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Researchers Say Their 'Brain Glue' Could Someday Help People With Severe Brain Injuries

Scientists say they’re one step closer to showing that their experimental hydrogel technology—more plainly known as “brain glue”—can help people with traumatic brain injuries. In a recent study, they found that their brain glue helped prevent long-term damage and tissue loss in the injured brains of rats, while also…Read more...
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More than 80% of people hospitalized for COVID-19 suffer neurological symptoms, from brain fog to delirium

Crystal Cox/Insider More than 80% of hospitalized coronavirus patients experience neurological symptoms ranging from dizziness to an altered mental state.  People who suffered from the most severe complication tended to share characteristics with President Trump, like being male, older, and admitted to the hospital soon after symptoms set in.  Past research and anecdotes have demonstrated COVID-19's wide-ranging impact on the nervous system, causing everything from loss of taste and smell...
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Forget foam. This fluid-filled helmet mimics your brain to protect your head

Fluid Inside is a protective system for designed to prevent injuries not only to the skull of an athlete but brain trauma as well using an innovative approach that is adaptable to cycling, skiing, hockey, and other sports. The post Forget foam. This fluid-filled helmet mimics your brain to protect your head appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Psychology Around the Net: March 2, 2019

This week’s Psychology Around the Net covers the latest on green spaces and mental health in children, our complex relationships with money, why we’re drawn to conspiracy theories, and more. Enjoy! Does Exposure to Green Spaces in Childhood Lead to Better Mental Health? While growing up in urban areas provides a lot of advantages for kids such as easier access to healthcare, education, and amenities, it also could provide some disadvantages — especially in the form of mental health perks, or ...
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Vicis, With New Funding, Targets Tech for Safer Football Helmets

A new generation of football helmet technology, designed with the specific aim of limiting life-threatening brain trauma, appears to be seeping into mainstream use.One company, Seattle-based Vicis, appears to have added tens of millions of dollars to help propel it in this field. Vicis reported a $53.2 million equity funding round, some of which includes “principal and accrued interest under convertible notes that were converted to equity,” according to a document filed with securities regulato...
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New Study Links Playing Youth Football to Later Brain Damage

If children play tackle football before they are 12 and continue to play through high school, they may be putting their brains at risk. That’s the key takeaway from a new study published Tuesday in the journal Nature’s Translational Psychiatry. Researchers from Boston University’s Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy Center studied 214 former football players, including 43 who only played at the high school level, 103 who played in college, and 68 who played professionally. The scientists found...
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Concert Review: Roger Waters, “Us + Them Tour”

Judging a Roger Waters concert against any other concert experience is impossible. Even in the days when Waters was with the band Pink Floyd, the concept of a performance as performance art was paramount. They didn’t just stand there and play. Things happened in front and around the audience. This has carried on through Waters’ solo shows which has, in previous years, highlighted the albums Dark Side of the Moon and The Wall. The first of a three-night stand at Philadelphia’s Wells Fargo Center...
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Oxygen treatment reverses brain damage in a 2-year-old drowning patient

Doctors at LSU Health New Orleans and the University of North Dakota have successfully reversed severe brain damage suffered by a 2-year-old girl after she came close to drowning by using hyperbaric oxygen therapy. The post Oxygen treatment reverses brain damage in a 2-year-old drowning patient appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Doctors: Student Freed by N. Korea Has Severe Brain Damage

Otto Warmbier, serving a 15-year prison term for alleged anti-state acts, was released to his home state of Ohio in a coma.
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Brain Damage Blu-ray Review

Brain Damage: Frank Henenlotter’s 1988 addiction parable has lost none of its power to shock and amuse Avid readers of FANGORIA magazine in the 1980s thrilled to their coverage of Frank Henenlotter’s Brain Damage, the writer/director’s follow-up to his beloved cult oddity Basket Case. I know because I was one of them and I too was excited to see the picture. I was still excited to see it even after the film was cut to ribbons by a nervous distributor and it was that R-rated edit that I saw on...
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$33.8 Million Judgment Reached In Malpractice Lawsuit

$33.8 Million Judgment Reached In Malpractice Lawsuit The post $33.8 Million Judgment Reached In Malpractice Lawsuit appeared first on Legal Reader.
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It seems that going all the way to Mars may cause brain damage

Scientists are learning more about how prolonged exposure to cosmic rays may affect astronauts on deep-space missions. Rather worryingly, it's been suggested that with the current technology, future trips to Mars could leave astronauts brain damaged. The post It seems that going all the way to Mars may cause brain damage appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Pro Football Is Coming to China. But Will the Chinese Care?

The NFL and Arena Football both have eager eyes on China's 1.4 billion potential fans
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Zika Can Affect a Baby’s Brain Beyond Microcephaly, Study Finds

Brain imaging shows the many damaging effects of Zika
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Just Can’t Bring Up Schizoaffective Disorder in Person

I have been seeing a psychiatrist and a therapist since I was hospitalized in 2012 for a suicide threat. I’ve been treated for depression and anxiety since then and, because nothing has come up since about 2011, I have not opened up about other issues. But lately I can feel something coming on again. Every few months I would go through a few weeks to months of delusions, hallucinations and mood swings usually resulting in me sequestering myself from church, school, friends or whatever else I was...
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Traumatic Brain Injury: The Hidden Epidemic Nobody Wants to Talk About

This is a special in-depth look at traumatic brain injury (TBI) during Brain Awareness Month. “Right after the hit I was in the back of the ambulance feeling really good, letting go of all my problems… the world seemed so far away,” Keith explains of his near-death experience. “I could hear the EMT screaming — he said he thought he lost me — but it sounded like I was in a bubble. The feeling reached an amazing point where if I already had done the things that I wanted with my life, I would have ...
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The 20 Most Bizarre and Inexplicable Buddy Comedies of All Time

Everybody knows that buddy comedies rule the universe. Just in the past couple weeks, we’ve had Zootopia, about a rabbit cop and a fox con-artist, and The Brothers Grimsby, about a superspy and his yokel brother. But buddy comedies have gotten much stranger than those—here are the 20 weirdest buddy comedies of all time!Read more...
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Don’t Applaud the NFL for Admitting (Sort of) That Football Leads To Brain Damage

It's never good to be the last to the truth party—as the cigarette companies long ago learned
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A Guide to the Right Wing's Hillary Clinton Health Conspiracy Theories

As Hillary Clinton’s path to the nomination becomes clearer, our favorite right-wingers have doubled down on the conspiracy theory that she has been—secretly—in exceedingly poor health since she suffered a concussion in 2012. What exactly wrong with her? You would not believe how many things. Read more...
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Trump Endorses Brain Damage In Speech That Claims Football, Like America, Has Gone "Soft"

Donald Trump ranted at length today during a Reno campaign stop about how “soft” he believes the game of football has become, pointing to as an illustration of how player-safety rules are ruining America.
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Bone Crunchers, Crunch Course, And How The NFL Hitched Its Brand To Brain Damage Snuff Films

On Christmas Day, Sony Pictures Entertainment will release Concussion, a film that will almost certainly be very bad. , the film—starring Will Smith as CTE researcher Dr. Bennet Omalu—suffers from significant issues, both in theory and practice. (When the film studio’s lawyers call for the film to take fewer dramatic liberties, while Sony chief Amy Pascal sends frantic emails begging for it to be more dramatic, you’re almost guaranteed a stinker that pushes no boundaries at all.) But while Conc...
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