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Boosted’s rugged electric scooter is launching at $1,599

Boosted, the maker of the electric skateboard Boosted Board, has unveiled its next mode of transportation: the electric scooter. Available for pre-order today, Boosted Rev costs $1,599 and is designed to be durable, fast, efficient up hills and safe. The Boosted Rev, which has been about 18 months in the making, will start shipping this summer. Boosted, which counts mostly men as its core consumer for the electric skateboard, is hoping to diversify its customer base with the launch of scooter...
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The electric scooter wars of 2018

This was was undoubtedly the year of the electric scooter. Between massive fundraising rounds, lofty valuations and both Uber and Lyft’s entrance into the space, it’s clear these scooters are here for the long haul. But just because investors have poured hundreds of millions of dollars into these companies in the past year, the electric scooter business is not without its difficulties. In fact, it’s an immensely difficult business with tough unit economics, regulatory challenges on a city-by-cit...
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The New Boosted Mini Is Dangerously Fun

Electric skateboards have always seemed to me like an 80s fever dream come true. What if instead of using your foot, you could push a button and make a skateboard go as fast as a car? The idea would have sounded absurd 30 years ago, but today it’s true in the form of Boosted Boards. And now, the company has a smaller…Read more...
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Casey Neistat Should Stick to Marketing

Ur-vlogger and Boosted Board spokesthing Casey Neistat scored unprecedented access to a member of YouTube’s senior executive team. The resulting interview was warmed-over PR and a book plug.Read more...
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Friday's Best Deals: Electric Skateboard, Black Panther Comics, Valentine's Gifts, and More

Boosted Board electric skateboards, a Black Panther comic book sale, refurbished Echo Dots, and more are all part of today’s best deals.Read more...
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The Motorized Longboard Is the Vape of Transport and IDGAF I Love It

Electric personal transporters are mostly horrible. Segways are reserved for mall cops and helmeted tourists interested in experiencing both the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial without taking a single step. Hoverboards, which also explode, are just fodder for America’s Funniest Home Videos. Everyone I’ve…Read more...
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The Huger Tech Racer electric skateboard proves fast doesn’t mean first place

 The pursuit of finding the best electric skateboard continues, with a startup based out of Orange County, California called Huger Tech. The board in question, named the Racer, is supposed to be the most bang for your buck, but with better performance than the two current leading electric skateboards — the Boosted Board and Inboard. Read More
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New Powerful 1800W Electric Longboard

Hi everyone!I decided to make a new and better electric longboard this year.I really love this way of traveling and E-SK8 has become an addiction to me.Boosted Board has inspired me and it's such a nice electric longboard, but so expensive (like 1500€ for the 2000W model).Before I start I will expla...By: bartroosenContinue Reading » [Author: bartroosen]
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'Fire Hazard' Electric Skateboards Recalled After Two Boards Spew Smoke 

After two reports emerged of Boosted Boards spewing dense smoke from their lithium ion batteries, the company issued a statement urging all riders to stop using the newer second-generation boards. Now, it seems the electric skateboard maker is taking more drastic measures, working with consumer protection agencies in…Read more...
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Boosted issues battery recall for its second-generation board

 Customers who pre-ordered the new Boosted Board 2 will be disappointed to hear there’s been a recall for the new board’s battery. The Boosted Board 2 had a small general release along with units sent to personalities and publications; it’s those units that are affected. The most cumbersome process about a recall like this for myself and other riders is that Boosted is… Read More
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ZBoard is an electric skateboard that doesn’t need a controller

   There’s no arguing that electric skateboards aren’t efficient and fun. But most modern electric skateboards like the Boosted Board and InBoard M1 are operated by hand-held controllers that connect to the board via Bluetooth. But ZBoard, a Los-Angeles based startup, focuses on boards that eschew a controller and can be operated by sensors in the board itself. We last looked… Read More
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The Worst Gadgets of 2016

Every year, countless gadgets find their way into the Gizmodo offices. Many are flat-out terrible. As garbage year 2016 comes to a close, we look back at the worst gadgets of the year. Read more...
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These new electric skateboards use special motors that go further and faster than the others

I'm not a skater, but if I were to own a skateboard, it would be electric. They give me the control I craved when I first tried skateboarding back in the day, most notably the ability to brake while moving downhill and cruising forward without having to kick. Earlier this week, a personal transportation company called Acton kicked off an Indiegogo campaign for three new electric skateboards called the Blink S, Blink S2, and the Blink Qu4tro. At the time of writing, Acton has amassed $1.16 millio...
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Inboard’s M1 electric skateboard offers stiff competition

 Boosted Board, long been considered the de facto electric skateboard, finally has some competition from a rival also based in California. Price as Reviewed: $1399 at Inboard The Inboard M1 brings a new take to the category, with hubless motors, that are planted into the rear wheels of the board. This means that the motors, batteries and wires are hidden away, and there’s no resistance… Read More
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Powerful 2000W Electric Longboard

Hi everyone!I decided to make an electric longboard this year. Boosted Board has inspired me and it's such a nice electric longboard, but so expensive (like 1500€ for the 2000W model).Before I start I will explain some things because I didn't want to really copy the Boosted Board design.First of all...By: bartroosenContinue Reading » [Author: bartroosen]
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We Talked to the Guy Whose Boosted Board Blew Up

On Wednesday, web developer Rick Bross was faced an unusual problem. His electric skateboard’s battery malfunctioned, filling his entire apartment with smoke and scaring the hell out of his roommate. The incident was just one of two recent cases involving Boosted Boards, a brand of electric skateboards, where the batteries spontaneously “vented,” a non-technical term used by the company to describe an electrical engineering problem also known as thermal runaway that causes batteries to overheat ...
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Boosted Board owners told to stop riding while the company investigates ‘venting’ batteries

 It hasn’t been a great year for batteries. Boosted Board CEO and founder Sanjay Dastoor just posted a notice asking owners of its newest electric longboard to stop riding them while the company investigates an issue with its batteries. Specifically, they’re investigating two separate cases where the lithium battery cell on the second-gen board “vented” — in which… Read More
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Boosted Boards Warns To Discontinue Use Due to Lithium-Ion Battery Investigation

Last month, Gizmodo told you about the time a Boosted Board “tried to kill” one of our writers. Now, it turns out, the electric longboards might even be dangerous for people with excellent coordination.Read more...
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Most important vlogging advice?

One of the most popular and rapidly growing YouTube channels today is a “vlogger” (video blogger) named Casey Neistat. A big reason for that growth is Casey is a filmographer, not just any random citizen with a camera. He brought to YouTube the skills he honed while creating award winning feature films, a series for HBO, commercials for Nike, etc.So when he offers advice on how to film or edit, I take notice. But there’s one piece of advice I feel he hasn’t directly called out to his audience, b...
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A non-skater tried the new Boosted Board electric skateboard — and absolutely loved it

One thing is for sure, electric skateboards are way cooler and way more fun than those ridiculous hoverboards. I spent some time with the new second generation electric skateboard from one of the biggest names in the business, Boosted Board, and I'm not looking forward to returning it.  The new board improves on the original with a few useful and meaningful new features, and it's an absolute blast to ride. That said, it's an exciting blast. It's $999 for the base Single model, and up to the Dual...
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The New Boosted Board Tried to Kill  Me

Everything felt great, until I found myself skating halfway down the steep side of the Williamsburg Bridge with the Boosted Board throttle cranked to the max. I was going too fast, and I knew it. So I dropped a foot—a dumb thing to do.Read more...
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The Boosted Board 2 Dual+ is more exciting (and water-resistant) than the original

 When I reviewed the Boosted Board earlier this year, I have to admit it was closer to the refresh cycle than I had anticipated, because here’s the Boosted Board 2 in all its glory. Read More
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My Week Conquering San Francisco on the Boosted Board 2

Boosted's new electric longboard is a little more rugged, and a little longer-lasting. It's still a lot of fun to ride. The post My Week Conquering San Francisco on the Boosted Board 2 appeared first on WIRED.
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$100 off of a 2nd Generation Boosted Board! (USF / panhandle)

Yo! I just pre-ordered a second gen Boosted Board and got a referral link ( that can be shared so that you can save $100 on your own pre-order! And what better place to give that link out than a h [...]
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3D Printed Electric Vehicle- Zero Compromises

Hello everyone! As I prepare to attend Cornell University next semester I, like many others, have seen the appeal of electric longboards like Boosted Board as a practical, environmentally friendly, and simply awesome electric vehicle. I don't have $1500 dollars to spend on one of these vehicles, bu...By: Nick_TeslaContinue Reading » [Author: Nick_Tesla]
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A Drill-Powered Electric Skateboard Is the Silliest Way to Get Around Town

Boosted boards—those snazzy electric longboards—are in high demand, and they’re expensive. Fully decked out, one of these is going to run $1,600. And they won’t ship until late July at the absolute earliest. There’s an obvious solution—but it’s not easily embarrassed.Read more...
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A Drill-Powered Skateboard Is the Silliest Way to Get Around Town

Boosted boards—those snazzy electric longboards—are in high demand, and they’re expensive. Fully decked out, one of these is going to run $1,600. And they won’t ship until late July at the absolute earliest. There’s an obvious solution—but it’s not easily embarrassed.Read more...
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Boosted’s v2 electric skateboards go 12 miles with swappable batteries

 The Boosted Board is the best electric skateboard on the market, but it’s biggest flaw a troublingly low range of 6 miles. Today, Boosted opened pre-orders of its Gen 2 boards for $999 to $1599, solving the problem with extended and swappable battery options that let them go almost twice as far. For $99 extra you can upgrade from a 7-mile to a 12-mile battery, or you can buy an extra… Read More
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Review: Boosted Board Dual+ flourishes in the streets of NYC

 I’m not the only one that thinks this way about riding a piece of bamboo with wheels and a motor. YouTube personality and entrepreneur Casey Neistat made it his main form of transportation around the city. If you’re a daily watcher of his vlogs, then you’re all too familiar with the Boosted Board, specifically this exact model. Price as Reviewed: $1499 at Boosted… Read More
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Feet-On With Boosted Boards’ New Faster And Cheaper Electric Skateboards

 If you want to ride a magic carpet, the Boosted Board is the closest you’ll get until they make that hoverboard run on asphalt. And now there’s an even more powerful model for climbing epic hills or hitting 22mph, and a stripped down model for casual boarders on a budget. Y Combinator-incubated Boosted Boards launched it Kickstarter back in November 2012 and finally shipped its… Read More
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