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Short Fiction Hoffmann, E.T.A.: Hoffmann's Strange Stories. v1. 11 Feb 2019

Hoffmann's Strange Stories was published in Boston, USA, by Burnham Brothers in 1855, and translated by Lafayette Burnham, 1826-1862. It contains a Life of Hoffmann, and twelve short stories, most of which are also found in Weird Tales, but with different titles and structures. The stories in this ebook are: The Cooper of Nuremburg;, The Lost Reflection; Antonia's Song; The Walled-Up Door; Berthold, the Madman; Coppelius, the Sandman; Salvator Rosa; Cardillac, the Jeweller; The Faro Bank; Fasci...
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Nitrite's got to be cruel to be kind

The research group of Felipe Cava at Umea University studied this bacteria now under low-oxygen and different pH-conditions. Together with their colleagues in Boston, USA, the scientists discovered an elegant pH-dependent metabolic mechanism which permits the pathogen to switch to a resting mode with preserved viability. A smart strategy that provides competitive advantage against commensal bacteria to better colonize and infect the intestine.
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How to Save Local Newspapers? Get Rid of the Newspapers

How important is local news, and how do we save it? Well, let's talk about that.Before we start, I just want to make something very clear. Local newspapers are exceptionally important for our society and, don't just take my word for it, it's actually something that we can measure.For instance, back in May, we heard about a study from the University of Notre Dame and the University of Illinois at Chicago that had looked into the cost of the local municipalities in places where local newspapers ha...
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University of Colorado Boulder, USA, selects Arkivum PERPETUA as its long-term digital preservation and data archiving solution

Boston, USA – 05 February 2018. Arkivum Ltd., a leading provider of compliance driven long-term data safeguarding and digital preservation solutions, has announced that the University of Colorado Boulder (CU Boulder) Libraries, has chosen Arkivum PERPETUA as their data archiving, digital preservation and safeguarding solution. Serving one of the leading public research institutions belonging to […]
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The Archives of the Episcopal Church selects Arkivum PERPETUA as their assured data safeguarding and digital preservation solution

Boston, USA – 29 January 2018. Arkivum Ltd., a leading provider of compliance driven long-term data safeguarding and digital preservation solutions, has announced that The Archives of the Episcopal Church (Episcopal Archives) in Austin, Texas, has chosen Arkivum PERPETUA as their data archiving, preservation and safeguarding solution. Established by its main governing body, the General […]
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Study reveals which cities are on the forefront of smart urban growth

Award-winning smart parking app, EasyPark, have released the 2017 Smart City Index, revealing Copenhagen, Denmark as the smartest city, followed by Singapore, and Swedish city Stockholm. Creating technology which is designed to make people’s lives easier, EasyPark’s ambition is to help build more livable cities for the future. They undertook this study not only to highlight those metropolises which are on the forefront of smart urban growth, but also to learn from those cities which are showing ...
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iAdvize raises $37.6 mln

iAdvize said Oct. 24 that it raised 32 million euros ($37.6 million) in Series C funding. Investors include Idinvest Partners, Bpifrance via Large Venture, and Quadrille Capital. iAdvize, of London, provides a conversational marketing platform that helps businesses engage with their customers. PRESS RELEASE Nantes, October 24, 2017 – iAdvize, the European leader in conversational marketing, today announces €32 million euros of series C funding with participation from Idinvest Partners, Bpifrance...
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Draper Esprit invests $8.3 mln in Clavis Insight

Draper Esprit has acquired a “significant” minority stake in Clavis Insight for 8 million euros ($8.3 million). With offices in Dublin, London, Shanghai and Boston, Clavis Insight provides online and ecommerce store analytics. PRESS RELEASE Draper Esprit (AIM: GROW, ESM: GRW), a leading venture capital firm involved in the creation, funding and development of high-growth digital technology businesses, today announces that it has acquired a significant minority stake in Clavis Insight (‘Clavis’)...
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The eight most awesome government jobs you never knew you wanted

Life in the public service isn't all Key Performance Indicators and competency building. Some government jobs are just straightforwardly amazing. Here's our pick of the coolest: 1. Island Builder Like the idea of raising an artificial island and turning it into a bird sanctuary? So do the Dutch, apparently, because they're building a whole archipelago of them! You'll need to be good with petty cash; the first island will cost about $78 million. 2. Military ballet teacher Help South Korean soldie...
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Things Bulgarians do better

Photo: Donald Judge 1. We’re not afraid to speak our minds. We Bulgarians are not ones to conceal our real thoughts, even if it’s for the sake of diplomacy. We’ll definitely let you know if we don’t like you, as well as publicly criticize whatever you’re doing wrong, because we value sincerity and see it as an expression of care and a way to learn from our mistakes. 2. We’ve learned how to use gossip productively. We talk about each other in secret as a form of entertainment, but at the en...
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Plumes Wallpapers

It's been a long time since we haven't shared any Wallpapers for you guys to download for your desktops. Let us know if this is something you will like to see more on Abduzeedo. By the meantime, we would like to share the latest series entitled:  Plumes by Ari Weinkle. For his latest project, Ari went experimenting the colours, the complexity and the structure of feathers. You can't help but to admire his choice of vivid colours and the level of details is just ridiculousl...
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Graphic Design Works by Jennifer Lucey-Brzoza

We've been shifting a lot of UX/UI articles lately on Abduzeedo, not that is a bad thing but the industry is heading more towards the future of digital content and projects. At times, it's great to see what designers are doing in brand identity, typography and even illustration. We tend to forget that most of us are coming from a  Print background. Like the work from Jennifer Lucey-Brzoza that we are showcasing today. ( = || []).pus...
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Starting HIV treatment at first clinic visit improves outcomes in African study

A programme to accelerate the process of HIV diagnosis, preparation and starting antiretroviral therapy in South Africa led to a higher proportion of people initiating treatment and better health outcomes, according to results from the RapIT trial presented at the Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections taking place this week in Boston, USA. Recent findings from the START and Temprano trials have shown that starting HIV treatment early, while the CD4 cell remains above 500 cells/...
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25 Places to Spend Christmas Around the World

With city skylines glittering with illuminations and enough festive delicacies to make everyone loosen their belt buckles a few notches, the Christmas season is upon us once again. The only question is: Where should you spend the big day? Whether you want to soak up the atmosphere of Europe’s vibrant Christmas markets, visit Santa’s hometown, attend Christmas mass with the Pope or enjoy a picture-perfect white Christmas, here are 25 of the best places to spend Christmas around the world. 1. Aus...
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DeGale driven by history

DeGale won an Olympic gold medal in Beijing 2008 and has the chance to become the first British boxer to become a world champion on the back of it. The super-middleweight takes on Andre Dirrell for the vacant IBF world title in Boston, USA, on Saturday, May 23, live on Sky Sports , and putting his name in the history books is always on his mind.
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