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The Role Of Hotels As Cities Evolve, Presented By Borivoj Vokrinek

Hotels in the Post COVID City - Which office and retail trends impacting cities, how hotels need to evolve to remain relevant?
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In a world of mobile lifestyles and remote working, what role will hotels play? | By Kimberly Yoong & Borivoj Vokrinek

At a time when many of the world's events continue to be plagued by COVID-19, making plans even a week in advance may seem difficult, much less 10 years into the future. Nearly overnight, the dialogue shifted from "where to for lunch?" to "can you hear me?". And as hotels emptied out and travel restrictions drag on, many may wonder, where lies the future of hotels?
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Recovery Readiness: Re-Opening Hotels | By Borivoj Vokrinek and Kimberly Yoong

The impacts of COVID-19 have been felt far and wide across industries around the world, and especially so for the travel and tourism industry. As the hospitality sector reels from the effects of this global pandemic, the million-dollar question has shifted from simply "when will we recover?" - to exactly "how will we recover?"
Tags: Travel, COVID, Kimberly Yoong, Borivoj Vokrinek