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Verified Expert Brand Designer: Milkinside

Gleb Kuznetsov refuses to settle for less. After spending years leading product design for startups and corporate clients, Gleb started a boutique branding agency, Milkinside, that helps clients translate new technologies into useful products. Gleb and his team of experienced creators are committed to serving the end user, which is why they love taking products from zero to launch. Their services are expensive, partly due to their expertise in product development, motion graphic design and anima...
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Lean on Me: Incoming Daimler CEO Aims to Tap Alliances, Get Models Out the Door Faster, Cheaper

Planned successor for Daimler CEO Dieter Zetsche, Ola Källenius, says Mercedes-Benz will significantly reduce development costs under his supervision by accelerating alliances throughout the industry. This, of course, has everything to do with electric cars, as that’s all auto executives seem capable of discussing anymore. “The cost structure of the electric car is above that of […] The post Lean on Me: Incoming Daimler CEO Aims to Tap Alliances, Get Models Out the Door Faster, Cheaper appeared ...
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Verified Expert Brand Designer: Phil Weiner

As a former entrepreneur turned independent designer, Phil Weiner gets the startup life. He often describes himself as a second co-founder for his clients, unafraid of 2AM phone calls and prepping pitch decks for investors. He’s a “full stack” creative director based in Oakland, CA with a passion for tackling cultural tension. Learn more about why design runs in his blood, his branding philosophy, and more. On his ideal client: “There are certain values that we have to have in line. The number...
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What Will Lincoln Look Like in 2020?

Lincoln, eager to avoid the fate of Mercury, has spent years attempting to turn itself around. It’s a slow-and-steady kind of race. Rather than try to dazzle the public with a slick marketing campaign (confusing, perhaps – Ed.), Lincoln’s sticking to the fundamentals. Bludgeoned by the Great Recession, Lincoln’s sales actually began their steady decline […] The post What Will Lincoln Look Like in 2020? appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Building A Robust Social Media Brand

Building a large social media following and promoting a brand online has become one of the most common ways to reach customers. And rightly so. Just consider, for example, how… Read more » The post Building A Robust Social Media Brand appeared first on
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Brand is more than meets the eye

Emily Heyward Contributor Share on Twitter Emily Heyward is the Co-founder and Chief Brand Officer at Red Antler, the leading brand company for startups and new ventures. Emily works closely with founders to develop purposeful, strategic visions for their business idea and has led branding efforts for top companies such as Casper, Allbirds, and Brandless. Editor’s note: This guest post is a part of our latest initiative to ...
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Applying A Go-To-Market Lens To Your Brand

It’s a truism these days that best-in-class organizations see brand as core to their end-to-end business operations, as well as to their end-to-end customer and talent experiences. “Brand is more than a logo”; you’ve heard it, you know it. So of course, most smart marketers ensure that any product, service or experience that their organizations deliver to their markets has been thoroughly filtered through the brand lens. The goal is that not only is it visually and verbally in lockstep with ...
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How The WaMu Brand Disrupted Banking

If you were born before 1990’s, chances are you will remember Washington Mutual bank (a.k.a. “WaMu”), especially if you were living in the western part of the United States. But the question isn’t so much if– but rather how you remember this bank. A Dual Legacy Unfortunately, most people will remember WaMu for its demise, its ending as the largest bank failure in American financial history. What started with risky sub-prime mortgage investments eventually triggered a credit down grade for the...
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Finding The Source Of Your Best Brand Ideas

Where do you get your best ideas? Are they all from within your industry? Many of the executives I know and speak with are constantly curious — they seek out ideas, incessantly ask questions, read the business press, attend conferences, network, seek out consultants, or even sign up for training and management development courses. Their goal is to find new ideas, the best ideas, and take them back to their jobs, their companies, their markets, and their customers. Most executives I speak with...
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Brand Strategy: Differentiation Versus Centrality

Brands in a category are typically more similar than they are different. They have to be. They’re both trying to appeal to the large middle of the market. Classical marketing suggests differentiation is key: find a point of difference, or a unique selling proposition, and differentiate your brand on that basis in the customers’ mind. In an orange juice category dominated by frozen products or those made from concentrate, Tropicana differentiates itself by being “not from concentrate.” But the...
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11 Unique Content Marketing Examples Inspired By Brand Strategies

Have you been doing content marketing for quite some time? And now are you running out of ideas to create fresh, unique content campaigns? Maybe when you started with your content marketing strategy. You had loads of ideas lined up to create rich content that not only provided value to your audience, but also helped to engage them and generate leads. Maybe this is how you tried getting ideas for your content: Keyword & competition research around your topic Checking questions that people ask o...
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Gillette’s Stand Against Toxic Masculinity

I was asked what I, as a PR strategist and spin doctor, think about Gillette’s much debated ad We Believe: The Best a Man Can Be. It’s generally good PR advice to challenge a stupid majority and to evolve as a brand — even if it hurts the bottom line in the short term. However, the jury is still out on what really constitutes ‘toxic masculinity’; the current media climate is an inflammatory mine field of ideologically driven identity politics versus alt-right conservatives — and a silent ...
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‘This Is Pretty Much It’: New GM President Acknowledges Cadillac’s Last Chance For Glory

Cadillac is at a crossroads. While the brand has enjoyed growth in Asia, domestic volume never fully recovered from the Great Recession. It’s come back a bit, with sales dipping and rising between years, but hasn’t managed to keep pace with the overall market. As of 2018, Cadillac possesses the lowest share of the U.S. market […] The post ‘This Is Pretty Much It’: New GM President Acknowledges Cadillac’s Last Chance For Glory appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Three Ways to Scale Humanity in Marketing Technology and Automation

For those of us trying to scale marketing’s impact via new technology and data solutions, one of the big tricks is holding onto some humanity in these approaches. Marketing automation quickly gets, well, automated and devoid of personality. What can you do to retain and apply humanity at scale? How do you avoid the pitfalls of marketing that tries to be more human and personal but ends up reeking of stock phrases and machine-made personal touches. The problem may not lie in the new technology s...
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Please Help This Brand Grow

ENTER TO WIN A $500 CASH CARD Just Tell Us How We Can Be More Useful When The Blake Project launched Branding Strategy Insider in 2006 our goal was to be the leading resource for helping marketing oriented leaders and professionals build strong brands. After nearly thirteen years and 3,000 thought pieces later we need your help in building a more useful Branding Strategy Insider. Please help us by taking this survey. Our survey should take less than 15 minutes to complete, and responses are c...
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6 Proven Methods To Build A Powerful Brand Awareness Strategy

To survive among powerful corporate organizations, small businesses need to double the efforts in order to have a memorable impression on their target audience. If to believe the Marketing Rule of 7, a prospect needs to come across the brand’s message at least 7 times to take an action. But how can you reach the right people in a hypercompetitive environment? In this post, we will share actionable tips SMEs can use to boost their brand awareness on a budget to compete with bigger companies....
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Three Examples of Content Marketing to Enable Your Sales Channel

If you sell through a sales channel and especially if you sell through an independent sales channel, a portion of your marketing effort goes towards enabling their sales effort. That’s old news. Most B2B marketing started by creating sales collateral to put in the hands of the sales staff. Then came the “consumerization” of B2B marketing where marketers connected directly with prospects and customers via digital channels and began building trust and laying the groundwork for preference. How mar...
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Three Predictions for Brand Marketers in 2019 (It's All About the Data)

If I really knew what was coming down the pike, I would quietly invest in the market that benefits from my so-called predictions and be done with it. I am not much of a gambler. Still, that doesn’t mean I am wrong, but I certainly acknowledge that I might be. With that bold statement of confidence, here are my quick predictions for marketers next year:   Brands will need to take a stand on marketing and customer data stewardship Brands need to protect their customer’s data in two ways. The firs...
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A Guide on Choosing a Name for Your Brand

It might sound a little exaggerated, but the name you choose for your brand can be the difference between failure and success. This is why you have to be very… Read more » The post A Guide on Choosing a Name for Your Brand appeared first on
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Five Essential Aspects Of A Brand Strategy

Your brand is not something you can play by ear. It’s an essential element of marketing your business, and making it a success. If you do not have a good brand strategy in place, you can end up in a state of confusion, with a brand that is not truly reflective of what your business represents. A good brand is not just about the logo you choose or how you develop your social media presence. You need to look at the big picture, and examine what it is you want to say about your business, before yo...
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Tesla Streamlines Larger Models, Adjusts Pricing in Bid for Production Simplicity

Hoping to simplify vehicle assembly, Tesla tweaked its online car configurator over the weekend, culling numerous options from both the Model S and X. This translates into a price bump for more-basic models and a few dollars saved on the higher trims, but less choice overall. The Model S ($78,000) and X 75D ($84,000) now cost […] The post Tesla Streamlines Larger Models, Adjusts Pricing in Bid for Production Simplicity appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Procter & Gamble Announces Reorg From 10 Business Units to Six

Flush from reporting Procter & Gamble’s strongest quarterly sales gains in five years, following an announcement of price increases in January, and with economic winds at the company’s sails, CEO David Taylor told investors that he’s revamping the management structure with a rejiggering that seems designed to answer some of the ongoing objections of activist shareholder and P&G board member Nelson Peltz. Beginning in July, the company will have only six business units instead of 10, and will ha...
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How Netflix Disrupted the Entire Entertainment Market

Be it a cloud storage service like Dropbox or an on-demand video streaming service like Netflix, subscription-based models are rapidly growing and at a very unprecedented rate. A sphere that… Read more » The post How Netflix Disrupted the Entire Entertainment Market appeared first on
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Uber’s Powerful Rebrand and What Your Business Can Learn From It

Brand identity constantly evolves and changes in public opinion and bad press can tarnish a company’s brand. That’s exactly what happened with Uber when it rebranded for the second time in three years. The Uber brand became associated with negative attention rather than a positive brand experience, and its existing branding was undermining Uber’s marketing efforts. Let’s take a look at why Uber rebranded, the lessons you can learn from their rebrand, and how smart businesses can do the same to ...
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Kia’s Future Will Be Sportier, but Let’s Not Kid Ourselves

Hyundai has clearly committed itself to sporting models. While we’re positive the new N badge will attach itself to a handful of undeserving models in the years to come, go-fast versions of the overseas i30 and North American Veloster show it won’t be the norm. The brand seems to have hit upon something and intends […] The post Kia’s Future Will Be Sportier, but Let’s Not Kid Ourselves appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Skin care meets Technology, what a TWIST!

This entry welcomes a guest blogger, 2018 summer intern Alexa Reith.  Going through the teenage years is hard enough but having to deal with acne makes it 100 times worse. It is a known fact that at least 85% of teenagers struggle with acne. It is also a known fact that no teenager wants acne! There are many products on the market that promise amazing results, but unfortunately most don’t deliver. The skin care aisle is full of a variety of acne treatments: Cleansers, toners, spot treatments, fa...
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Hyundai Wants Customers to Return for the Friendship, not Bargains

Hyundai has a problem to solve. Interest rates are on the rise, car buying is on the decline, and it has a newish luxury division forced to share showrooms with its regular models — most of which are moving out of the bargain bin. However, rather than continue incentivizing the crap out of its vehicles, the automaker […] The post Hyundai Wants Customers to Return for the Friendship, not Bargains appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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How Higher Education Brands Can Face Disruption

Harvard University was founded in 1636 and is the oldest institution of higher learning in America. In the 382 years since, education has been practiced and perceived, more or less, in the same traditional ways…until now. Those in the business of higher education must seriously contemplate how to respond to the disruptive forces at work today. Powered by a number of internal and external factors and accelerated by technology, we are witnessing transformation at key points from how higher educ...
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How Unexpected Partnerships Can Fuel Brands

  Adidas and IKEA recently announced they were joining forces in a slightly surprising brand partnership. But is it such a bad idea for brands which don’t immediately seem natural bedfellows to team up? Let’s remove ourselves from the world of brand for a minute, and look at the world of human relationships. The Gottman Institute was founded by Dr. John Gottman, and for nearly four decades he has conducted research on all facets of relationships. From these four decades of research, they have ...
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M&A Panel: How Johnson & Johnson Makes Big-Little Mergers Work

Companies make promises, and customers form expectations. This is branding in its most elemental form, and the world’s premier enterprises understand it’s where growth begins. Mergers and acquisitions—the subject of Interbrand’s recent CMO Thought Leadership Breakfast Series at the New York Stock Exchange—often reveal new, more relevant promises to the market, and create new sets of expectations through their experiences, products and services. These ideas were explored in “The Role of Branding...
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