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Blaze Bio Raises $5M to Help Surgeons See Tumors From Healthy Tissue

Blaze Bioscience, a Seattle-based biotech developing “tumor paint” that could help surgeons tell the difference between normal and cancerous tissue, has raised $5 million in new equity funding to help advance its lead product candidate through clinical trials.Heather Franklin, Blaze’s founder and CEO, says its latest funding round is still open, and could climb to more than $20 million. Blaze has raised a total of $45 million from investors since launching in 2010, she says.Blaze’s lead candida...
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Financial Help for People with Brain Tumors

B'SD 5 Shvat, 5779 Dr Musella's organization ( the  Musella Brain Tumor Research Foundation ) is superb and his own upbeat remark is among the back-cover praises for the  EMPOWER Yourself to Cope with a Medical Challenge   book. Check out the Just Announced good news for people who need financial help with brain tumor treatment! Al Musella 6 hrs  ·  Our copayment assistance program is probably going to reopen soon! ...
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A Trump County Confronts the Administration Amid a Rash of Child Cancers

Parents in Indiana are demanding the clean-up of a toxic site and questioning environmental rollbacks that could prevent future chemical disasters like the one they face.
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Digital Devices Endanger Children!

B'SD 21 Cheshvan, 5779 I've written about the problem as a medical/mental health journalist. You need to know how to be protective of your health and that of youngsters too naive or too lacking in self-control when it comes to digital device usage. Too much of it endangers health, especially that of developing brains! Manage NYTIMES.COM A Dark Consensus About Screens and Kid...
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Scientists Are Turning Zika Virus Into a Weapon Against Brain Cancer

A devastating viral disease could actually help treat and prevent brain cancer in the future, suggests yet more research, published Tuesday in MBio. Researchers at the University of Texas and elsewhere successfully used a modified version of the Zika virus to selectively kill off certain stem cells that allow brain…Read more...
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2-Year-Old Boy With Deadly Cancer Gets an Early Christmas From His Neighbors

An Ohio boy isn’t expected to live until Christmas, so his neighbors decorated their homes, sent holiday cards and planned a parade with Santa for him.
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Doctors: My Patient’s Smile

I’m drawn to the human brain, its unforgiving and protean nature.
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Contributing Op-Ed Writer: As He Lay Dying

John McCain is not just plotting the details of his own funeral, but living it. And he’s giving us a very public tutorial in dignity and defiance.
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On Washington: John McCain Isn’t Ready to Wave a White Flag Just Yet

In a new memoir as he confronts brain cancer and his mortality, the senator from Arizona yearns for a return to more civil politics and worldwide U.S. leadership.
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Anna, Llama and Me

The beginning, middle and end of a picture book friendship.
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Tocagen Reaches Exclusive Deal in China for Brain Cancer Therapy

Roughly a year and a half after Tocagen (NASDAQ: TOCA) named Marty Duvall as CEO, the San Diego biotech said it has signed a deal that gives Beijing-based ApolloBio an exclusive license to its gene therapy treatment for a deadly type of brain cancer. Under terms of the deal, ApolloBio agreed to make a $16 million upfront payment to Tocagen, with another $4 million to come in “near-term” milestone payments. Tocagen has granted ApolloBio rights to commercialize its two-part treatment in mai...
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Charles Wilson, Top Brain Surgeon and Researcher, Dies at 88

Dr. Wilson was a deft, busy neurosurgeon in San Francisco but still found time to establish a leading center for the study of tumors.
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A New Report Links Cellphone Radiation to Cancer in Rats, but It's No Smoking Gun

On Friday, the National Toxicology Program (NTP), a division of the Department of Health and Human Services, threw fresh kindling onto the smoldering debate over whether cellphones are harmful to our health. It released two draft reports on its extensive, expensive efforts to study the effects of cellphone radiation…Read more...
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Glioblastoma’s spectre in the Senate

With his right arm extended – pausing for just a moment – Senator John McCain flashed a thumbs-down and jarred the Senate floor. Audible gasps and commotion followed. At 1:29 am on 28 July, Senator McCain had just supplied the decisive “Nay” vote to derail the fourth and final bill voted on that night. With that, a seven-year pursuit to undo the Affordable Care Act had collapsed. The weight of that moment was magnified by the circumstances under which Senator McCain had arrived in D.C. days earl...
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McCain, in Treatment for Cancer, Is Likely to Miss Senate Tax Vote

Mr. McCain’s office said he had returned to Arizona, though President Trump said the senator would come back to Washington if his vote was needed.
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John McCain, Fighting Brain Cancer, Likely to Miss Vote on Tax Overhaul

President Trump, who indicated that Mr. McCain was returning home to Arizona after being hospitalized, said the senator would come back if his vote was needed.
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California Warns People to Limit Exposure to Cellphones 

Since the earliest days of mobile phones, a small but steady contingent of environmental activists, conspiracy-inclined folks, and some scientists have warned about the hidden damage they could be causing to our bodies, due to the radio frequency energy cellphones use to communicate with cell towers. They fear that…Read more...
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Zika Virus Kills Brain Cancer Cells in Mice

The Zika virus played the role of 2016's worst health story. At the center of that story was the virus’ heartbreaking link to microcephalic babies when it infected their pregnant mothers. But sometimes, the worst vectors can still be used for good.Read more...
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On Baseball: The Brain Cancer That Keeps Killing Baseball Players

A notable number of players, in Philadelphia and elsewhere, have reportedly died of glioblastoma. But it’s unknown whether that is anything but coincidence.
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Despite Brain Tumor, McCain Will Return for Health Care Vote

The Arizona Republican was only recently diagnosed with brain cancer. But he will be back in the Senate on Tuesday for a crucial health care vote.
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On Washington: Eerie Parallels Between John McCain and Edward Kennedy

Once again, in the middle of contentious health care deliberations, a larger-than-life figure in the Senate has learned he has brain cancer.
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John McCain Has Been Diagnosed With Glioblastoma. What Is That?

What to know about the senator's aggressive tumo
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Here's How to Find Help for People with Cancer, Disabilities, and...

B'SD 3 Sivan, 5777 What a morning. Once again, someone in dire medical straits has asked me what to do about a person with cancer, if I know who can help, etc. Answer: Please read  It's packed with such information in the Global Resources section which clues you in to: Cutting-edge medical professionals, How to win financial help with some or all of your specific medical bills, How to secure medical travel assistance without monetary costs to you, How to g...
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Watch Dmitri Hvorostovsky’s Surprise Return to the Met Opera

Here is the “Rigoletto” aria that this beloved Russian baritone, in treatment for a brain tumor, sang at a 50th-anniversary gala on Sunday.
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Interview: Ekimmu: The Dead Lust Director Andy Koontz

Ekimmu: The Dead Lust director Andy Koontz talks about the struggles of being an indie horror filmmaker Independent horror flicks are a dime- a-dozen these days. A quick look at your Netflix listings will show proof of that. Yet sometimes, there are filmmakers that stand out and who are committed to the art-form and compelled to be storytellers no matter the cost, struggle, or time sacrificed.  We stumbled upon filmmaker, Andy Koontz recently, an Oregon based talent who defied the odds by wr...
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Here's How to Find Clinical Trials for Brain Tumors!

B'SD 25 Adar, 5777 The EMPOWER Yourself book holds much information about how to get in on clinical trials for many different medical maladies. Look in the Global Resources section of the book. Know someone who wants to get in on a clinical for their brain tumor? Check out the latest news from   NBTS Clinical Trial Finder makes it easier for brain tumor patients to find updated information on clinical trials - Increases ability to participate in clinical trials National ...
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A Possible SOLUTION for Brain Tumor Patients Struggling to Pay for Medications...

B'SD 6 Tevet, 5777 BRAIN TUMOR Patients having  trouble paying for the co-payments or deductibles for Temodar / Temozolomide, Avastin, Optune and Gliadel?  See a possible solution at ​​ The Musella Foundation is only ONE of the several medical care problem-solvers listed in the Resources Section of  Psst: The  EMPOWER Yourself to Cope with a Medical Challenge   i...
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New Cancer Therapy Shows Promise in Treating Aggressive Brain Tumors

Artist’s depiction of immune cells attacking a cancer cell. (Image: Diamond Light Source UK) By boosting the power of a patient’s immune cells, researchers from the City of Hope Beckman Research Institute have demonstrated the potential for a revolutionary new therapy to treat a particularly aggressive form of brain cancer. But given the limited results, many questions remain.Read more...
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Experimental Brain Cancer Treatment Is a Success

The patient who tried it is still alive more than a year late
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