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Q&A With Detroit’s Very Own TNV

Hey TNV! Please tell us how many years you’ve been making music? I’ve been making music over 25 years. I started off writing lyrics when I was 13 yrs old. From there I started to dabble in beat production and I was heavily influenced by underground Hip Hop, till this day it is the foundation of everything I make. Tell us about your first ever debut track you put out? When was this? Wow that’s was back in 2000. I was part of this rap group called the Driftas, the song was named Drifting. It was ...
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D-Rell – “The Nomad” (Album Review)

Harlem New York artist D-Rell releases a new album called “The Nomad” from 1st glance you see a very personally image of D-Rell and his family indicating this album will dive deep into who the artist truly is.  The album begins with an interview explaining how D-Rell manifested his conceptual brand and substance, This is what’s equivalent  to an origin story in hero movies. We follow along as D-Rell is being interviewed and answering the questions in songs. I have not seen this before other tha...
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Mr. Green x Gucci Mane – “Gucci Ninja Assassins”

Never in a million years would be expect a mesh like this, but it sounds fresh. Gucci Mane rhyming over L.A. based producer Mr. Green‘s style of hard hitting Boom Bap beats. 
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Q&A With Rising Michigan Based Underground Hip Hop Artist Rudy Williams

Let me ask you Rudy Williams, how long have you been a Hip Hop artist? I have been doing music my whole life, but started producing Hip Hop and Rap music when I was around 16. I’m 34 now, so a long time. What specific area are you from? I’m from outside of Detroit, and now live in Northern Michigan in Traverse City. Also, how did you get your emcee name? When I was younger, my Mom used to call me “Rudy” when I was rude or acting up, and my middle name is William, so I just took Rudy Williams as...
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Phlow & MC Bravado – “Hip-Hop” [Prod. Teck-Zilla]

“Hip-Hop” is a one-off single that showcases the love of the art from three different perspectives. The trio made up of Phlow and MC Bravado and Teck-Zilla each share what the culture means to them on this bombastic boom-bap infused cut. Over the solemn pounding beat, the Baltimore, US emcee speaks on how the music served as the perfect getaway for him while Phlow shares her how the music revolved around her childhood growing up in Lagos, Nigeria. The record is finally solidified together wi...
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Q&A With Detroit’s Very Own Chilly Winters

We are extremely excited to have featured your latest EP “Cold Hearts Break Hearts“, being a Hip Hop artist we never of heard before this, please tell us who is Chilly Winters? Where part of Detroit are you from? How/When did you start making Hip Hop? All I am is just a misguided kid from the bottom, that was never handed an opportunity, working my ass off to earn a place in this world. I was actually born in a Port Huron hospital. From there, I was technically raised in a trailer park out in C...
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206collab – “Watch Kulagina” (Album Review)

Established history, rising Sydney, Australia-based Hip-Hop group 206collab continue to thrive after a successful release in their debut with an anticipated follow-up. Known for their feel-good vibe from the down under, the fearsome foursome delivers a sample of the future with their second effort, entitled, Watch Kulagina. Letting the underground know that the Down Under got something say too. Watch Kulagina is a 14-track full-length sophomore effort energizing jam-sessions style of lyricism a...
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Q&A With Rising Puerto Rican Underground Hip Hop Aritst A1

Yo A1!! Were blessed to get exposed to your great fresh underground Hip Hop music!! One of our main contributors BOOM really loved your EP and reviewed it, giving it 8/10!! WOW Much respect on pushing that EP! Please tell us a bit about yourself? What area code you rep? And how long have you been making Hip Hop!  You being from Los Angeles, please tell us how LA has influenced your music career!? As we both know, LA is the place to be when it comes to really pushing your brand, artists from all...
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Count Slick – “The Show” (LP Review)

Virginia based MC, Count Slick recently released his first LP, “The Show” on  Spotify and here’s my thoughts. Count Slick released this full 18 track LP in mid-March. I have listened to this LP twice and I have to say it is a solid LP with a nice, 90’s Boom-Bap. Let’s break down this LP by the books and inform you on if it’s worth the listen Right off the bat I think this LP should get some prop for it’s production. It has a nice Boom-Bap sound while also having a smooth laid back side to it, it...
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Q&A With Legendary Underground Hip Hop Group BLAHZAY BLAHZAY

Much respect goes out to Tuff Kong Records for bringing back much needed real Hip Hop into this extremely over-saturated online Hip Hop world we live in! Give us a brief background about how BLAHZAY BLAHZAY ended up linking up with this record label for the reissue, where is the label from, who are the key players involved in the label & what are you guys aiming for in this reissue for BLAH BLAH BLAH. (PF Cuttin) – Basically they reached out to me on IG , asked if we were interested in doing a ...
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Windchill – “Straight Razor And Shave” (Video)

Giving us a refreshing take on that Boom Bap sound we all know, and recently off a Mid West/West Coast tour Windchill drops a new video premiere “Straight Razor And Shave” off  his 6th studio album “2nd Wind” set to drop May, 26th.  Song produced by Screwaholic.
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