quality at an approachable price point. (It’s no coincidence, they say, that “Claxy” sounds like “classy.”) We particularly like the offerings in the company’s new lighting collection, launched just a few months ago, with fixtures in brass finishes. While a well-...
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Library File Structure for Books Exported to eBook Device

Hello, The file structure for books on my Windows PC using Calibre 4.13 has a separate folder for each book containing the book itself and a metadata.opf file. When sending books to an attached eBook reader (Android 6.01 OS) all book files are placed into one folder and all metadata is stored in one file (metadata.calibre) in the device root. Is this the default configuration for file storage? Some Android eBook applications appear to be expecting separate metadata.opf files per book and a ...
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9 Climate Apocalypse Novels to Take Your Mind Off the Coronavirus Disaster

I spend all day reading (and writing) the news. So when I log off, I don’t want to read any non-fiction. I want to retreat to the world of fiction, but that doesn’t mean I want to forget about the climate crisis.Read more...
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Artist reimagines classic horror films as vintage Disney children's books

Swedish artist Daniel Björk is the mad mind behind these wonderfully evil visions of classic horror films reimagined as Disney's Wonderful World of Reading vintage children's books. My wish upon a star is that they were real! See more at Björk's Instagram.
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Kitchen of the Week: A Pastel Kitchen Inspired by Swedish Artist Carl Larsson

Founded in early 2020 by Mia and Marcus Sahlin, the owners of high-end kitchen company Kitchen & Beyond, Cupboards & Goods is a more affordable line of handmade preassembled cabinetry for the kitchen. Based in Gothenburg, in the tiny village of Hyssna, located on Sweden’s west coast, Cupboards & Goods recently worked with the family trust of Swedish artist couple Carl Larsson and Karin Bergöö Larsson on a commission to build a new kitchen for the Carl Larsson-gården in Sundborn, where the family...
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ebook reader for Win: dictionary (lookup) window to be normal window

Hi. I assume that the most convenient way to read books with dictionary is when the book is on top of the screen, and lookup window is below. I would say the standard top-to-bottom windows alignment in Windows should do fine. The problem is that the lookup window when detached is on top of the ereader (it's called modal windows, if I'm not mistaken). Is there any way to do that?
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OCR problem in a PDF flie

I have recently installed koreader on a Forma. When trying to lookup a word or reflow a page in a .pdf I get the error message "No OCR results or no language data..." I did install the tesseract data files, but see the same error. Is it possible that the document's language setting affects this? In Book Information Language is N/A. Can I override it somewhere?
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Why we like a good robot story

Jim and Kerry Kelly live in a small town in the rural Midwest. Their sons, Ben, six, and Ryan, twelve, attend the local public school. Their school district is always short staffed. The closest town is 40 miles away and the pay for teachers is abysmal.This year, the district’s staffing has hit a critical low: Class size will have to be huge, and there’s limited money for aides who might help with the teaching load, which will further discourage teacher applications. The school board considers ac...
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Help choosing a cover

Hi there, I've finished my third crime novel and made a cover for it. Well... several covers actually, due to comments of family members :). Now I'm facing the problem that I've got to make a choice at some point. I hope you can help me out by entering your favorite. Even though this book stands alone, I'd like to maintain a cover in style to the first two. I've made a poll with Google form. It's Dutch, but the text is not really necessary. It starts with the images of my first two books an...
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Add fonts to Calibre epub

I'm having trouble with embedding fonts in Calibre. The conversion from docx to epub is no problem. Everything looks fine in the Calibre viewer, even the fonts. But I only get to see the choosen fonts in the Calibre viewer. Not in Adobe Digital Editions, not in the e-reader on my iPhone. It doesn't matter whether or not I choose to embed the fonts I used in my docx or not. Nor does it seem to help if I install the fonts when setting up the conversion in Calibre. So I decided to see what I c...
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